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BDO: Million Silver Horses


So I was down to my last T3 female again last night, and decided instead of working a week and a half to raise another pair to the point of shooting for T6 offspring, I would try to hit that spot where there was a 60% chance of breeding females. I left them breeding overnight, and manage to slip on right as maintenance ended before work this morning. So, again with the night pictures.

Despite that supposed 60% chance at females, again, I bred T4 males. Ugh… back to hunting down more females.

On the up side, I noticed that one of my males was born with the Drift skill, which I knew to be valuable. So I checked him out, and at level 1, with no training yet, he’s worth almost 2 million silver! I guess I know who I’m going to be leveling and attempting to sell tonight.


On a whim, I also checked the value of my T6 mustard horse, whom I did level to 3 last night. He only has 2 skills so far, neither of them that valuable as far as I know, and he’s already worth quite a bit.


Considering I’m not putting any silver into raising these horses, aside from breeding expenses, this is all pure profit should they sell. Maybe I’ll be able to afford to buy a female instead of scrounging to tame one instead. XD

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BDO: First Tier 6 Horses Bred!

I know I’ve been quiet about my horse breeding lately. That’s because I’ve spent all this time training my T3 female and T4 male to level 29 (both) in order to push a big breeding last night. This took me a week and a half of straight training… and it resulted in my first T6 horses!

SS Dapper – My First T6!

2016-04-27_1025354Sorry for the bad picture. It was night in game and I needed to be on my way to work, so I ran him to the inn where there was at least a little bit of light to take a screen shot. I’ll get better screens later.

Anyhow, though I was only supposed to have a 20% chance of breeding a T6 male from that pairing, and I was really shooting for females, both the breeding and the exchange gave me T6 males! I’m excited to get my first T6 — T7 is currently the highest tier in game, but is difficult to breed for.

I love the look of my first fellow – it’s hard to see in this picture but he has a little bun-tail. The second guy I got was one of the yellow/red horses that the community likes to call the ketchup/mustard horses. They seem pretty common and are not my favorite coat color. But, hey, maybe I can train him up and either breed him or sell him if he gets some good skills.

I’m faced with a tough choice now. Once again, I got no females from this breeding, and I have one remaining T3 female to train. I’m not sure if I’m ready to invest that kind of time to push her and another T4 male to level 29, even if the chance of getting T6 horses is great. I could level them a lot less and try for lower tier females, but my luck at getting females has been so rotten.

Or I could spend my time training the T6 ketchup/mustard to see if I can get good skills out of him and put him on the market. This has never been about making money, though.

Having too many options to choose from is not a bad thing. 🙂

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BDO: Riding Attire & Musa


A while back, I stated that when BDO put cosmetics in the shop that I wanted, then I’d put some more money towards supporting the game. I already knew I’d want the riding attire based on looks alone, but I didn’t know that it would have the 20% experience bonus to horses as you ride them. It was a no brainer.

I love the way it looks — very fitting for a character who is primarilay about running horses, this is perfect. 🙂

I also rolled a Musa today. I’ve been planning on this for a while since the class looks more like the kind of melee I enjoy playing. At first, I was going to roll a Tai character, but then I found out the classes’ Awakening weapon was something similar to a Naginata… which just so happens to belong to Tai’s rival character in my stories, KoGuRai. He’d never forgive me.

So, instead, I rolled a KoGu Musa. Happily, the name KoGuRai wasn’t taken. 🙂

This is the first alt I’m putting any time into, and I’m having a lot of fun with the playstyle. I burned through a number of Black Spirit quests that I already knew from my first character, and he’s already level 10 without breaking a sweat.

I also learned that alts share storage and stables, so he was able to snag a T2 Stallion I wasn’t training to get around faster.



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BDO: Still Horsing Around


While I’ve been busy playing FFXIV and FFXI this weekend, my little laptop has been constantly running BDO in the background, where I’ve been autolooping my horses to level them. I was unsuccessful in breeding any females from my last group of T3s, so I had to run out and tame some more T1/T2 females to start another family line. Note, I still have all my T4 and the one T5 from the previous lineage, just all of them were male, which wasn’t helpful.

It took about 17 tames to finally get two females from the wild last week. I spent a few days leveling them, and successfully bred and exchanged for a total of 4 T3 females to get me back in the game again. Yay!

