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FFXIV: After 7+ Years, Shikaree’s Doublet Comes Home

Now that I’ve officially finished my Blaugust posts for this year (yay!), it’s back to blogging as normal around here. I wanted to talk about something that happened on Friday of last week – I finally got Shikaree’s Doublet after almost 7 and a half years of hoping for it in FFXIV.

Shikaree’s set is a level 50 aiming set that came out in FFXIV Patch 2.2 – back in April of 2014. In the middle of the Darklight set drops, this looked like a shining jewel of glamour to me. Much like Amon’s Hat, I set my sights on getting it.

In fact, I even blogged about it in May of 2014. It was at the end of a post talking about working on my firs Relic (which I’ve never finished), but I did make put my hopes to get that gear in writing.

I never had it in me to farm for it much, even though it eventually became easy to clear as the years went on. My retainers brought me back pieces of the set, and eventually I had everything except the doublet in my glamour dresser.

I’d forget about it for a stretch, but then things like dyeable version in Heavensward would pop up. It’s a nice set, and I like that I can dye it. But that spring green sash that you can’t dye for the aiming set made it hard to use much variation in dye colors.

Hallowed Ramie Doublet of Aiming

The casting and healing sets came out a little better, but still have some undyable parts that are either stark red or bright green. So while options were out there, I preferred the lovely blue and white of the original doublet.

I got reminded of the doublet yet again when retainers brought it back to an alt of mine who doesn’t main an aiming class. I lamented the irony and decided it was finally time to farm for it.

My choice of farming was Halitali HM. At level 80 unsynced, I could run it in less than 5 minutes as a Red Mage. The doublet drops off the final boss – but has a 1 in 8 chance. For some reason, this boss fight even drops two belts – not for much longer though!

Luck was against me as I farmed the dungeon somewhat casually every now and then. I did even put it on my list of things to do before Endwalker drops.

I’d forget about farming it for a while when I failed to earn the drop repeatedly. Then something would bring the topic back up again.

This happened last week when I remembered it while chatting with my FC about glamour. That Friday, I decided to run the dungeon a few times, and sure enough, on my fourth try of the night, the doublet dropped!

Having the full set, I quickly kitted out Ben’s aiming glamour. My hope for the full Shikaree set has now been realized!

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FFXIV: How to Win Fashion Report to Earn MGP in the Gold Saucer

Every week, the Gold Saucer hosts the Fashion Report mini game. With this, you can earn up to 60,000 MGP (90,000 MGP during a Make it Rain event), for very little time and effort invested.

Here’s how to get the big payout each week! Keep in mind, the glamour required changes every week – some weeks are easier than others.

Unlocking Fashion Report

First, unlock Fashion Report by taking a quest from Lewena in the Gold Saucer (X:4.8 Y:6.1). The quest name is Passion for Fashion.

This will lead you to Masked Rose. This NPC is the judge of the Fashion Report every week. He’s located in the Gold Saucer at (X: 7.2 Y:7.4). Easiest way to find him is to just warp to Wonder Square East and jump off the balcony to the ground floor. He’s right under the aethernet crystal.

Playing Fashion Report

Every Tuesday, the Fashion Report resets, giving you a hint about what the game will require when judging starts on Friday.

It look something like this (changes every week).

You can try to figure it out on your own if you want, but really, the easiest thing to do is just wait until Friday. You can find the quick answers to the Fashion Report almost every week thanks to dedicated members of the FFXIV community.

On Friday, check the FFXIV Reddit (this links directly to the “Fashion Report” search on the FFXIV Reddit) for the super useful Fashion Report Full Details post created by Kaiyoko. You can also find these posted on her Twitter account here.

Within the post, you’ll find an image such as this:

This gives you all the information you need about the items that are relevant to the Fashion Report. However, the most important box here is the one marked with the heart: Easy 80pts.

In order to earn the highest MGP payout for Fashion Report, you need to score at least 80 points. This box tells you what items you need to be wearing and what color you need to dye them in order to get 80 points.

For example, to earn 80 points from the week above you must wear:

  • Any hat that you can dye, and dye it Gobbiebag Brown
  • Any chest piece that you can dye, and dye it Soot Black
  • Sargeant’s Mitts from any Grand Company

Keep in mind that you must be wearing something in every gear slot to earn the 80. If you have any empty slots, you’ll lose points. So whatever your current gear is right now, that’s fine. Just switch out the slots the Easy 80 box tells you.

