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BDO: Summer Season Begins, Deluge of Corsairs Incoming!

Yesterday marked the beginning of the new summer season and the release of the new class, Corsair, in Black Desert Online. This is my first ever season, and while I’ve only been able to play a couple hours, my Corsair, Petrel, is already level 28. It helps that I’ve already run these quests many times before, and the fact the season server is showering folks in XP and leveling rewards.

In fact, one of the rewards you can get – if your Corsair reaches level 58 – is a free ship! However, it seems like the cog has a lifespan, so I will still likely purchase a second Epheria Sailboat with the seals I’ve stored away. But the cog is still a good little ship to start leveling sailing on this character.

It’s hard for me to determine what I think of the Corsair after just a few hours. She seems very fluid (no pun intended) with all of her water-type magics and moves. It’s neat to see this kind of take on water abilities. Just like the Sage, she’s super flashy with her bigger skills, and seems to put out decent damage.

I haven’t had any trouble taking down anything in my path up to the point I’ve played. That being said, mobs are pretty contested since that was a first day release with a new class. I saw lots and lots of new Corsairs (with a few other classes peppered throughout), but it never got to a point I couldn’t finish the quest I was on… yet.

I’m sure there are folks who have more time and have already leveled theirs far higher than I have. What I really want to do is snag a ship and start to explore sailing while I’m on a server where I can’t be PKed.

So my first goal is to get to 58 for that ship. Then, I want to hit the ocean and explore. There’s a lot out there I’ve not seen and done yet.

I guess I also have to figure out how gearing up works on a season server. They’ve been tossing all sorts of upgrades at me as I’ve leveled, but I don’t know what any of them are for, to be honest. Gearing is one of those things I don’t pay attention to in BDO because I’m not really there for the combat.

They’re also giving away some neat cosmetic rewards as you level, like the eyepatch!

All in all, I like the way my Corsair looks, even in her lower level gear.

As I keep moving up, I’ll let you know if I run into any snags with the new class. But for now, it’s smooth sailing. Pun intended.

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Wildermyth – Procedural Storytelling RPG

I ran across Wildermyth a couple weeks back on Steam, and seeing the great reviews and the overall concept of the game, I was interested. Then, I found out my sister owned the game – upon asking her, she highly recommended it.

I’ve been itching for a stat-based storytelling RPG lately, and it just released from Early Access about 8 days ago. It was still on release sale at the time, so I picked it up.

Over the past weekend, Vix and Xaa have been playing Wildermyth together – yes, it has multiplayer on Steam – and when I commented that I’d not played it but was interested in the multiplayer, they invited me in for a game.

Hosting and playing with others on Steam is a fairly simple thing. One person moves the story forward while the others can opt to follow the leader as they click through the dialogue. You assign characters to specific players for battle.

Battle itself is a turn-based strategy. If you play by yourself, you control all the characters, but having more players involved makes it interesting… since everyone has their own ideas of strategy.

I played through the first chapter almost twice – we restarted when Syn came to join us – and the stories were different both times, aside from the base foundational narration at the beginning.

Wildermyth is very well written – it’s like playing an interactive story/comic book. It’s a joy to watch the characters interact based on the personality traits you’ve chosen for them and their relationships with others.

This game also doesn’t hold back on maiming and altering your characters based on your choices. In our first game, our mage, Merlin, ended up with a peg leg for having to retreat from a battle scenario. Later on, he was blessed by an earth elemental and that peg leg turned into something very different…

In our second campaign, our newly-recruited warrior, Mr. Sensitive, ended up getting himself into quite a bind due to his misplaced curiosity.

As a matter of fact, by the end of the first chapter of our second campaign, my character was the only one who hadn’t ended up with some strange transformation. These seem to come with positives and negatives, but are overall amazing trophies of the adventures and struggles the characters have gone through.

There’s a lot more to this game – scouting and protecting territories – finding and distributing loot – those sorts of things. But the heart of this game is stories and the adventurers who take part in them. Whether playing alone or with friends, this game has a lot to offer. And since it’s only just released, I can only see more adventure ahead!