So, this weekend was spent trying to level these new T3 females and the T4 males to a point where I could get better horses from my stock. Previously, I’d leveled them all to 12 and bred them. The calculator said I should have had over 50% chance to get a female, but all of those breedings resulted in males… So, this time, I’m pushing them to higher levels before breeding again.

This weekend also saw the US servers getting a boost in life skill experience gain. So everyone was out there leveling up. For the first time ever, I actually showed up in the top 30 Trainers on my server’s channel! By the end of the weekend, folks had beat me for that position again, but hey, I was there for a little while. 🙂


All Saturday, I spent leveling a T4 male from the previous lineage, SS Sensation. I had every intention to use him for breeding until I noticed he was learning one skill after another. Finally, at level 17, he had racked up like 7 skills, which was the most I’ve ever seen on any of my horses.

Out of curiosity, I decided to see what he’d go for on the market, and was shocked to see the game valued him at 1,700,000 (something) silver! Now, I’m a pretty broke player most of the time, just hoping to sell off some T2s for 65K if I’m lucky. So, this was a hard offer to pass up. I put him on the market, not sure that anyone would buy him… until about 10 mins later, he sold!

Tier 4 Male, Bred 4-14-16, SOLD for almost 2 Million Silver!
Tier 4 Male, Bred 4-14-16

On one hand, this was fantastic as I really needed the money to continue my breeding efforts… and this was the first real money I’ve made in this game. On the other hand, I spent almost a full day leveling this horse (and I wasn’t close to done), so that meant I’d have to level another! XD

I started working on leveling a female all of yesterday, and I think she got to about level 18 before I gave my poor laptop a break. There’s no way I could have done this without autolooping…

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Black Desert Online: Advanced Horse Breeding Guide and Resources


-Updated April 2017-

If you’re looking for a quick introduction guide to taming, training, and breeding horses, check the one that Dulfy has put together. It’s great! 

In this guide, I want to talk about some of the more advanced information I’ve learned over the past month in training and breeding horses in Black Desert Online. I’ve poured over spreadsheets from other breeders and I’ve kept my own on my Stables Page.

If all you want to do is just tame, train and breed, then you probably don’t need to delve into some of the advanced speculation I’ve come across. But if you want to know as much as you can about it, I’ve compiled information here from many different sources, especially the horse breeding thread on the official BDO forums.

Stables for Horses

Once you start breeding, you’re going to need space, and that means putting contribution points into expanding stable slots. You can do this at specific cities that allow for stable expansions. These cities include:

  • Velia 5 stalls
  • Heidel 7 stalls
  • Calpheon 8 stalls
  • Trent 7 stalls
  • Glish 7 stalls (No breeding)
  • Altinova 7 stalls
  • Keplan 7 stalls

Other stables allow 3 non-expandable stall slots, but may not allow for breeding, exchanging or deleting horses.

Horse Skills

The type of skills your horse learns (along with level, tier, and gender) effect the overall worth of your horse on the market.

Earning skills each level, and which skills are earned, are all RNG.

However, certain skills are locked behind certain tiers and (very rarely) coat colors. For example, only T6 horses can learn Two Seater.

Advanced Breeding Calculations

There is some math behind the breeding algorithm. 

I can’t tell you all that went into this math, but I do know that the Horse Breeding Calculator is based off these calculations, which revolve around leveling horses enough to reach specific thresholds. For details on this information, check out this Reddit post.

Here’s a quick overview of the logic as I understand it:

  • Basically, there is a breeding threshold reached at every 50 points (50, 100, 150, 200, 250, etc), which you earn by leveling your horses. It is the sum of both horses’ levels.
  • These thresholds increase the possibility of breeding better horses or more female to male ratio.
  • So, if I level a T1 horse to 10 and a T1 horse to 10, I get a breeding grade of 270 (based on the calculator).
  • 300 is the next threshold. So, in order to reach the next threshold, I need 30 more points (which the calculator determines is 7 more levels).
  • These levels can be split between the two horses, or can be trained all on one horse. All that matters is the sum of the points.
  • That also means that leveling both horses to 15, for example, is a waste of time, since all you need is one horse to 15 and the other to 12 to reach the 300 threshold.
  • So in the long run, it’s a time saver to determine what are the lowest possible levels you need to reach the threshold you’re breeding for.