If you want to shoot for 100 points, you can. This doesn’t give you more MGP than 80 points, but it will give you an achievement and a title.

Once you have your glamour ready, talk to Masked Rose and he’ll judge you. Don’t worry if it looks less than glamorous… the outfits usually do look a little odd. As long as you’re wearing everything you need, you should get MGP rolling in each week!

Again, some weeks are harder than others. If the Easy 80 doesn’t look so easy, see if there’s something you can switch out from glamour you’ve collected from the other boxes on the Full Details image. You don’t only have to use Easy 80 box – that’s just what’s the cheapest and easiest to get each week.

Have fun at the Gold Saucer!

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FFXIV: A BLU Weekend

This was certainly not what I’d expected to be doing this weekend. But I’m very glad that I did!

It was somewhat embarrassing to post Ben’s FFXIV card to show that I’ve leveled all my jobs to 80 (with no skips!)… and Blue Mage is sitting there all alone at level 1.

Poor lonely BLU

One of my goals was to level BLU to 70 before Endwalker, which is the max level you can be at this point and time. I didn’t think that it was really going to happen, however.

While BLU is touted a solo job, most of the spells you need to capture require you to go into group instances. I figured no one was out there leveling BLU anymore – that anyone who was interested in it had already captured what they wanted. That ship has already sailed.

Maybe I was wrong.

Most of this is due to in huge part to a member of the FC – Magris – who is probably the most motivated and knowledgeable BLU player that I know. I was talking to Mag, who commented on how many level 80s I had, and mentioned that I was sad that BLU wasn’t leveled as well. And that started this weekend’s adventure.

Mag was more than happy to power level my baby BLU – I went from level 1 to level 62 in the space of a Saturday afternoon. From there, we went and capped some important dungeon skills such as Mimicry and Ram’s Voice.

To take on Cutter’s Cry for Ram’s Voice and Dragon’s Voice, we set up a party finder. I was dubious that anyone would be running for those skills, but to my surprise, we ended up filling the party after a short wait. One BLU was a skilled player, just there to help out (thank you!) while the other BLU was in the same boat as I and needed the skills. This was the first time I’ve done a BLU party finder – this would have been much more difficult without the skilled BLUs helping us through!

Our BLU party in Cutter’s Cry

After that, Mag started taking me through the various ARR primals to earn their skills. The only two that we didn’t manage to cap were the two that required EX – Shiva and Garuda. Aside from that, I came away from this with all the rest of the primal skills, which have proven to be very useful in the long run.

Mog Dancing!

On Sunday, I focused on leveling by soloing overworld critters, and got my BLU to 70!

I then went and took on Dirty Rotten Azulmagia, which you need to complete the level 50 job quest. I remember this being a struggle back in the day, and even wrote about the experience here.

I took me two tries this time, mostly because I was dumb the first time and didn’t realize Ravana’s skill was considered a magical attack and not physical (hey, those are swords!). But once I got that sorted, I finished him pretty easily the second time. I wish I’d taken a screenshot of the win because I had so many bonuses – even the one that noted that I didn’t take any damage at all during the entire fight!

So either I’ve gotten better at this or the levels and gear have really helped. I guess I’ll find out when I go to try the level 60 fight, which I need to do this afternoon to progress further.

I am interested in picking up some of the rewards you can get from Allied Seals from the BLU vendor. I’m also very curious about the level 70 gear and what it looks like.

Anyhow, I have a LOOOONG way to go when it comes to capping skills on BLU, but just leveling it to 70 was beyond my expectations going into this weekend. Oh, and my FFXIV character card looks so much better without that sad little level 1!

Also, this was the first major project-type goal I’ve set out to do on this character since I’ve changed my Main to be Ben. I know it’s odd that I’m still not used to Ben being my main, but I’m not. I haven’t spent a whole lot of time, aside from gathering for relic tools, doing things on Ben since the switch.

I caught myself thinking how spiffy he looked in his BLU getup and how cool some of the spells looked when he cast them. This is very good progress!

I know it’s going to take until Endwalker before I really settle in with Ben as my main, though. I need to go through major MSQ with him interacting and being in the cutscenes. For some reason, that helps me connect with my characters more strongly.