I wholehearted hope to support the future development of this little gem. So, if it’s the kind of game that catches your eye, give it a shot!

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Valheim: Becoming Hunters on the Plains

On our last session, we’d started to build a new base on the multi-biome island where Yagluth resides. We ran across a deserted village and used that as a foundation for our new base.

As of this weekend, we’ve upgraded the walls to stone and now have a nice little tame wolf pack multiplying within it to help with defense. With that all squared away, our next step was to see what we could find on the plains.

I headed out for some solo exploration of the nearest plains while Syn finished up the base. This covered the length of a peninsula, and I was able to locate a couple of Fuling camps for later. Fulings are tough customers, so to get an entire camp swarming you is extremely dangerous. Especially if some of those are one star Fulings.

Syn came up with a great idea, though – spikes and decoys.

Taking a page out of our 7D2D experience, we turned raiding camps into a mini-tower defense event. She’d build a workbench with some spikes and walls around it, then we’d rush into the camp and pull a group back down towards the structure.

Interestingly, the Fulings almost always were more interested in our structure than us… until they destroyed them, of course. So we had a little time to pick them off while they were beating on spikes and workbenches. They also took damage from the spikes, so that was a bonus.

Building a decoy structure at the base of a hill camp

We’d repair whatever spikes made it through, replace the structures that were destroyed, then do it again until we got the camp population to a point we could come in and clean up.

On one such run, I rushed to the top of the camp where I found a farms of both barley and flax. I stole away with as much of that as I could… and we were in business!

Just as I thought, the flax makes thread which was the missing link for our next set of gear. Funny enough, the armor doesn’t require black metal, but rather more iron. So, we did take a couple-day detour into the Swamps where we’d marked tons of crypts for iron runs.

However, we needed lots and lots of flax. And it only grows in the plains biomes, so it was time to set up a new farm. We learned really quickly that growing barley and flax unprotected in the plains is a terrible idea. Fulings can and will attack the growing plants, just as they did structures.

This means that we had to fence in our farm for protection… so the next project was a nice big stone-walled farm.

Now that we have barley, I was able to put my new windmill to use making flour. This was something I was excitedly waiting for because flour plus cooked fish turns into fish wraps!

I’ve set up a little cooking station next to the windmill – rain or shine, fish wraps are in the makes!

This also gives me an excuse to fish again in game. When we’re not out raiding camps, I’m finding places to fish along the shores. We have plenty of cash for bait, and barley is growing in the farm, so it’s my turn to have fun while providing for our needs.

We were able to craft our first new padded armor from the flax we’ve been growing, and in successfully taking down both Fuling camps, we got a bit more bold.

The Lox have been a terror to us since the first time we ran across them. So, armed with frost and poison arrows, we decided to see what we could do against them. We found that as long as we stayed divided up, we were able to take the Lox down one at a time by ranged kiting.

Considering the last Lox in a Fuling camp

After that, we started hunting the plains for Lox, pretty much taking down every one we could find. I scored a new Lox hide cloak and we added a new Lox hide rug in our main camp. Not to mention meat, which we still need to cook.

We have lots of upgrades to make – I got a new blackmetal sword, too. But gear-wise, we’re waiting for the flax to grow and weave before we can upgrade more. Luckily, the padded gear only seems to require iron for further upgrades. We have tons of iron stashed away at this point, and the ability to get even more if we need it.

So, for now, we’re sitting pretty as we continue to explore the plains and work on gearing up for the last boss fight!

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BDO: Corsair Pre-Roll & Third Courser!

Black Desert Online is allowing folks to pre-create the new class – Corsair – as well as a character for the next Season. I was quite happy and surprised to snag the name “Petrel” going along with my bird-name theme. But then, I’m sure they freed up a lot of names and family names when they purged all the accounts in May that didn’t move over.

I’m thankful my account wasn’t one of those – I find it funny that this was the event that ended up reminding me of BDO and brought me back to the game.

Third T8 Courser

As I noted in my last post, BDO handed out coupons that gave T8 horses emblems with three Courser skills pre-learned. I took advantage of training her, and luckily got an overall smart horse on top of it. By the time she was level 30, she had all but one Courser skill learned and only a pool of 3 non-learned skills.

