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FFXIV Announces Glamour Commodes

I am so… so… sorry. I couldn’t help myself.

I had to take that name and run with it. I wish it was a joke, but it’s not. From the Live Letter slide:


I typed “commode” into Google several times just to make ultra sure I was seeing what I thought I was. And yep. Someone either thought this was too funny to correct or just didn’t quite grasp one of the meanings of commode for English speaking folks.

Yes… yes… I know it can have other meanings. But come on.

So, here I am laughing about having to go to the Inn Room to throw my glamour gear in the commode.

Here’s the whole slide:


Anyhow, this news is super exciting, despite the name. I will gladly throw my glamour into any wardrobe system, even if it is a commode!

Here’s some detailed information on this, taken from Reddit:

Glamour in general

  • The regular glamour system will still exist!
  • Glamour prisms will be consolidated into a single type.


  • The Commode has 200 slots total.
  • Items can be converted to glamour in your inn room (they plan to make this possible outside inn rooms in the future)
  • Converting an item to a glamour costs a single glamour prism.
  • Items converted to glamours can’t be used as equipment.


  • Ensembles can be created in your inn room.
  • Up to 10 Ensembles can be created (more might be added in the future)
  • Ensembles can be made from glamours in your Commode and your Armoire (Armoire items do not need to be converted to glamours).
  • Ensembles apply a glamour over your currently equipped gear. It’s possible to fill all slots in an Ensemble, or leave certain slots empty.
  • Ensembles can be applied while in cities, inn rooms, residential areas, and the Ivory Chapel.
  • Applying Ensembles can be macroed along with gear set macros.
  • Applying an Ensemble does not cost glamour prisms.
  • Each Ensemble will save it’s own dye data.
  • Class restrictions still apply.


  • Chocobo saddlebags cannot be accessed inside instanced duties.
  • Items stored inside saddlebags cannot be used/put up for sale/delivered/used as components for crafting/etc. Items may only be stored in or removed from saddlebags.
  • You will have access to the saddlebags even if the chocobo is stabled.

So basically we get 200 glamour slots for gear we use purely for glamour. We can now create glamour sets that apply over whatever we’re wearing. This essentially lets you have multiple glamours on role-shared gear. You can also still apply glamours in the old way.

The 70 saddlebag slots can be accessed anywhere outside of instanced content. This is essentially an additional 70 slots for things like tokens or gathering items.

I’m not sure if they’ll change the name between now and then, but this is coming in Patch 4.2, which will release sometime late January!

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FFXIV: Squad Healing

The game keeps sending me cool Astrologian weapons through my retainer ventures. Not to mention healer drops in dungeons and raids. So, I took the hint and finally unlocked Astro last week.

This is a job I’ve been shy to try because healing by itself is often enough on my plate. The idea of adding cards to healing made me concerned that it’d be too overwhelming to me. But thankfully, Grand Company Squads came to my rescue!

Though I really enjoy running things with my little squad, I didn’t sit down to play with them a whole-whole lot until last week. They’re getting pretty strong now that I’m leveling their attributes, and it feels like I’m just along for buffs and light healing as they do all the heavy lifting.


This is totally fine for me. I leveled from 30 to 40 on Astro in three days. This could have been faster if I’d ran more squad dungeons and didn’t run out of rested experience. 🙂

And yeah, I know it’s easier to run with a squad than real people (for me), but I still feel like I’ve learned a lot about Astro through the experience. I even ran a levelling roulette on my Astro with some FC folks since squads gave me the confidence to try.

Squad Accomplishments

One of the other things I wanted to get were all of the squad emotes. After you run the squad dungeons 10 times, the game just drops a bunch of emotes, along with an achievement, on you.


I kinda wonder why they didn’t stagger these out a bit more — like 1 emote at level 10, 1 emote at level 20… But I’m not the one calling the shots.

Also, when your squad members reach level 51, this unlocks the glamour system for them. I was finally able to do something about my bunny-cat-archer.

She went from this…


To this…


I left the bunny ears on her, just because.

Glamouring squad members is easy to do. Just make sure you have the glamour prisms in your inventory, along with the gear you want to glamour.

So, effectively, you can pretty much customize your squad any way you want now. You can change their classes, level them up, and glamour them. The runs are a fast way of gaining experience for yourself, and leveling those alt jobs below 50.