Anyhow, still a lot to do before the expansion drops, but at least I can check “Leveling BLU to 70” off the list!

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FFXIV: My Alt Characters and Why I Play Them

See that image above? Every character except for the Elezen and the Hyur to the very left belongs to me. These are many of my FFXIV alts… but not all of them.

FFXIV is a game in which alts don’t need to exist. You can do and be everything on one character (and my main is maxed out in everything except Blue Mage). In fact, there’s even a lower priced subscription for people who only roll one character per server.

I’ve chosen to pay the higher price sub for the past 8 years in FFXIV. I choose to have alts. I choose to upkeep these alts, and at this point, am currently running my 5th character through Shadowbringers.

Why would I do that?

Some of it is just the nature of how I play MMOs, especially being a creative person. Some of it is just because in every other MMO, I’ve made numerous alts. That’s just how I play. Some of it is because, to me, the experience feels different depending on the combination of race, glamour and character personality.

So how did all these alts come to be?

My Main

I rolled my first FFXIV character in September 2013, and this has mostly remained “My Main.” The one I collect things on. The one that has all jobs leveled. That sort of thing.

My Main has had a long and troubled past as you can see. FFXIV makes it so easy to change names and fantasia into something different, and that continues to be a sirensong for me.

If I don’t like how a character feels, if I suddenly get the inspiration to do something different with them, or if gameplay is just stale – all it takes is a fantasia (and sometimes a name change) and I’ve repurposed that character to be what inspires me without losing any of the progress I’ve made on them.

Case-in-point my Main.

She started as a weird blue cat named Zuri. She was my first FFXIV character, and coming from GW2 where I had a particular Flame Point Charr that was easy to distinguish from others of her kind, I attempted to make my first character in FFXIV something that was visually unique.

Unfortunately, I think I accomplished that a little too much. As time passed and Zuri became the head of a growing FC, I decided I wanted a more serious character. I also decided that I wanted to use my net name. So she became an Elezen named Aywren.

But then! I decided that I missed my Miqo’te! So back to cat she went. In the meantime, I actually rolled another Zuri Nimat (for a different server and FC) who I changed to AuRa when the race was still new – put a pin on this idea for later.

In Shadowbringers, I got burned out on cat girls and cat boys. I decided to go back to Elezen.

And then, a few months later, I was feeling demotivated to do anything on my Main… and finally decided to toss the “Awyren” character out the window all together and turned my main into one of my story characters, Benjamin. I’m still getting used to this change, but I do believe it’s going to stick.

Let’s hope so, at least.

TsuYa Tai

I rolled my first alt in October-ish of 2013 when Syn first began to play. My Main was already halfway through ARR content, and I wanted a character to play alongside of hers from the start. There was no New Game+ back in the day, so my only option was to roll another character.

There was a point in Heavensward (when I was really put out with Bard changes) that Tai became my Main for the expansion. But when Bard was improved and Red Mage came out, I switched back to my Main as my main. (Does that make sense?)

Since then, I’ve kept Tai in relevant content – he’s even cleared up to Factory in Alliance Raids (for the glamour). He’s been a Dragoon from the start, but come Endwalker, he’s going Reaper. He’s always been a character with a scythe, so this is going to be a new start for him!

Zuri Nimat

But wait, wasn’t “Zuri Nimat” the name of my main? It was until it wasn’t.

Remember how I told you that I’d rolled an AuRa – which was a new race at that time – and she eventually became my new Zuri Nimat. Well, this AuRa still exists and persists. In fact, she’s the character I’m running through Shadowbringers right now.

Zuri’s become one of the cast of the Spot of Mummery story that I write. You’ll see that a lot of my alts are based around this story going forward.

She started as a Bard, but since I had way too many Bards on my roster, I switched her to Dancer main when that job was added to the game.

Amon D’Syrcus

This is my troublemaker right here – the “RP alt” who often threatens my Main for main slot due to how dang much I play Amon.

Back in 2017-2018, I was feeling restless in FFXIV. I needed a creative outlet. I wanted to try my hand at storywriting and story-RP. After several failed attempts at writing stories and sorting through my alts for a character that would be my break-out, I settled on Amon for a number of reasons.

If you’ve run the Syrcus Tower raid, you’ve beat up my RP character before (no hard feelings). Probably several times. He’s a (smaller) cloned form of the raid boss Amon, and I’ve had a ball writing for this crazy Allagan Bard.

