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  • Nefol: Learning to Code (Kinda)

    Nefol: Learning to Code (Kinda)

    Last week, Syn and I were stumbling through learning how to make characters move, setting up collision boxes and making talk bubbles. We were taking bits and pieces of code from various different YouTube videos, trying to piece together techniques and coding the best we could. I knew that something needed to change. Our code […]

  • Nefol: We’re Walking!

    Nefol: We’re Walking!

    Last weekend, I continued to work on the Zento sprite, mostly in finishing up his side walking animations. But before I did that, I did something even more important…. The Man Braid Remade That’s right. I had to remake the man braid. I actually took the artwork from the RPG Maker sprite and increased the […]

  • Nefol: Zento Sprite Remade

    Nefol: Zento Sprite Remade

    Now that I’d finally found a good style for our background artwork, I turned my attention back to the Zento sprite again. While the background art would have been fine for a pixel sprite, I still felt we needed something larger. So I started to do some research and looking through available Spriter Pro assets. […]

  • Nefol: The 2D Environment Solution

    Nefol: The 2D Environment Solution

    In my previous post, I talked about how I struggled to find a way to mesh our character art with background assets. I used character sprites I created in Spriter Pro with backgrounds make from screenshots of assets arranged in Unity and this just wasn’t working out. I threw around all kinds of ideas on […]

  • Nefol: Zento Sprite Horror

    Nefol: Zento Sprite Horror

    In my previous post, I talked about how I was trying to use the RPG Hero pack of Spriter Pro as a foundation of sprite art for our game. I spent many hours of trial and error with this program, working to figure out how it worked. So, you start with a guy that looks […]

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