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December 2020 Gaming Goals

Happy December! Welcome to the final month of 2020, and to the Holiday season! I’ve got a bit of vacation at the end of this month to look forward to, but lots of goals on my mind as well!

In FFXIV, we have a patch incoming, which always means taking time out for story and whatever goodies the patch brings. Folks in my FC have been dabbling in Blue Mage lately, and this brings yet another level cap increase for that job.


  • Finish leveling Warrior to 80 and do job quest
  • Level Gunbreaker via Trusts
  • Clean up quests in the First (to level tank)
  • Level BLU when patch drops
  • Cap BLU skills
  • Work on crafting Relics for Main and Amon

This time around, I really want to finish leveling the last of my Trust members to 80 for the achievement. This will also coincide with leveling one of my tanks. Once Warrior and Gunbreaker are done, all I’ll have left is Paladin to have everything to 80 and the Amaro mount.

I really, really need to work on crafting relics! This next patch is going to drop an update to them yet again… ugh. Not to mention I didn’t even start on the gathering relics. I’m so behind. : /

MISC Goals

  • Continue to level Taming in UO
  • Continue playing Steam Games
  • Play Switch Games
  • Play 3DS Games
  • Play Xbox Pass Games

So I have a few very loose goals here. I do want to dabble in UO again this month. I don’t want that falling to the wayside.

I have a handful of Steam games I’ve been putting time into that I’d like to keep my momentum with, if only a little. I also need to blog about them!

I also dusted off my old 3DS system — there’s so many games there I haven’t touched/finished that it’s a shame. I need to blog about that, too! 🙂

And finally, I really want to put some time into some Switch games other than Animal Crossing. I just need to nail down which one I want to make my focus.

Oh, and Xbox Pass… I’ll… talk about that later.

That’s a lot of gaming! Thankfully I have a week off.

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Pokemon Sun: Story Complete!

I had what I like to call a bit of a hermit weekend (very little MMO gaming), which was a nice change of pace that allowed me to recharge. I also got a lot of stuff done around the house, and things done on single player games.

The first thing I wanted to tackle was to finish the story for Pokemon Sun. This has been a goal of mine since January, and while I was on the homestretch, I didn’t get any of it done last month. With the Switch coming out this Friday, I knew that I needed to finish this up before I get sidetracked by other Nintendo gaming (Zelda!), so I did.

I have to say that Sun had some pretty impressive cutscenes for a Pokemon game. I was already somewhat spoiled on what was going to happen, but it was still neat to see where the story went in the end.


It took me 100+ hours to beat the game. But that’s mostly because I was dabbling around in breeding, trading, the Islands, and the Festival Plaza. I’d say that I got more than my money’s worth, and I still have more to do.


The game instantly launched me into another storyline about capturing Ultra Beasts. I’ll get through that on my own time. Until then, I have a bunch of Pokemon I’m training for evolution on the Islands, and more to trade for. My Pokedex is 77% complete. So I still have a way to go, but I’m content on my progress overall.

I’m kicking around the idea of Pokemon Bank, which I don’t yet have an account with. Not so sure I want to transfer my Pokemon to Sun, though, since they get stuck there if you do.

Overall, Pokemon Sun was an enjoyable experience! Probably the Pokemon game I’ve liked most so far.


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Pokemon Sun: Pokerus & Christmas Vulpix

A number of Pokemon players are getting ready for Christmas by breeding holiday-themed, starters or awesome Pokemon in advanced. Much like my Halloween efforts, we plan on sending them in bulk through Wonder Trade on Christmas hoping that the kids (and other folks) who get the game as a present will get something cool to help them start out.

I chose to breed a large number of Alola Vulpix in suitably holiday-themed Premier Balls because they are cute, ice-typed and exclusive to Pokemon Sun. I’m happily naming them things like “Jingles” and “Noel” and storing them away for this weekend.

Unexpected Pokerus!

So, while I still haven’t finished the game, I’ve still been leveling up random Pokemon using the playground in Poke Pelago. Once they’ve leveled enough to evolve, I pull them out and level them one more time in battle to make it happen and fill another slot on my Pokedex.

