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FFXIV: House Decorating Glitches

One of the goals I have for this year is to deep-dive into FFXIV’s housing and decoration features. Between Tumblr and sites like Housing SNAP, I know that this is much more involved than it seems at first. And a number of neat things can be accomplished if you know the glitches to use.

Glitches? Housing glitches aren’t new to FFXIV by far. I’m thinking back to games like EQ2, where glitches are used to break out of the normal housing area into bigger zones.

Well, in FFXIV, glitches are primarily used to do things like float objects to make lofts, stairs, and place things in locations they normally wouldn’t be. While these glitches aren’t required to make a nicely decorated home, knowing about them and understanding what they do has provided me options for decoration I didn’t realize existed.

Many of these glitches require something very specific, such as placing an item from the housing storage or from your inventory. The infamous floating object glitch is really just toggling off the counter placement setting and breaking an item’s link to a table or shelf you placed it on.

So lets talk about these glitches, shall we?

Floating Loft

The first thing I set out to do was create a floating loft from a stage in the FC’s main room. You can see this WIP here:

Basically, this is a squirmy glitch that requires several things to work — the item must be in the housing storage, and you must bring it out at an angle to the wall. You must then go into first-person view, smush yourself against the wall and try to place the stage above a window with the middle-most part sticking through. Oh, and you have to use the mini-command menu to place it.

Here’s all that in a video:

Please check the video’s description for more info

The one thing to be aware of is that if you use a mouse/keyboard setup, the mini-command menu is (by default) set to the * (star) key on your number pad. This brings up the menu, but then you have to press the 0 (zero) key on the number pad to actually select “Place.”

Floating Stairs

Once you have a loft, you must then make stairs! Typically this is done by placing cushions on top of shelves.

There are two flavors:

I chose to use spiral stairs in our house because that fit better.

Floating Objects

Making floating stairs actually uses this same glitch. But in case you just wanted to place a picture or tabletop item somewhere it shouldn’t be (even floating in mid-air), here’s how it’s done!

Putting Windows on Partitions

It’s funky that those windows you pick up from the Enclave can’t be placed directly on partitions. Frankly, that makes no sense at all… so hopefully this will be a QOL somewhere down the line. Until then, here’s a glitch to make those windows do what you want!

I’m not quite finished with decorating our FC house yet, but I’m making good progress on it. I’ll update when I have something more solid to show.

But in the meantime, if you’re looking to refresh your room or house in FFXIV, check out that Housing SNAP website for inspiration and hopefully you’ll find a good use for some of these glitches I listed here! There’s a LOT more you can do with FFXIV housing than you might think at first glance – let your creativity go!

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FFXIV: Little Things Add Up

I’ve been taking a bit of a break from blogging lately mostly because I’ve been taking a break in general. I’ve have a good chunk of holiday time, and still have up until the new year before I have to think about anything other than relaxing. So I’ve been doing that.

With so much time on my hands, I’ve actually dedicated a good bit of it to tying up little loose ends with my stable of characters in FFXIV. I’ve completely embraced the alt life at this point, with several different characters at different points of advancement. But there were a few things that I wanted to do for each of them that I rarely put the thought or time into.

Chocobo Color

A while back, I farmed up a big batch of fruit for our new FC to dye their chocobos. I have several characters who have been surviving on desert yellow vanilla chocobo color… more than I wish to admit — including my RP main!

It’s still somewhat tedious to feed all the fruit one by one, but really, it doesn’t take that much time. It’s just one of the things that slipped through the cracks. One of those things where I thought, “Yeah, I’ll get around to it one day.”

Well, I did, and I’m glad. Now I have many chocobos the colors of the rainbow.

Grand Company Rank

Before this holiday, only 3 of my characters had Second Lieutenant rank with their Grand Company. Some of them hadn’t even started ranking up at all.

Why is this rank important? Two reasons – it unlocks housing and squads. So without that rank, none of these characters could have a personal room, nor did they have squads to help level any alt jobs I might want to tackle.

This was a bit of a grind, to be honest, but as of now, only one of my characters do not have a personal room or squads unlocked now… and that’s because she hasn’t reached that part in MSQ.

Personal Rooms

This ties into the above. It’s a goal of mine next year to really think about housing and decorating for all of my characters. I want to consider a theme, something that fits them as an individual, and design their rooms around it.

But before I could do that, I had to unlock the proper GC rank, and I had to have the gil to buy it. I’ve managed to do that for all but one of my characters now. I have a lot of decorating ahead of me!


