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500 WordPress Followers!

I just wanted to thank everyone who has followed and supported this blog – I’m super excited to have reached over 500 WordPress followers! So thank you very much!

I have a lot of writing I want to do soon here, but I’ve been distracted by HTML projects – of which I want to write a post to talk about, too!

I’ve lately been moving Spot of Mummery (which was my other gaming blog) to its own HTML-based site. This project has been tons of fun for me, but it’s left me questioning what to do with the blog portion of the old site.

At first, I considered moving it to static HTML, but I think it will be a lot of work for a lot of content that doesn’t play well with that environment. So now, I think the better option would be to merge it in here with this blog… and…

Yeah, I think you know where I’m going with that.

Strangely enough, I’m considering moving my fiddle content to a static HTML site, too. But I have enough work on my hands with all this moving and merging so I’m going to hold off on that. 😀

For now, just know all my sites and blogs are under construction and I hope to find a happy home and balance between them going forward! Thanks again for 500 follows and sending best wishes for a great October! 🎃


I'm a technical writer by day, gaming gal by night. I have a wide array of gaming interests, though I most often blog about MMOs, RPGs, and Nintendo fanstuffs. Like what you just read? Check out my Webcomic and Fantasy Fiction projects!

6 thoughts on “500 WordPress Followers!

  1. I’m curious about the quality of your WP followers. I have a pile myself on my blog, but going down the list for everybody who looks like they might actually be a reader, there are more than a few that look like they’re following random blogs to try and get you to follow back.

    About a year back WP purged some of the more dubious accounts and my total fells by about 20%, though it has surged back since.

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    1. I know there’s plenty of the follow-seeking blogs on there, though I always double check the blog before I follow back. I do go through and remove followers who are obvious spam accounts. But that’s the same thing that happens for any sort of social media account that has followers.


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