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Bragtoberfest: Level 50 & How I Accidentally Made a Lot of Gold in ArcheAge

My Farm Cart!

This will likely be my final brag for the month since I’m not sure what else I can do in ArcheAge to top what happened this weekend. I’ll be focusing on Halloween events (FFXIV, GW2, TSW, etc), and doubt there’s much to brag about there. Also have a trip IRL this weekend, so lots to keep me busy and away from blogging!

Ding 50!

Proof of my Lvl 50. Wait... don't laugh at my build. I'm still working on it! :(
Proof of my Lvl 50. Wait… don’t laugh at my build. I’m still working on it! 😦

So, I reached level 50 in ArcheAge yesterday. You know, it really isn’t even bragworthy. I haven’t quested for levels since the late 20s, aside from just compulsively wanting to finish up the zones I could. So, most of my leveling has come from just doing what I want to do – farming, fishing, gathering, gilda dailies.

In fact, I dinged 50 while finishing the Hearty Meal daily quest, which revolves around crafting an item at the Farmer’s Workbench, clicking on it in your inventory, then delivering it to the nearest auction house NPC. Oooh… strenuous!

So anyhow, I finished that, and switched out Battlerage for Songcraft so that I can level that and have the speed boost song. I was surprised at just how fast levels go when you do that. I’ve hardly done much at all and it’s already level 17.

Now, leveling proficiency? That’s another story all together.

Farewell to a Friend

A fellow blogger, who will remain nameless unless they wish to come forward in comments, has been playing alongside me on the Lucius server. They told me this weekend that the game’s not doing it for them, and they’re calling it a done deal. I was sad to hear this, but I understand.

So we said our goodbyes in game… and they promptly sent me all their stuff! I mean… my eyes boggled. This was obviously hard-earned stuff. And I just don’t know how to put my thanks into words because I really appreciate their total generosity on this.

So, in case you didn’t get my in-game mail in return… thank you. I will put this all to good use and not waste a drop of it!

The Gift Farm

Gift Farm! <3
Gift Farm! ❤

One of the items gifted to me was none other than an aqua farm. My friend sent this to me knowing that I sold my previous aqua farm, and noted that I could sell this one, too. I found that idea difficult — I mean, it was a gift farm. You don’t just go sell gifts.

Previously, when I was attempting an aqua farm (a whole week ago), I didn’t have a boat, funds or fast means to move around to get to the farm. Part of my frustration was with travel to and fro. Also, sales of produce were slow, so I wasn’t sure how profitable it would be to maintain the farm.

Now, I’m in a much better position to take on another plot of land. I have a boat for water transportation. The selling price for aqua farm blueprints is dipping (along with the small housing blueprints). The coral is much more in demand as people start getting higher level alchemy.

To make it short, I decided to keep the farm. Found a nice spot to set it. Named it Giftfarm.

Thank you again.

Thunderstruck Adventures

In AA, any time you plant a tree, you have a rare chance for lightning to strike it. This is called a Thunderstruck Tree.

These are used to build things like the Fishing Boat (which I really want one day) and various other high-end stuff. On my server, they sell for over 800 gold each.

There’s all sorts of speculation on how to get one. I read that longer-growing trees, such as pine, increased the likelihood of lighting striking (makes sense). Since I’m done with growing trees for lumber now that I’ve finished my farmhouse, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to fill my farm up with pines.

The RNG rarely favors me. So, when I came to log my pines yesterday and I found a Thunderstruck Tree, I just lost it.

OMG! OMG! Thunderstruck!
OMG! OMG! Thunderstruck!

The first thing that crossed my mind was — I just needed one more for my fishing boat! I had no intention to sell it, and all intentions to save it in hopes I’d get lucky for a second drop sometime in the future (what’s the chance in that, though)?

Only, it wasn’t to be. Because I derp.

My ThunDERPstruck Moment

I was so excited about the tree, I wanted to share it in chat with someone. It wasn’t good enough to type “I got a Thunderstruck Tree,” though. No. I need to link it in chat.

I’m not familiar with the chat system here, and honestly have no idea how to link something in chat. Maybe you drag it to the bar? Dunno. So, I did the first thing I thought to find options for an item. I right-clicked the Thunderstruck Tree. 

ArcheAge happily let me know that I had unintentionally chosen to cut my Thunderstruck Tree into Thuderstruck Logs.

I panicked! This was not what I wanted to do!

I tried to cancel the action by moving. However, my cursor was still in the chat window, dutifully typing “wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”. By the time I thought to hammer the esc key, the damage was already done.

