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FFXIV: Hildibrand and Paladining

Until next week, when I finally take a day off for the Nintendo Switch release on Friday (yay!), work is going to be pretty crazy for me. Due to that, I’m trying not to do too many stressful things when I sit down to game.

So, last night, when Syn asked me what I wanted to do, I suggested that we catch up with the Hildibrand quest line. We haven’t played in several patches, which is a sad thing for two reasons: I genuinely enjoy Hildibrand and the zany humor, and I LOVE Vivi from FFIX. There’s really no reason for me to NOT have played these quests before.

Mrs. Manderville agrees.

So, anyhow, we played through several patches of the Hildibrand quest line last night. We haven’t quite finished it, but I think we’re on the newest quests finally. I really want that Vivi minion — they even had him adjusting his hat in game and so many Vivi mannerisms. So cute!

Aside from that, I’ve been working on leveling my Paladin. Last night, I got from level 50.5 to level 52!

“But, Wren,” you say, “I thought you were taking it easy?”

I was! I was really surprised at how easily these first two post-50 levels came. I know that changes as time goes on, though.

I ran one Leveling Roulette, which pushed me the half level I needed to 51. I then hit up all the beast tribe quests, which netted me another half level. From there, I worked on Fates in Coerthas Western Highlands, which pushed me up to 52.


I was doing FATEs for two reasons. First, it helped me level. And second, I am truly starting on my fourth Anima weapon. While I have the quest activated on Monk right now, I’m gathering crystals for the Paladin Anima weapon. I plan on dropping the quest once Paladin gets to 60, or I get all the crystals. Whichever comes first.

Yes, I was serious about that Anima weapon for Paladin glamour. I’ll probably not get it until after Stormblood releases, but I’m going to work on it!  I got my first three crystals last night, so it’s off to a good start!

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Weekend Gaming Highlights: FFXIV, Minecraft, 7D2D, RPG Maker

This was a weekend of exciting announcements for FFXIV players, and lots of random gaming for me. There’s so many small things going on, but nothing huge, so it felt right to make a highlights post today. I may go into detail on some of these later!

FFXIV: Treasures and Tanking

This weekend marked our FC’s first organized Treasure Hunt night. We’ve been running the Aquapolis from time to time, when people remembered. Folks are having so much fun, and there are still some who have never tried it, so we put it on the calendar as a light event on Friday nights.

We had such a turn-out that we had to organize two groups to accommodate everyone who wanted to run. And while our group didn’t have the best luck getting the portal to open, when we finally did, we reached Chamber 7 again this time (as did our second group)!


As I announced earlier this weekend, I also finally leveled my Paladin to 50! I got some Ironworks gear for her, and I have to grudgingly admit that I think Paladin looks good on my character.

Paladin Wren!

This weekend I also co-tanked the Labyrinth of the Ancients raid in Crystal Tower, which is the first time I’ve tanked a raid of any kind. I was mostly playing the off-tank, just trying to get a feel for how things worked from a tank’s point of view. But it seemed less stressful overall than tanking a whole dungeon where all the pulls rest on your shoulders.

I didn’t think to get any screens of it since I was too busy figuring out my role, but I wouldn’t be against trying it again sometime. Aside from that, I’ve been doing beast tribe dailies and some random FATEs, continuing to level Paladin on the side. At this point, Beast Tribe quests actually give a good chunk of daily experience, while I am working on earning FATE crystals for my Paladin relic by activating the Monk Anima quest instead.

Minecraft: Finding Fishing

Minecraft remains that game that I play for short bursts when I have some down time or just want to chill. I have been working on expanding my island base with actual dirt blocks to allow the grass to grow there, as I mentioned earlier.

I also learned that there is fishing in Minecraft. Anyone who knows me knows that if there’s fishing in a game, I’m going to be doing it! Especially since you can cook the fish and use it as a food source. Even better, there’s a chance at reeling in treasure — I especially have my eye on finding a saddle.

I haven’t seen a horse in game yet, but when I do, I want it so badly! So, for now, I’m exploring fishing in the little oasis pond next to my Dune Village.


7D2D: Tri-Biome Home

This weekend, our Posse decided to restart our game of 7D2D. So we seeded up a new map called “Spriggan” after my kitten, and that went just about as well as it sounded like it would. This map dropped us in a pretty harsh environment with a lot of mountains and desert. Not to mention, our trader quest took us two days away from our first house find.

