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FFXIV: Patch 5.1 Live Letter Info

This past weekend, FFXIV held a Live Letter that discussed some of the changes and content coming in patch 5.1. Though we don’t have an exact date, we do know it’s set to drop sometime late October.

New 24 Man Raid

Of course, the biggest selling point for this patch is that the new 24 man raid is being create in conjunction with folks who made NieR:Automata. For me, it’s not that exciting of a hook, though. I’ve never played a NieR game (gasp!) and though people shout from the rooftops how good they are, the aesthetics and basis for the game just don’t appeal to me.

Already we’re seeing screens of the raid with machines, dull-feeling metal backdrops and things that just don’t spark interest for me. If you happen to be a fan of the series, I’m sure there’s things to enjoy about it, but I’ve never been into heavy machines/robots/android type environments.

Not to mention that I just haven’t found most of the 24 man raids all that fun since Void Ark. The fact that these raids are complex enough to need voice chat to ensure everyone’s on the same page… but then that’s impossible since you’re just randomly lumping together 24 people. It just leads to frustration. Ask anyone who has had to run the Monastery lately (except for Syn… she likes the pain for some reason).

Anyhow, not to start out with a downer, but just wanted to establish that the thing they’re making the most fuss about is the thing I’m least excited about. I’ll run it because it has upgrade tokens for my gear. I’ll see if it feels more fun mechanically, and I will try to be open minded about the setting. But I’m in a huge wait-and-see mode with this content.

Blue Mage Updates

I haven’t messed around with my BLU in a while, so this is a good excuse to do so. We’re getting a level cap raise to 60, new skills, new quests and a BLU log.

From what I understand, this is kinda like a weekly challenge log just for BLUs to group up and run party content. Since BLU is not a party-oriented job, this tries to make up for that… but I’m not sure if enough people that I know run BLU and would want to do logs. We’ll see.

New Game +

I have way too many alts stuck in past expansions to be excited about this. But for folks who aren’t alt-crazy like me, this is a great way to go back and play old story content. Interestingly, ARR content is not listed as re-playable, which hints at the overhaul that’s supposed to be coming in 5.3 (if I remember rightly).

Crafting and Gathering Updates

Now here’s where you start to earn my excitement. The thing is, I want to enjoy crafting in FFXIV. They have a lot of neat ideas, and I have two characters who have at least all crafting jobs to 70, some to 80.

But what really frustrates me is the complexity of having massive sub-combines for finished items. A sub-combine here or there is fine, but some of these just get way out of hand. I never know what I need to craft and what mats I need to finish the job.

Thankfully, they’re going to be giving us a crafting tree. While this doesn’t cut down on the pain of the sub-combines, at least I don’t need to go to an outside webpage resource just to figure out what mats and sub-combines I need to craft the final item!

It sounds like they’re also going to be streamlining the whole crafting system (which is much needed) and making it easier to get into crafting as a new player (also much needed).

Gathering is also going to see some nice improvements, especially dealing with unspoiled nodes. Unspoiled nodes are my least favorite part of gathering, and really turned me off when I finally did get to end-game gathering in ARR. While they’ll still be on timers, I assume, at least now you’ll always be able to detect them and items will never be unknown or out of reach.

Also, Stealth is turning into Sneak. This works mounted and doesn’t slow your movement speed anymore. Thank you!

All of this is building up to…

Restoration of Ishgard

We still don’t know a ton about it, but I’m really on board with this. It reminds me of the building projects we used to work on as a server to unlock things in Istaria. I love those projects!

And the fact that there might be housing eventually unlocked is doubly exciting. I don’t have any characters who would seek out a house in Ishgard, but I know plenty of people who really want their character to live there. At this point, any new housing we get is a blessing.

Other Stuff

There’s a lot of other little things that are exciting, too. Sitting while eating (finally), a new GATE in Gold Saucer, new beast tribes and custom deliveries! Also, a neat update to Bard performance that looks like a rhythm game?

And check out that picture. Not only is a new horn instrument sound added to the game, but we actually see the Bard holding and playing the horn – unlike some of the other instruments that are represented only by a harp. Awesome!

Anyhow, there’s a lot to see from the Live Letter. If you want to check out all the slides, here’s an Album made by a community member. There’s certainly plenty to look forward to in patch 5.1.

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FFXIV: Back in Yanxia

Last weekend, I finally managed to push Tai all the way through Stormblood and get him into Shadowbringers. I thought this would lead into my third foray in the expansion, and I’m sure it will… just… maybe not yet.

While Tai was finishing up Stormblood, my other alt, Zuri, was sitting in line outside of the Sirensong Sea dungeon. It’s always the dungeons I stop at, naturally, as they are forced group content that block me from moving on in my MSQ.

For some reason, I decided to keep pushing forward with Zuri, and though the queue was long and I was running it by myself (I rarely run group content with a full PUG), I got through that dungeon. This finally got Zuri to Kugane for the first time.