I was just doing the normal leveling thing yesterday, and needed to stop by the Pokecenter to refill my main battler’s PP. That’s when I got this message.


Wait, what?

I quickly scanned my team and discovered that a random Barboach I got through GTS or Wonder Trade sometime last month was unexpectly infected with Pokerus! I had no idea. It’s just been sitting in the PC box and then leveling in Pelago this whole time!

The first time I ran across this virus, I had no idea what it was. Now that I do, I decided to figure out how to spread it to my team.

It seems that the infected Pokemon needs to be in the first slot, and that it will pass it to the Pokemon in the second slot. But I also learned if you take that second infected Pokemon, switch it out to like spot 5 on the team, next time it spreads, both of the infected Pokemon will pass it to all Pokemon in slots next to them.

Anyhow, once I figured that out, I was on a mission to not only hatch a bunch of Vulpix, but also infect them all with Pokerus.


Hopefully I’ll have time to breed another box before the weekend!

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It’s Winter in Animal Crossing

I read someone who wrote about how they’d logged into their Animal Crossing town yesterday and winter had come. So, of course, I had to go in and check on my little town, too.

Sure enough, everything was covered in snow.


That got me thinking about games that follow real-world seasons.

Seasons in Games

The original Animal Crossing was the first game I remember playing that changed to match the seasons and holidays in the real-life world. I thought it was brilliant!

At the time, I was working at our local game store, Electronics Boutique (now Game Stop). Sometimes our manager would get sample games to try out or use in the display system. He got a copy of Animal Crossing, and figured that my sister and I would enjoy it more than he would, so he gave us that copy.


This had to be on winter break for my university, because I played it soooo much around the holidays. I remember the snowy world in particular. And even now days, when I play an Animal Crossing during winter, it takes me back to my first explorations in the series.

I admit that I have a soft spot for games that change through seasons. I don’t just mean holiday celebrations in MMOs, either (though I appreciate those, too). I’m talking about games that have fairly large make-overs that reflect seasonal change. That’s why crazy little farming apps tend to make their way onto my phone. They help me feel festive and have become part of my own celebration.


Do you have a game that you’ve connected with a specific time of your life – be it a season or just a time in general?

Do games help get you into the festive mood? 

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Pokemon Sun: Akala Island Completed

I know plenty of folks are already done with the newest Pokemon adventure… and I am not one of them. Even though I’ve clocked in over 50 hours at this point, I got so sidetracked into breeding, trading and messing around in the festival that I didn’t actually finish the story on the second island until this week.

I’m having a whole lot of fun, though, so that’s all that counts.

Starter Madness

After trading for the other two starters, I tossed them into my team to level them up alongside my own. They all reached their final evolution with my Decidueye about the same time.


I don’t know if they are going to be a main part of my team going forward or not, however. I know none of them are probably the best of their type, but I’m just playing for fun. My basic approach has been to keep a variety of types in my team in hopes to cover as many bases as I can. So far, that’s been working well enough.

I absolutely love how the relationship you form with your Pokemon change things in battle in this game. Not only does your trainer avatar say encouraging things, and your Pokemon do random things, but I’ve seen my Decidueye withstand killing blows and land critical hits due to wanting to impress me. It’s a nice touch that really shows the importance of bonding with your Pokemon.

Other Progress

My little Mudbray also finally evolved into Mudsdale, which is very cool. I usually don’t use a lot of ground type Pokemon, but this one feels really tough and strong, so I’m keeping him around for now.


I’m also training up my Mimikyu, as well as breeding it and sending offspring into Wonder Trades when I have time. Because… sufficiently cute/scary.

I’ve made it all the way to Ula’ula Island, and hope to clear that as part of my December goals. Yes, I know that’s still incredibly slow, but I have so many 1% Pokemon to trade for, still!

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November Goals in Review

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is slowly coming to a close. But before we jump feet-first into December, I wanted to take a look back at what I accomplished over November. My goals for this month were pretty loose — mostly focusing on playing other new games that just came out.

So how did I do?

