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FFXIV: When Quests Mess With My Head

I’ve always been a fan of stories that put a psychological twist to them. It doesn’t have to be horror, per say, but just something that jolts you awake, and leaves you feeling thoughtfully uneasy.

There’s a tone associated with the majority of the quests in FFXIV – somewhat fluffy and feel-good. There’s a few tragic moments where characters die, and there are moments of plot tension, though that’s mostly reserved for the MSQ. But usually, with event and job quests, with a few exceptions, you know things are going to be okay.

I’ve been going through dutifully trying to finish up leveling jobs and clearing out job quests lately. Dark Knight has been my final job, and I admit I had not been paying a whole lot of attention to the quest line for it. It seemed like the typical dark-side wants to consume you type of story, complete with an edgy mentor, Fray, whom I didn’t always agree with.

So, this weekend, I realized I was level 51 and had never finished up the level 50 quest for Dark Knight. I had no idea how much this job quest was about to mess with my head. …and I loved it!

I don’t know who wrote the quest, but dang, they must have been in touch with the writer of the Edda quests. Or maybe it’s the same writer.

All I know is that I went into this thinking I was just going to be cleaning up my last job quest for Dark Knight and walked out of it completely thrown for a loop and invested.

There’s been a number of fantasy quests over the years that try to make you feel like you’re at the edge of losing control to a powerful, dark force. They try to instill a feeling of unease, as if any moment, you could be consumed. Up until the last quest, this series felt like that typical trope.

Then, suddenly, everything you thought you’d experienced was twisted around, and you find out none of your point of view was accurate. And wow, yeah. Now that gave me an unsettling feeling, like I’d lost control of my own perception, and was really at a risk of being consumed by this void.

Well done, writing team! I’d love to see more like this in the future.

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FFXIV: Shadowbringers Benchmark & My New PC

So, not only did last night’s FFXIV Live Letter drop a bunch of bombs about how battle and classes are going to change, but the very last thing announced was that finally, the Shadowbringers Benchmark is here!

Even if you don’t have a sub or a copy of the game, you can install the benchmark and play around with character creation for all races, including the new Viera and Hrothgar. You can also put your PC to the test to see how well it will run Shadowbringers once the expansion launches.

This was very timely because I had just buttoned up my brand new gaming rig last night! Below is not the best picture, but it does show how much LED and rainbow is on my mother board now. I’m a bit behind on the times, so I didn’t expect my RAM to actually double rainbow like that.

So, a little over two weeks ago, I wrote about how I had a power supply I needed to return to Newegg. It had taken a beating during shipping and I wasn’t going to take a chance with it in a new computer… especially for the cost of the power supply.

While Newegg did me right with the return and got a new one back to me, the process took about two weeks, and that put my PC building on hold. In hindsight, it would have been faster just to ask for a refund, go to Amazon and have them Prime me the same item for just a little bit more (it was on sale at Newegg).

But I stuck it out and waited for the replacement instead. No one really knew for sure that the Benchmark was going to be announced last night, so it was just fluke that I popped the video card in and the machine was ready to test on the same day!

I have to say that going from mechanical to SSD bootup hard drive is sooooo amazing. I still have a large mechanical as my document and storage drive, but Syn got me this crazy little chip looking SSD as my main (for my birthday present).

This thing just slid in a little slot on my mother board and I was like… wow! I didn’t know they made hard drives with such a tiny form factor! I was really impressed. The new rig boots up and shuts down almost instantly!

With my old machine, I’d turn it on, go and feed the cats, get my breakfast, then sit down and still need to wait for it to load up desktop icons and shake off the cobwebs before I could open even an Internet browser. It’s crazy the difference this makes.

So, this long holiday weekend, I’ll be tweaking the machine and getting it where I want it to be — you always find some program you forgot to install for a while after building a new one! Also, Syn just upgraded her video card on her own machine, so I may be inheriting her Zotac GTX 1080 soon. The Fury I have in this machine is perfectly fine, but hey… I’ll take an upgrade anyday!

Sadly, because the Benchmark was released 10 PM last night, I only had enough time to run through it once. I didn’t have much time to look at the new character creator. Given that I do plan on rolling a Viera, and maybe a Machinist Viera (seeing the changes they’re making to the job), I do want to fiddle with that this weekend!

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FFXIV: Meeting Major Goals

I feel like I should make a bigger deal of this than I’m going to since I finally finished some goals that have been a long time coming. One of them is even a goal I set for my yearly gaming achievement.

It felt like pulling teeth, but last night, I finally finished leveling Astro to 60. I got to the point where running the Vault with squads was the best solo option. I even did it… once. It’s certainly not the cakewalk the lower level squad dungeons are, but it’s not impossible, either.

No matter, I just didn’t feel up to running Vault (a dungeon that’s not my favorite by any means) the number of times it would take to get me from 57 to 60. So, I did the actual best thing – I called on Syn to be my co-healer and pushed the rest of the way using Alliance roulettes.