His stories and adventures are told at my creative/story FFXIV blog – Spot of Mummery.

And because I needed a cast of characters for that story and to take screenshots with, I started to… roll more alts!

Amon currently mains Bard but also does Red Mage and White Mage!

Koh Rabntah

Koh is also an NPC in the game who stands out in Mor Dhona – the one that’s possessed by the Allagan spirit of Noah. She used to be much more relevant back in the day since she gave the quest to run the Crystal Tower trio for what used to be important drops each week.

Now days, I’m not sure too many people remember her story. Her situation with the Allagan possession has not been brought up again. I thought it was an interesting predicament, and since Amon is all about Allagan lore, I brought Koh/Noah on board as a member of Spot of Mummery.

I’m currently leveling her Scholar to see if I like shield healers – I’m hoping to turn her Sage once the expansion drops.

Mocho Mayucho

Mocho is another member of the Spot of Mummery cast. I wanted to include a Lalafell and I needed a tank for their rag-tag group. So, the idea of an older Lalafell (who is Echoblessed) who also has dreams of becoming a Paladin was born.

He’s the one alt that I haven’t kept relevant on content – he’s still just a level 50 Paladin sitting at the end of 2.0 MSQ. Not sure what I’m going to do with him, but seeing he’s one of my few Lalafell, I’m keeping him around.

Ajir Moks (Kha)

I needed a character foil for Amon in Spot of Mummery, so I rolled Ajir. He’s a rough-around-the-edges AuRa who used to main Samurai. I think he’s going Reaper come the expansion, however.

I originally wrote him out of the story after the first story arc because I wasn’t quite sure where his development was going at the time. I have ideas for him now, though, and I hope to introduce him back into Spot of Mummery pretty soon!

Ajir will make an awesome Reaper.

Tad Kouris

Tad was a character that wasn’t created for Spot of Mummery. In fact, he was an accidental character that appeared during some RP writing sessions between myself and Syn. Something about his personality – and the fact that he’s Amon’s younger cousin – hooked me, so I repurposed a character in FFXIV to make Tad a thing.

I’m glad I did because I adore him!

He’s currently a Machinist with a love of red pandas. He’s also my Allagan WoL from the 4th Age, which is a fun bit of stories that I’ve dabbled with on the side. I’m not sure where those stories are going, but I’d love to continue to develop them in the future.

The Everschade Crew

Above are my characters on the Mateus server. On Coeurl, I have a whole nother FC that contains a number of alt characters! In fact, I’ve gone through and deleted many of these alts lately because it’s just getting to be all too crazy!

I won’t go into details on who is who too much because some of these will be repurposed later, I have a feeling.

  • Iva Everschade – Originally rolled to see what Amon’s mom would look like. I might turn her into a Viera character come Endwalker. Haven’t decided.
  • Fljot Radljost – My female Viera character that I haven’t done much with. I’m changing her to male Viera come Endwalker with several ideas for his future.
  • Meecece Meece – She’s been an unused character for so long, originally my attempt at a cute Lalafell. I’ve not done much with her, but I’m holding on to her progress for female Hrothgar if I find their design to my liking.
  • Noah Atlin – Spot of Mummery possible cast member – if I were to ever separate Koh and Noah. We’ll see if that ever happens.
  • Sebastian Kitasch – A Hrothgar I created in honor of my late flame point cat, Sebastian. He’s a Fisher main with a Bard battle job. I’d like to work on progressing him more some day.

Aside from these, I have a few other alts floating around, but are more situational. Some just exist but I’ve not logged into in forever.

Overall, these are my FFXIV characters and the reasons why I created them and continue to play them. I know, I’m crazy. But not being a raider or really a dungeon runner, I get my joy through creative outlets in the game. Alts are just a part of that.

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FFXIV: When WoW Streamers Playing FFXIV Inspire!

As of late, the FFXIV community has seen a influx of players trying the game (thanks to the FREE TRIAL that includes the entirety of A Realm Reborn AND the award-winning Heavensward expansion up to level 60 with no restrictions on playtime…) specifically, WoW players.

WoW folks who are fed up with the state of their game are moving to FFXIV and becoming part of Eorzea, or are simply curious and trying it out to see what FFXIV has to offer. This has included some big names in streaming and YouTube. You know the ones I’m talking about.

