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BDO: Into the Great Wide Ocean

Over the weekend, I had some time to begin exploring ships in Black Desert Online. I mainly wanted to try out AFK fishing in the Ross Sea, which I heard could be pretty lucrative.

Knowing this was not going to be fishing in a safe area, I chose to level a whole new character and stop her at 49 just to be my ocean fisher. I’m glad that I did – more on that later, though.

From the Shakatu’s seals we got during the transfer and anniversary celebration, I picked up a Epheria Sailboat. I have some interest in possibly bartering on down the line, but for now, I just wanted to try fishing in the sea off of Port Epheria, which I’ve heard was safe from monsters. This is because at level 49, I don’t believe my fishing character can actually work the canons on the ship and defend from ocean monsters. So sailing further and exploring all of that will have to be done on another character someday.

Taking her out of port the first time

The actual mechanics of sailing are very easy in BDO. Nothing confusing about how to get the boat to move. You do have to buy “rations” while in port before the ship can leave the dock – I guess you can consider it like fuel in a way. There’s also a sailor system, but I didn’t look into that since I wasn’t planning on sailing all that far.

Once you get out into the Ross Sea (and beyond) you’re in uncharted territory. You have to uncover the fog of war on the map and you have no icon to know your location. You also can’t use the automapping features to get back to port. I think there’s a way to see where you are in the sea (compass?), though I never went deep enough that I couldn’t use island landmarks to get me back to port again.

My entire goal was to get one zone out, just a bit inside the Ross Sea, to fish. This “distance” would make the fish I brought back to port worth more. Also, out on the sea, fish seem always abundant, so AFK fishing was always at its fastest times.

My fishing character, Finch, went out there with zero fishing experience and a handful of buffs they’ve handed out over the past few weeks. After a couple sessions, she’s now mid-Skilled rank at fishing and has brought in over 9 million silver in fish profit alone (not counting the crystal shards I’ve sold). She is decently geared for lifeskilling with a Balenos +10 rod, so that helps lend to the leveling.

Just fishing, please don’t PK me!

At first, I went back and forth on whether I wanted to use Finch for fishing as I did have Amon at Skilled fishing due to time he’s spent AFK fishing in Grana. Everyone I’ve heard from says not to worry about taking a level 50+ character out into the ocean – that people fish for hours and hours and have never seen a PKer.


My very first night fishing, I was sailing back for the dock to unload. As I did, I noticed a squat little boat attempting to cross paths with mine. I was on autopath, so I veered away a bit to give them room. That’s when I saw I was being targeted, and that ship fired canons at mine.

My ship took a bit of damage from the attack. But, they only fired on me once – my thoughts are they saw they couldn’t hit me and decided it wasn’t worth it to keep chasing. So I’m fairly sure they were after a PK there. Had I not be under level 50, they would have had their PK, or they would have beat up my ship pretty badly as I tried to escape. I have no clue how to defend myself on a ship.

I guess I keep running into these so-called rare PKers who don’t exist. This is the fourth time someone’s tried to kill me in this game. Only once has actually been successful – the time I dumbly went AFK horse training on a server that phased into Node Wars. I guess everyone can be killed in Node Wars, even if you’re under level 50. Had no idea – live and learn and stay clear of any server with a number 1 after its name.

Anyhow, the rest of the time I’ve spent out at sea has been uneventful. I’ve seen other ships in my area, likely fishing like I am, and no one has bothered me.

Though my first time out, I almost beached my own ship, which was extremely frustrating! I accidentally ran aground on a sand bar and couldn’t find a way off – not even jumping into the ocean and “calling” my ship worked. I began to think I’d have to buy that SOS loyalty item just to get free, but then a game blip disconnected me from BDO. When I logged back in, my boat wasn’t quite in the same location as it was before, and that gave me just enough wiggle room to rock it off the sandbar, thank goodness! Now, I’m super careful about coming near anything that looks like it could snag my ship underneath.

The only other exciting thing this weekend was getting my Narchillan gear quests done. I’ll have to talk about that in another post, however!

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BDO: Breeding the Impossible T8 Horse and Courser Training

This is not an April Fools joke – this really happened yesterday!

On Tuesday night, I left a couple of BDO horses breeding – a T5 male and a T6 female (with the bleh ketchup/mustard coat). When I woke up the next day, I was greeted with my first ever bred T8 horse from the coupling!

