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FFXIV: Blessed Cauldronking’s Alembic

I don’t usually blog on weekends, but this was one achievement that has taken me months to earn, and I’m excited to post about it! I’ve finally crafted enough items as an Alchemist to earn the Blessed Cauldronking’s Alembic!

Craft 370 unique items as an Alchemist.

Considering I didn’t start crafting with Amon in earnest until maybe half a year ago, I think this is a pretty nice get. Especially since I was gated by things like having to grow different color and types flowers for many, many corsages over the course of weeks.

It’s much more impressive in person, but here’s a quick GIF of it.

This may not be a huge deal to folks who make crafting their game-lives, but this is my first level 70 blessed tool… and… I think I’m taking a break from crafting at this intensity for a while. XD

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April 2019 Gaming Goals

Happy April everyone! No fooling here – these are actual goals for this upcoming month. I’m keeping them pretty light and simple since I can foresee a pretty busy month for me IRL. So here’s what I got.

FFXIV: Main Character

  • Level Astro
  • Level Ninja
  • Finish Job Quests (PAL)
  • Finish Hildibrand Quests

I’m back to trying to nudge myself to finish leveling Ninja to 70 and Astro to at least 60. I also want to get some more job story quests done. I’d like to finish all of these before Shadowbringers drops in a few months.

A new one to the list – I’d like to catch up with the Hildibrand quests. Syn and I completed all but the last of the quests in Heavensward and, frankly, found them less appealing than ARR quests. But it looks like the Stormblood quests boost the fun and give a neat dance at the end. I’d like to jump back into this sometime – and get it for my alts, too!


  • Level Goldsmith to 70
  • Level Weaver to 60+ 
  • Level Blacksmith to 50+
  • Work on progress towards “I Made That VI” for Alchemist 

I’m pretty sure that all of this will get done as long as I stick to the daily beast tribe quests the way I have. I really want Blacksmith to 50 because this is the last crafting job I need to level, and that will get Ixali dailies out of the way for good. Once I do that, I’ll have a lot more time to put towards other things (including leveling my main).

I’m not going to nail an absolute demand to finish the “I Made This” achievement, though it’s very possible if I work at it a bit at a time every day. I got most of the annoying parts of the achievement out of the way, so it’s just a matter of gathering what I need and doing the crafting.

Nintendo Switch

  • Earn another badge in Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu

This seemed to work last month, so let me toss a small goal out there to make even a little progress in this game. Hopefully this will result in me going further than just one badge, but seeing how I’ve really been neglecting my Switch, any gaming is good gaming.

Hope this is the start of a great new month! o/

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March 2019 Game Goals in Review

I know we still have a few more days left to this month, but since I tend not to blog on weekends, and I’m pretty sure the goals I’ve met today will be the same on Sunday, I’m going to go ahead and call it done. Overall, it’s been a pretty successful month.

FFXIV: Main Character

  • Level Astro 
  • Level Ninja
  • Finish Summoner Job Quests 

I did it! I finally finished those Summoner Job quests! I told you I would. Now, I just have a million other job quests to complete. I’d like to get these done before Shadowbringers, so I’m going to try to double down on these the next couple months.

I poked around at leveling Astro a bit, but hardly worked at all on Ninja. Again, these are things I’d like to change by Shadowbringers, so I’m going to try to tighten that focus in April.


  • Level Carpenter to 70 
  • Level Goldsmith to 50+ 
  • Earn “I Made That V” for Alchemist 

I pretty much blew all of my crafting goals out of the water this month. I finished leveling Carpenter completely. Not only did Goldsmith hit level 50, but it’s currently level 64 and pushing through Namazu dailies.

I’ve been working full speed ahead on Weaver and Blacksmith with both GC turnins and Ixali quests. Weaver just hit 50 a couple days ago, and I’ve been working through Moogle quests for leveling.

Meanwhile, I can focus all Ixali on my final job, Blacksmith. My major goal for April is to get this to 50 so I don’t have to do Ixali daily quests anymore. I’m so done with fishing in the latrine!

After many days of concentrated crafting, last night I finally finished the I Made This V achievement for Alchemist. I forgot when I set that goal that it meant I’d earn the gold Blessed Cauldronkeep’s Alembic tool (pictured above).

But I tell you what, marking crafted items off the list has become more and more challenging! I have 100 more items to craft to reach I Made this VI and earn the real tool I’m after. I don’t know that I’m going to set this to finish for next month, though. I may have to wait until new recipes come out with the expansion before I can complete the number I need — some of the materials required come from airships, subs and Eureka!

Nintendo Switch

Play Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu.

I actually did this! I’m still only 4-ish hours into the game, but hey, I made some progress this month. I played through Mt. Moon and beat Misty for the second gym badge. I know it’s pretty sad for a game that came out in November, but progress is progress. This seems to be the way I clear Pokemon games — I take it one badge at a time, and eventually make it through.

