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FFXIV: Housing Furniture Preview Feature

One of the features that launched with Shadowbringers that I would have been more excited about had I known what it was… was the housing furniture preview. When they noted this back in some fan fest or live letter presentation, I remember asking, “What does that mean?”

It wasn’t until I saw it in action that I understood how nice this QoL feature is! Up until now, if you wanted to know what a furniture item looked like, you’ve had to go to very useful sites like FFXIV Housing. And even then, it was easy to overlook furniture you didn’t know about because there’s just so much to sort through.

This preview system helps a ton with this. Basically, you can open up the Housing menu and select Preview Indoor Furnishings. This gives you a list of housing items, organized by category!

The system defaults to the most recent housing items added to start with. But then you can drill down into specifically what you want to see.

The best part of this system is that it places a temporary version of the item in your house. This way, you can check out what it looks like, how large it is, and how it fits with the rest of your decor. You can even use the dye preview to see what it looks like in different colors!

This would have been super useful when I was planning out my housing and room decorations earlier. I can’t tell you how many times I would buy something only to find it didn’t fit right, or was smaller than I thought it was going to be, or just didn’t mesh with the theme I was working on.

Not only that, but I spent so much time searching the housing website for specific things – bookshelves, lighting, beds, etc. And then when I found something I thought was right, I still didn’t know until I placed it and dyed it whether it was what I was looking for.

Of course, you can’t mess around with things like float glitches with the preview, so it doesn’t cover every base. But just to see in detail what something looks like before you make the effort to craft it or spend gil to buy it goes a very long way!

Oh, and talking about floating glitches. I saw last night there’s a new video out about the loft glitch. It’s very well done. So if you’re curious how to take your decorating to another level (pun intended), check this out!

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FFXIV: The Rising 2019

Seems like a lot of folks are off having fun in WoW Classic – hope it’s a good launch for you all! Not being much of a WoW player myself, I’m over in FFXIV enjoying this year’s anniversary event – The Rising.

What I love about The Rising is that it’s not just a game’s anniversary celebration. It’s often some sort of message from the devs – usually Yoshi P himself, and sometimes other members of the team. This year, we got some really heartfelt messages from various parts that make up the team, such as the sound folks, the visual folks and even the message board mods.

Spoilers ahead!

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FFXIV: Making It Through Stormblood… Again

I currently have a lot of alts sitting at the start of Stormblood right now, and I’m struggling with the motivation to get them through. While I absolutely adore Shadowbringers, and I’m hyped to play through that on my alts, I’m trying to find a way to pace myself through the old expansions still.

One of my goals for this month was to finally get Tai through Stormblood 4.0. This gets most of the dungeons shoved out of the way (there’s still 3 and 1 trial to do), and also gives me access to spending Poetics on the higher end gear.

Thanks to patient FC folks, not only did I get Tai to level 70 Dragoon this weekend, but I did get him through 4.0 content! I still need to go back and finish up his job quests, and now I’m facing the Drowned City dungeon. But for the most part, there’s not much aside from a string of MSQ quests (which I speed through since this is my third time through).

I’m going to try to focus on this since my other characters are mostly just running roulettes for weekly Tomes now, and doing some beast tribes for leveling alt jobs. It’s a very good time to play catch up, and if I can get another character moving through it on Tai’s heels, then all the better.

Really, the Trust system in Shadowbringers makes everything so much more friendly for a player like me. I feel as if once I get the rest of my crew to Shadowbringers, and I no longer have dread forced-grouped dungeons, I can play much more to my own pace. I know I still have to group for trials, but that’s not a huge deal in the end.

I’m certainly going to add continued progress for alts as goals in the future.

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FFXIV: Feature Appreciation – Mount Roulette

While I know this is supposed to be dev appreciation week for Blaugust, and I’ve written a post to that tune, let me also drop a feature appreciation post. FFXIV in particular is amazing about introducing quality of life updates with expansions and regular patches. Sometimes a feature starts out barebones, and then turns into something amazing as its fleshed out a few patches later.

We’ve had the mount (and minion) roulette system for a while now. You press a button and it summoned a random mount that you owned – this was neat! But it wasn’t until lately when this system became ultra cool.

For one thing, the team added the ability to search for mounts and minions. This was a bigger deal for minions, honestly. If you’re like me, you have hundreds, and a search is almost required to be able to find anything you need.

Yes, the mount description is creepy, but never mind that. Look at the search!

They also added a way to find a mount/minion you just recently obtained but have never clicked on. A little green dot goes a long way, especially if you just got a super cool new mount and you want to find it really fast.

Then, there’s the Favorite option. Right-click any mount/minion and set them as your favorite. This marks them with a star and plays directly into the roulette system.

Because now there’s an option for the mount roulette to be smart enough to only pull from your favorite mounts! And putting it all together, this is amazing!