Not really being a WoW player (I have a Panda Monk I got up to level 48 once, but that’s it), I’d never heard of these folks before. But when word got out that Asmongold was some kind of community tipping point for a WoW streamer trying FFXIV, I got on board for the ride just out of my own curiosity.

There has been some concern on the FFXIV front that the warm and welcoming community is going to be infiltrated by the terrible toxicity of the WoW mentality as these folks come in to play “Our Game.” But so far, I’ve seen quite the opposite happening.

In fact, the video series by Medieval Marty has been about as wholesome as you can get. I highly suggest watching his series as he explores FFXIV and finds a new home.

He’s just one of many that you can find on YouTube if you search. I haven’t had time to watch them all, but there are some really good experiences shared out there!

It’s fascinating for me to watch someone not new to MMOs, but completely new to FFXIV, begin to learn about the world and all the elements that make it special. When they start to vibe with the story (sometimes even if they claimed they don’t play MMOs for story) and become attached to characters, I see a bit of myself in them.

And that’s nothing short of inspiring.

Of course, I can’t write about this topic without mentioning Asmongold. While I don’t agree with everything he does, and I don’t always appreciate the language he uses, Asmon has as of this past weekend (to the surprise of some FFXIV vets) stuck it out through ARR MSQ and made it to level 50+. Not only that, but he’s gone through the story (often reading much of it to his viewers), responded to that story on an emotional level, introduced Eorzea to a group of people who had likely never seen it before, and has made it fun.

For all the people cracking down on ARR story, Asmon seemed to have a really good time. He was able to communicate that, share the experience, and likely inspire others to give FFXIV a try, too. He also had some interesting thoughts on story and community that I thought were insightful.

Infectious Inspiration

The joy of discovery isn’t lost upon me in all of this. Coming this September, I will have been subscribed to FFXIV since 2013 with no breaks. There was some time in the first year where I set the game down a little bit (specifically around level 50, until roulettes made getting tomestones easier), but for the most part, I’ve played very consistently all this time.

I’m a casual FFXIV player overall. While I may log in just about every night, it might not be for long stretches, or it’s just to run one thing and then do some crafting. But that’s how I’ve maintained playing the same MMO for as long as I have.

This new wave of WoW to FFXIV folks, even the ones just trying it out and sharing their experiences, has been quite an inspiration to me as a long-time player. Not only am I going back to see parts of the story I’d forgotten about (since I skip through most MSQ on my 6th time), but I get to see someone else enjoying and exploring the same things that I did 8 years ago.

This has actually motivated me to pick up FFXIV and push through some things I want to do before Endwalker comes out. Namely, I have one more character who needs to finish Shadowbringers.

For all of Asmon’s language, I really do like his “Let’s Do It!” mentality when he approaches quests. Even the cumbersome ones.

I’ve been trying to use that motivational thought for my own approach – the 5th time through Shadowbringers. As much as I love the expansion, and I appreciate that Trusts are there to get me through most of the dungeons, it’s still difficult to repeat it for a 5th time. But I’ve been finding the means to get it done and I’m glad to be doing it.

Personally, I’m excited to see FFXIV getting all this attention from new folks – no matter if they come from WoW or from anywhere else. I feel like the our community can welcome them and will adjust to the influx of gaming culture as it always has.

The future seems bright. I’m excited to see new people joining the game and bringing other new people to our worlds. Thank you for sharing your experiences and providing inspiration to this long-time player – I hope you all continue to have a good time in Eorzea!

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FFXIV: Endwalker Benchmark Cometh!

-Click to download the Benchmark program here!-

Friday’s Live Letter opened up with a video that I almost instantly knew was the Benchmark for Endwalker. Just like the expansions before it, the Benchmark gives little hints of what’s to come while testing your system’s ability to handle the load.

See the trailer for it here:

The translations from the FFXIV Discord note that:

We changed one thing in this Benchmark, so far we put out the score as a number. The number required to get “Extremely High” is higher now. What was 7000 points before is 15k now. I am not exactly sure if that was the “Extremely High” grade. Yes, you get the male Viera character creator as part of the benchmark.

-Yoshi P

So be ready to jump into the character creator and explore making those shorter-than-the-female male Viera!

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MMO & Story: So, Story Does Matter!

