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FFXIV: Astro Level 70, First FC Sub Creation

Over the weekend, I finally brought my Astro up to Level 70, where the job now shares gear with the rest of my undergeared healers. It’s been quite pleasant tossing old gear to the GC vendors and opening up space in my inventory.

I’m sitting in a pretty good spot as we pull into Shadowbringers Early Access week. Here’s where I am currently:

My Dark Knight is halfway through Level 59 – I’m going to make a final push to finish that up tonight. My Warrior is taking up the level 60-70 Beast Tribe quests, now that Astro is done with them. It’s slow leveling, but steady, and doesn’t take much time out of my day to do. As long as I stick with it daily, and clean up some of the old Stormblood quests as I go along, it’ll be no problem finishing getting these two tanks to 70 with the rest.

Of course, we’ll be adding two new jobs in the mix come Shadowbringers. I’ll probably utilize Alliance Roulette for my Dancer as I don’t really fear playing DPS like I do Tank and Healer. But Gunbreaker is going to get in line along with the other tanks for Beast Tribe leveling.

Also, as you can see, I’ve not yet touched Blue Mage on this character. But that’s a project that I can take up when all the expansion hype dies down.

FC Yellow Submarine

Though we’ve had most of the mats stashed in the FC chest for quite a while, it wasn’t until last night that we finished up putting together our first Sub. Amoon really did most of the crafting and gathering work, and I’ll be interested in seeing what all it brings back in the future.

Yest, by default, it came in a yellow color.

Sadly, or maybe not too sadly since Thursday is FFXIV down time, I do have a work trip that’s going to be keeping me out of town overnight on Wednesday. So, tomorrow is my final day to get things in shape before Shadowbringers. I won’t be back in until Thursday night, but seeing that the game is going to be down, and I have Friday off, it’s not too bad a deal.

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FFXIV: All Job Quests FINALLY Complete!

It was in the goals list of April 2018 when I first realized… hey… I’ve leveled a lot of jobs to 70, but I haven’t touched the job quests for them yet. This was pretty unusual for me to do seeing that in past expansions, job quests gave out important skills along the way, and I never skipped them.

This was not so with Stormblood. The only job quest that gave something of reward beyond a fun story was the level 70 quest. So, I could… and did… level alt jobs without ever touching a quest and be just fine for it.

That, plus Alliance Roulette, amounted to a huge backlog of unfinished job quests as I leveled one after another to 70. Over a year ago, I finally realized I’d gotten in over my head, and decided to try to work them into my goals.

I was also severely behind on my crafting job quests, and manage to work through all of those. But my battle job quests just got kicked back month after month undone.

One of the things I wanted to make sure I did before Shadowbringers dropped was finally finish these job quests. So I’ve been force-ably sitting myself down every night this week after doing my Astro/Dark Knight leveling, and got them ALL done, job after job.

I knocked out Samurai on Monday. Scholar on Tuesday. Ninja on Wednesday. And finally, last night, I completed the Monk quests.

As of now, if a job is level 70, I have all quests done for it!

Warrior is sitting at level 60 (all quests done) waiting for Astro to finish with beast tribe quests – I should have that leveled to 70 over this weekend. I’ve kept up for job quests on that, so it’ll be an easy finish.

Dark Knight just hit level 58 last night, which did unlock a new job quest that I will do tonight. Been keeping up with that, and MIGHT have it leveled to 60 by the time the expansion drops. It’s hard to say as I’ve gotta be out of town for a few days next week, so my playtime is going to be drastically cut right before the expansion.

Overall, I feel like I’m right where I want to be for Shadowbringers in terms of progress. I’ll be using beast tribes and clean-up quests to eventually pull Warrior and Dark Knight up to 70. I’m not in a rush for those because I’ll also be leveling the new jobs the same way, and all of my tanks will share gear.

Hitting 60 on Dark Knight will also complete my 2019 gaming goal for leveling, as that’s really where I hoped to get for those jobs. So to push beyond to 70 will be a big bonus!

Time to Celebrate!
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FFXIV: Moogle Tome Farming Concludes

Don’t worry, the event itself is still going until Shadowbringers drops. But for me, the farming concluded last night when I got my second Pegasus on my RP alt.

I’d had thoughts of working on another mount, and I might still try for a couple minions, but overall, I think I’m going to take a break from the Syrcus Tower runs. As much as I enjoy the raid, running it 50 times over the past few weeks has given me my fill.

Also, I need to set aside time to work on job quests. This is the only goal I haven’t put time towards (again) this month. Leveling on my main is going very well – my Astro will hit 69 tonight and my Dark Knight will probably ding 56. This puts me in a much better spot than I expected to be before the expansion.

If my last remaining tank job hits 60, then I can pick up and level both Dark Knight and Warrior along the way with Gunbreaker. I don’t have any notion of actually playing the new tank job, but I’ll level it, just like I am all the other jobs.