I’d used up all of my skill change coupons trying to learn S-Sideways, and earned a bit of a fail stack. I was pretty confident that with the 5 free skill change coupons we got as a log-in reward this week, I’d be able to finish her off as a Courser.

Sure enough, the very first coupon I used switched to S-Sideways! So, now I have trained a third T8 Courser!

Kizmit is currently undergoing Courser training for an Awakening, though I’ve failed 4 times. I’ve still got a long way to go on this mostly because I’m not putting a lot of time and effort towards it.

Now I have a third Courser sitting at the ranch!

However, I have a funny feeling that Dream Horses are going to become easier to get. Already, we’re seeing them give out a lot of Dream Horse components. But the real clue to this was in the patch notes.

When you get something rare or important from an in-game drop-box, your character does a little cheer emote for it. Honestly, this is cute, but me being self-conscious, I tend to go to a corner somewhere or my house so I don’t bother other people when I’m unlocking a large number of boxes.

In the patch notes this time around, it noted the cheer emote was added to these items:

Hmmm… Dream Horse Emblems!

So not only are they practically giving away an easier path to leveling a T8 Courser to just about everyone, it looks like Dream Horse Emblems are going to be a thing. Rare, I suppose, but still a thing. If they’ve been in game, I haven’t seen one. So, to me, they’re new.

This is fine, though. Especially since all of these are females – that will make the male Dream Horses more rare and sought after for the T9 pairing. All of my Coursers are female, but I’m not all that interested in T9 at the moment as it is. I still have too much work to do on my own stock.

Any of the other T8s I’ve ever bred have turned out to be dumb horses, sadly. So it’s not that I haven’t tried to get a male, it just hasn’t been in the cards for me.

That’s fine… I’ll work with what I have!

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FFXIV: Things To Complete Before Endwalker

Now that it’s been a little over a week since I made a major change to my FFXIV main, I’m slowly starting to acclimate to it all. I know it seems weird that a change I’ve made willingly should “take time” to get used to, but it has.

I have been, however, feeling more motivated to play my main after the change. That was the goal, and I think it’s working as everything sinks in!

Though I don’t want to make this a post about goals, I have been taking a step back to look at what I’ve done and what I’d like to do before Endwalker drops in November. I have plenty of time at this point, so I’m in no rush.

I did finally finish the 5.55 MSQ on Ben last week. This week, I’ve started the long process of working on his gathering Relic tools. This is going to take a while.

While I have completed up to a certain non-shiny step of my crafting Relics, the expert crafting stopped me in my tracks months back. However, I’ve been looking at some video guides and have started back on weekly crafting turn-ins to pick back up where I left off with melding my crafting gear.

I also started the Hero’s Journey questline last night – this is the newest quest at the end of the role questlines in Shadowbringers. I’ve had this on my list for a while, but again, just didn’t have the motivation to work on it.

I knew that I had to complete the Warring Triad trials in order to start this questline – I have done that a while back – but I didn’t realize I needed to pick up the quests for the Extreme version of all of those, plus the one for Ravana EX. At first I freaked out a little thinking they wanted me to do the EX versions of all those trials, but it turns out that all of them except Ravana are just an unlock.

And Ravana EX unsynced is a joke now days. It took Syn and I 1:22 to clear it and he didn’t even get to a second phase. I need to go back and see if I can solo him for his bird. That’s the last bird I need to complete the set.

Anywho, this is where Ben is standing as of right now.

Here’s the things I’d like to do on my main before Endwalker:

  • Finish Crystalline Mean Crafting/Gathering quests (just to clear them)
  • Finish Gatherer Relics
  • Upgrade Gatherer gear to newest script gear (probably need this to finish Relic)
  • Meld crafting gear & figure out expert crafting
  • Level my poor, sad Blue Mage (Did this on my alt)
  • Werlyt series (Did this on my alt)
  • Clear Stormblood Trials (I skipped them last three)
  • Finish bird farm
  • Farm Shikaree’s Doublet

As you can see, some of these things I’ve already done, but just on another character (shame on me). So now I need to get back to giving my main the love he deserves instead.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I’ll add to it as things come to me. This is all very do-able in the timeframe I have. I just need to stay motivated!

