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  • FFXIV: Adventurer Plate Gallery

    FFXIV: Adventurer Plate Gallery

    Yesterday, I finally sat down and worked on my Adventurer Plates for all of my Mateus characters. Here’s what I’ve got (in alphabetical order). As you can see, most of these characters have something to do with either my Wayrift comic or my Spot of Mummery story. The exception is Fljot, whom I’m still not […]

  • FFXIV Housing: Recreation Room Remake!

    FFXIV Housing: Recreation Room Remake!

    Back in 2019, I wrote about the Rec Room I designed in our FC house – basically, I take the private chambers of my characters and theme it to become something for the FC and visitors to use. This is the room of my main character, and lately I felt that it was badly in […]

  • FFXIV: Patch 6.1 – Fun & Engaging (No Spoilers)

    FFXIV: Patch 6.1 – Fun & Engaging (No Spoilers)

    As stated in the title, there will be no spoilers in this post. In fact, there will be little to no talk about MSQ or the Alliance raid – both which I’ve completed. The one note that I want to make about the MSQ is something I’ve heard another player say – they kept calling […]

  • FFXIV: Create Your Adventurer Plate (Character Card)

    FFXIV: Create Your Adventurer Plate (Character Card)

    I knew the first time I heard about the Adventurer Plates in a FFXIV Live Letter that it was an excellent idea. The initial release for this feature has come in patch 6.1, but we’ve been told there will be much more forthcoming. The Adventurer Plate is a place where you can showcase information about […]

  • FFXIV 6.1 Patch Notes Highlights

    FFXIV 6.1 Patch Notes Highlights

    It’s that time again! Patch notes time – here’s the preliminary FFXIV 6.1 patch notes for the release coming next week. And here’s what I think of what I’ve seen so far! Of course, I’m hopping over the basic things like story, raids and dungeons, as usual. We know those are coming and are exciting. […]

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