Seeing that she’s an RP alt, and her backstory revolves around Yanxia, I was keen to keep her moving through MSQ to open up that zone. I knew that required a bunch of questing through the Ruby Sea, and beating the Suzano trial.

While I don’t hate the the Ruby Sea, it’s not my favorite zone, especially when you first get there. The problem is that it’s just what it says – some scattered land with a huge chunk of water in the middle. Once you unlock underwater swimming and flying in this zone, it’s not a big deal, and the underwater areas are nice. But when you’re on foot and you have to slog across it for quests, swimming slowly on top of the water for long stretches of the area is just a pain.

I still have yet to unlock flying as I haven’t done the dungeon for that zone (might do it tonight). But thankfully, only Suzano blocks the way for moving on to the next zone, which is Yanxia. The fight itself seems to be a coin toss – I’ve had terrible and struggling Suzano PUGs in the past, so I never know what I’m going to get. Last night, the group was awesome and really knew their stuff. I didn’t even have to wait too long in the queue for it.

I don’t know how long my momentum for Stormblood will last now that Zuri has finally reached her homelands. But I enjoy the Dancer job quite a bit, so I’m going to ride this progress train for as far as it takes me.

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FFXIV: Third Time on the First

One of my goals for this month was to push Tai through Stormblood and get him to Shadowbringers. With a huge thanks to the help from Syn and my FC, I managed to get all that done over this past weekend. This was super unexpected, but I’m really glad that he’s finally in the First!

I haven’t made much progress with him yet, as I only just got him to the Crystarium. I’m happy that Tai is caught up, though, and on current content for the first time in two years.

A long while back, when Stormblood first released, I wrote about how I struggled to want to go through the expansion again because at the time, I thought it just felt overwhelming. My exact comments were:

However, something about the scope of the Stormblood storyline is stopping me from wanting to go through it a second time. I know this sounds strange… but the story is so vast that I don’t want to spoil the experience by committing it to memory just yet.

Now that I look back, I don’t think this was actually the case. The truth was, there just wasn’t enough of a hook to motivate me to push through that particular type of story and those dungeons all over again. Especially the dungeons.

I don’t feel that way at all about Shadowbringers, which I don’t mind running through a third time. It’s not just the story, but the zones and the world itself that appeals to me.

The Trust system is also the shining savior of this expansion for me. Knowing that I can move through Shadowbringers at my own pace when it comes to dungeons, aside from three trial fights, is wonderful. In fact, knowing that is enough for me to want to push all of my alts who are stagnating at the beginning of Stormblood through to the new content.

Stormblood is really not a terrible experience, though I know I make it sound that way. It’s just that it’s not appealing to repeat yet another time. And it’s rather hard to motivate myself when what I have ahead of me doesn’t feel fun.

That being said, my next alt, Zuri, is paused right outside of Sirensong Sea. I do want to get her through the content because it’s related to her RP story. So I have a bit more motivation to move her along than others. Now that Tai’s in the First, I can concentrate on progressing others, and just enjoy the ride for him going forward.

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FFXIV: A Life of Adventure III

I know things have been quiet around here since the end of Blaugust. We had the holiday weekend, but also had Hurricane Dorian visit us all of Thursday.

The storm wasn’t too bad for us, but what it did earlier when it was a Cat 5 was tremendous and frightening. So, just as with any Hurricane, our week was filled with awareness and watching to see where the storm would go. Now that it’s over, we can relax a bit — hoping those who were in the storm’s path were safe.

I’ve continued to work on my FFXIV goals bit by bit every day. It’s taken this long, but finally, last night my Dark Knight hit level 70. I also earned the achievement A Life of Adventure III (which I didn’t know was a thing until I achieved it)!

Basically, all of my jobs, except for the two new ones that just launched with this expansion, are at 70 now. My goal for this year was to get them to 60, so I’ve way overshot this goal. And with beast tribes coming out in 5.1 and the Trust system, which I haven’t tried yet, moving jobs on up to 80 is quite realistic.

I’m going to unlock the Gunbreaker job this weekend and start that on the next round of beast tribes. I also have a bunch of Stormblood quests I haven’t finished yet, and I aim to clean all of those up since this is the last tank job I have to level to 70. Dancer will be getting the roulette treatment, so I’m not too worried about picking up all the random XP that I can get like with a tank.

Soon enough, I may just earn that Amaro mount afterall!

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September 2019 Gaming Goals

September starts out right with a nice three day weekend! I’m really looking forward to cooler days coming and just Fall in general. But until then, I have some goals for this month!

FFXIV Goals – My Main

I’m still mostly on track for leveling every battle job to 70 right now with my main, and finishing up all job quests. Here’s what I got:

  • Level Dark Knight to 70 & Finish Job Quests
  • Unlock Gunbreaker, start leveling with Beast Tribe Quests
  • Level Trusts (with Bard)
  • Work on ShB FATEs daily
  • Level Goldsmith (Weekly Scrip Turn-ins)
  • Gear up with new Tomes

One thing I’d like to work towards is finishing up my FATE unlocks in the Shadowbringer zones. Even if this is just 10 FATEs a night or something, it’s progress. I missed the FATE train early on as I was focused mostly on getting through story on two characters. But I really do want to max out my FATE level in these zones, especially since it’s not unrealistic that they add more to this system.