Spoiler picture!

They look like a happy family, don’t they?

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BDO: Heidel Ball, New Class – Corsair, Seasons Return!

I’ve been somewhat quiet on my BDO adventures lately because most of my focus has been on training horses and repeatedly failing to awaken my newest courser (to be expected). I haven’t had any more exciting breakthroughs, nor have I really focused on leveling any of my characters in a while.

But the Heidel Ball that took place this past weekend has shaken things up! This is sort of the Fan Festival for BDO, and streamed online for everyone. However, the time it was streamed was while I was sleeping, so I didn’t get to watch it.

This Reddit thread does a good job of summarizing the important points. It also contains the Heidel Ball coupons that you can use in game to claim several prizes!

The Scallywags Treasure Chest is of note because it includes a Tier 8 female horse on you that already has three Courser skills at level 1.

I took advantage of the event that was boosting horse training experience to level this new T8 up and managed to lock in all but one Courser skill at level 30. A few more skill change coupons and I should have my third Courser, I hope.

As for the announcements at the Heidel Ball, there were a few things that were exciting for me, though just as many that I didn’t care much about.

For example, BDO is introducing dungeons for the first time as well as some new PVP content. Seeing that I have dungeons coming out of my ears in FFXIV, the last thing I want to do in BDO is a dungeon. I’m mostly here for the open world, non-PVP, solo content, so none of that caught my interest.

However, there are a few things I’m excited for such as:

  • Mansions (Housing to decorate both inside and out)
  • Merchant Guilds
  • Mythical Dine (Though I’ll probably never get one)
  • Old Classes Reboot
  • Story Rework
  • Return of Seasons (I never got to try one)
  • New Class – Corsair

As of today’s patch, you can go ahead and pre-design your Corsair, which launches June 29th. Seeing that I have an extra character slot, I’ll likely be trying this new class out. I generally like the swashbuckling/pirate type characters, and was having trouble deciding who would be my sailing and trading character, so this could be perfect!

It also looks like pre-creation for the next Season has begun, so likely you’ll be able to play the Corsair during the next season. I expect to see a lot of them out there!

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Valheim: Making Moder Cry

So, where we left off in our last Valheim adventures was the long search to find the runestone that would point us to the location of the next boss, Moder. We explored mountain after mountain after mountain with no luck until we exhausted all the mountain biomes that we’d brushed up against during our earlier travels.

We had to set out to see to find new islands with mountains, all the while trying to avoid the plains as much as possible – which isn’t always easy as these biomes often fall next to each other. Despite finding another larger mountain biome on the next new island, we didn’t find the Moder runestone… and instead found the runestone for the next boss!

It’s been a couple of weekends of play that we’ve been on the search, so when this past weekend rolled around, I looked at what we’d uncovered on our map and made a suggestion. Since we were going to be sailing to find new locations anyhow, and we don’t know the location of Moder, why not sail towards the next boss since we do know that location and see if we can find mountains around there to search? That way, we’re making some sort of progress that we can use later.

That’s what we did.

It was quite a sail from the known lands to the south east, but we made it down to the island very near where Yagluth resides. Along the way, we found two Leviathans side by side, so made a quick stop for chitin.

We also had a humorous moment where we became hunted while out on the waters. This usually means a wolf pack is coming to attack on that location, but seeing we were in the ocean, we just sailed away from the spot, and it wasn’t very effective. The event still remains on our map, however.

When we finally got down to the Yagluth island, we did run across some mountain biome. So, just as before, we tossed up a quick outpost (we’ve been building them into the side of the mountains lately) and a portal for quick access.

Guess what we found?

Not one… but TWO runestones for Moder in those mountains!

Seeing that Syn and I split up a bit, we also found them at just about the same time in the same sort of structure – tucked up under the stairs in those tall stone towers.

That’s just painful irony right there. But at least we knew where to finally find Moder.

Though on the map, this looks like quite a distance, it turned out to only be a day’s sail from the closest Outpost. Luckily, we haven’t had any more run-ins with the serpent, either.

