FFXIV: Endwalker Benchmark – Male Viera Character Creator

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So not only does the Endwalker benchmark let you test your PC’s mettle against what Endwaker has to bring, but it also gives you the first look at the male Viera race! I know that Twitter was awash with bunny guys today, and I tried my hand at it a bit myself!

While I’d not fantasia Amon into a Viera (can’t wear Amon’s Hat!), I did imagine what he’d look like if I made him one!

The actual Viera I’m considering making is Fljot Radljost. I currently have a female Viera by this name, but I actually prefer a lot of male designs more. So I’ll be making the switch come Endwalker.

I see a lot of folks making young and cute bunny boys, so I’m going for an older Viera (they all look young, but lore says they’re a very long lived race). Think dad jokes.

2 responses to “FFXIV: Endwalker Benchmark – Male Viera Character Creator”

  1. I mucked about today. With my “standard settings” and playing in a 1920×1200 window I got 14,000 score and “very high” on the standard character, my main, and 2 alts to boot.

    For grins I left all the settings maxed and put it to full-screen 4K and got about 4,000 score “standard.” Decided to try to play like that, but it’s a tv, not a gaming monitor so the refresh rate was visible as I was walking around and it made the whole screen look “watery” which was somewhat disconcerting, so I quickly changed by to my standard windowed mode.

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    • Nice score! I managed a 13,777 – not a made up number – and also a Very High. I think someday eventually I’ll need to update my graphics card, but as long as I’m scoring Very High, that’s good enough for me!


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