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  • Apologies & Lilting Fiddle Returns

    Apologies & Lilting Fiddle Returns

    First, I want to send a short apology! Last night, I was updating some old content (mostly just changing categories), and for some reason WordPress decided to notify followers as if I were publishing them as new posts. I was completely unaware of that until my sister let me know she was getting emails for […]

  • WordPress Announces New Plans – With Welcome Changes

    WordPress Announces New Plans – With Welcome Changes

    See the Official WP Announcement. Thanks to Jason for bringing to my attention that has finally made an official announcement about their new plans. And what I’m seeing there appears to be a vast improvement of what they were originally planning. I’m not sure if they actually took our feedback to heart, but they […]

  • Plan Pricing Changes – Staff Now Seeking Feedback Plan Pricing Changes – Staff Now Seeking Feedback

    Just a small follow up to the previous post about’s change to pricing and plans. There’s still no formal announcement, but the support forum has opened up a pinned post with staff seeking user feedback. It has a little bit of information clarifying some questions – not all of them. But I encourage you […]

  • Plan Pricing Changes – What the Heck? Plan Pricing Changes – What the Heck?

    See the update to this here! Not an April Fools joke. Color me disappointed that just as I was getting really excited and lauding for things like full site block editing and templates, they go and sneak something as important as a change to their plans and pricing seemingly under the radar. Yesterday, I […]

  • WordPress Block Pattern Directory

    WordPress Block Pattern Directory

    For fellow bloggers who are also WordPress users, I ran across something interesting last night that I hadn’t seen discussed. It’s the WordPress official Block Pattern Directory. You likely know that authoring in WordPress uses elements that they call blocks. These blocks are meant to be arranged to create layouts of text and media – […]

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