So, we made the trip to Moder Island, built a little outpost in the side of the mountain fairly close to her altar and got ready for the fight. I knew from briefly reading on her mechanics what we were looking at – this is the first and probably last boss fight that I read up on before we went in. But I’m glad I had a little guidance because she could have easily been fatal otherwise.

We had a few close calls during the fight, and it was especially irritating when wolves and drakes started to interfere. But having two people working on her – one to keep her distracted while both players worked down her health – was a huge help.

We took her down on the first try and retrieved her tears — which allowed us to make some new crafting stations back at the base! And, of course, gave us a new trophy to hang.

We only had a few pieces of black iron from our short ventures into the plains. And crafting the first ingots using the new blast furnace didn’t open up as much as I’d hoped in terms of gear. Just a couple of shields. So we’re missing some components somewhere that we haven’t discovered yet to make progress.

We then went back to Yagluth Island where there were plains near our little mountain outpost, but we got too close to an enemy village and they ganged up on us pretty fast. After that death, we had to consider how we were going to approach this.

So far, what we know is that the little Fulings drop the iron. You might be able to get it another way, too, but that’s all we’ve found so far. I have a thought about what the missing component might be seeing we were also given a spinning wheel station to make so…

Doing some more exploration on Yagluth Island, we found that the landmass is large and there’s a lot of biome variety there. In fact, we found an extensive meadows including a large deserted village. We’ve found smaller villages, or farms, of course. But this one had large buildings that looked like meeting halls – even had a raven throne!

We had to clear the draugr out of the buildings – interesting – is that what became of the inhabitants that once lived there? But once we did, it made for a great starting point for a new base on Yagluth Island.

Thus far, we’ve built several outposts, but no real major bases. Since this is at the foot of the mountain, Syn wants to bring down some wolves to tame and see if they can be a help to us in the plains.

So while I expected to be raiding the plains at this point, instead, we’re setting up a new base!

This one puts us close to all biomes, though, which will likely be helpful going forward. Plus, it was just a really cool find to begin with.

That’s where we stand as of this weekend. Setting up a new base and getting ready to explore the plains next time!

Oh, yeah, and several times now lately, we’ve caught Odin creeping on us. I’ve never been fast enough to get a picture, but it’s a little unnerving to see him watching us from the shore as we sail by…

Have a nice comfy portal picture instead.
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FFXIV: The Great Main Switcheroo

Lately, I’ve had some motivation trouble in FFXIV – but it’s not for the reason you might think.

Let me start this post by putting things in perspective. I began playing FFXIV sometime mid September of 2013. In all these years, I’ve never dropped my sub once. There were a few months in early 2014ish that I didn’t play daily, but I can say that I’ve pretty much played FFXIV since 2013 without a true break.

Granted, I’m a casual. My idea of playing every day is to log in, knock out an Alliance raid, dig up some maps to sell and maybe play with glamour or housing or tunes as a bard. Part of what makes playing a game this long sustainable to someone of my personality type is the casual approach and the creativity that I associate with my characters.

As some folks might know, almost three years ago, I launched a writing/RP project that eventually led to me adopting the RP server as my home. Being able to find a creative outlet within the game that’s tied to my characters increases my fun and immersion manyfold.

As much as I enjoy FFXIV for what it is, I believe it’s my creative projects that have helped keep me in the game for as long as I’ve been.

So what does this have to do with my main?


My main started out named Zuri Nimat back in 2013. While I didn’t have a background story for her, she was a separate identity from my own in every way. When I talked about my main during those times, I called her “Zuri” because that was her name.

Obviously, but hang with me on this train of thought.

Fast forward to 2017. This blog was really kicking off and I was identifying with my writing persona far more than the blue kitty I’d originally created. So, for the new year, I decided to recreate my main using my net name Aywren Sojourner.

Makes sense. I often use my net name as my main character in games. And this has been fine more or less.

But I’ve noticed something the past few months. Now that I’ve finished my goals of leveling all jobs on my main and got her to the stage I wanted for crafting relic tools, I really don’t log in with her except to grab a daily map.