I was now the owner of four Thunderstruck Logs. And I was crushed!

So, let me put this here for all to see:

Warning: Right-clicking your Thunderstruck Tree will cut it into Thunderstruck Logs. Be careful! 

Salvaging the Situation

It took me about 10 minutes to come to acceptance with the fact that my fishing boat was now just as far away as it was earlier.

Afterall, I still had the logs, and that was something. Right?

So I took to the Auction House to see what they were worth. Over 200 gold each!

“Okay,” I thought. “That’s quite a bit. But who is going to pay that kind of money for one log?”

Half an hour later, I’d sold two of them for over 200 G each.

The other two were sitting up there, but not selling yet. So I went to find out what in the world these logs were used for. Then I discovered…

The Farm Cart!

I was under the impression a farm cart required a whole tree, not a log.

I started to think about it. Farm carts are cute. I’m growing all the stuff I need for the eco-friendly fuel. So why not make one?

That’s what I did. I pulled one log from the AH, sold the last one and went to work on building my farm cart!

I was happy to see that Yny was about to go into peace mode, so I tried out the cart on a long journey up north. It’s a bit slower than I’d like it to be, but considering I’m taking two packs instead of one, I suppose it was worth it.

They see me rollin'... they wonder how much I spent on this cart. Wait, that's not how the song goes!
They see me rollin’… they wonder’n how much I spent on this cart. Wait, that’s not how the song goes!

Elite Merchant’s Cushion

Yes, please! :D
Yes, please! 😀

Finally, the last thing I splurged on was the downy yata fur I needed for the Elite Merchant’s Cushion. I’ve been raising yata in hopes of gathering the material, but don’t see it happening anytime soon. I decided I may as well buy the fur and make the cushion, that way I can sell whatever fur the yata produce from here on for a profit.

That’s what I did. It’s soooo very nice to have access to the Bank, Auction House and Merchant in my home! Worth every gold I spent!

And goal achieved — though not in the way I expected to achieve it.

In Closing

Though I was distraught about accidentally salvaging my Thunderstruck Tree, I think in the end, it was the most profitable and beneficial thing to do. I’m no where near the number of gilda stars I need for the fishing boat blueprint. And even if I did get it, I’d still need to hope that the RNG loved me enough to give me another Thunderstruck Tree (what’s the odds in that)?

So, saving the tree would have done me little good. While selling the logs and crafting a cart that can boost my earning potential was actually a good thing. At least… that’s what I keep telling myself…

So what’s my current goal in ArcheAge? I’ve come a long way in one month!

I have a farmhouse. I have a farm and aqua farm. I have a boat. I have farm cart.

I guess I need to focus on crafting and raising my skills. I’m enjoying fishing. I need to keep working up my gathering to reach the point where I can make seed bundles. I think I want to dabble in leather working, but I’m not sure yet.

Lucek and I hanging at the house. Hanging = AFK XD
Lucek and I hanging at the house. Hanging = AFK XD


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Bragtoberfest: ArcheAge Thatched Farmhouse Complete!



This is a brag that I’ve had to be very patient to obtain, and is a real and true brag for me. I finished building my thatched farm house in ArcheAge last night! 

It took about two solid weeks of gathering and tree farming, including some nights where I broke down and bought the labor point potions. I gathered and processed all the materials for the packs by myself. At 10 stone, 5 iron and 5 lumber packs (about 3K raw stone, 1.5K iron and 1.5K wood logs), it consumed my gameplay and labor almost 100%.

I’m happy that it’s finally done, because that means I might be able to do other things in game now (like fishing).

About the House

The house is small, similar in size to the other small houses, but has a fairly good amount of land to farm around it. On the front is a water barrel that allows you to draw water for your crops without having to run off to the well all the time. Inside, there’s a fireplace that you can interact with and light. When lit, I also had the ability to use Memory Ink to scribe my house’s location in my travel tome, allowing me to port back to my house whenever I need to.

I can open and shut the doors and two windows, which is pretty neat. And, of course, decorate inside.

Applying the last lumber pack to complete the farmhouse.
Applying the last lumber pack to complete the farmhouse.

The Farmer’s Workbench

Between the scarecrow farm and the farmhouse, I have plenty of farming land. I pulled up my small garden and used it to create the Farmer’s Workbench. This isn’t actually a workbench — it reminds me more of the crafting mannequins in size — and must be placed outside the house.

I was pleased to see that the built-in shop allows me to purchase items with vocation badges that I usually find at the Blue Salt vendors – fishing supplies, farming supplies, pet potions, etc. This makes fishing much more convenient for me!