Anyhow, I’m sitting in a good spot for Shadowbringers, and still have plenty to do before the expansion drops. I can see my time shifting away from Amon as I finish up his crafting and move back to my main to finish leveling the jobs and doing quests there I want to mark off my list.

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FFXIV: Patch 4.56 – Be the Namazu

If you ever wanted to be the Namazu, you’re in for a treat!

While I did finish the final installment of MSQ for Stormblood last night, I want to give a day or so before I talk about it here. Instead, let’s discuss some of the other content that released yesterday in FFXIV.

Not only did we get a conclusion to the Hildibrand quest line, but we also got the allied beast tribe quest for Stormblood. It feels like the bulk of this patch’s updates provided story and fluff quests — not that I’m complaining about either!

I’ve long been a fan of beast tribe quests, even back when they were incredibly annoying to complete on-level in ARR. Over time, they’ve evolved into a rather fast and painless way to earn a quick daily chunk of XP for battle and crafting jobs.

While I’ve been slacking off on using them to my advantage on my main, I’ve been doubled down on the trio of crafting tribes – Ixali, Moogle and Namazu – on my RP alt’s crafters. As of last night, I only have one last crafting job to pull through Ixali before at least all of his crafters are 50+. And let me tell you, no matter how grateful I am for the XP, I’ll not shed a tear to never need to do another Ixali quest again.

Anyhow. If you were max rank with all three Stormblood beast tribes, patch 4.56 brought the allied beast tribe quest. Like the previous expansions, this features all of the tribes coming together to face off against Nhaza’a Jaab, the villain of the allied tribe series since ARR.

It’s all pretty lighthearted, requiring you to run about, gather the aid of various characters you’ve connected to via beast tribe quests, and put a stop to shenanigans. Or maybe… just cause some of your own.

The final reward is the gratuity emote… which… really doesn’t feel like it fits in with the whole thing. But I’ll never turn down an emote.

Upon finishing and ranking up with all the tribes, you also unlock new items at each of the beast tribe vendors. These include new minions, new housing items (both inside and out) and the cosmetic Namazu head.

I know that the Hildibrand questline gets a dance and barding drop this time around, and it’s been a while since Hildi got something keen like that, so I’m not grudging it. I’m still way back in Heavensward Hildibrand quests (a shame, I know), so I need to just finish those up and get on with the new story. Maybe this weekend.

Will talk about the MSQ later. Hope everyone is enjoying the story!

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FFXIV: Shadowbringers – Dancer, Crystal Tower, The First, Hrothgar

It was a busy weekend for FFXIV with all the info dropped at the final Fan Fest before the expansion. We had both a Keynote and Live Letter event that brought a few surprises – though not everyone was happy to hear them all.

The First

We’ll be getting more information on how this all ties into the MSQ with tomorrow’s patch, but now we know the location for the expansion is going to be The First.

What exactly does that mean?

Well, Lore says that a long time ago, the struggle between Zodiark and Hydaelyn caused an event that shattered the Source dimension (the world we play in) into 13 copies – making 14 in total. They indicate these by numbers.

So, the First is an alternate dimension, one of the copies of the Source, and was actually the home to the Warriors of Darkness who visited shortly during the MSQ story arc. They told us that their world had expelled Darkness so much, that the Light had grown too powerful and was now destroying the First.

I guess that’s where the whole becoming Warrior of Darkness theme is going to come in for us players.

The interesting thing is that the First has a Crystal Tower, just like in the Source. It was made clear that the Tower did not exist before the dimensions split… so somehow, an identical Tower was built in both dimensions for… well, they said we’d find out how and why!

I’m pretty stoked about revisiting the Crystal Tower because my RP and stories revolve around these elements. I’m totally ready to see it become relevant again and to have fun merging my stories into whatever the team is about to drop on us lorewise!

Dancer is… DPS?

Dancer being announced was expected. Dancer as ranged DPS was not. Most folks (including me) speculated that this would be a healer. It made sense – we’re getting a tank, we just got Blue Mage as DPS, Stormblood brought two DPS… but… well…

Dancer is DPS.

On one hand, I was surprised and a little sad for healers who were hoping for a new playstyle. On the other hand… well… I’d never really play it if it was a healer (I play DPS only, pretty much). I’d planned on switching one of my RP characters to Dancer because it would fit her story, but I had every intention of leveling and leaving it if it was a healer.

So… yeah… it sounds selfish to be happy that it’s a ranged DPS class. But… I’m happy it’s a ranged DPS class. I plan on leveling it and playing it. So there it is.

Sorry, healers. Hopefully the team will have something for you soon! 😦

Hrothgar and Genderlocked Races

Ever since the last Fan Fest, folks have been pressing their faces against the window trying to catch a glimpse of the elusive male Viera. They exist, but Lore says they’re rare. So rare, in fact, that they aren’t going to be playble.