Another thing locked behind my GC rank is squads.

While squads aren’t mandatory, and for most of my characters, not even needed, it’s still something I want to work on for several reasons. There are achievements and emotes locked behind squads… also, Grand Company rank is tied to leveling your squad in the end.

I don’t know if in the future I’ll regret not ranking up with my GC. They might gate something awesome behind it… who knows. So may as well do it while I had some time.

Ranking up Squads chews through GC seals, though. And juggling this between so many characters who usually don’t go out of their way to earn GC seals means I have to put time into things like unsyced runs for drops.

It also means that GC seals are not a viable way to purchase ventures. Which leads to…

Allied Hunts

Allied seals are a nice way to earn things like ventures and aetheryte tickets. Sadly, I don’t pay them as much attention as I should. Ranking up in the GC unlocked hunts, and I took full advantage of the weekly B Rank for each of the characters who could complete it.

I turned these into ventures because…

Leveling Retainers

Most of these characters have retainers who didn’t even have a job yet. Some of them I’d leveled a little bit, but having run out of ventures and not farming GC seals… well… I just didn’t have the resources to keep leveling my retainers.

So, earning ventures through hunts meant that I could put resources into leveling my retainers again. A max rank retainer with good gear is actually quite a boon to have. I’ve made some good money from random venture returns. So it’s yet another thing that I am working on leveling across my alts.

On a positive note, doing all this has given the FC a boost in currency! Now I just have to figure out how to make a habit of checking on all of these things across my different characters. Hopefully, I’ll be able to sync them all up in a way that they coincide with each other for everyone.

Times like this you realize just how many systems are in FFXIV. I mean, I always am aware there’s more to do then I can ever really do, but… part of that is just the fact that I am, and will always be, an alt-a-holic.

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FFXIV: Starlight Rhythm Game

This year’s Starlight festival has come to FFXIV, bringing with it a new kind of mini-game. Somewhat akin to rhythm games such as Theatrhythm (which I’ve never played), this requires you to click a key or tap a mouse button (your choice) to timed animations on your screen. In doing so, you conduct an upstart choir in performing a carol for onlookers.

I was concerned that the game would be taxing to play, especially for someone like me who needs to do it over and over again on all of my alts. But it turned out to be fairly easy, and it has two modes just in case you need something even easier.

The fail-state for the game is hilarious, though:

Not my video…

You only really need to do the mini-game once if you want to complete the quests for the achievement and the holiday outfit. But, this year, FFXIV also puts a bunch of nice housing decorations up for grabs.

While we got a tiny tree one year, this is the first time that the game has given the option for a large indoor tree in many years. This one is silver and heavily decorated as compared to the green tree from years ago (which you can now only get from the Mogstation). While I prefer the green tree (I always have IRL, too), this one is also very nice if you don’t want to plunk down $5 or more for pixels.

This is why I’m taking the time to score decorations for all of my alts and for the FC house as well. It may seem redundant, but I know next year, this stuff will be in the Mogstation for $5 a pop.

This has also encouraged me to go for broke and unlock a private room in the FC house for all of the characters who have enough Grand Company rank to own a room. This is something I’ve wanted to do anyhow, and I think that decorating both my personal house, personal rooms and the FC house is going to be a major goal for next year.

I’d love to make themed rooms for each of my characters based on their story and personality. I just really need to sit down and plan it all out.

In the meantime, I’m grinding out decorations during this Starlight event — I’ve found a sweet spot where you can stand between the two NPCs and just repeat the quest over and over without moving. The game really doesn’t take long, it’s all about staying dedicated to playing it through so many times. But its worth it for all of my characters to have their own Starlight decorations for the future.

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FFXIV: Locking Horns

Pictured above: Not the actual Behemoth from the FATE.

Yesterday, I was going about my normal Ixali beast tribe quests when I heard the shout of “Behemoth!!” upon entering Coerthas. I thought about it for a moment, and being upon Amon (who has never done the FATE), I decided to poke around a bit, if only to pick up the achievement points.

I got there and there were a few other lower level folks milling around the first phase of the FATEs. But it was counting down fast, and under 5 mins, with not that many others interested, they scrambled to get a light party up. I was invited and went in on my level 70 bard. Needless to say, I was pulling aggro off the lower level tanks much of the time.

Seeing that the FATE did not level me down, and a few more people joined in near the end, we did somehow down the preliminary FATE, which then led into the real battle. Again, I wasn’t synced down. But seeing that our party was made of two tanks and the rest DPS, I quickly switched out to the only other viable job I had — Red Mage — thinking about the missing heals.