Whenever I heal actual content, I’m reminded that while I’m not a terrible healer, there’s a lot I don’t know about the game from a healing perspective. Astro is not a good fit for me when it comes to healing as I either focus on healing or focus too much on cards… and one or the other suffers.

However, I got it done! Now, I’ll proceed towards 70 on beast tribe quests and regular quest clean up… cuz there’s no way I’m running the level 60 alliance raids on a healer. XD

I can also finally start focusing on the next job in line – Warrior. Unlike healing, I really don’t have the courage to try to tank these raids. I know it’s probably not terribly hard, but I’ll stick to squads and beast tribe quests for now.

God of the Hand

Not such a great title for a pretty great achievement.

I also finished leveling my final crafting job on my alt. So, every crafting/gathering job is at 70 and fully kitted out in scrip gear. What started out as me just messing around with gathering and crafting on an RP alt turned into full-on leveling a second omni-crafter.

It took me a bit over half a year to complete, once I got to seriously working on the progression. With an expansion just around the corner, the level cap is going to rise again, but I don’t really plan on rushing into it on this character. I’ll probably level my gatherers, but I tend to wait for the crafting beast tribe quests to make my way up the level ladder. I’m just not a fan of leves.

Maybe with the Ishgard reconstruction feature coming there might be more to do to level crafters and gatherers this time around. That would be very nice!

For now, I have a few other things I want to work on with Amon – namely Hildibrand quests and ranking up with non-crafting beast tribes. Using up all my daily beast tribe quests for crafting means I did almost nothing with the other tribes, and that’s something I want to remedy. There’s too many nice emotes, mounts and dances I still want to get for him!

I’m certainly not at a loss for things to work on until Shadowbringers, that’s for sure!

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FFXIV Housing: Recreation Room

This isn’t actually a new-new room for our FC house, but one I just put some final touches on, making it ready to post about. I still think there can be some additional wall decor added, but I’m holding off to see what the new expansion releases for housing before investing a whole lot more.

Here we have a rec room – there’s an attended spa to get you in a chill mood. 

Lots of reading nooks, including one under the loft. 

Up top, is a couch perfect for arts and crafts, a musical moogle and a peaceful little aquarium. 

There’s also a cushioned window nook and an art corner with another aquarium for inspiration. 

A number of of comfy napping spots and cushions are included for your enjoyment. 

If you’re on the Crystal Data Center, you can visit this and any of our other themed rooms here: Mateus – Shirogane – Ward 14, Lot 14.

If you stop in, please let us know in our Guestbook – located on the counter of our main room right near the front door. We appreciate the Likes and the comments!

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FFXIV: Meeting Minor Goals

I don’t talk a whole lot about my side RP alts, but I did set a few minor goals for one this month. I had two things in mind for my Lala Mocho – I wanted to finish leveling his SAM to 60 and to finally unlock PAL (which is supposed to be his main job when it comes to the RP story I’m writing).

I’ve been running alliance roulette with his SAM the past weeks, and finally hit 60 over the weekend. Pictured above, the white-bought level 60 gear… since Mocho has not completed enough MSQ to get to Idllyshire and buy tome gear.

After that, I switched goals to running squad dungeons to get him to 30 on his Gladiator. That… was a lot of Toto-Rak. The worst part of it was that my squad healer couldn’t keep him alive from time to time, even though she was above level 50, and I was not speed running the dungeon. Not sure what’s up with Squad AI lately, but I don’t remember having this many wipes on my other tank jobs.

Finally, I pushed through leveling, the lvl 30 Gladiator job quest, and unlocking Paladin. I’m holding back getting through MSQ (he’s stuck in ARR 2.1 stuff) until I get his PAL to 50, so it’s going to be slow going for a while. But the big goals for this month are complete!

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FFXIV: Housing – Sparring/Training Room

Over the past weekend, I was inspired to work on another design for a personal room in our FC house. This turned out to be a sparring/training room, which was actually a suggestion that Syn gave me.

This fit well because I chose to use Tai’s room to do this, and he’s all about battle training and staying in fighting shape. That’s also the reason for the dark blue, which is his signature color.

As seen above, the room is built around an open central area with practice mats. I also recreated one of Tai’s retainers to be a stand-in practice dummy.

There’s a trophy display of an Ixion horn in the back corner.  Just for a little color.

Next to that, we have some lockers for changing, and a curtained-off shower station. Gotta wash that training funk off after practice! 

Lots of windows to brighten up the otherwise darker room. And a scuffed-up PotD floor which lends to the feeling that it’s seen better days.

I still feel like there’s some more I can add to this room as new housing items come out – it was only in Eureka that we got the chainmail hangars and the crossed halberds (which aren’t listed at the FFXIV Housing site!). Why don’t we have more weapon displays? It’s hard to make a convincing sparring room without some weapon racks.

If you’re on the Crystal Data Center, you can visit this and any of our other themed rooms here: Mateus – Shirogane – Ward 14, Lot 14

If you stop in, please let us know in our Guestbook – located on the counter of our main room right near the front door. We appreciate the Likes and the comments! 🙂