Ever since I started breeding, back 5 years ago when BDO launched, it was my goal to breed a top tier horse. Back then, it was T7. Now the highest you can breed is T8.

The only thing about this horse is that she’s a T8 female. Why is this significant?

Because based on the BDO horse calculator, she shouldn’t be possible from this pairing.

Below, you can see what I should be able to get from a max level T5 male and T6 female.

There’s an 8% chance of a T8 Male based on this, but NO chance of a T8 Female!

So not only was this an extremely lucky breeding, but it’s downright impossible… or just so improbable that it doesn’t even register on the calculator!

Anyhow. I was so excited to get a T8 of my own breeding (more on that later) and one of my favorite T8 coats, that I sat down and mapped out her family tree. It turns out that on both sides of her family, I can trace her lineage back to the two very first horses I ever captured five years ago!

Click for bigger image

The satisfaction in this is why I kept that silly spreadsheet all these years. That just goes to show you that you never know how things are going to play out until they do.

Dream Horse Progress

Kizmit isn’t actually my first T8 horse – I didn’t post about this yet, but last week I took my Shakatu’s seals and turned them in for a ship and a T8 horse (that came with one of the skills needed to become a Courser).

In BDO, to get a T9 horse – known as a Dream Horse – you first must have a T8 horse. You must then train them to level 30 and ensure they have all the proper skills to become what’s know as a Courser.

This is not easy to do. In fact, the guides say it’s nearly impossible to get an organic Courser considering all the RNG and the difficulty of learning the skills naturally.

I bought the T8 horse with all intentions of making it a Courser anyhow. She came with one of the rare skills already, and I had a stack of skill change coupons from various log-in rewards over the years. So I got to work on it.

The good: By the time she was level 30, she had enough skills to pull it off.

The bad: By the times she was level 30, she was missing ONE of the required skills needed even after several skill changes. And… I’d be lying if I said I didn’t throw some RL cash at the shop when the April fools mount skill change coupons went on sale.

Apparently, I got pretty lucky in the end because it can take quite a bit of cash for coupons to get what you need for the Courser. I had 20+ failstacks, I’ll tell you what, and I was starting to worry it wasn’t going to happen.

But then it did!

Kodie became a Courser!

So now I’m taking her to Courser training and she’s on the very slow track to become a Dream Horse one day. I hope. This is going to take a lot of time and effort… but that’s okay. Since I just achieved one project – breeding my own T8 — this will be my next goal.

I’m not done by far, though. I’ve got a couple T7 males and I plan on training them and the two T8 females to hopefully produce more T8s if I’m lucky. At least more T7s. Either way, my breeding stock is slowly kicking out of the T5 territory and moving up into the T6-T8 area.

Eventually, I hope to provide pretty nice horses for all of my characters. I certainly know the worth of having a well-trained horse with the proper skills now.

Here’s my T8 Courser, Kodie!

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March 2021 Gaming Goals in Review

March is already on its way out and April is right around the corner.

A number of unexpected things came up this past month that swayed me away from my gaming goals. But I don’t consider it a bad thing because I was having quite a bit of fun with what I was doing – leveling several characters in BDO, Mogtome runs in FFXIV and picking up mobile gaming for the first time in a while.

So let’s see what I did get around to doing.


  • Finish crafting relics on Main
  • Continue leveling Amon’s White Mage 
  • Start Shadowbringers on Ben

I didn’t quite finish the crafting relics on my Main – I have 1 and a half more to finish. I am going to try to knock it out this week, though, just to clear up bag inventory. My motivation to finish those relics dropped off significantly when I learned the final step revolved around advanced crafting, which I don’t have any feel for and doubtfully have the melds to complete.

I finished leveling Amon’s White Mage to 80 just two days ago! It was a project started back in December when I decided I wanted to try to learn to heal. Now I’ve healed up through Orbonne and am choosing healer for Mogtomes runs to make the queue faster! I still have a lot to learn, but I’ve come a long way in the realm of White Mage, thanks mostly to my coach, Syn.

I did START Shadowbringers on Ben but I… didn’t get very far into it. I need to pick that up again.

MISC Goals

  • Switch: Progress on Link’s Awakening 
  • Play at least 1 new Steam game a week 
  • Play at least 1 Xbox Game Pass game 

This is where I flagged this month. I did play my Xbox Game Pass game – Yes, Your Grace — for quite a few hours (and almost finished it). I only got in 2 Steam games – this was enough to nudge my “played” percentage up one, though.