Games to Explore 

  • Civ 6 ✓
  • Skyrim ✓
  • Pokemon Sun ✓
  • Sims 4 City Life Expansion ✓

On the new games front, I did pretty good! Steam says that I put 17.6 hours into Civ 6 and 9.3 hours into Skyrim. I really need to pick up Skyrim again because it’s been weeks since I’ve played, and this is pretty close to the point I left off with the game before. I don’t want it to be a replay.

I know that I got at least 20 hours into the new Sims 4 Expansion, and I still want to continue with the family I started. But Pokemon Sun really won the month considering it came out so late, and I’ve put in over 40 hours on the game already. Granted, most of that has been breeding and training Pokemon, but I’ve certainly had a fun time.


  • Level Scholar to 60 ✓
  • Gear up Dragoon ✓
  • Get PotD Kinna Bard Bow or Scholar Book
  • Work on Relic Weapon ✓
  • Do job quests ✓
  • Gain reputation with Sahagin

FFXIV has really been a case of autopilot for me right now. I log in mostly to do an Expert run and some Beast Tribe quests in hopes to cap Scripture Tomes for the week. I should have stored enough up to purchase the Dragoon pants for Zuri today, which is the last large-ticket item. From there, just the head, belt and feet are left. So, I’ve made good progress on gearing her up.

I have been working on Relic, but no where as much as I really should be. I’m just more annoyed with the Umbrite step than anything else.

I did finish leveling my Scholar/Summoner to 60. I went back and completed the Scholar job quests, but have not started to catch up on Summoner stuff. I’m concerned that my Summoner gear is so sub-par that it’ll be hard to do. So, I’ve been scrounging drops from Expert Roulette to try and make that a little better.

Sadly, I still haven’t seen Floor 100 of PotD, nor have I earned my upgrade for the first Kinna weapon. I also didn’t work on the rep gain with Sahagin at all. I know I could have had both done by now, but meh. Trading in Pokemon is more fun for me. 🙂

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Pokemon Sun & Moon: Trick to Hatching Eggs Quickly

So this is a trick that’s been out there, but something I didn’t know until my FC buddy, Bean, informed me of it yesterday. I tried it last night, and sure enough, it does work. Thanks, Bean, for making my breeding and trading so much faster!

All you actually need to do this is the Tauros mount, which you have before you get to the Nursery anyhow.

It also really helps to have your party lead by a Pokemon with the Flame Body effect. I wasn’t aware that having one of these Pokemon in your party means that the number of steps that you need to hatch a Pokemon is halved. For the Jangmo-0, that’s normally over 10K steps… so this reduces it significantly.

Two early options for Flame Body is a Fletchinder, which you can get from evolving Fletchling, or a Magby, which you catch in the Volcano trial area just a little beyond the Nursery. Again, this helps a lot, but is not required to do this trick.

The Tauros Trick

Now the idea is to go to the enclosed fence area right in front of the Nursery and while standing inside, mount Tauros. Then hold the B button down to make him do his rush move while rotating the direction pad in a circle. He will perpetually run as you do this in super speed, which counts towards the steps you need to hatch your egg.

For a visual on this, check out this video:

Hope this helps!

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Pokemon Sun: Jangmo-o Trading Empire


This long holiday weekend consisted of me clocking in a bunch of hours into Pokemon Sun. However, with the exception of one trial, I actually haven’t progressed that much further into the story. I’m still in the middle of island #2, where the Pokemon breeding ranch and GTS trading has captured my interest.

It started with a pair of Mudbrays that I captured on the farm. I started breeding them and sending the offspring to Wonder Trade, where I’ve gotten all sorts of craziness, including a (probably duped) Cosmog and Solgaleo.

Of course, mostly I got a lot of Route 1 Pokemon I didn’t need. But I kept trading those off, and every now and then, I’d get something I didn’t already have in my Pokedex (which was all I was trying to do).

Then something happened that changed everything. Someone Wonder Traded me a Jangmo-o. At first, I was just happy to get a neat looking little dragon Pokemon I didn’t already have. But then, I went and did some research online and discovered this was a Pokemon that was probably in demand.

Wonderful World of GTS

So I started breeding it with the intention of sending them off into Wonder Trade (silly me). That’s when I decided to investigate this other kind of trading called GTS.

