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FFXIV: New Butterfinger Chocorpokkur Mount

If you purchase $5 worth of Butterfinger products, take a photo of the receipt for proof, and send it in at this official website, you can get a unique Chocorpokkur Mount.

Note, these mounts are not account wide, so you’ll have to choose which character gets it. Codes can be exchanged, so you can give them as gifts to friends.

Also note, though it says the receipt has to come from the US, international folks can get a US friend to buy the goods and either send you a picture of the receipt for you to send in, or send it in for you and just give you the code.

I almost didn’t end up picking up one myself – this promotion started last week, and I wasn’t out and about to look for Butterfingers. Mondays are my grocery days, and I do my shopping where my pharmacy is – Target.

This Monday, I searched high and low through Target – both the candy isle and around the checkouts – but found no Butterfingers. I thought this was super strange because… I mean… what place doesn’t carry Butterfingers? When I looked online, it said Target has some in stock at my location. So who knows what happened there.

Yesterday, I had to go to the Wal Mart pharmacy to get my second COVID shot. So, while I was there, I decided to take a look for Butterfingers again. This time, I found some!

I sent in my receipt and got a mail confirming that they got my entry. About 24 hours later, I got another mail with the code for my new mount!


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