Not too long ago, I ran across a post that I wrote six years ago – MMOs & Story: Accepting Mediocrity – and re-read it.

At the time of writing, I was frustrated with the poor story logic and plot-points of GW2 writing. The jist of my post was: If gamers don’t stand up and demand better writing from their games, all we’ll ever get is mediocrity in terms of MMO story.

It was a post I thought would get an agreeable response. I was surprised, and still am, at how much push-back it actually got, though!

A few people agreed that better story would be nice. However, some folks told me they didn’t play an MMO expecting a good story, so it didn’t matter if they didn’t get one. Other folks told me story was a moot point because they’d rather make up their own story rather than have the game force a narrative on their character (a very oldskool sandbox idealism that I understand and respect).

Story = something single player games should do well. Not required in an MMO.

I was taken aback in re-reading this. Especially since… well… I feel like the MMO world lately has started to prove that a good story really is important to the foundations of the gaming worlds we inhabit.

Case and point: FFXIV Shadowbringers. FFXIV has earned accolades for having a powerful and moving story, and the game is growing in popularity now that word is really getting out that hey… a story-driven MMO can be done right and is a fantastic experience!

Not only is Shadowbringers held up as an amazingly written MMO expansion, but as one of the best-written Final Fantasy games in the franchise.

During PAX West two years ago, the main scenario writer for Shadowbringers, Natsuko Ishikawa, was given a standing ovation by the crowd for her work on the expansion. She’ll be writing the main scenario for FFXIV upcoming expansion, Endwalker, just for the record. (Woot!)

See the Twitch Clip for this moment here.

In the meantime, Syn and I have long-since quit GW2 years ago. We did try come back for a while during Path of Fire. While I enjoyed the mounts (which was what drew me back), the frustrating, drawn-out and player-battering gameplay during big fight instances was a huge turn off.

Add to that the story spitting on the grave of GW1 lore elements, a story so illogical neither of us could get behind it, and the cash shop becoming the end-all-be-all… we parted ways with Anet. This was a developer who I adored all through GW1 development. It was a sad thing for me, but I accepted Anet is not the same developer as I once supported.

Poor story was a big part of the reason for our departure. I’ve heard bits and pieces of where the story went after PoF and I’m honestly glad I didn’t hang in there. None of it honored the original lore of Tyria and I’m almost cringing in worry to see what they’re going to do to my beloved Cantha. (Please leave Kunnavang alone!)

It seems like the GW2 community also agrees that though the story isn’t absolutely rock-bottom terrible, it’s not great either. It apparently has good moments, but it sounds overall like a game striving to put story up front that’s only delivering mediocrity in the end.

In the meantime, it sounds like World of Warcraft players are starting to stand up against poor storytelling in Azeroth. I know very little about WoW story other than players who care about story haven’t been pleased with it for a good long while. Now, when FFXIV is starting to look like a real contender, the players are asking for something better from WoW.

While I’m not happy that these games have poor story that is – in the words of this WoW player – “making the game less fun to play,” I’m happy to see people demanding a better story experience from MMO games.

I’m writing this as an individual who has made technical writing their profession. I’m a writer. Good story isn’t easy – I get it. However, I also know what expectations my own work requires for something I’ve written to be of releasable quality.

Six years ago, in that post I wrote, I gave the GW2 team a real hard side-eye wondering – where’s their writing QA? Where’s the editors? Where’s the people who are supposed to check the writing and story flow and give feedback on this kind of thing?

Who calls the shots on the dev team when it comes to story?

I know for certain that there’s a dedicated writer team for FFXIV. And even then, Yoshi-P himself walks through the story and the completed product to provide QA feedback and institute changes when things aren’t up to his standards. When the story is that important to the game producer – that has made all the difference.

Does that mean I think FFXIV story can do no wrong? Oh, heck no.

I’ve got a list of story-things I don’t agree with in post-Shadowbringers patches. But I also can overlook small irritations in FFXIV because the overall story experience is great, and I know the things I don’t care for are often due to my personal preferences. Heck, some people like the things I don’t like – would you look at that!

Anyhow, the takeaway is… I think we’re starting to see how good story provides a better overall gaming experience for MMO players. As the MMO genre continues to evolve, players are starting to demand that MMOs that claim to contain story actually focus on making good story

No more of this just tossing out a half-baked experience. Because when story is done right in an MMO, you can definitely see the difference.

