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  • Tablet Gaming: Labyrinth of Ragnarok

    A little over a month ago, I bought a new tablet – a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ to be exact. I’ve had a couple tablets in the past, but these were always smaller in screen size, and usually suffered in terms of not having enough storage space. Even the one older tablet that had an […]

  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Ambivalence

    In a previous post, I noted that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was one of my anticipated games of this month. So now that it’s actually released, and I’ve spent some time with it, how do I feel about it? Well, it’s complicated. It’s not complicated for the reason you might think, either. I’m really not […]

  • Friskies CatFishing 2: A Kitten’s Review

    It’s been a while since I’ve written about my newest family acquisition — my kitten, Spriggan. Actually, he’s almost a year old now, and while he’s just tall and lanky, not quite as bulky as Sebastian (my older cat), he’s starting to match him in height at least. Spriggan, quite frankly, is still a kitten […]

  • Animal Crossing Pocket Camp (Mobile) Coming in November

    I’ve been keeping my eye on the announcement around the upcoming Animal Crossing mobile game, now revealed to be called Pocket Camp. If that’s enough for you to be excited already, you can sign up for a notification to let you know when it’s out. Anyhow, I watched the little video (below), and here’s my […]

  • Magikarp Jump

    So I’ve been itching for a pet raising/breeding game lately. And while the new Magikarp Jump mobile app is not really that, it still seems to scratch that itch. Bonus points that it’s simple, cute, and doesn’t take a lot of my time up. I’d been hearing about this around the net, and decided to […]

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