The bad side? My dreams of growing seed bundles for worms was quickly shattered. It seems these bundles require a much higher level of gathering than I have. So it’s going to take a long time before I’ll be seeing any of this.

Future Plans

Seeing that I’m almost broke now, the first thing I need to do is pad my pocket with a bit of gold again, just to feel more comfortable about where I’m sitting. That’s probably going to be through mining – I’m almost to the next proficiency level! Farming will be a thing, helping to work up the gathering skill. I’d like to work up my alchemy over time, too, which is directly tied to farming and mining. And, of course, fishing.

I’ve been neglecting my guilda stars quests, though I have enough for another farmhouse or boat if I want one. Seeing that I can do my sport fishing in freshwater lakes, I may not be in such a rush to secure the fishing boat. It’ll probably be just as difficult and expensive to make as the farmhouse was, to be honest.

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Bragtoberfest: ArcheAge Executioner

The Bounty Hunter cloak

I don’t know what it is about ArcheAge. I don’t find anything about the game to be absolutely amazing, yet, I log in each day, work towards my goals, stick around in world longer than I mean to, and usually have fun doing what I’m doing. That’s a good thing, right?

I’m pleased with my progress seeing that I’m playing fairly casual as far as leveling goes. I earned level 41 last night, and am already very close to level 42. Crafting does more than you think to boost experience!

Mining Win

ScreenShot0234I reached my previous goal of earning a rank up in mining. This wasn’t very hard to do as mining pretty much consumes most my time and labor in this game right now. I have two more stone packs to make to finish what I need stone-wise for my farmhouse, then I can move on to iron, which I have in spades.

This is the first skill I raised in proficiency, and I think it’s a pretty neat system. I need to research more on how it works, because I know you’re limited in the number of skills you take to certain levels.

Judge’s Gavel

I continue to serve on jury duty whenever I get the chance. The queues are getting longer and longer, which is a good sign of people slowly making their way into the level 30+ bracket and opening jury duty. After serving in the court 10 times, I found a neat little gavel item in my mail. It goes in the weapon slot, but is more cosmetic than anything else, naturally. Just thought it was funny and needed to post a screen of it. 🙂

Judge’s Gavel reward

Becoming an Executioner

New Title!

After reaching level 40, I unlocked the quest for the bounty hunter’s cloak. This required me to hunt down two pirates, both whom put up a good, solid fight. A kind spectator assisted me on the first fight, while I died landing the fatal wound to the second pirate, earning my cloak and my first title.

I’ve been wanting a title in ArcheAge as they seem a bit more hard to come by (if you’re not a dungeon runner or founder). “Executioner” isn’t my first choice of titles, but it’ll do for now.

Level 40 Woes and Adventures

While questing and leveling isn’t my first choice in activities at this point, once the LPs run out, I have nothing else to do but quest. Due to mining and crafting, I’ve out-leveled the next questing area, Ynystere, by about 10-12 levels.

I only enter this area when there’s a peace time, as I have no interest in PVP. This does limit my questing time, and when I’m there, I blow through quests as fast as possible, not reading text like I normally would. Kinda sad that I do that, but it’s the cost of trying to play it super safe, I guess.

From time to time, I’d poke my head into Rookborne Basin. This area is on level for me, and seems to be at peace more often than Ynystere for whatever reason. The problem I have with that is that without questing in the lower level area, my gear is so far behind that I have trouble surviving a normal on-level enemy.

Last night, I was able to snag a level 40+ sword and bow, which gets me up to speed on my weapons. But armor was still an issue. When Ynystere turned peaceful (right before bedtime –ugh), I made a beeline there, searching for any quest that would offer me an upgrade to my armor.

Eventually, I had to turn to online guides, which informed me the quest that I wanted for half the armor was located all the way near the end of the zone. Good going.

So I scooped up that, then researched where to find the second half of the armor. I found out it was on the West continent, as it seems leveling in 30+ zones is split between the two continents – something I didn’t know! Thankfully, Halcyona was also in peace time (are the two zones linked, or was I just lucky?). So, I learned how to use the Worldgate, which deposits you on the other side of the world. I targeted the armor quest, got it done, and have a small upgrade, which I hope will be useful.

While armor isn’t a  big deal to me, since I’m more here for the crafting and farming, I’d still like to have an up-to-level set for whatever I need to do.

