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  • GW2: [WAY] of the Four Winds

    GW2: [WAY] of the Four Winds

    A few weeks back, I sent in a support ticket to request a change in our old GW2 guild name. I finally heard back, and after sending a list of possible names, the first name I chose was open. So, it’s now ours. We now have a little casual guild called Way of the Four […]

  • FFXIV & SWL: Halloween Approaches!

    FFXIV & SWL: Halloween Approaches!

    Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. So I absolutely adore Halloween events in my MMOs. I haven’t spent time exploring GW2’s Mad King event, despite the fact that the Labyrinth used to be one of my favorite haunts years back. Also note that gem store mount skins have become a thing really […]

  • GW2: PoF Story Completion, Impressions

    GW2: PoF Story Completion, Impressions

    With FFXIV Patch 4.1 releasing tomorrow, I sat down Saturday with the express intention to finish up the GW2 Path of Fire story line. I’m happy to say that I was a lot closer to being done than I thought I was, and that I did, indeed, finish it! (Now I just need to go […]

  • GW2: Reaper Spec Complete!

    GW2: Reaper Spec Complete!

    Yeah, I know I’m like 2 years behind everyone else, but seeing that I just picked up GW2 and started playing it again (fairly casually) last month, this was something I was happy about. I finished filling out all the hero points for Reaper on Zznaf last night, and got this neat necro hood cosmetic! […]

  • GW2 Path of Fire: The Departing

    GW2 Path of Fire: The Departing

    It’s pretty interesting how a game can go from “I’m not interested in this in the least bit” to “Okay, I’ll buy the expansions now.” Part of it’s my fault, I’m sure, for reporting that so far, the GW2 Path of Fire story and design is a whole lot better for players of my taste. […]

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