It’s very plausible to get all of my main’s jobs to 70 by the end of the year, which sets me up in a good position to work towards 80 next. Especially if Trusts work well for leveling, and beast tribe quests are released for Shadowbringers on top of that.

It’s only been recently that I’ve decided to try to max all my jobs in FFXIV, so I was way behind the curve with my tanks and healers. I’m pretty proud of the progress I’ve made, especially considering I’m not comfortable taking them to group content.

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FFXIV: Black Fat Chocobo Amazon DLC

This is a NA only offer that lasts through July 1.

The mount is one per customer, and only one character can claim the mount. Sadly, I learned that it’s not account wide like previous offers. 😦

Buy anything that qualifies and get a code for the black fat chocobo mount in FFXIV. Here’s what Amazon states as the conditions:

Seems like preorders and some game cards don’t count – though the FFXIV Time Card itself seems to qualify. You can double check to see if a game is part of the promotion one of two ways.

On the game page, if you scroll down under Sponsored Products and People Also Viewed section, there will be a section that looks like this:

And on the search pages, if it qualifies, you’ll see something like this:

Sadly, most of the games I want are pre-orders. So, I ended up picking up Civ VI for the Switch, since it’s on sale right now. Looks like as of tonight, the game is no longer in stock directly from Amazon, so it’s exempt from the promotion at this point. Kinda glad I jumped on that sale because there’s not a lot of other stuff I really wanted – Nintendo Shop cards didn’t count for some reason!

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FFXIV: Stormblood Beast Tribe Rep Complete

Though I’d already ranked up to max with all Beast Tribes in the game on my main, one of my goals for this month was to finish maxing out Stormblood Beast Tribe reputation for my RP alt, Amon. The whole thing is mostly just for the fluff, as you get several mounts and emotes for completing this – including the /gratuity emote that comes from the Allied Beast Tribe quest.

Griffon Rep Mount

That’s not to say that these quests don’t have importance. Though Amon was completely max level on all the jobs that are relevant to him, I’ve also been running both Stormblood and Heavensward beast tribe quests every day on my main.

Since I’m a chicken to actually run content with my Astrologian, these quests are pretty much the only way I’ve leveled the job since I hit 60. This is a lot slower than something like running Alliance, but you can do it solo, and it nets about a level every 4 days or so — at the point where I am, around level 67. The quests don’t take long, so it’s a fair trade off for leveling a bit more slowly.

I’ve also been working on leveling my Warrior, which just hit 59 yesterday! Pretty good when my goal is to reach 60 for the month. I’ve been concentrating on running a daily squad dungeon and supplementing it Heavensward beast tribe quests. This nets a level every 2 days, which isn’t bad for not running group content.

Striped Ray Rep Mount

It looks like I’m on track to reach my leveling goals before Shadowbringers drops – I just wanted to get Warrior to 60 and Astro to 70. In fact, I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to start working on leveling up my Dark Knight in a few days, once I get Warrior squared away.

Though I could have dove into leveling rep with other beast tribes on Amon, I decided to take a break for now. I’m still running at least two Syrcus Towers a day in order to earn him a Pegasus, and there might be other prizes I want to look at on the list once I get done there.

I also need to try to knock out job quests on my main. While I did catch up on Warrior and Dark Knight, I still have too many Level 70 jobs with unfinished quests. It just seems like there’s too many other things I need to work on, and job quests just never get completed.

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FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder: Sad Syrcus Story

Since I’ve been farming Syrcus Tower for my Pegasus mount lately (only two runs left on my main!), you knew I’d have a story to tell sooner or later. You also know that you’ve got a jinxed run when it starts out like this:

Just using his initials “TD” here

We had a chatty group, so this initiated some conversation.

So the raid starts. I could tell that DPS was a little on the low side, but we got through the first boss just fine. It wasn’t until we got to Glasya Labolas, the second boss, that things went south.

Now Glassy (as I like to call him) is the easiest boss in the raid as long as the raid knows to focus fire him down as fast as possible. This skips all mechanics and just burns him for a fast fight.

However, sometimes you get a raid that divides itself between knowing to burn the boss and trying to kill adds. When you do that, you’re at risk of Glassy going into his phase change mechanic.

Based on the number of clockworks still alive, he does raid-wide damage. I’ve seen a raid survive this with one or two clockworks still alive, but this many alive led to this.

Props to the one tank who survived – then died a moment later

Most people have never seen the actual mechanics of this raid boss… unless you played this back when it was still relevant. And it’s pretty rare to wipe to this boss. One or two people killing adds aren’t a big deal, but here, the raid was too divided to knock him down before his ultimate.

So we wiped… much to the raid’s shocked amusement.

A couple of us explained to burn the boss, and we did just fine the second attempt. It was still a sad (funny) story to see. And everyone was a good sport.