FFXIV Goals – Amon

  • Scrip gear for Miner and Fisher
  • Anima Weapon Progress
  • Gathering Log Progress

Wait, what? Did I type “Anima Weapon Progress?”

Why, yes. Yes I did.

I’m overflowing with Poetics and Grand Company Seals right now, and was looking for a new long-term project for Amon. While I still haven’t finished my previous weapon on my main (I may do that one day, but neither Dragoon nor Bard are my main jobs), I decided to see how difficult it is to solo the Anima Weapon chain now days.

Maybe one day I’ll even finish my Main’s Zeta Bard weapon. Maybe.

FFXIV Goals – Tai

  • Finish Stormblood

Pretty straightforward here. I just want to be done with Stormblood on Tai. I have a list of characters who need progression through old expansions, but he’s the closest to having finished, and he is also one of my oldest characters. So he gets priority.

Wow, this seems pretty ambitious – though a number of these goals are simply to make progress and not complete. We’ll see how many of these I get through by the end of the month!

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Farewell Blaugust & August Gaming Goals

It’s the final day of August – we all made it through! I did write a summary of Blaugust and how I’ve successfully posted (including this post) every day this month. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to tackle that, but I did!

What else did I do?

FFXIV Goals – My Main

  • Level Dark Knight (Daily Beast Tribes) 
  • Level Carpenter 
  • Level Trusts (With Bard)
  • Level Fisher 
  • Gear up with new Tomes 

I made excellent progress on my main! I did keep with Beast Tribe quests for my Dark Knight, but doing these every day only got me to level 58 this month. This is fine. I’ll finish this up and start on Gunbreaker next month.

I leveled my Carpenter and Fisher to 80! That means all of my gatherer classes are maxed and I have my first level 80 crafter.

I did manage to buy the two most expensive parts of the new Tome gear for my Red Mage this month – the chest and legs.

However, the one thing I didn’t touch were Trusts. Even though they got a nice experience buff, I just haven’t sat down and worked on leveling my alt jobs yet. I did get my Bard to level 72 through FATEs and other things, but did not use Trusts. This isn’t a huge deal since Yoshi-P confirmed that for any MSQ dungeons going forward, your Trusts would be automatically leveled, even if you don’t level them outside of that.

FFXIV Goals – Amon

  • Level Miner to 80 
  • Earn Scrip gear sets for Botanist, Miner and Alchemist 
  • Level Fisher 

I didn’t have a ton of goals for Amon this month aside from finishing my gatherer leveling. I did this, and I also geared up a couple of my gatherers, as well as Alchemist. I’ll go back to getting Scrip gear for my other two gatherers next week.

FFXIV Goals – Tai

My goal for Tai this month was to level him to 70 and get him through the Stormblood 4.0 content. While I dragged my heels on it some, I absolutely did get this done! I also just finished his Dragoon job quest last night and got him the level 70 AF armor.

At this point, I just have three dungeons and one trial between Tai and the new expansion. I don’t count all the quests because those are easy to breeze through. I’d love to get him into the First by the end of this month. I’m actually finding Dragoon pretty fun.

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FFXIV: Housing Furniture Preview Feature

One of the features that launched with Shadowbringers that I would have been more excited about had I known what it was… was the housing furniture preview. When they noted this back in some fan fest or live letter presentation, I remember asking, “What does that mean?”

It wasn’t until I saw it in action that I understood how nice this QoL feature is! Up until now, if you wanted to know what a furniture item looked like, you’ve had to go to very useful sites like FFXIV Housing. And even then, it was easy to overlook furniture you didn’t know about because there’s just so much to sort through.

This preview system helps a ton with this. Basically, you can open up the Housing menu and select Preview Indoor Furnishings. This gives you a list of housing items, organized by category!

The system defaults to the most recent housing items added to start with. But then you can drill down into specifically what you want to see.

The best part of this system is that it places a temporary version of the item in your house. This way, you can check out what it looks like, how large it is, and how it fits with the rest of your decor. You can even use the dye preview to see what it looks like in different colors!

This would have been super useful when I was planning out my housing and room decorations earlier. I can’t tell you how many times I would buy something only to find it didn’t fit right, or was smaller than I thought it was going to be, or just didn’t mesh with the theme I was working on.

Not only that, but I spent so much time searching the housing website for specific things – bookshelves, lighting, beds, etc. And then when I found something I thought was right, I still didn’t know until I placed it and dyed it whether it was what I was looking for.

Of course, you can’t mess around with things like float glitches with the preview, so it doesn’t cover every base. But just to see in detail what something looks like before you make the effort to craft it or spend gil to buy it goes a very long way!

Oh, and talking about floating glitches. I saw last night there’s a new video out about the loft glitch. It’s very well done. So if you’re curious how to take your decorating to another level (pun intended), check this out!