So why wouldn’t you just want to level everything to 30 and be done with it? Because this is such a time consuming task, it’s better to use the calculator to shoot for certain goals. You can check out this calculator to see how much time it takes to level horses.

For example, a pretty solid way to breed lower tier females is to breed a level 10 T1 horse to a level 10 T2 or T3 horse. Here, you can see that you have a pretty good chance of getting a female rather than a male.


But if you level up to the next threshold, this will change. You now have the chance to get a T4 male, but your chances at getting a female drop significantly.


So plan ahead on what you need – do you want to push to the next tier, or do you need to spread out the gene pool and breed females?

Horse Coats by Tier

Each tier has specific color coats that you will only find at that tier.

The folks on the BDO forums have passed around this chart that the breeding community seems to refer to as the ultimate guide to coat colors.


So, you will sometimes see breeders refer to horses by their tier number followed by the coat letter. Such as, “I just bred a 4C with a 4K and got a 4P.”

Each coat also has specific stats tied to that coat color. So there is such a thing as “better” horses per tier. Here’s a sample of that for some T4 horses:


Breeding for Coat Color

Can you breed for a specific coat color? Yes and no.

This gets pretty confusing. Based on information gathered by overseas players, it’s speculated that each horse coat color has three color attributes attached to it: Red, White, and Black. You can check out this chart to see more information.

So, for example, this horse has 1 Red, 1 White, and 1 Black.


And this horse has 0 Red, 2 White, and 2 Black.


These two horses are considered “purebred” for color because they have either all black or all white.

t6black t7white

Now, I’m kinda murky about how coat colors really pass. I know it has to do with adding up the number of Red, White and Black that the parent horses have, but it’s also mostly RNG.

Here’s a thread that discusses it better than I could explain it.

The Horse Calculator @ BDOBase also tells you which coats are possible based off the two parent coats you input into the calculator.


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BDO: First T5 Horse Bred


I’ve had absolutely no luck in breeding females from my original stock of T3 and T4 horses, sadly. I did breed my painted mare (whom I decided to keep on the basis of loving her looks), and got my first T5 stallion today, however. I don’t think he’s one of the fastest T5, and he’s certainly not the most attractive, but it’s my first T5 just the same!

I only have one last T3 mare from my original founder lines left, and if she can’t breed some more females, I’m going to be back out searching and taming wild horses to get my T3 stock back up again. Bummer.

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BDO: Training Expert, Camp NaNo Writing, and Dat Funk


I did, indeed, reach my goal of Skilled 1 Trainer in BDO last night. This gave me a new title, Training Expert, which I wear proudly.

I just wish it would give more female T4s when breeding, though. I’ve had absolutely no luck in breeding a single T4 female in four tries, and the horse breeding calculator says I should have over 50% chance at it given the levels I raised my horses to. It was right about getting T3 females… so either it’s just RNG hating me this weekend or something’s not quite right with the calculator.

So far, all my T4s look very much the same, too, which is a little disappointing. My painted T3 female remains my prettiest horse, so I think I’m going to hold on to her for cosmetic riding reasons. Maybe even try pushing her to level 30 before I breed her. Just don’t know if I have the patience to wait for all that, though. XD

Dat Funk

blah I don’t usually write about myself in terms of feelings and RL issues because folks have enough of that already. But over the weekend, I’ve been in a funk… that I have absolutely no reason or right to be.

Overall, things are going well for me. Work is fine, home life is fine, I have lots of great games to play and people to play them with, I just got my tax return money back (so money is fine), I’ve been working on re-writing Dreigiau and trying to stay inspired – I have no excuse for being in a funk.

I have, however, not been feeling so well as of last week. I’ve just felt the need to sleep and sleep and sleep, and have been dealing with flushed face and sometimes nasty night headaches. It eventually led me to just feeling unmotivated, unenergized, and restless over the weekend.

If you know anything about creative folks, one of the worst feelings is being restless… because it leads to all sorts of discontent and bummed-outness.

For example, I just wasn’t interested in any games I’ve been playing lately. I mean, I set my horses on auto-loop this weekend, but I had no desire to actually play BDO. I didn’t game at all on Saturday, but I had the itch to try something world-buildy or sandboxy… I just didn’t know what. I looked at my list of Steam games for inspiration, but nothing appealed to me. I resisted the temptation to buy something new (Stardew Valley was in my thoughts) on the restless whim because I already have enough games as it is.