Thankfully, there was a little house fairly close to this trader, and it has a very interesting placement.


As you can see in this picture, I’m standing in a green forest biome. This transitions into desert, where the house is actually located. But to the right, both green forest and desert turn into snow biome!

This makes for very interesting weather patterns. If it’s raining in the forest, you can stand on one side of the base and get rained on, while moving towards the desert side makes the rain stop!

I had a horde approach the house from the back, where desert and snow met, while there was a snow storm happening in the snow biome. It looked like this:

Snowing in the desert!

If I were to take a few steps to the left, you’d see the snow stop, replaced by desert instead. Very trippy! 😄

RPG Maker Saturday

While this isn’t really playing a game, it’s a good chunk of time Syn and I put towards spinning up the beginning of our Nefol RPG. We haven’t put as much time towards this as I’d like, but I feel like we made up for that this weekend.

We scripted up the introduction, and I got to work on relearning how to script events in RPG Maker. I’d forgotten a lot, including how to properly use switches, which led to hours of time trying to debug events that did exactly what I was telling them to do, but not what I was hoping. I’ll write a longer post about this on the Nefol page… but in the meantime, I wanted to close with this demo screen of our heroes in a boss fight. 🙂


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FFXIV: Stormblood – Samurai Confirmed and Doma!

Guys! Guys! The hype meter just went off the scale for me!

Samurai was announced, and that was no huge surprise, though a pleasant confirmation.

But what I didn’t see coming (though I should have given the fact that SAM come from Doma) was the full-feature inclusion of Doma itself.

Holy crap! DOMAAAAA! *battle cry*


This (and that amazing undewater city above!!) is what the team has been sitting on secretly, and I’m blown away and super excited! I totally want housing in Doma! 

That was just off the top of my head, but it looks like we’re GETTING HOUSING IN DOMA!

Move feature please???

And it’s been confirmed: “Also house moving feature coming”

Oh man! New house for me!

Here’s the new FULL Stormblood trailer:

About Samurai


What we know about SAM, taken from Reddit Live Thread:

  • SAM is melee DPS
  • Job Quest begins in Eorzea
  • Start level: 50
  • Associated class: none
  • Main weapon: Katana
  • Battle design: Gear is same as Monks
  • Art of Sen, and its 3 forces: setsu, getsu, and ka
  • Store energy in katana to unleash special attacks
  • Timing of these attacks are big part of combat

With only two jobs added, and both being DPS, they addressed a few other concerns:

  • Earlier they talked about DPS queue times and have been watching statistics during 3.x so they felt it would work out okay. People who play heal/tank typically stayed that role
  • They hope to breath new life into existing tank & healer with the combat refresh


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FFXIV: Level 50 Paladin Get!

So, tonight after a leveling roulette and a few rounds of PotD, I was sitting at halfway through level 49 Paladin. That’s when I realized that I haven’t touched that class’ hunting log since I was something like level 11.

That’s pretty laid back and enjoyable, so I got to work on it. Not long after, I’d scored my level 50 Paladin, and still have a lot of hunting left over!

I had a stack of Poetics sitting in the bag, so I picked up some tank armor. I already had a Wootz scimitar that a retainer brought back, so I decided to put that to use, too!

Now, it’s onward to 60!

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FFXIV: Fists of Light

I’ve been kicking around in PotD here and there, mostly in order to level my Paladin… who is now sitting halfway through lvl 47! Once I finally get to 50, I know things slow down, but I’ll also have a number of other leveling options to use.

During this, I’d earned myself another 30/30 in PotD, so it was time to cash out for another set of weapons. This time, it’s the Monk fists.

I like these Fists of Light so much that I don’t think I’m going to turn them red! I’ll hang on to them for the glamour. It’s not like I use my Monk for end game content, despite being level 60. I mostly leveled the job to have it, and to share accessories with my Dragoon. That’s the only reason the job has an ilvl about 240, ironically.

In other news, I’m pushing hard to level my Paladin, as noted above. This included stunts like the two-tank Leveling Roulette, pictured below. This came about when a FC member wanted to run Leveling, but we both needed to level our tanks. Seeing he was a Dark Knight, and we pulled Copperbell, everything went just fine.

The wall mostly tanks this guy, anyhow.