I never touched GTS in Pokemon X. I always (mistakenly) thought it was a direct one-to-one trading over the Internet. Like interacting with real people. That made me nervous as a Pokenoob, so I stayed away from it. When I discovered that wasn’t how it worked, and that it was a more automated system, I tossed a Jangmo-o up for trade, hoping to get a Ditto for breeding purposes.

I was surprised when a few minuets later, the trade had gone through.

“Hmm… I wonder if I could get a Litten?”

Almost instant trade.

“Wow… this little guy is popular!”

And so it began. Breeding and trading for all the Moon Exclusives. Trading for all the Island Scan special Pokemon (still working on this).

I offloaded my probably-duped Solgaleo for a probably-duped Lunala… because why not?


I started researching Pokemon that were considered rare or a pain to capture and traded for those.

I started breeding Honedge, Mareanie, Horsea, Corsola and Drampa. I sent out trades and searched for trades to make. Along with the Jangmo-o, I was building a little trade empire while these Pokemon are still new and in demand.


Then I started to turn my sights on filling out my Pokedex some. Any evolution I didn’t plan on personally leveling for, I started to trade for instead. While there’s still a lot of Pokemon I want to catch on my own (including Sun exclusives), there’s just some that I’m not too interested in leveling or working on evolving.

The Eeveelutions are some of them. I don’t think I’ve ever evolved an Eevee in any of the games I’ve ever played. So, I thought it would be nice to have a full set this time around. And that’s what I got through trades last night.


For some reason, Glaceon was the hardest to get. But in the end, someone succumbed to the Jangmo-o trade I put up.

Despite all this trading, I’m still only at about 30-something percent done with the Alola Pokedex. There are some that I want to train up and evolve on my own for sentimental reasons… like this Raichu that I trained from the Pichu I caught on Route 1.


I’ll never play this competitively, but I sure do enjoy breeding for the sake of trading. This is a completely new way of playing for me since I never did any of this in Pokemon X…

But that’s okay. I’m having fun with what I have now.

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Weekend Gaming: FFXIV, 7D2D, Animal Crossing


This weekend was a variety of gaming including everything from Animal Crossing to Skyrim. But I only have progression in a few games to talk about. So here goes my weekend!


As seen above, we got 3-4 different folks in the Free Company through the final boss battle of Heavensward. Yay for everyone! Thordan remains a really easy and fun fight with mostly flash and no fear. But, even so, it’s always brilliant to experience. And even better when you’re helping people reach the end of the expansion story. 🙂


Things have been fantastic in our Free Company lately. We’ve been somewhat actively recruiting again, and have welcomed in a number of more mature players and older folks, which is exactly what we’ve been looking for. The new website and the more restricted application process (which I was afraid would be a turn-off) actually seem to be an encouragement to the right kind of personalities and the type of players we hope to attract.

We’re still hovering around 90 players on the roster (and that’s with me purging our roster of inactives pretty regularly), and last night was the most active concurrent members online I’ve seen in a while.


In other news, I’ve finally reached level 60 on my Scholar (and Summoner)! It feels like I’ve been leveling this job forever! I’m so glad to finally consolidate my healing gear with my White Mage, and be able to equip the glowy book from PotD.

It’s a strange feeling not to have job leveling looming over me after it’s been in my life this long. I guess I have a level 55 Monk I could work on, and Zuri has plenty of jobs still hovering in the 30s. But I think it’s time for me to start using my leveling roulette for the Lore I need to push ahead on my Relic.

Speaking of Relic, I’ve spent some time fishing for Blue Scrips in order to earn the crystal sands I need to go with the Umbrites I’ve been stashing away. I still feel so far from getting this weapon complete, but I’m putting more focus into it now.


The way I think my weapon progression is going: Relic for Dragoon, PotD Kinna weapons for Bard and Scholar. From there? Who knows. Still plenty to work on, though.

7D2D Fun

Syn and I decided to roll a new duo game of 7D2D Alpha 15 back before Halloween. This is the first time we’ve tried to play with less than 4 players, and we’ve actually been doing pretty great!