I did end up playing some FFXIV on Sunday, mostly just finishing the Crystal Tower trio for the weekly. My monk is almost at level 53, which is something that should excite me a little bit. Just not feeling it. My zombie hunting troupe did sit down with a little 7D2D late last night, which did get my focus for a bit.

I’m actually feeling a little bit better this morning physically (though I’m still dragging and sleepy). So I’m hoping this will pass.

It probably doesn’t help that this is technically week two of Camp NaNoWriMo and I’ve been burning creative juices and inspiration hard to get this writing done. When I’m expelling more creativity than I can absorb, it often leads me to feeling burned out, so this could be part of it.

Camp NaNoWriMo

camp_nano_logoWeek two is traditionally the hardest week for writers in any sort of NaNoWriMo. You’ve gotten past that new story smell, have made those initial introductions to people, places, things and ideas in your fictional world, and now the burden of actually doing stuff with them is upon your shoulders.

For me, the challenge is re-writing a story I started writing in 2001-2002 without looking back at the source material. Even though I’ve edited the original story several times since “completing” it, my memory is pretty fuzzy as to what all I actually did write. This could be a good (or a bad) thing.

Overall, I don’t feel like I’m parroting the original story at all. Everything I’ve written has been from scratch and, though it makes reference to the original plot and structure, flows very differently. I like what I’ve done so far, but I worry that other people might not.

I finally got up the courage to show Syn the first 6 chapters this weekend, and she seemed okay with it. She tends to not like when I alter things too much, so I’m using her reactions to get a feel for how other people might respond to it.

I am at the point of trying to start writing a journey that needs to happen in the story, but doing so with logic and reason behind it. Then figuring out what all needs to happen along the way. Don’t believe it when people tell you the fantasy journey trope is an easy one to write! Nope. In my experience, it’s always been one of the most difficult ones, though rewarding if you do it well.

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BDO: Cherry Blossom Earrings, Autoloop & First T4 Horses


This weekend I finally got the free Cherry Blossom Earrings cosmetics that you earn by farming cherry trees during the current event. My hair kinda gets in the way, but you can see them more or less here.

Friday also introduced the autoloop feature for us horse tamers. I know there’s some folks grumbling about it and some that just think it’s bad design, but for someone like me with other commitments than just playing BDO, this is a great addition. I’ve been keeping horses on loop as much as I can while I do other things (art, FFXIV), and it’s really the only way I can level horses to breed for better ones.

Speaking of which, I picked up a new trainer outfit to help speed leveling a little and finally bred one of my first T3 males. I got my first T4 horses – both male, of course. But hey, first is first. I’ve still got a number of other T3 females to breed, so I’m hoping to keep the lines moving forward.

It’s funky how the T4 horses I bred have mis-matched mane and tail – both of them.

Tier 4 Male, Bred 4-9-16
Tier 4 Male

It’s also interesting how the first T3 male I bred this weekend had the braided mane/tail style as well.

Tier 3 Male, Bred 4-8-16
Tier 3 Male

I’m also leveling my Training skill as much as I possibly can. I just reached Apprentice Rank 10, and hoping to see what’s beyond this soon!

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BDO: Cherry Tree in my House!


So while I’ve been training my horses in BDO, I’ve also been foraging for cherry tree seeds that you can farm and earn rewards during the current Cherry Blossom Event. Yet another little event that gives not just a housing item, but a cosmetic item! Nice, BDO!

Dang, these seeds are hard to find, though. And they take a LONG time to cultivate. The bummer is that plants don’t grow unless you’re logged in to the game, but the upside is, I’m in game anyhow racing horses up and down the roads. So, all is well.


I finally harvested my first tree yesterday and snagged the cherry blossom pot for my house. It’s a nice little splash of color considering I haven’t put a lot into decorating my new place yet. Bad me!

I adore cherry trees IRL, so I’m happy to have one for my in game house. I also love how BDO’s little festivals curl up around content you’re already probably doing (gathering, farming), or encourages you to try things you weren’t doing (gathering, farming). 😉

I’m still immensely enjoying my time in BDO, even though I only just hit level 22 last night with over 100 hours sunk into the game… It’s all good.