About Aywren Sojourner


AKA: “Wren”
Gender: Female
Age: 40 something
Interests: Fantasy Fiction Writing, Webcomics, Graphic Art, Web Design, Blogging, MMORPGs, Oldskool Video Gaming, Internet, Software, Computers & Technology


I have a degree in professional writing and work as a full time technical writer. At heart, I’m a fiction writer, focusing on the genre of fantasy. I have successfully completed over ten years of NaNoWriMo and currently have several online fiction projects.

Online Fantasy Fiction Projects

Dreigiau – my original NaNoWriMo fantasy novel, spanning more than eight years of writing. I self published this for Kindle, completing the series in 2013.

Runne — A sequel to Dreigiau, and my current on-going NaNoWriMo fantasy. It’s a series of shorter segments, rather than the large, epic novel format.

Shadows of Zot: A fictionalization of my webcomic Shimmer.

Coming of the Darkstar — a FFIV-based fan novel that I started writing when I was a teen, long before net access and the term “fanfiction” was known to me. The story has been a part of my net projects for a decade and finally found completion on Christmas Day of 2008.

Freelance Writing

I also worked as a freelance writer for several years, and have published articles on sites such as MMOGames and MMORPG.com.

MMORPG.com: Istaria Articles

Digital Artist

I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. Though my style keeps developing and changing, there’s definitely an anime/manga influence to what I do. I currently work on one long-term webcomic project with one on hold.

Online Webcomic Projects

Wayrift: This was first launched in March of 2001. It now has a pretty massive archive of materials, many characters and lots of friends/readers. It updates W/F pretty much without fail.

Gamer Girl

I play a variety of MMOs and single player games, mostly on the PC and sometimes the Nintendo Switch. I’m an old skooler, having played since I was very  young, and tend to prefer RPGs, strategies, sandbox games, sims and some adventure games.

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