Poor Link’s Awakening got pushed to the side, however. I need to try to do better by this game soon so that I don’t forget where I was when I next pick it up. I’ve made so much progress that I want to push through and finish it this time.

On to…


No April fools on this. I’ve decided to take a month off from goals. About this time every year I seem to get into this mindset where goals are more stressful than helpful. That’s how it felt in March when I had a lot of other gaming I wanted to do – and I foresee that carrying on into April.

So this month, I’m letting goals go until I feel the need to structure things again.

I had some pretty exciting things pop up in BDO (that I’ll talk about tomorrow) and I’ve found myself enjoying RO on mobile. So while I’m having fun, I just don’t see a need to organize my time right now.

Hope the start to your spring has been a good one!

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Tablet Gaming: Labyrinth of Ragnarok

A little over a month ago, I bought a new tablet – a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ to be exact. I’ve had a couple tablets in the past, but these were always smaller in screen size, and usually suffered in terms of not having enough storage space. Even the one older tablet that had an SD card expansion really couldn’t utilize it well because though you could store apps on the SD card, they would stutter and run poorly.

This time around, I went for a higher-end bigger screen tablet. My thoughts on this were:

  • My laptop is over 7 years old and it would be nice to replace it with something smaller and more portable – I can always hook up a blue tooth keyboard and mouse to a tablet
  • I was using the laptop primarily as a violin practice machine – but putting all my music files, sheet music, videos, etc on a more portable device would be nice!
  • My previous tablet struggles to run anything anymore, so while I didn’t use it a ton, it would be nice to replace it
  • My phone is also aging and has NO internal memory left — if I could offload some apps to another mobile device, I could free up some room on my phone and hopefully make it last a little longer

I wanted an Android in particular because all of my tablets have been Android (while I have an Iphone). It just gives me the best of both worlds. Plus, I’ve purchased apps and games from the Google store and I wanted them to carry over to my new tablet.

All of those things added up to point me to this unexpected purchase.

What do I think of the tablet?

So far, I love it! I’ve been able to do everything that I’ve hoped to with it so far.

I’ve made it my main violin practice device – the speakers are just loud enough to allow me to practice along with music tracks. I can also use it for portable sheet music – I can take photos of my music books, then practice from those images on my tablet. If I want to scribble on the sheet music to make notes to myself (such as bowing direction) I can do that on the digital version without messing up the original book!

I have offloaded some of my phone apps to the tablet, mainly my social media apps. I’ve also successfully transferred most of my old Google Play apps to the new tablet, so I didn’t lose any of those in the long run.

But all of this is leading up to what I really wanted to talk about today… gaming on my tablet.

The Labyrinth of Ragnarok

I haven’t been into too many mobile games as of last couple years. Mostly, that’s because I’m busy with my Switch as a portable option. Also, my phone is tiny, old and out of space, so downloading games to it is a no-go.

Because of that, I’ve not really even looked much at the Google Play store until this week in terms of finding games. I did download that one game everyone was going on about… what was it… Genshin Impact. I rolled a character but I really haven’t gotten into it. I feel like maybe I need to look into a controller for that kind of game.

I downloaded a few of those time-wasters out of curiosity… you know, those merge-things games that seem to be all the rage right now?

While browsing what was out there, I took note of Labyrinth of Ragnarok, which is obviously a mobile RO spin-off. I didn’t realize it was one of those idle games – games that play without you needing to do much interaction with it – but in the end, I’m glad it is.

It’s a RO style idle MMO mobile game where you level up your character, choose from class trees, and “group” with other people’s characters through a sharing system (but only when they’re not online).

I didn’t realize at first that you could actually have several character slots as you progress through this game – I was somewhat paralyzed by the choice of jobs on my second job change and was relieved to know I could be a Hunter and a Bard on one account! 🙂

Anyhow, it’s got timed mechanics, a RMT shop, RNG, gatcha and all the stuff you’d expect from a mobile game now days. But all that being said, I’m still having fun with it.

The RNG is either not absolutely dismal, or I’m just super lucky so far… because I was able to score a 5* bow for my bard – the exact one I wanted – from a random weapon box…

AND my other character was able to score a 4* Poring Hat from the prize wheel spin.

