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  • Hobby Talk – Ready for the Ride Diamond Painting Progress

    Hobby Talk – Ready for the Ride Diamond Painting Progress

    I first started diamond painting in the winter of 2019, and it’s a hobby that I’m working to revive again in 2022. I was really excited by this new hobby – I even have a website for my log – but as 2020 came around, and shipping/supplies slowed down due to the pandemic, it quickly […]

  • Hobby Talk – Learning to Crochet

    Hobby Talk – Learning to Crochet

    This was quite the ironic thing, to be honest. Over the holiday, I started to consider learning how to knit. I’m not sure where the idea came about, or why, but I was poking around Amazon looking at knitting kits (and I never mentioned it to anyone). Then, out of the blue, one of the […]

  • GemsFlows – Diamond Painting Log Book App

    GemsFlows – Diamond Painting Log Book App

    It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about diamond painting. In fact, it’s sadly been a while since I worked on my diamond painting – I’ve been caught up in so many other things in my free time. I’ve meant to get back to working on the project I started over the holidays. I […]

  • FFXIV: Happy Starlight Eve!

    FFXIV: Happy Starlight Eve!

    If you got Holly-Day happy mail from me, this art should be familiar. The friends of Spot of Mummery would like to send tidings of good cheer to everyone this Holly-Day season!

  • New Drawing Monitor – XP-PEN Artist12

    New Drawing Monitor – XP-PEN Artist12

    For many, many years, I have been digitally drawing on the Wacom Cintiq 12WX that Syn gave me back when she got an upgraded Wacom. It has served me very well all of this time, and actually still runs despite a slightly loose connection wire and a crack in the screen. If it tells you […]

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