In fact, if anything, I’ve felt bored of my main lately. She hasn’t even finished the newest MSQ. And this feeling is not a class issue seeing she has every job leveled – so I could take my pick of what to play, but I still love my Red Mage most.

I’ve started to realize that part of the problem is that I see this character as a representation of myself, which has started to ironically cause a disconnect and lack of interest. For example, when I talk about my main… I never call her by name. I mean, I’m “Aywren,” so it’s really weird to say “Aywren did this” or “Aywren did that” – even when I write blog posts, I just always say “My Main.”

It’s also very difficult to assign a backstory to a representation of myself. I tried. I really did. I spent hours deliberating over where this “Main” could have come from, what her family history was, what her quirks and skills were… I wrote up a character sheet for her and tried to make her as interesting as possible to me.

But in the end, it just felt forced. Like I was filling in the blanks on purpose because there could never be an organically developed story for her.

I once told someone in game: “I don’t RP or write stories with my main. She’s too representative of myself and that just feels weird to me.”

That’s still very true. It’s also where my trouble lies.

As I said, lately, I’ve been increasingly demotivated to play her. There’s still plenty I can do in game, so it’s not a lack of content. I tried a bunch of things to revitalize my interest in her, actually – looked for new glamour, looked at all the new hairstyles, considered another race change, poured back over the character sheet I made for her…

The truth was, I liked the way she looked. But unlike other characters that I’ve created for story purposes, when I logged into her, there just wasn’t the feeling of playing a character. She was just “The Main,” and that was it.

The Main


I thought long and hard about what to do. This was my first and main character, with so many mounts, emotes, jobs leveled and accomplishments – tossing the character itself aside was not an option.

But maybe, I could recreate her as one of my story characters. That could work, I thought, and looked over my alt roster.

I knew I didn’t want to make her Amon, who is my RP main. There’s a lot of reasons for that, even if he’s the most enjoyable-feeling character I’ve created. Amon’s character has many emotes, accomplishments, gear, mounts and… well he rivals my main in terms of what I’ve unlocked and done with him. Plus he has connections to folks through the friends list and link shells, and I didn’t want to break those social ties.

Other possible characters – Tai & Tad – I enjoy playing these characters and Tai was actually a substitute main for me at one point! But they also have their own items and achievements that seem separate and specific to their characters. Not to mention Tai is going to transition into Reaper and Tad is a Machinist. I still want to main Red Mage.

The rest of my RP alts were a straight out no – even the one who inherited my original character’s name, Zuri. I like them, they’re just not main material. Again, none of them mained Red Mage, either.

That left just one option – Ben.

Now Ben is a character who has been in my life since I was a teenager. I consider him the first real character I ever created for my fantasy writing. However, lately, I’ve felt like Ben’s taken a backseat to a lot of my FFXIV interests.

Of course I’ve had a Ben character in FFXIV for years. I’d even leveled him to 72 Red Mage, but have been procrastinating on the brink of the first dungeon of Shadowbringers. I just haven’t had the motivation to push him through the expansion for a fifth time… despite Trusts and despite how much I like Shadowbringers.

Still, I’ve wanted to play him! I’ve wanted to catch him up! I’ve wanted to include him in my Eorzean adventures and somehow connect this character into my long-time MMO love in FFXIV. Especially with all the FFIV references we’re seeing in Endwalker.

And he mains Red Mage.

So that’s why he made the perfect fit. My “new” main is now Ben.

Transforming my main into Ben took some fiddling around, of course. I didn’t delete the original Ben character given all his progression and will repurpose him as another character sometime down the line, I’m sure.

I’ve wanted to consolidate the number of characters I have for quite a while now. And while it’s really, really strange to not have an Aywren anymore, I think this is for the better.

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Valheim: World Wandering

Last time I left off in my Valheim posts, Syn and I had reached the mountains and were making good progress on upgrading our gear. I was enjoying my time in the mountains, which I said was far easier than the swamp had been.

I’ve learned since then that this is only true during the day. At night, things get real. We’d already run across the Fenring that comes out at night in the previous play sessions, so that didn’t take us by surprise. It’s really the wandering wolf packs of 5-6 wolves, often with a one star wolf, that did me in.