Maybe it’s a trap, I dunno.

What I really like about it is the character share and grouping system. So, whenever I go offline on a character (even if I’m just playing another), I have my characters set to be shareable. This means that other people can randomly pull my offline characters into their group. When I come back, I’ve earned some experience, zeny and sometimes items as well.

There’s really not much in the way of guides out there for this game – I’ve found a few videos that have helped with my low level progression builds. It doesn’t take too long to push a character to level 40 and beyond with the right sharing group members supporting you. I’ve only been playing a few days and my highest is level 55.

I’m sure there’ll be some kind of catch eventually – there always is – but I haven’t experienced much in the way of bugs or forced purchases so far. There have been a few places that request you to watch ads, but only very sparsely compared to other free apps I’ve messed with lately.

For now, I’m having fun and as long as I’m having fun, I’ll keep “playing.”

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BDO: New Sage and Sorting Out Story

It seems like every time I turn around, I learn something new about this game. It’s vast, and I’m still pretty new to it all myself, despite having played it on and off from back at launch.

The new Sage class launched last week, and I decided to roll one since I had the character slots to do so. It’s a pretty fun class – a heavy hitter, a bit slower than others, but definitely packs a punch in each blast. It’s also more flashy and colorful than other classes I played, and was pretty easy to breeze through to level 56 (yes again).

This time, though, I did something I hadn’t done before, though. I finally discovered the true “main story.”

In previous posts, I lamented the fact that so much of the original story was cut, and that I never saw how all the pieces came together. It turns out that this was absolutely user error on my part – but to be fair, the game wasn’t very clear about what choices I was making.

There’s a couple points where the story branches off into three directions. The first time didn’t seem of that much consequence, so when the second choice came, I didn’t realize that this choice would change what main story line I would experience.

Me being me, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to pick sides with either character in this scenario – neither seemed to be in the right. So for time after time, I always chose the middle: Silence, We’re Done Here! and just shrugged them both off.

I found there was very little story in the second choice — and that’s for a reason. It’s the option to take if you just want to burn through the game through massive killing rather than be bothered by quests. Basically, an option for folks who’d already seen the story. The game warned me there would be more fighting if I chose that option, but it never warned me that I’d forego seeing the main story altogether should I go that direction.

On my Sage, I decided to do something different – I chose the first path. Then, lo and behold, the main story was there! Everything was actually making a lot more sense! The pieces I thought were cut out of the game from the old story were actually all there – cutscenes included. And I got to learn bout what happened to Edan and his company after all!

Needless to say, I was a much happier camper having discovered that this option finally told me the story that I’ve been so confused about all this time. I really feel that the game needs to make it very clear that the first option is the one you should take if you want to know the overarching story of this world.

Once I got my Sage to level 56 and dumped him in Altinova, I was left with a question of where to go next. I had obtained the Chenga Tome, which I’d used to help level my Sage as fast as I did, so I could always start questing on some of my characters while there’s still a level boost.

But I’m also interested in trying out sailing, ship bartering and ocean fishing. The only thing is, I’m worried about being PKed out in the ocean. I know, I know… folks say it hardly happens. But if I’m out there on a boat and I want to AFK fish, I don’t want to have to be worried I’ll come back to a dead character or a sunk boat because someone happened to see me and wanted to get luls.

I have enough of the Shakatu’s seals to get TWO Epheria Sailboats if I wanted (though I think I’m going to spring for one T8 Horse instead of two ships, maybe – I can always pick up a cheaper ship later, too).

I know that a character under level 50 can’t use the canons and can’t do all the dailies to learn sailing, but if my main goal is to just fish and barter for the fun of it… Well, long story short, I decided to roll another character just for that aspect of the game. So here she is!

I went with Mystic and it’s been fun. She’s also quite lovely!

If I want to get deeper into leveling sailing, I can always do that on a 50+ character. But I wanted to have at least one character who would be safe out on the ocean. I know that I already have a Tamer that’s under level, but really, I want to keep her where she is for horse training since that’s her focus.

I’ve gotten my Mystic up to level 48 as of last night, and once I hit 49, I’ll call it quits on leveling her and see what the ocean has to give. I found the job to be a real powerhouse and surprisingly a lot of fun at the early levels.