If there’s one thing I’m proud of with FFXIV it’s that they didn’t settle on story mediocrity. FFXIV went above and beyond, embracing the concept of being a story-driven game – even in the face of folks who claim story is not important in an MMO. That has not only paid off for S/E, but it’s creating new expectations for MMO players as a whole while putting pressure for other games to step up their writing, as well.

I couldn’t be happier about this shift. I wish for a great story experience for all MMO worlds!

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FFXIV: Announcing Super Dungeon Friends Discord

Have you heard of the critically acclaimed MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, with a free trial and a brand new Discord community that’s here to help you find a no-stress group of folks to play those dungeons and instances with?

Well, Bel at Tales of the Aggronaut has you covered – introducing Super Dungeon Friends!

If you’re like me (and a number of folks in this Discord), there’s lots of content you want to see and do, or jobs you want to try in FFXIV, but grouping with PUGs can bring on the anxiety. This is a cross data-center, world-wide Discord built to help you connect with other players and make that experience so much better.

There’s also places to ask for advice, even about non-combat stuff, or just chill and chat.

With Endwalker rolling up on us in a few months, now’s a great time to catch up on all the content you want to do before the expansion drops. So if this Discord interests you, read up on it at the link above, or join with the link below. You can find me there doing my best as a mentor.

Join the Super Dungeon Friends Discord!

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Locked Out! Getting my Glyph Account Back

This is a cautionary tale for folks that have an old Glyph account hanging around. This launcher is for games such as Rift, ArcheAge and Trove.

I’ve only played two of these games – back in 2014-2015 – ArcheAge and Trove. When I first created my account, the Glyph launcher didn’t exist. Before I stopped playing, the Glyph launcher was released and somewhere down the line, I added two-factor authentication to my account.

That’s where my trouble starts.

Fast forward to May 31, 2021.

I heard that Trove was getting a new Bard class. I was interested in rolling a character to play this class when it released. So for the first time in 6 years, I installed the Glyph launcher an attempted to log into my account.

Well, the Glyph authenticator app was still on my phone. But somewhere during that time, it’d got offloaded to make more space for other things. I guess offloading is the same as uninstalling because my account could no recognize the authenticator.

I had my account email address and password, but I was locked out of my account due to the authenticator.

There was a link where you could go to answer some questions in order to claim your account and remove the authenticator. Problem was, these were things I either never attached to my account – because it was created so long ago – or I didn’t remember.

Things like:

  • First Question What was your childhood nickname? Second Question Your Fantasy Name (Movie/Book Character First Name + Childhood Street Name)
  • Account creation date
  • IP address of computer when signing up for account
  • Credit card when signing up for account

This account was created during ArcheAge beta in 2014… I have no idea the exact creation date, my IP, and I’ve had replacement credit cards since then, too! I have no idea what my security question answers were (why make them so complicated?) or if I’ve ever set those up for my account.

Well, not only could I not remove the authenticator, but I couldn’t log in to reach the support site with my account. All I could do at that point was send an email to support.

In the meantime, I did learn that I’d not be able to roll a new character on Trove anyhow – it’s one character per account – so I created a new Glyph account for my new Trove bard. Good thing that I did because…

I sent an email to Glyph support on May 31, 2021.

I did not get a reply from Glyph support until June 14, 2021.

It took half a month just to get to my ticket. And when they did, I had to jump through the same hoops to prove the account belonged to me. Consider that I was writing from the email address that was connected to this account, and I did tell them I have a working password.

Before we can proceed with any changes, we need to verify account ownership.
With this in mind, please provide us with as many of the verification points below as you can remember:

  • Currently registered email address on the account:
  • Account creation date:
  • First Question What was your childhood nickname? Second Question Your Fantasy Name (Movie/Book Character First Name + Childhood Street Name)
  • Character names, levels, and server/region:
  • First and Last name (if any):
  • PayPal email address (if any):
  • Order numbers or Transaction IDs:
  • Details of purchase: please provide us with a screenshot of the payment confirmation which you received via email OR provide us with the info regarding the last three transactions that have been made on the account – we require the type of transactions and the date

Again, there’s a chunk of things here I didn’t know. But I gave them as much as I could.

I sent that information the day I got the email thinking that finally I was getting some support.

