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FFXIV: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Relic

Okay, no. That title is 100% false. I still hate the Relic. Especially the Umbrite step (even after the nerf).

However, I have been successful in learning how to better balance my time and stress level in the FFXIV end game. This has mostly been me learning how to politely excuse myself from content I don’t feel up to doing, and not feeling bad about saying “no thanks.”

I’m also spending a balanced time doing solo dailies, such as Beast Tribes and Hunts, to level my Paladin to 60. Honestly, this has gone a lot faster than I expected it to. My Paladin hit level 58 last night, mostly from solo dailies since level 54. I know there are faster ways, but sometimes I just need time to self in an MMO.

I found Void Ark while doing quests in Sea of Clouds the other day!

I’m very, very close to finishing the Umbrite step of my first Relic. And before anyone chides me for being so slow, I never had any intention to grind for this. I don’t always want to run roulettes daily, or sometimes run dungeons at all, when I log in. So this is the picture of what it looks like to be a fairly casual player struggling with Relic.

It’s not fun, and I’ve decided I’m not doing this again for anything but glamour… long after it’s been nerfed out of relevance. And that’s going to have to be amazing glamour for me to want to do it! 😀

I have about 5-6 Umbrite left to earn to complete this step, at the most. Less if I get lucky with bonuses… though I haven’t been very lucky through this whole thing. I think the Relic weapon hates me as much as I hate it.


So, I’m buckling down in running content this weekend to make this final push. If I’m dedicated, I should be able to get this done in time to meet my goal to finish it this month.

I’m also trying to run Experts to finish gearing my Bard some. I’ve given up on the weekly drop from Dun Scaith, and will just outright buy the Shire coat tonight. I have a couple more pieces that need upgrading eventually, but I may or may not really concern myself with it.

I’ve already upgraded all of my Dragoon’s Shire gear to 270 and got the ring from DS as well. So aside from picking up alt class gear, I don’t really have a reason to keep running the raid weekly. I have a feeling I’ll be skipping out on those runs, soon.


On a more positive note, next week’s patch brings new story content, which is the final bit we get before Stormblood. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of cliffhanger they leave us with. And, hopefully, not a Steps of Faith scenario to reach it.

We’ll see!

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FFXIV: Lux Relic Weapon (Not Mine)

Hah, made you look!

There’s no way that Sindri Lux weapon pictured above is mine as I’m still stuck in perpetual Umbrite purgatory. It does, however, belong to Syn’s character Zeb, and she’s worked crazy hard to finish it.

So in congrats to her, I snapped screens and wanted to put that first and foremost in this post!

This week, I haven’t been doing much of anything noteworthy in FFXIV, though I am putting time into it alongside of Zelda. I was lazy the last few weeks and finally just picked up leveling my Paladin again, mostly using Beast Tribes and Clan Hunts. She should reach level 55 tonight. There are faster ways to do this, I know, but I just feel like taking it easy.

I’ve also started using PotD to begin making progress on my baby Black Mage. She’s only level 32 (up from the level 30 she’s been at for over half a year). I figure that since Red Mage will share gear with Black Mage, having them somewhat on equal ground will help gear sharing. My Summoner is already up there at 60.

Other than that, I’ve just done my weekly Dun Scaith runs, upgrading things here and there. Slowly making my way through the Umbrite stage of Relic, still, with no end in sight. I’ve actually put more interest and time into crafting and gathering now, since the new Deliveries help take the edge off of Scrip gathering.

Zelda has been a much-needed rest from FFXIV the past couple weeks. I’ve found it has significantly increased my fun to alternate between something deep, quiet and immersive like Zelda with the more hectic pace that FFXIV sometimes has. It’s helped me put the brakes on and find enjoyment in things like crafting and gathering again.

I have several small goals in mind I’d like to reach before Stormblood, most of them casually leveling alt-jobs. Nothing pressing or blog-worthy, really, but still plenty to do.


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Zelda BotW: Wild Horse Catching and Taming Guide


I was informed that there were stables on the other side of Twin Peaks, and that should be my next goal. I was all for this, because where there are stables, there are horses. And you guys know how much of a horse lover I am by now!

I knew nothing about the mount system in this game, so as I made my way towards the first stables, I wondered how much I’d have to save to buy my first horse. I was slowly gathering rupees, which I’d just begun seeing once I left the plateau. So, imagine my surprise when I got there and was told horses could be mine… for free!