This was also the first time I moved into areas that work through the tension system. When in peace phase, it’s interesting to run around questing next to reds of the enemy faction. No one can kill each other, so it works like a normal non-PVP zone for about two hours before PVP opens up again. I was a little nervous at first, sharing the same space with reds, but so far, I haven’t had any griefing or bad behavior from them. It seems like everyone is set on getting quests done during peace time.

Looking Forward

I’m getting closer and closer to completing my farmhouse. I’ll be so glad once I place these final two stone packs and I don’t have to use all my labor just to mine. I’ll probably still mine some because it’s good money, but I can turn towards other interests, such as fishing.

I learned that fishing doesn’t quite work the way I thought it did — apparently, the info I was reading was from early alpha, and things have changed since then. I have soooo many vocation badges after working to build this house… they’ll go to good use for buying chum and lures eventually!

My next big brag will be when the farmhouse is done. I’ll let you know about it when it happens!


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Bragtoberfest: Progress in The Secret World


Last week marked another accomplishment for me: After two years, I have finally finished the Egypt zones in The Secret World. 

What took me so long?

Well… I picked up TSW at launch (I’m a lifetimer), and really fell in love with everything it does well. This game, its world, its blend of real-world lore, its stories… these are things that have to be savored. Not something you can just rush through. It’s also something I have to be in the right mood to play. Fall, with Halloween on the way, tends to put me in that mood.

A little over a month after TSW launch, Guild Wars 2 released. I was sucked up into GW2 until about November/December that year, though I did visit in on TSW’s Halloween events because… well… the Cat King! I think I was finishing up Blue Mountain about that time, maaaybe just starting on the first Egypt area.

When the Buy 2 Play conversion happened later that year, I hooked my sister and Syn up with a copy of the game. We all started playing for a while, so naturally, I returned to replay all of Solomon’s Island with them as they worked through the story and missions. Somewhere during this time, I ended up maxing out my Templar status, even though I’d never seen the later reaches of the game. I still have a lot of work to do on filling out my skill wheel, but I’ve made good progress in playing the early stages all over again.

We put the game down for a while, and picked it up around Halloween last year. Did some leveling through golden weekend and such. All that time, my progress was still stalled in Egypt.

Finally, Syn caught up to me, and we started making progress through Egypt. Again, we put the game down for a while, and only returned to it recently. Last week, we finally finished up The City of the Sun God, officially passing me on to Transylvania for the first time!

I love the moral choices you're prodded to make in these between-the-zones scenarios.
I love the moral choices you’re prodded to make in these between-the-zones scenarios.

We’re continuing to have a good time watching the lore and story of this zone unfold, though it seems the challenge is ramping up for us. I really need to find a better build with my blades. Suggestions are welcome!

Can’t wait for Halloween in TSW! They always put on a good show.

It’s that time of year again!
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Bragtoberfest: ArcheAge – Hands Across the Water



In my previous post for Bragtoberfest, I noted that this week’s ultimate goal was to earn the scarecrow farm in ArcheAge. This is a quest that requires you to create a trade pack in your home land and travel across the war-zone ocean into enemy territory to attempt to deliver it. Actually, to complete the quest, you only have to get within a certain radius of the trader NPC. Turning it in is actually a bonus.


Do Want!
Do Want!

I’ve been putting off this quest for a long time. I don’t have a boat, aside from my personal rowboat, and I knew trying to make the trip on my own in this boat would be difficult at lower levels. I kept going back and forth on whether I wanted to complete this quest at all — once I had my thatched farmhouse built, I’d have farm land, afterall. But building it, especially the lumber packs, was slow going because all I have to farm with is my small garden and public tree farms, which allows only 5 trees at a time.

I am a part of a trade guild, so I mulled the idea of asking for help. But I’m new, and I haven’t provided much to them, so I felt bad to ask them for anything first.

Last night, I finally gathered all the materials I needed for the trade run previous to the scarecrow run, and was making that long, long trek across the East continent. Just as I was coming in for the turn-in, someone in my guild asks if anyone is doing the scarecrow farm turn-in. Much to my delight, a guildie was ready and willing with a clipper to set sail. I piped up and said that I needed the turn-in, too, though I needed time to finish the quest I was on, and craft my next pack.

First Clipper Ride

I have to give props to my guildies in <The Consoritium> (Lucius server). They were quick to group, patient to wait for my arrival to their ship, didn’t make fun of me when I didn’t know how to even board the ship (my first time interacting with one), and were pleasant and supportive the whole ride.