Here’s to hoping we’ll see some 50+ content added to squads someday soon. Since they can level to 60, it would be really nice to have an easy way to keep nudging alt jobs all the way up to that point.

For everything else, there’s alliance roulettes.

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FFXIV: Sinterklass Free Company Holiday Event

Our FC tends to do things a little differently… Why celebrate the holidays the typical way when you can embrace celebrations from other cultures? Such as the Dutch feast of Sinterklaas!

Our resident Dutch FC buddy, Tharash, is always happy to share his holiday traditions with others. While Sinterklaas may seem similar to Santa Claus, there are a number of notable differences, such as the basic lore and writing poems with your gift exchange. Really, check out that wiki page I linked above if you’re not familiar with it. It’s pretty fascinating.

So, when Tharash approached me about organizing an event that was a blend of Sinterklaas with a Secret Santa gift exchange for the FC, I thought this sounded like a lot of fun. Though we didn’t have a huge turn-out, I didn’t feel like we needed one. In fact, having too many folks might have gotten overwhelming. The group who attended kept it fun, upbeat, and cozy. It helps that the FC house has been fully decorated for the holidays by our FC architects!

We all dressed in our holiday finest while Tharash took on the garb (and persona) of Sinterklass himself. We each had no idea who our gift-giver was, but when our turn came, we read the poem written for us out loud on Discord, and received a gift from Sinterklass’ bag.

Afterwards, we saw Sinterklass off on his winter-ready chocobo…


And had a snowball fight on the FC house lawn! 🙂


The gift I received was this exquisite Ao Dai dress! I’ve actually looked into crafting/buying one in the past, so I was stoked to get one as a gift!


Afterwards, we ran a full-party alliance roulette, some leveling, some Canals and other such content. We all had a good time!

Does your FC /guild hold events to celebrate the holidays?

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FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder: Everyone’s a Critic

You see that up there? Poor sad Amon!

Who could possibly not like Syrcus Tower? It’s got Amon in it! Who doesn’t like Amon and his epic hat??

Man. Everyone’s a critic.

Anyhow. Today’s Tales from the Duty Finder is more of a silly annoyance story. I was actually kinda sad our friendly Machinist didn’t do more crazy things during our Alliance Roulette to make this post a bit more interesting. But, ah well, I’ll give you what I got.

So, we Alliance Roulette. I celebrate as we get Syrcus Tower.

I love Syrcus Tower. It’s my favorite alliance raid… because it’s quick, usually easy, least likely to wipe, and just overall pretty relaxing to run for good alt-job experience. I also love the music, atmosphere and the boss battles that make you feel like you’re doing something epic… even if you’re not.

Well. We get in and start saying our hellos.

Apparently, this here Machinist doesn’t share my love of ST.


I’m not quite sure why God should help us all in this case. I mean, I just said ST is fast and easy. 🙂

So, recognizing we have a personality in our group, I kept my eyes peeled for other interesting quotes. She only gave me one more, when she decided to critique a racial running animation with poor spelling.


And we’re off to a good start!

She seemed in a hurry. There were several times when she would hang around the exit to a room while the rest of us fought the trash. Which is… you know… kinda self defeating because it takes us longer to finish it if less people are fighting.


This is a pet peeve of mine, and I never quite understood it.

That being said, that really was the worst that happened on this run. Sorry, slow news day.

She didn’t try to pull before tanks or anything else. And her glamour was actually pretty nice.


But making Amon cry is just mean.

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FFXIV: STOP! Glamour Time!

I haven’t been very immersed in FFXIV lately, so I decided to do a few low-key things today to get my feel for this game back. This included working on a holiday glamour!

Our FC has a holiday event coming up this weekend, so I sat down and sorted through my Starlight gear from the past few years and put together a pretty typical outfit.


I think it goes particularly well with a rapier though. 🙂


I also got off my lazy bum and worked through the level 60+ Bard job quests. Though my Bard has been level 70 for a while, I didn’t do a single story quest this whole time. Shame, shame.

I was motivated when I saw some of the Storyteller artifact gear you get from the final quest — I already have better gear stat-wise, but I liked the way some of it looked. So, it was glamour time for my bard, too.