As always, we’ve found a run-down house that we’ve been building into a base and fortifying it against the hordes of the blood moon. Here, Syn is fixing up the front of the base after the Night 14 horde… so, so many zombies dead on the spikes.


A number of things have changed in Alpha 15, so we’re still learning our way around them. Hordes, for example, now last all night long instead of puttering out after one large wave. I liked this change… though you better have a strong base and a lot of arrows on hand!

Also, I’ve been finding a number of new points of interest with this patch, such as this funeral parlor below. It felt really creepy breaking into this place to loot it…


Animal Crossing

Thanks to the newest patch for Animal Crossing, I’ve been playing the game a little each day again. I’m mostly trying to pay off my debt to Nook because he mentioned a new storage expansion for housing which I’m really interested in. I need so much more space!

Aside from that, I had this cute little interaction with Kid Cat that I couldn’t help but share. I was walking by when I saw him sitting on the bench. Talking to him went like this:


Too cute! Kid Cat looks so happy! 🙂

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Amiibo Update


So on top of all the other games I’m trying to juggle right now, Animal Crossing: New Leaf also had the new Welcome Amiibo update. Now, I don’t own that many amiibo, to be honest. I don’t even have the New 3DS that allows you to use amiibo with your games… though I do have the amiibo reader add-on for the old 3DS on my holiday wishlist.

Still, there are other new features that I wanted to check out. After all, it’s not every day that a Nintendo game of this age gets a new downloadable update. Also, I read that if you haven’t been back to your town for a while (like me), the update will forgive your absence and remove all your accumulated weeds.

That was good enough for me!

Animal Crossing Dailies

So the update opens up with you on the train back to your town. This time, Isabelle is there to greet you and to get you ready for the changes you’ll find back in your town.


So, not only is there this whole amiibo thing, which is somehow connected to this drive-in campground that was tacked on to the side of my town, but there’s town initiatives. As she explained what that all meant, I got a very MMO vibe.

These initiatives are pretty much dailies for Animal Crossing. They usually include things you’re already doing – smash a rock, pick a weed, water a flower, decorate your house – that kind of stuff. You can see a list of them from your profile card, which I forget even existed because I never used that tab before now. So, nice recycling of existing real estate.


So you essentially earn these “Mutual Exchange of Wealth” (MEOW) coupons each day, which you can take to the new campground to buy items that exclusively appear there. The campground only accepts MEOW currency… so you can see the draw of completing tasks rather than just amassing bells to get everything you want.


For a game like Animal Crossing, which gently encourages you to play a little every day, I think this fits quite well. I haven’t seen anything amazing at the campground yet, but I’ve only been playing it again for two days. So I’m going to keep earning coupons and see what comes from it.

New Campground

The new campground is actually an area outside of your town, connected the same way as the shopping district is. It’s totally different from the campsite, which is a public works building you can place. Here, you can buy stuff with the MEOW coupons and talk with random campers who stop by.


From my understanding, you can invite the campers to live in your town, but only if you own their amiibo.

I need to explore a bit more, but I think that you have the ability to purchase/order all the decor within each camper’s RV as well. I know that special amiibos will make special campers appear and allow you to purchase exclusive things from their RV.

Then there’s this whole Wisp thing which I don’t understand yet because, again, I don’t have the ability to use amiibos. I found him trapped in a magic lamp and brought him in my house.


Apparently, you can scan an Animal Crossing amiibo, you can get him to take on the identity of that character. The wiki page notes:

The two wish options are to have the villager he is possessing come play (characters who own Mobile Homes will appear in Harvey’s campsite, while others will move in immediately) or for him to give the player a free item. If the player changes their mind and does not wish for anything, Wisp will return to his lamp and can be summoned again later.

Interestingly, using the “Come Play” wish has a side effect: if your town is full, it is possible to force one of your villagers to move to make room for the amiibo-summoned villager to move in.

So, maybe for the first time ever, we can kinda control who lives in our town?

Again, this would be of more use to me if I had the amiibo to play with. But maybe I can toss those on my holiday wish list. No matter, there seems to be enough here to nudge me back into playing Mayor for my buddies at New Leaf.

I’m so sorry Kid Cat…