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  • Hatch Pet: The 2 Year Birthday

    So, today I did my ritual log-in on my iPhone apps, and discovered that my Fugu Hatch Pet had a birthday. No, actually, I had no idea it was getting this close! I could have sworn I first adopted him in fall, but the app does say he’s over 900 days old. So… who knows. Regardless […]

  • FFRK: Palom & Porom Get!

    I’m always happy when there’s a FFIV event in FFRK. I’m still playing this game daily, just haven’t reported on it a lot because I’ve pretty much unlocked all the characters that currently exist (aside from a few base job characters). Today, I picked up Palom and Porom. And as a bonus, Paladin Cecil got his […]

  • Introducing Miitomo

    I’ve been following the development of Miitomo, Nintendo’s first phone app, since it was first announced. It did an open beta stint in Japan, where it is quite popular, and finally just released outside of Japan yesterday. As soon as I knew it was released, I downloaded and created my Mii over lunch break. I […]

  • FF:RK – One Year Anniversary

    While I’ve only “seriously” been playing FF: Record Keeper since September of last year, this marks the app’s first anniversary outside of Japan. We’ve been living it up, I tell you what! We’ve been getting great log in bonuses – including Souls of Hero and Memory Crystals. I finally unlocked FuSoYa’s level cap! We also […]

  • FFRK: Kefka and Figaros

    Though I haven’t been posting much about FFRK, I’ve been playing it pretty regularly. I just haven’t been unlocking as many characters lately because I’m getting closer to having them all unlocked. At this point, I’ve been focusing on earning Memory Crystals for the characters I do have, though I don’t have many character leveled […]

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