Oh, am I glad that I did. Because I ended up the only source off healing that we had (chocobos get offed pretty fast on this fight). We had a young tank that would lose over half his life for each cleave, and another tank which must have been higher level, because he was doing a pretty good job of keeping aggro and taking hits.

I wasn’t sure that we’d be able to do it — since in my memory, Behemoth used to be a whole lot harder to take down. But with Red Mage heals and enough DPS, we powered through it with no deaths. Well, until the end when Behemoth dropped the scripted meteor that took us all down to a sliver of our lives on purpose.

I tossed out a rez to the one tank who didn’t make it through meteor, and it was all celebration from there. Many of them had not seen the fight before, and the energy from the newer players made it all absolutely worth it.

I walked away from the experience feeling awesome for being a Red Mage, and remembering what it felt like to have one of those neat moments with random strangers in an MMO like this. This wasn’t really anything difficult to defeat, but seeing other people stoked to down a boss FATE felt good. Hopefully with Blue Mage coming next patch, we’ll see more of this kind of thing happening again.

And now I need to level Amon’s Leatherworker next so that he can use the horns to make a behemoth trophy for his room… that way, I’ll remember this fight whenever I look at it. 🙂

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FFXIV: Year-End Goal Achieved!

It is done! As of this weekend, I have completed my overall 2018 goal of leveling all of my lagging-behind jobs to 50 on my main! Woo! 

Warrior was the final job I needed, and once that dinged, a flow of achievements came in. I also finished up the job quest for Warrior and that got me another few achievements and a title for completing all of the job quests up to level 50. 

While I’m not super serious about pushing these jobs to 60 yet (that might be next year’s goal), I did start doing a few beast tribe quests on my Astro over this weekend just to get things started. I don’t know if I’ll be super focused on this right now, but it would be nice to have most of my jobs in a good spot once the expansion comes out next year. 

Unexpected Dragoon

While I was out doing beast tribe quests, I noticed that the next checkpoint for a Dragoon job quest was out in the same zone. I’d run across the start of the level 60-70 line and picked it up weeks ago, but never followed it. Since I was there and it was there, I just went ahead and took the leap. 

I’m glad I did. The quest line wasn’t super long, and I actually really enjoyed the story, especially seeing Estenien again. It’s hard to gauge exactly where his character stands from the few bits and pieces you see of him in Stormblood. But interacting with him in the Dragoon quests gives a much stronger feeling of how his character has developed in some ways without losing what made him who he was. I was pretty pleased. 

He even smiles a bit! Though, I admit, his smile looks a bit odd.

The level 70 Dragoon artifact armor is one of those things that I didn’t know I needed until I got it. I think this is one of the nicer sets of Dragoon gear I’ve seen. I even like the little dragon on the spear. 

I put away the half-finished Anima weapon I’d worked on during the last expansion since this spear was better stat-wise. Not to mention, I really have no desire to glamour that weird face-thing on to this cute dragon. 

While I don’t ever see myself going back to Dragoon as a main, it was kinda nice to revisit the job again after all this time. And I’m happy to have worked through the cute little questline about dragons and get a nice set of gear. This really does encourage me to try and go back to finish more of these job quests! 

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FFXIV: Monk Level 70!

Last night, with a combination of Beast Tribes and a few level 69 quests, I was finally able to hit level 70 on my Monk! Note that she’s still using the fist drops from Palace of the Dead. No, those are not glamours. 

That just shows you how dedicated I was to that job. Sorry Monk… I just could never get into that play style. 

This means that one of my monthly goals is checked off, and I can move on to leveling another job. I’m really thinking it’s going to be SAM since it shares gear with Monk. I only have two level 60 jobs left to pick from, though – SAM and NIN. 

I’ve been knocking out a squad run with my Warrior every night, slowly inching towards level 50 on the job. Once that’s done, that will bring all of my jobs to at least 50, which was my goal for the end of the year. 

After that, I’m going to try and see how squads work in the 50-60 level dungeons. This will be completely new ground to me, but seeing that I have squad members who are level 59-60 already, I hope it won’t be hard to get them to carry me through. I’m thinking about starting with my Astro. It’s the last healing job I have that’s not 70, and consolidating all healing gear would be fantastic. 

Oh, and I did pick up that new hairstyle that drops from Eureka the other day. It dropped below 2.5 mil on my server, I had the gil on hand, so I snapped it up. The last time I bought it for an alt, it cost almost double the price. 

This is why I’m always broke.