Unless you can make yourself a cozy cave hideout – or you have a safe base in the mountains – staying overnight isn’t usually a good idea. Wood cabins don’t hold out against drakes or wolve packs for long.

That’s not to say I like the mountains any less. I just wish… the mountains would finally give up their secrets. That is to say, after searching for hours high and low in mountain range after mountain range, we still haven’t found the runestone that uncovers the location to the next boss.

See that picture at the top? That’s a Maypole.

There’s a toss-up if this structure even appears in a world at all. But I found it in our game… of all things. And yet, I still haven’t found the location for Moder.

Note: A new patch has added the Maypole as a craftable object so it is no longer a rare find. Back when I discovered it, however, it was still very rare!

This is slowly becoming an issue. Syn has upgraded all of her silver gear as high as it will go, and I’m getting very close to be fully upgraded. Not finding the next boss location is stopping our progress hard at this point.

See this?

In between mountain ranges as we were searching for Moder’s rune we find…

A rune that points to the Yagluth boss instead! I’m assuming that’s the next boss beyond Moder, and while it’s very nice to have this already on our map, it’s crazy that we’ve spent hours in the mountains only to stumble on the next boss location before we have found our current boss location.

Of course, this forces us out into the world to explore, especially since we’ve already exhausted all of the mountain biomes we’re aware of. Even this huge mountain biome below gave us nothing but silver, snow and my night wolf-pack death.

We also ran face to face with another Serpent in our travels. This time, armed with poison arrows and Draugr Fangs, we were able to kill it. It was still a close call as one more strike would have taken our little Karve out from under us.

In the meantime, the main base has continued to expand and thrive. We did end up building a more distant wolf pen to help with the constant howling sounds that started to drive me nuts. But then, we had so many wolves that they were somehow making it out of the pen by stacking on top of each other to do so (when they got riled up over a monster being outside).

Syn began to form wolf packs that she takes out and about for the fun of it since we have so many wolves… and after hunting through so many mountains, we don’t really need extra wolf parts anymore.


While exploring the world is fun (we even joked that we’re going to go to the north pole!), finding the next boss location would be even more fun. Eventually, we do want to explore more of the world, but it would be really nice to be able to finally break into the plains and have a wider access to whatever Moder will unlock for us first.

Until then, we keep searching!

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Sims 4 Announces Cottage Living

-Releases July 22, special preorder items available

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Sims 4. But it’s also been a while since I was excited about the theme of a pack or expansion for the game.

While I don’t think the recent packs/expansions/whatever they’re called are bad, persay, nothing has prompted me to want to preorder or buy day 1 lately. I’ll read up on the forum reviews and usually wait for a sale if nothing in the reviews really wows me.

So when they teased the idea of living in the country, my mind went to one thing only: Horses.

Naturally, as a horse lover, the horses in Sims 3 were one of my favorite features. However, horses were were cut in the Pets expansion for Sims 4. So surely, an expansion about the country life would include the missing horses, right?

I was excited at the possibility! It was the first time I’ve been excited for an announcement in a while.

That was, until, the announcement came and again, horses got cut. For llamas, I guess. (Actually, no. It’s been confirmed the animals are tied to objects and aren’t part of the household, so they don’t act as “pets.” So, double bummer.)

Okay, I don’t want to be that person, but allow me to grieve the loss of my horses yet again. Everything else in this pack looks right up my gameplay alley. I love the idea of cottage living. The cute critters, the almost-farm theme, and the world looks lovely. I’m sure I’ll have fun with it whenever I decide to pick it up.

But I can’t help feel a little disappointed about horses being overlooked again. Had this pack included horses, I would have rushed right out to preorder it instantly. And that says a lot for my non-preorder mentality the past few years.

I’m going to hold out hope for horses in a side pack, maybe? With lots of neat features like stables and gear and racing? But I really kinda doubt it. I have a sinking feeling Sims 4 isn’t going to see horses in the end.

I’m really tempted to reinstall Sims 3 to get my horse fix right now. 🐴