I’m glad I did the story, though, because I forgot how much I enjoyed the dynamics between Guydelot and Sanson. It actually helped, I think to sit down and do all the quests straight in a row, though, because it kept me focused on the quest chain. Breaking it up between levels sometimes leaves parts of the story fuzzy.

Maybe I’ll unlock the /perform action and see how that works!

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FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder – The Day I Saved the Raid

I don’t like to write about myself in Tales from the Duty Finder, since this is supposed to be a section about funny or annoying things that happen due to other people. But Syn told me I should post this, so I will.

This actually happened back before Thanksgiving, so it’s been a while. Syn and I tend to do Alliance Roulettes daily in order to level alt jobs. Right now, I’m leveling my Machinist so that I can eventually get Bard and Machinist to share the same gear at 70.

I’m not the greatest Machinist, and I’m only running around in Shire gear, despite being level 67… cuz… just leveling. But it’s generally fine since it’s only level 60 content at the most, anyhow.

One day, we ended up with Dun Scaith as our roulette. I’m rarely thrilled to get a level 60 raid in roulette, but the higher experience gain makes up for the pain. Believe it or not, we were having that pain on the Proto Ultima boss, of all things.

I have no idea what happened, but our entire group, aside from myself and Syn (who was a tank) died on this fight. So we were racing the timer with very low DPS at the end while the Proto Ultima was counting down the seconds until going Supernova (raid wipe).

I was the only DPS left alive in our group, and all other groups had already used their Limit Breaks. Someone raised a healer in our group and one of the DPS called for a Healer Limit Break 3, which would have raised everyone who was down.


I hesitated. I didn’t want to be the one who blew a LB and failed the raid. But the healer wasn’t using it. (?)

Then, someone else shouted for the DPS LB instead! I was the only one alive in my group who could do it!!

I saw the countdown.

10 seconds!

Boss at 2% health!!


I slam the DPS LB button!


Animation lock, big guns come out.




And that’s how I saved the raid.



Spoiler –  And I didn’t get a single commendation from this run. 😦

That’s life, I guess.

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FFXIV: Tales from the FATE Finder – I’ll Cushion You!

I can’t call this a Tales from the Duty Finder, because this didn’t happen in a dungeon/duty environment.  However, it put a big smile on my face, so I thought it was worth telling.

Starting yesterday, FFXIV brought back the Dragon Quest crossover event, Breaking Brick Mountains. My two main characters already completed this back in the day, so they had all the rewards. But I have a slew of alts who never got the King Slime Crown, and that needed fixing!

I did the event three times last night for a few of my alts — I took the lower leveled ones in first so that they’d have a bunch of other people with them to do it. Not that it’s that hard. It’s a level 7 quest and all you have to do is complete two back-to-back FATES that sync you down to level 12.

In fact, the most time you spend in this event is waiting on the FATEs to pop. Sure, there are several zones where these FATEs happen… But the truth is, the majority of people pile onto the spot in Central Thanalan since it’s the closest to the quest giver location… and most players, by default, will choose the path of least effort. Myself included. 😀

The first two times I did this FATE, it took about 20 minutes for it to spawn. Not great, but I could live with it. When I got to my lala, Hedge Mouse, I swear I waited 45 minutes or more.

This gathered a huge crowd of folks, just waiting. Some were patient. Some Mandervilled. Some were queued for other things while hoping to do this in between.

Bored, and with the lack of dances on an alt, I had Hedge use the /playdead emote.  Which, on a male lala is the butt-up-in-the-air face-plant pose.

As seen on the left…

While I was laying there in /playdead, and almost giving up on the FATE spawn, an unknown lala (named Bearclaw Neko) walked over and stood on top of Hedge. At first, I was… concerned… with what she had in mind to do since poor Hedge Mouse was lying quite prone.

Then, the most adorable thing happened. She made a summon motion with her hands, and a Plush Cushion minion appeared under him!

She had given poor Hedge a pillow to lie on!!!


I was completely beside myself as she walked away and left it there for me. I wanted to do something to let her know this was the cutest thing I’ve seen all week, but I was scared to move and ruin it. I squeed and took screenshots instead.

I probably should have whispered her something, but she was queued in Duty Finder, and vanished a few minutes later. She’ll probably never see this post, but if she does, I’d love her to know that she made my night.


(The FATE popped shortly after, btw.)