Oh, and for the record, I tried the third story path on my Mystic, but found it to be a bit more meh than the first path. It’s a different story, and much more focused on quests, but I’m not really into being a hired mercenary for a merchant guild (that treats my character poorly). Though, I guess it does fit this character’s backstory.

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BDO: Yet Another Class to 56…

Last week, I got my third class – Wizard – to level 56 in Black Desert Online. I also finished up his Awakening and Succession quests since I’ve heard so much about “Succ Wizards” being amazing in this game. However, rather than push on to continue playing my Wizard, I decided to continue to take advantage of the 1000% XP bonus event, especially since on the weekend, it runs all day long.

When BDO first launched, I rolled a Warrior. However, upon returning and learning that my old Warrior would be locked into the old story line, I decided to delete him and eventually wanted to re-roll him. What little I did play of my first Warrior at low level wasn’t super impressive – I had a lot of trouble playing through things my ranged characters did not. So I wanted to see if that would be different given the new storyline.

Early Saturday afternoon, I rerolled my Warrior. I spent some time learning about his skills, and now that I have a better understanding of the game, I knew what paths to take to move through the main storyline most efficiently.

Warrior turned out to be a lot better at pack clearing than I expected. While I didn’t play BDO all day – I took some time out for FFXIV and Valheim – a bit after midnight, my Warrior was officially level 50.

Yep, you read that right. Burning through the main story quests with just a bit of mild grinding during this XP event got me to level 50 in way under a day’s time. It took me longer to go from 50 to 56, actually, but last night I finished that up and got him his Oasis gear.

On Sunday, I finally convinced Syn to try out BDO. She’d picked it up when it was free back during the anniversary event. Amoon has also been playing it since I have been talking about my return, so I rolled up a Clan just for us to communicate more easily.

My Amon and Syn’s Scylla in BDO

She played a good chunk of an afternoon, and even as a brand new player moving casually through, she was able to level past 20 on her first day. So the XP bonus is real.

For now, I’m taking a break on leveling new classes. I only have two more character slots open as it is.

Tomorrow, BDO launches the newest class, the Sage. I’m curious about it and will probably roll one just to try it out. I’ll need to spend some time with it before I know if it’ll be another class I’ll take to 76 or not. Especially since everyone is going to be out there leveling theirs in a rush, too, which will make for contested mobs and quest areas.

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BDO: To Level 56 for the Third Time

I’ve been trying to throw as much time as I’m able at BDO each night while the 1000% XP boost is active. Earlier this week, I finished leveling my Archer, Amon, to 56. I got him his Oasis gear and went through his Awakening questline.

Apparently, this wolf is friendly and shares something of the Archer’s past.

It was neat to venture into the realms of the Elves, which were his homelands, for the first time. I’m looking at some of the big houses there as a possibility for my main residence. The only problem is that the city feels so far away from everything else!

Overall, I enjoyed the Shai’s awakening quests more, but that’s to be expected.

The third character in my roster is Benjamin who was a wizard that I rolled not long after launch – back when they finally gave wizards a young appearance to choose from. This means that this character is locked into the original old main story quest line – something I didn’t know until I started messing around with him sometime last month.

Any characters rolled before the change to the main story retain the old main story up until you hit the quests for Mediah. At first, I thought to reroll him since he was only level 18 when I picked him up to level him for this event. But then, I decided I was curious to see how much the story had changed.

And boy has it changed quite a bit!

Not only does the old story take you through nooks and crannies (and stories related to these locations) that the new one never touches, but there’s lots of fully voiced cutscenes that were removed throughout the game as well. I puzzled about this because that seems a waste of resources.

These stories were interesting, though suffered poor translation, and somewhere in the middle of the storyline, they just vanished completely for some reason. I don’t know if it was a consequence of the new story revamp, but I never got to see the ending – what happened to Edan and company – that kind of thing.

The game suddenly flitted from this main story with cutscenes and characters to a series of quests that lead you from one point to another across the map to fight battles and kill things. Still, I’m glad that I went through the old scenarios because it seems that some of the titles you earn may be locked behind boss fights that you got there.

Also, it took me to places I’d not explored before during the new quest lines, so that opened up a lot of new knowledge and NPCs. Though the ending of the old storyline is a lot more lackluster than the new. Basically, after you go through quest after quest to kill stuff, the Black Spirit just tells you that you’re all done here.

Good job me!