In fact, they started teasing me about it the moment I talked to the first NPCs I saw outside the stable.

Why, yes. Yes, I am!

Oh, absolutely. Link even has a pony tail (get it?).

Yes! Yes! Yes!

So they go on to tell me that you can just catch a wild horse and tame them. I was head over heels with excitement! I didn’t expect this game to have a horse catching/taming system in the slightest! But they did give me a bit of advice…

Patterned horses are easier to catch, but have lower stats (will get to stats in a moment). Horses that are more solid colors are harder to catch, but have better stats overall. There does seem to be some inbetweens, too. For example, a paint horse has some lower stats than a blanket pinto does, though both of them were about the same difficulty to catch.

Catching Your Wild Horse

There are several herds of horses out on the plains near the stables. Just have to look around to find them. Also, be careful because a few of the Guardians out there do activate, which can lead to sudden death.

Once you find a horse that catches your eye, crouch down and sneak towards it. On the Switch, that’s pressing in on the left joystick.

Keep in mind that you need to try to be behind the horse. They will see you sneaking up in front of them.

Also, if you alert one of the horses in the herd, they will often send the whole herd scattering, so be careful.

Once you’re close enough to the horse, you’ll be prompted to press A to mount.

The horse will then try to buck you off, depending on how spirited they are (more solid colored horses are more spirited). Start hammering the top L button as fast as possible to wear them down. If you do get bucked off, follow the horse and keep trying. I read that your attempts to catch them do stack as long as you do it within a short period of time.

Once you’re on the horse’s back, your controls will change. This is reflected down at the bottom of the screen.

The horse is not tamed yet, and may not always respond to your commands.

But the first thing you should do is get them to the stables to register them.

Registering Your New Horse

So ride your new horse to the stables and go to the front window to talk to the guy there. You can talk to NPCs while mounted by holding ZL and pressing A at the same time.

Registering costs 20 rupees, but earns you an automatic saddle and bridle. You can also name your horse.

However, before you register, you’ll see something important: the horses’ stats.

Here’s what my first horse’s stats looked like:

Strength – How a horse holds up if they get in a battle. Horses will usually try to flee battle, but if they get hit, more strength is better. Yes, horses can die.

Speed – Overall top speed. Faster is faster, but also makes it harder to maneuver your horse.

Stamina – How many spur icons you have on the screen while riding, allowing you to urge the horse to break into a run.

Then, of course, there’s Temperament, which is self explanatory and the Bond you’re forming with your horse through taming.

Taming Your Wild Horse

Now, it’s time to tame your wild horse. You can do this by pressing the L button to soothe the horse, which increases the horse’s affection towards you.

But you can’t just do this randomly. The kids at the stable suggested to only soothe when the horse does something that you asked it to. Sorta like rewarding the horse for obeying a command.

The easiest way I’ve found to tame horses is to ride them toward fences — they will automatically jump over (or balk at the attempt). Soothing them right after a successful jump always earns affection. 

Taming doesn’t take too long, and is really worth it. There’s nothing worse than fighting with your not-tame horse to go in the direction you need to when enemies leap out of the bush!

Horse Tips

  • You can only register 5 horses at a time.
  • If you already have 5 horses registered, when you try to register another, the stables will prompt you to release a horse of your choice.
  • Horses can die, but they can also be revived.
  • Horses will automatically follow a road without your guidance. So if you ride them to the road, you can just let them do all the navigation work.
  • You can take out a horse at any stable you come across, even if you left the horse somewhere else in the world.
  • Your horse is always marked on the map, and you can use the horse whistle to call them as long as you’re in range.
  • You can customize your horse’s looks at some stables.
  • There are special horses and horse quests, so be on the lookout!
  • You can get Epona in game from scanning an Amiibo. While Epona has good stats, she doesn’t have the best stats of all horses in the game, believe it or not.
  • Added Tip: You can also feed the horse apples to tame it! I didn’t know that — thanks My Gaymer Blog!

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FFXIV: Patch 3.55b Diadem Revamp (No Salt)

The newest FFXIV patch brought us the revamped Diadem, just as promised. It also brought a truck-load of community salt… because MMO communities have to find something to be salty about.

To tl;dr: ilvl 280 pink weapons have a very very slim chance of dropping from the Emergency Missions in Diadem. People are flipping tables over it.

┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

The moment I heard about these weapons, I knew that the very RNG nature of the Diadem would make it hard to get a drop that mattered. But some people were still up in arms. During the PAX East Q&A, Yoshi-P seems to share my sentiments and has also told people to calm down.

I just wanted to mention so… it’s only been about three days since the patch and I see some of you freaking out… you all need to calm down a little bit. It’s not something you can obtain so easily. You have to go to Diadem and start a mission, and then an emergency mission triggers, then you have to participate in it, and clear it, and then be lucky enough to be the one that gets that item drop, and even if it drops, you dont know if it will be for the appropriate job… plus it has random perameters!

If you can imagine… you go to the casino’s in Las Vegas and you just happen to notice a quarter on the ground- you take that quarter, put it into a machine and pull a jack pot. That’s how rare it is. Please take your time and enjoy the content.

It seems like that rare occasion did happen to a few people here, but I still believe the Anima weapons at i275 where you can set your parameters is the strongest one available. There may be some players out there that want this emergency to trigger and they go in and do many FATEs, but you should just enjoy the content that is available and then maybe you happen to run into an emergency mission. And once again, you all need to calm down.


So, anyhow, my FC decided to get our airships revved up and take a trip into the Diadem to see what’s changed. Note, I’ve only been there once this weekend, so this isn’t a guide. Just some observations. We were exploring and figuring things out. Here’s what we discovered:

  • You no longer have to unlock flying before taking on mission objectives (thank you).
  • There’s now a primary and secondary mission to accomplish within the time frame.
  • Primary mission objectives alternate with secondary mission objectives until you finish them all.
  • Primary missions are marked as orange circles on the map.
  • Secondary missions require the completion of FATEs.
  • You can find random coffers hidden as treasures around the Diadem if you look for them. They spawn as white loot-orbs on the map.
  • You’re awarded lockboxes and damaged lockboxes for completing the overall mission.
  • Similar to PotD, you take the lockboxes to an NPC to open for treasure.
  • It takes one normal lockbox or 40 damaged lockboxes to equal one treasure.

Now, compared to the last romp our FC had in the Diadem, this was much harder. Not only did the difficulty of the enemies ramp up, but the FATEs you have to do are on a strict, short timer, and they spawn really, really close to each other.

This is not a rush-in-pull-everything affair. 

Navigating the Diadem requires old-skool tank-pulling and careful party placement. The islands are very much densely populated, and your party can easily get overrun.


That being said, once we figured this all out, we were able to clear our mission without incident. Lockboxes have the chance to reward items such as Brass Spoils (used to purchase stuff like the Pegasus mount/minion/materia), materia, or even ilvl 265 gear. The gear is super random, though, and may or may not have useful stats.

I’ve got my eye on that Pegasus mount, myself, seeing I stashed away 11 Spoils from this first run. It shouldn’t take too long to earn the mount and the minion if you put some time into it.

While we were there, the Emergency Mission did not spawn. We also didn’t see any other parties out there, which was really strange.

I’m curious about trying out the gathering missions in the Diadem once I get my gear leveled up a bit. Overall, this is something I would run again.

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FFXIV: New Bard Glamour & Gathering Gear Upgrades!

So, today, I put together a new Bard glamour. It used the Astral Silk Robe, which I’ve seen so rarely on our server’s market up until now. I just remembered to go look for it this afternoon, and there was one, so I snatched it up. Even beyond this glamour there’s a lot I can do with this robe!

I determined that Wine Red dye is the best to match Amon’s Hat, and went to town making glamour prisms and figuring out what parts to use for the rest of the outfit. I’m not usually a fan of red, but since the hat and the bow were both red, the outfit followed.

I’ve also been working on upgrading my gathering gear this weekend. Yesterday, Syn won the Three Line on the Wondrous Tales journal, and gifted me the amazing blue gathering gloves. (Thank you!!) That, coupled with a trip to the Diadem, where I discovered my ilvl is too low to try the gathering mission, prompted me to take a look at my gear and improve on it.

I saw quickly that my accessories were the culprit. While the stats were acceptable, the ilvls ranged from 120 to 140. So, I spent some time fishing and earning some Blue Scrips, as well as figuring out the rotation for collectables, to upgrade my right side and belt entirely to 180.


With this, my ilvl is just a little shy of what I need it to be to get in the Diadem for gathering. I’ll put some effort into the gathering deliveries this week to get the Goblin Dice I need to upgrade them even further. That should do the trick!