You have complete control over your favorite list – adding to and taking away from at your own interest. Tired of seeing the same pony pop up all the time, unfav it for a while. Or fav some mounts you haven’t used in a while and get something a bit more fresh with roulette.

The only select from favorites toggle at the bottom of the Mount Guide

I feel this is one of the best ways a MMO can handle the concept of introducing a slew of really cool mounts, prompting players to collect them, and anticipating that players want to use a number of them. It sure beats dragging a bunch of mounts to the hotbars.

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FFXIV: Cauldronfiend’s Scrip Gear

So when I first saw the Cauldronfiend’s set, I knew I had it have it for my RP alt. For reference, this is the Level 80 Alchemist White Scrip gear. While you can get White Scrips any time from crafting collectable turn-ins, it’s just easier to wait until the weekly turn-ins are available. I’ve looked at what’s needed to craft and the materials required, and I’ll just go the slow but steady way.

Weekly turn-ins reset on Tuesday. If you’re lucky, one or more of the possible turn-in NPCs may offer bonus scrips. Up until now, I’ve been using this to gear up my gatherers. But this week, I’ve used it to level a crafter on my main (nets about one and a half levels or so) and gear up Amon’s first 80 crafter.

This is one of the nicest of the lab-coat type sets they’ve made so far, IMHO. And a good solid weekly turn-in with one bonus got me all of the pieces except for the gloves. But the gloves look so similar to what I already had, it’s not a huge deal.

Oh, plus it has better stats. But who cares about that? Glamour!

I plan on finishing this set out, including the tool… then..? I don’t know. I’ll have to decide on whether it makes more sense to finish up my gatherers or use the turn-ins for leveling more crafters. I guess I’ll decide on that when I get there!

I’m not super fond of sets that only work for specific jobs, mostly because I don’t usually have the room in my inventory for them. Since I’ve only leveled a few battle jobs on Amon, I have a lot more space for frivolous things like this.

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Dev Appreciation: S/E – The FFXIV Team

This is dev appreciation week at Blaugust, and it probably comes as no surprise that I’d write a post about my favorite MMO dev team at Square/Enix.

Most everyone has heard the story about how Yoshi-P single-handedly created a miracle when he turned the ship around on what was once FFXIV 1.0. I’m not at all going to downplay this feat – the man absolutely does deserve all the love the fans give him. But he was not alone in creating the MMO that has most recently brought one of the best expansions I’ve ever played in any genre – Shadowbringers.

When I went to Fan Fest back in 2016, I got to meet a number of the dev team including Foxclon, Soken, and even shared an elevator ride with Koji and Masaki Nakagawa (Mr. Ozma). I almost got to meet Yoshi-P, too, but security cut the line two people in front of me, and turned the rest of us away, so that never happened. 😦

Autographs from Fan Fest

I have to say that from all the Live Letters and the Fan Fests and meeting them in person, this team has a ton of energy and a lot of love for the world they create. I know they don’t always make the perfect choices when it comes to game direction, but I honestly feel the team does take into consideration feedback, communicates well, and does everything to make Eorzea the place I log into almost every day.

At the end of this month, FFXIV celebrates yet another Rising (what year… is this 6?… I’ve lost count). It’s the anniversary of ARR’s release, and a celebration where most often, Yoshi-P and the team thank the players for making the game what it is today. It’s always a touching and humble gesture on their part. Never just a “Hey, we’re great, our game is 6 years old!” but a “We appreciate you being here and supporting us and helping us reach this milestone!” feeling.

I think that’s what sets this team and game apart for me. It’s crazy to think that I subbed to FFXIV very shortly after ARR launch (having not played 1.0 and never having any interest in it before then) and I have never been unsubbed in all these years. Not even one month. I’ve never done this with any other MMO I’ve played in the past. And I don’t see myself hanging it up anytime soon.

So to the great FFXIV team, thank you for all your hard work! You’ve brought me so much enjoyment, many friends, and an outlet for creativity. I hope that in some way, you have an idea of how your creation has enriched the lives of others.

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FFXIV: Using Stormshade for Screenshots

Maybe you’ve noticed that as of late, a number of the FFXIV screenshots I post here seem of better quality than the shots of yore. This is because I’ve been dabbling with a shader system made specifically for FFXIV called Stormshade.

Stormshade is a version of Reshade that has unlocked the depth-buffer for FFXIV. I don’t know what all that exactly means, other than some of the visual options you couldn’t normally fiddle with are open to edit while it’s turned on.

Not only can you create your own settings based on the shaders provided, but you can also download shader presets created by the community. There’s a whole page of those on the Stormshade site. For most of the shots I take, I flip between the various presets I’ve downloaded until I find a combination of something I like to look at. One day I’ll spend some time making my own.

Note: Often, these presets are very intensive on your PC resources, so I don’t suggest using them outside of taking screenshots. A few of the presets can be used for play, and will usually be marked in the description if so.

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