Instead, we get a completely new race – Hrothgar (Ronso). But, guess what? They’re a male-only race. Yep.

We already kinda knew the Hrothgar were a strong possibility due to a coding error that dropped the race’s name in the French version of one of the past patches. Poor FFXIV just can’t release a surprise, can they?

The team claims that the facial features for both new races are very customizable. There’s even a note from an interview that says Hrothgar may have a wolf face. Maybe that one to the left there?

I have to say that I’m curious why we get another feline type race – I know they’re basing them on Ronso, but still. We have plenty of cats.

I understand that we could use another beefy race, since Roes are all we have to represent that. But when you hold the race up to other games, the first thing they make you think of is Charr, to be honest. And sadly, I admit, I like the designs for the Charr better than the prototype video I’ve seen of the Hrothgar.

But the real sticker is the community’s uproar in the face of gender locking the races. I’m not going to get into this debate here, because I really don’t have a horse in this race. I can feel for the folks who wanted their male bunnies and female Ronsos, but I’m of the mind that the best we can hope for is possibly a future inclusion of the missing genders.

I’ll play around a bit with the character creators when the benchmark releases. I can see myself playing a Viera, likely. A Hrothgar? I don’t know. I’d have to find something I really, really liked for that. But maybe if the lore was appealing enough, I could be swayed to add another character to my stable. Especially with World Visit dropping in late April.

Patch Schedule

Speaking of that, here’s what we’re looking at for the future patch releases.

We’ve got the last story patch dropping tonight/tomorrow. The FF15 collaboration event coming April 16. World Visit and Crystal Data Center opening for us in the US on April 23 — two weeks of free character transfers after that.

Some other something something patch in May. Then the Early Access of Shadowbringers on June 28.

This is what the future of FFXIV looks like from where we’re standing. I’m ready for tomorrow’s story patch – bring on the Crystal Tower!

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7D2D: Disturbing Grace

Over the weekend, the Posse decided to fire up a new game of 7D2D. So, Syn spent Saturday afternoon setting up the server and, we gathered around to poke at zombies for the following two nights.

The game started out fairly friendly compared to some of our last few starts. All of us players spawned in pretty close to each other (compared to the times it took the first 2 days to find each other and then find a place to hole up in). And we had some pretty interesting biomes/townscapes to explore all within reach.

As a builder, I’m still experimenting with ways to deal with the fact that we no longer have large wood spikes as sturdy traps to use against the hordes. I think I kinda overcompensated with my first attempt at building a funnel system that is meant to direct incoming zombies straight into trapped areas. I have yet to really test this on a horde, so we’ll have to see how it works.

This is also the first time we’ve been able to create bicycles (as opposed to mini bikes), and everyone seems to really enjoy them as a far better method of getting around.

Hills can be a bit of trouble, though.

I know that the devs at 7D2D said they were going to focus on putting paths and stories into the different houses and POIs you explore, and this weekend was a grand example of this. I wish I’d gotten more pictures of things, but I was too caught up in the exploration than thinking to write about it.

So, someone discovered this farm. One half was a building called Bob’s Boars. The other half was marked as Carl’s Corn.

Knowing from the DogSnekPigMan house that signs can be quite literal in this game, I warned that there would be pigs inside of the boar house. Sure enough, there were.

Seeing that we were somewhat low on meat as we’d hardly seen much game in the area, and pigs at this point can be deadly if you’re solo, we rustled up a team to go inside and clear it out.

Some of the pigs were wandering about, some were attacking zombies, some were still in cages. Thankfully, pigs don’t attack you until you attack them, because there were quite a few of them. And then, when we got to the lower area, there was quite a gruesome scene.

Stripped carcasses everywhere.

I don’t know if this was for decoration or if these had once been living pigs (in the gameplay sense). But following the path outside, I emerged next to a very very large open cage with the name GRACE over top of it. Inside, there were mattresses and hay bales – things that indicated that this Grace was a prized pig (I assumed).

-Image source-

I was a little disturbed by this, but we didn’t see anything else in the area, so we went about our business for a few more in game days. That’s when one of the guys went and started exploring the Carl’s Corn area of the buildings.

He went through what he described as a dungeon of sorts, and discovered at the bottom in a cave, a giant green pig:

Note the mattress next to her is man-sized. And those are the bones of either people or zombies scattered around.

He started exclaiming about the giant green pig he’d found over voice chat. And while it took me a little bit, it suddenly all clicked.

“That must be Grace!” I exclaimed, thinking back to the giant cage with her name printed over it. I wasn’t sure about it, but later on, we confirmed that this was indeed, Grace.

The guys went back and took her out – the image above was taken by Amoon before they fought her. They said she provided something like 90+ pieces of meat. Good eating. Someone joked that “we’ll be full of grace” pretty soon.

Apparently, Grace has been in game since fall of last year. This is just the first time we’ve run across her. Makes me excited to see what all else we’ve never discovered about the new betas of 7D2D!