The new storyline, in contrast, has you face down Kzarka and gives you a nifty cutscene – but no one really explains much about who this guy is until after the fact. The old version, they actually mention him several times and explain way ahead of time that this is a dark god… but then, you never see him or face him at all. Again, I don’t know if this was how the old story worked back in the day or if it’s just fragmented now (or if I missed something).

Anyhow, it’s done on Ben, and I’m now merged into the Mediah quests just like all the other characters I have. Following in the footsteps of those who came before, I poked around at the bandits near Altinova for a while last night and pushed Ben up to level 55.

So, getting him to 56 should be a bit more grind on bandits tonight. And then off to get his Oasis gear.

With all of my characters almost at the same point in the game, I’ve been working on the Chenga Tome quest line on the side. I’ve heard that this substantially increases quest rewards and is a viable way to level from 56 to 61. So obtaining that is a goal, as is starting to work on my lifeskills soon.

I don’t think grinding for silver or doing boss fights is going to be a viable playstyle for me, so I’m looking at ways that lifeskills can earn me the silver I need to look at upgrades eventually.

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Valheim: Boss Fight and Trader Discovery on a New Island

Having charted most of the perimeter of our first island in the previous play session, when we came together last weekend, we decided to see if we could find the trader. So our first order of business was exploring the black forest areas more, and marking any burial chambers we found in the meantime.

During this, Kade joined our game. On his own playthrough, he’d already beat the Elder, and was poking around the swamps hoping to find iron. So while we were just a little behind, in terms of gear, we were about the same.

Turns out that there was no trader on our first island. That was fine – we just turned our attention to exploring the new island where we’d previously made a little portal camp.

Having four of us now, and two who already beat the Elder, we made our way in that direction with every intention to take him down. Thankfully, it seems as if there was a mountain range to the west, a protective barrier between the swamp and the meadow/black forest area that we needed to traverse to reach the Elder. So, actually getting there wasn’t difficult at all.

Thanks to the experience of the others, we were quickly shown how to fight the Elder – using bows and ducking behind pillars to avoid his massive AOEs.

The problem came from the forest itself, however. We must have had a spawner somewhere out there because we were getting a trickle of Greydwarves coming through from time to time to cause trouble for us.

Sadly, I didn’t get to see the boss go down because in one such Greydwarf attack, I was paying more mind to the Greydwarf Shaman than the boss. I thought I was shielded, but I was not, and he made short work of me with his vines.

I was the only death we had during that fight, but we all scored a Swamp Key.

More excitingly, as I was running back to find my gravestone, Kade asked, “Hey, what’s that bag icon on the map?”

Turns out, the trader was located only a short distance away from the Elder’s boss fight!

Uplifted by this turn of events, we quickly went to investigate and see what he had to offer. Most of it was quite expensive, but the two items we were advised to pay attention to were the circlet and the belt.

Quickly, we set about making plans to put a portal near the trader’s camp. We’d run across burial chambers on the way, and had the cores we needed. So I circled back to the meadows to get the fine wood.

This would result in my second death of the night.

In returning to the trader’s location, I passed a little too much to the east, unknowingly stepping foot in the plains for all of two seconds. I already knew what waited in the plains, and made a quick turn-around. But it was too late.

Deathsquito found me. Just that fast, too.

I’d just eaten, so I survived the first two hits it scored on me. But it followed me deep into the forest and my stamina couldn’t hold out. So, the third hit took me down.


Well, now we knew that this island didn’t just include swamp, but also plains. Lots of death and discovery.

It was yet another corpse run for me, but once we got back together, we set up the portal next to the trader. Now it was time to head back to the Forest Base, gather our gold and valuables, and see what we could buy from it.

We had enough to buy one circlet and one belt. Seeing Amoon already had a belt from his own playthrough, we began to focus on gearing up everyone else.

I suggested that Kade hop back on his game and bring his gold and valuables to purchase himself something from the trader, since he hasn’t found one on his game yet. He did that and was able to pick up the belt.

I opted to take the circlet and be the light for the time being. We had a bunch of burial chambers marked that we hadn’t explored, so that was our goal. We began to systematically hit up the chambers and trolls to gather gold and valuables, bringing that back to purchase pieces of gear bit by bit.

By the end of the play session, everyone had a belt and almost everyone came away with a circlet as well. All in all, a lot of progress for one night!

Next up for this upcoming weekend (hopefully), avoiding the plains and exploring the swamps!