WordPress: Building a Mini-Site Using Full Site Block Editing Templates

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The Ukulele content has returned to this blog! This is mostly because I spent time learning how to use the WordPress full block editing to create a section within my blog that looks completely different from the gaming blog itself.

The main reason I moved my uke content off WordPress was because I wanted to design a site that felt very different from what I could do on a WordPress blog aesthetically. I wanted a page that reflected the chill feeling of just plucking a uke.

So, I picked up a website creation program and built one that I uploaded to my Neocities account. I was mostly happy with it, except for the fact that an HTML blog is always much more clunky to keep up with than WordPress.

So, when I started to play around with the new full site block editing, my first goal was to see if I could create a site within a site that had its completely own feel. I set out to remake the site uke I created in Neocities here in WordPress.

Did I do it? Mostly, yes.

Neocities on the left, WordPress on the right

I had to use some work arounds for things like headers – no font options – and the banner image – no overlapping block options. But more or less, I was able to set up a page that felt very similar to one that I created in a website design program.

I still like some aspects of the Neocities page better, but it’s close enough that I’m happy with the outcome. The main thing I couldn’t recreate was the full length header – and I wish I could figure out how to get rid of the spacing between groups of content (like between the top header and the image).

But if the trade-off is some extra space where I don’t want it to be in exchange for pulling my uke content back to this blog and managing it using a better blogging tool, then I’ll make that design sacrifice.

The coolest thing about it all is that it works exactly as I expected – both pages and posts can have their own unique templates that you choose on creation/edit, which means all the pages and posts in the uke section look uniform to that section, and do not look like my gaming blog.

I could even completely change the headers and footers so that there’s no connection at all to my main blog – it’s totally uke stuff!

With this victory under my belt, I’m going to look into moving my fiddle content back here, and maybe even my diamond painting stuff. I love being able to created totally different templates for all the separate topics I write about, but keep all the content in one place!

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