We didn’t encounter pirates or enemy faction in the waters, thankfully. The worst we had was some seabugs, which would have been a challenge for me to solo at my level, should I have decided to do this run by myself. On a clipper, the ride was shorter than I thought it would be. But soloing with a tradepack in a rowboat would have taken sooo long. I was so glad I didn’t attempt it.

There were three of us turning in our packs on the enemy shore. We were nervous as we pulled in, despite having two higher level folks there to protect us. We made it within the radius of the turn-in for the quest completion, then decided to brave the reds for the full turn-in for Guilda Stars.



I recognized the dock as we pulled up to it, seeing I started on the West side originally. I was about level 8-ish when I reached that point in the West quests. So while we did encounter reds on the docks, most of them were so low leveled, they were probably more afraid of us! We weren’t there to make trouble, though. We got our turn-ins, they kept their distance, and we recalled home without any issues on either side.


Now, for the next challenge.

Finding a Place to Farm

I confirmed quickly that there was no room near my farmhouse to place my new farm. There were some areas where it was just on block too wide – so, so close to fitting. My next door neighbor’s taxes run out today, but I knew I’d have another week to wait, and no promise I’d be able to snag the lot. So, it was back to searching for a place to put my farm.

Even on the Lucius server, that was becoming a challenge.

On Saturday, when I was searching for a place to put my farmhouse, I ran across the Mahadevi Pumpkin Farm. The land indicated it was for Scarecrow Farms and Thatched Farmhouses, but a bug prevented me from placing my farmhouse. When I ran through it, it had a TON of open land.

Last night? Not so much.

The pumpkin lights up!

As I ran through the fields, all claimed by farms, I sometimes chaffed at people who weren’t  placing their farms in ways to conserve land and provide the most coverage for everyone. I was ready to give up when I saw it — the perfect spot on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. And to my shock, it had just enough room for my farm!

I was stoked and surprised that such a prime spot was still open. It wasn’t super far from the crafting stations, either. Needless to say, I plunked my farm down there with glee. My goals for AA were slowly becoming a reality!

I had been gathering logs all week, with the idea to save up for the lumber packs I’d need for my farmhouse. I had enough to make the lumber pack for the farm, and decided I’d more than make that up once my farm was built. So I did it, and it’s done. Welcome to my farm plot “Awesomeview”. XD

I was amazed at how many trees I could fit on there. And in between, so many other little plants could thrive. In fact, I held back from farming it all because I need to save LP for mining.

Next goal of Bragtoberfest: Reach 10K mining skill in ArcheAge. I’m getting pretty close!

Now THIS is what I call a farming location!


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Welcome Bragtoberfest 2014!



October is one of my favorite times of year. I love fall. I love Halloween. So it’s a perfect time to join in a fall gaming fun festival with other bloggers, dubbed Bragtoberfest.

bragtoberfestIzlain of Me Vs Myself and I  describes this festival as:

We all know that the last few weeks have been a frustrating time to be a fan of video games. There are sections of the Internet and our society as a whole that don’t necessarily see things the way we do, and a huge push back against women, other minority groups, and the industry have stigmatized the word “gamer.” I want to take it back. I want us to remember why we started gaming in the first place. I want you to enjoy being a gamer, and to brag about your accomplishments in games, be it a high score shattered, a nice piece of loot earned, or your name at the top of a leaderboard. That bragging can take place however you see fit, be it via your blog, on a podcast, in a video, whatever you want. Let’s just get back to our roots as gamers.

I haven’t addressed this on this blog because I feel that while it’s all important, social justice is better served by other writers. I try to stay away from these topics because that’s not why I created this blog. I have my own thoughts and opinions, but I prefer not to let these things muddy my reason for being here — writing about having fun as a gamer.

That being said, I’m 100% for this festival and think it’s a wonderful call to gamers, reminding us of why we are doing what we’re doing. When it stops being about fun, then I feel it’s defeated it’s purpose.

On Bragging

In general, I’m not a very competitive or braggy gamer. I’d rather co-op than compete. That’s why PvP and ganky survival games usually have nothing for me but frustration.

That being said, my idea of an accomplishment will probably be tame to other more experienced folks. So… no dissing my brags this month! It’s the best I can do! Okay? XD

I’ll start with a brag that happened last week. I earned World Champion for a floor in the new Gauntlet… using THOR! Woot! I even beat cdrMShepard.  😉

I know my score has probably been beaten by now, but it was a good feeling at the time. 🙂

Goal for this week: Earn my large scarecrow farm in ArcheAge (which means braving PvP-infested waters). Told you my brags would be lame. 😉

If you’d like to get involved in Bragtoberfest, it’s not too late. Check out the Anook community here.