At this rate, in a few more days, I’ll hit level 50 on Paladin. Then, I’ll be able to utilize Beast Tribe quests, hunts, FATES for Relic Crystals, on top of Leveling Roulette and PotD. IF I work up the confidence, I might try tanking Crystal Tower for XP.

I still find it a pretty huge slog from 50 to 60, but at least there’s more variety in what I can do to level. I don’t know that I’m ever going to really get that Paladin Anima, though…

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FFXIV: Full Free Company Weekend

This weekend was pretty incredible in terms of our Free Company’s activity. Most of what I did in game was tied to someone in the FC, and we all had a really good time.

Meeting Milestones

KoM has never been about competition, numbers, or anything beyond helping each other reach our goals while having casual fun doing it. That doesn’t mean that I don’t watch numbers, considering I’m a data person and I naturally notice these things. I like to celebrate and congratulate our members when we meet milestones, mostly because it feels good to know what you do matters.

Our first big milestone was breaking 100 members this weekend. I’m not sure what was in the water, but we started getting applications in fast and furious.


Now, granted this number includes a handful of alts. Also, we have a group of inactives we keep on the roster hoping they’ll return in time, though I’m pretty diligent about keeping our roster clean. If I wasn’t, we’d probably have well over 200 members by now! 😄

But still, having over 100 folks, and seeing 20-something people online at peak times this weekend… between patch content… is pretty astounding for our little group. Or not-so-little group.

The influx of people, who are constantly running and making progress through content, has shot our FC rankings up as well. This put us in the top 20 for all FC on our server this week, which is pretty amazing!


Amazing Meet N Greet

My sister, Vix, hosted our FC’s first major social event on Saturday, which was a FC Meet N Greet. Since we’ve had so many new people come in, we decided to take some time to chat on Discord, break the ice, and get to know each other better. We had so many people turn out for this, even some shy and new people!


I’m not much of an entertainer myself, so Vix did a bang-up job of keeping up with everyone and making it a fun time. I heard lots of positive feedback from members, so it’s encouraging to look towards more social events in the future.

It also helped to reinforce that we honestly do have a great group of folks… and that there are actual people behind every avatar in our FC.

Chamber 7 Aquapolis

Aside from our social event, we also kicked around some content this weekend. For one, we hit up the Aquapolis, taking a number of new folks in for their first delve.

I always love bringing new people on treasure hunts. I say, “Come with us to the Aquapolis and hunt treasure!” And the response is one of hesitation mixed with concern.

They’ve not heard of the Aquapolis before. They don’t know it’s not some raid or dungeon. That is’t just a fun, casual, gameshow-like RNG romp with a group of friends that actually does net pretty good returns.

And then, once they get in there and realize what it actually is, I hear, “Oh, wow! This is fun! I like this!”

So, this weekend, we knocked out a number of maps, and actually made it all the way down to Chamber 7 (thanks Zeb)!


Beating Behemoth

So in all the years I’ve been playing FFXIV, I’ve only seen the Behemoth FATE spawn once, quite a long time ago. Of course, I wasn’t in a party, so I didn’t last long.

Yesterday, we were out near Dragonhead trying to assist one of our members with the final FATE they needed to unlock Crystal Tower. Because clearing FATEs help speed that up, I was working on leveling my Paladin some as we romped through the snow.

Sure enough, the Behemoth FATEs started. We pulled in a full FC group to tackle him, and had a few random folks from the zone come to help. Our first try didn’t go so well, but with a bit of job-shuffling, we tried it again, and beat him down!

Uh oh. Dragoon really shouldn’t be tanking this. I lasted all of three seconds. 😄

In other news, I’m still working on leveling up my Paladin. Now level 44, I’m so close to unlocking the Artifact Armor for her! I find that Paladin looks elegant on my Elezen character, if I only had more confidence in tanking aside from that.

I’m also slowly puttering through my Anima Relic for Dragoon. I’m convinced that the weapon hates me because I never get any bonus sands no matter what. This has made the second half of the process drawn out, when I’d hoped that it would speed up a little. Thankfully, we only have a little longer to deal with this stage unnerfed. At this point, the weapon is the lowest part of my Dragoon’s gearset and the one thing that’s holding my ilvl down. *grumbles*

Ah, well. Have a picture of Vix and XaaLove on a Treasure Hunt.