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FFXIV: Promises to Myself for Stormblood

This is going to be a long mind-dump. Advanced warning! 

Ever since Heavesward released, I’ve been in a state of love/hate with FFXIV. Overall, I love it enough to stick around, even when it frustrates me. I’ve also experimented with content types in FFXIV during Heavensward and I’ve come away with a very important lesson:

Just because the content exists, and I’m geared/skilled enough to clear it, doesn’t mean I should do it. 

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FFXIV: Playing the Alt Game

Despite focusing mostly on my new Nintendo Switch this weekend, I also spent some time burning through quests and leveling my little Lalafell alt, Hedge Mouse.

I know that I don’t really need yet another character in FFXIV. I keep rolling and deleting Lalafells, though. I want one, but I’ve been fighting with myself to justify yet another character. Last week, I decided to take a plunge and just do it.

Part of this was encouragement from Xaa, the new playdead emote, and a little to do with Syp’s experiences leveling an alt Hobbit in LOTRO. I know that Lalafells and Hobbits have little in common aside from size, but it’s nice to know that I’m not the only person who just enjoys going back to the early zones to experience a more laid-back game.

All low-level melee must endure the subligar right-of-passage.

Guilty Pleasures

For a long time, rolling an alt has been a guilt trip in FFXIV. I am an alt player at heart. But the game goes out of its way to discourage alt gaming, mostly at end game. I’m still struggling to find purpose for poor Tai (though I did dust him off and unlocked PotD for him this weekend).

Despite this, I still get the inspiration to roll alts. This is mostly because something in me desires a laid-back experience, and I don’t often get that at end game. I also like to try out different character races and styles just for the fun of it. So this is something I’ve been sorely missing in FFXIV.

But why? The game doesn’t prevent me from rolling an alt, afterall.

I guess it’s all in my head. I know that I’ll never be able to sustain alts at end game. I’ve tried. It’s just stress-out city.

That’s when I stop myself and ask, “So what’s changed so much in my gaming mindset that endgame overshadows the fun of rolling a random alt?”


Here’s Mouse

So, I did it. And I’m enjoying it. But I’m not taking my time at all. 😄

Firstly, I wanted to get Mouse to level 15 so she could unlock the path to all the different city-states. This is important because it allows me to do seasonal quests, such as the current Little Ladies’ Day, that require a level 15 character and the ability to travel to all the cities.

Second, it also unlocked the Aesthetician. I really wanted to use the Samsonian Locks from the PotD on Mouse, but you can’t access it (funny enough) through Fantasia. You can only do that at the hairdresser.

Yes, I did break down and Fantasia her once (I still have another free in the storage), because I finally figured out how I wanted her to look. It turned out vastly different from my original character roll.


I decided to go for darker skin tones for a more brown, mousey look. I also gave her subtle whiskers. 🙂


My ultimate goal for her? Depending on how it works, I’d love to make her a Samurai once Stormblood releases. So, I’m leveling monk, aiming towards 50, hoping that makes the unlock.

Right now, though, she’s just hit her first trio of dungeons, and I’m working through that towards a chocobo. This has all gone fairly quickly since I’m no stranger to the leveling path in any city in this game.

It’s kinda nice to sit back and do my own thing while I see the rest of the FC hustle and bustle around me. I don’t know that most of them realize that Mouse is my alt yet. Maybe that’s a good thing! 😄

Tai Time

This also encouraged me to bring out Tai a little this weekend. He’s stuck in a dead zone of ilvl 220-something. Not quite high enough to take on the new content. Part of this is because his weapon is still i210. Part of it is because I have no desire to farm for Tomes while struggling through Relic on my main.

So, I decided to unlock PotD for him to work on the glowy blue Dragoon spear (and earn Tomes on the side). I really like the way it looks (not so much the red upgrade), so I think I’m going to keep it that way once I get it. I don’t really need to upgrade it all that much more since my only goal is to get him through the final story content.


I figure that he’s close enough to being done (just a few patches behind) that it doesn’t make sense not to at least finish out Heavensward with him. Once Stormblood hits, I know I’ll probably be able to either buy or quest for gear that’s just as good or better than what’s dropping at end game now. So, I’m not going to work too hard on him.

It may end up that Tai becomes my main Dragoon character, though, depending on how much I like Red Mage when that’s released. We’ll have to see how it goes.

But for now, I’m content to work on my alts a bit here and there again. It feels pretty good.