Ten days later…

We have successfully removed the mobile authenticator from your account as requested.
Should you need help with anything else, please let us know!


I got my account back. It only took almost a month. There was a point where I thought my ticket wasn’t even being looked at. But I remember back in the Trion days, if you put a follow-up ticket in, it just pushes your ticket to the back of the line again. So I let it ride and waited.

I already had a second account I could play. While I never put money into my original Trove account, I did put money into that ArcheAge account. However, I wouldn’t touch ArcheAge again with a 50 foot pole after what all they’ve been doing with server merges and pay to win.

But, it would be nice to get my old Trove character back. So, once everything got resolved, I go to log into my original Trove account and this is the first screen I see…

It’s acting as if I don’t have a character.

I stop right there and go to look this up. Apparently, Trove frees up user names if you haven’t played in a while.

Okay, well, I go to type my character name in to claim it again: Aywren

Name is taken.


Usually, I’m the only Aywren in just about any game I’ve ever played. But, it’s not impossible that there’s another Aywren out there, so I choose another name: Aywren_Sojourner

Then I see this:

Choose a STARTING class?

Wait. I had all kinds of classes from back in the day unlocked – some that you have to pay money for now that you didn’t back then. I looked this up, too, and have seen where this has happened to other people who haven’t logged into Trove in a while.

So somewhere out there, my original Trove character might still exist, but it’s not connected to my account anymore for some reason. This… is a bummer.

Update! So, just for kicks, I chose a starter class and went through the new tutorial. Once I got to the other side, it appears that all of the classes and items I unlocked are still here, but my levels have all been reset to 1. My inventory has also been cleared out. So I’ve lost progression but kept basic unlocks. This is much better than losing the character as a whole.

You better believe that I’m logging in a few times a week on my Trove account even if I’m not actively playing.

Support did resolve my account issue, but it took so long just to disconnect the authenticator. If this had been the only account I had and I didn’t have access to it for almost a month, it would have been a truly frustrating situation.

As a side note, even if you don’t have an authenticator set up on a phone, Glyph will still email you an authenticator code if you log in from a new location – sorta like Steam does. But I guess support has to do what it has to do for every player in this situation.

And for those who have a Trove character they want to keep… log in often to preserve your name!

New Trove Bard with Dragon Mount

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BDO: Summer Season Begins, Deluge of Corsairs Incoming!

Yesterday marked the beginning of the new summer season and the release of the new class, Corsair, in Black Desert Online. This is my first ever season, and while I’ve only been able to play a couple hours, my Corsair, Petrel, is already level 28. It helps that I’ve already run these quests many times before, and the fact the season server is showering folks in XP and leveling rewards.

In fact, one of the rewards you can get – if your Corsair reaches level 58 – is a free ship! However, it seems like the cog has a lifespan, so I will still likely purchase a second Epheria Sailboat with the seals I’ve stored away. But the cog is still a good little ship to start leveling sailing on this character.

It’s hard for me to determine what I think of the Corsair after just a few hours. She seems very fluid (no pun intended) with all of her water-type magics and moves. It’s neat to see this kind of take on water abilities. Just like the Sage, she’s super flashy with her bigger skills, and seems to put out decent damage.

I haven’t had any trouble taking down anything in my path up to the point I’ve played. That being said, mobs are pretty contested since that was a first day release with a new class. I saw lots and lots of new Corsairs (with a few other classes peppered throughout), but it never got to a point I couldn’t finish the quest I was on… yet.

I’m sure there are folks who have more time and have already leveled theirs far higher than I have. What I really want to do is snag a ship and start to explore sailing while I’m on a server where I can’t be PKed.

So my first goal is to get to 58 for that ship. Then, I want to hit the ocean and explore. There’s a lot out there I’ve not seen and done yet.

I guess I also have to figure out how gearing up works on a season server. They’ve been tossing all sorts of upgrades at me as I’ve leveled, but I don’t know what any of them are for, to be honest. Gearing is one of those things I don’t pay attention to in BDO because I’m not really there for the combat.

They’re also giving away some neat cosmetic rewards as you level, like the eyepatch!

All in all, I like the way my Corsair looks, even in her lower level gear.

As I keep moving up, I’ll let you know if I run into any snags with the new class. But for now, it’s smooth sailing. Pun intended.