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FFXIV: Moonfire Faire 2019

Wednesday launched FFXIV’s summer event – the Moonfire Faire. This is hosted at Costa del Sol and centers around fun on the beach with fireworks and an obstacle course.

Last year introduced the jumping puzzle – which was a required part of finishing the quest, at least on the easy mode. If you really want to challenge yourself, there’s a second part of the jumping puzzle that’s a lot more difficult to finish. I’m not one for jumping puzzles within MMOs (they always feel wonky to me), so I’ve never pushed the limits of this one. Making it to the first platform is enough.

This year, however, S/E extended a kindness to folks who find the jumping frustrating, and allowed you to by-pass it with some of the activities from previous years. Namely, catching fish or cooking breaded fish, both which give you a token each.

These tokens go towards buying a pretty large array of stuff this year. There are several outfits, masks, and outdoor housing items you can earn. They’re all fairly nice looking, too, even the kiddie pool!

The breaded fish recipe is only level 5, so it’s not hard to make. Honestly, the toughest part of that is being able to gather the mats for it – it does require popotoes, which come from a level 20 harvest.

However, every time I’ve been on the beach, there have been plenty of kind folks giving away the breaded fish. And… the fish you need to catch for the quest is very low level, so that’s not hard to do, either. It just takes a little time.

The story for this year’s quest is a continuation of last year’s, including the same characters you met before. This is not unusual seeing that FFXIV is moving towards having specific NPCs return for a certain holiday event each time — either to further last year’s story, or just to show up.

There is one small addition to the obstacle course at the end, but nothing that changes what you have to do to clear it. So, overall, it’s a fun event, but not a huge change from what we saw last year.

Sometimes it’s just fun to hang out with friends on the beach.

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FFXIV: Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LIII Highlights

So, yesterday we had a question/answers form of Live Letter with Yoshi P, where he answered things that people sent in. Some of the answers were pretty vague, simply due to the fact that it seems there will be more talk about Shadowbringers characters/stories at upcoming panels. Other questions asked for spoilers, or just things that couldn’t come about.

But there are a few answers that I found interesting. So I’ve covered them here. Bear in mind, these are just the points that stood out to me – which won’t be about raiding or class changes, etc.

See the full Live Letter Thread here.

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FFXIV: Second Soul of the Harvest

Last night, I finished up leveling Miner to 80 on my RP alt, which officially checked off my final goal for him for this month. I also earned him the Soul of the Harvest title. As I posted this weekend, I just earned this title on my main when I blew through leveling Fisher.

All in all, I took leveling my gatherers pretty casually for this expansion, but it felt a lot faster than Stormblood was. I did daily Grand Company turn-ins, kept up with my gathering turn-ins for the Crystarium, and did a few leves.

But one thing some people might overlook are the weekly Scrip turn-ins. These give a pretty large chunk of experience – about two levels each week – especially if you manage to get one with a bonus.

Scrip turn-ins are limited, however, and it’s somewhat of a struggle to decide if you want the experience, or the White Scrips instead. You can only have one or the other, and White Scrips buy the newest gear.

Granted, you can choose the crafted gear instead of Scrip gear, which has the perks of being multi-job gear — all of your gatherers can wear it. Also, you can meld materia into it, which makes overmelds possible. Technically, this gear can out-stat the Scrip gear due to this, but I don’t honestly pay much mind to min-maxing and stats.

I’ve never been very hardcore with my crafting/gathering classes due to the gil sink of failed materia melds. That’s why Scrip gear works just fine for me, even if it’s a bit of a pain that it’s single-job only at this point. As long as I can more or less gather what I want to, that’s all I care about.

Speaking of gil, the process of leveling gatherers has been pretty lucrative financially for both of my characters. While I’m nowhere near as rich as some of those master crafters, I’ve seen about a 5 Million (or more) increase for each of them since Shadowbringers. Gathering maps daily has been a nice boost since the new map dungeon came out last patch, too.

Today also starts the Moonfire Faire, which I’m looking forward to! Still much to do in FFXIV!

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FFXIV: Otherworld Angler – Level 80 Fisher Twice Over!

I started leveling fishing on Amon as just a side-thing on Thursday night. While it is part of my goals to level his fishing, I had no intentions on getting it to 80 in such a short time. It just… wasn’t very hard to do! Especially with the Crystarium turn-ins dedicated only to fishing. Finishing these turn-ins also nets you a pretty neat title!

By Friday night, I was halfway through 79. There was no struggle to this, really not much of a grind. I followed the info on this Reddit post to get it done.

Basically I:

  • Started by doing the first Crystarium turn-in which got me to 71 with all high quality fish
  • Got to 72 by turning in the Xanthic Bass leve
  • From there, I spearfished in the Southeast Source for the Gaeyi leve
  • I also hit up every Crystarium turn-in as they popped through the levels, making sure all turn-ins were High Quality
  • Once I got to level 76, I switched gears to the spearfishing in the North Lake Tusi Mek’ta for the Gourmand Crab leve – as the Reddit post says, this is super easy because the only other fish you can get with Normal Gig is the Ronkan Pleco – so just Veteran Trust it away and you’ll rake in the Gourmand Crab in no time
  • At level 78, did the Crystarium quest and that got me to 79, no sweat.
  • Finished to 80 with more Gourmand Crab leves.

I then later went back and finished this on my main, which took about half a day of steady progress. It’s probably the easiest time I’ve had leveling any of my gathering jobs, and I’m not complaining. This earned my main the title Soul of the Harvest!

Hopefully this guide and link above helps anyone out there who is working on this, or will be working on this in the future!

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FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder: Ascian in MY Expert? It’s more likely than you think!

Oh my. I didn’t expect to have one of these to write during Blaugust. But I suppose when you’re out there running content with other folks, it happens sometimes.

For those not initiated, “Tales from the Duty Finder” (A name I borrowed from a forum thread with the same concept) is where I record runs with truly strange, funny or downright bad PUG individuals. Most of the time, we have decent/good experiences with the Duty Finder. Sometimes… not.

Yesterday in Expert, we did not.

Our FC brought the two DPS and the Heals, so we only needed a DF tank. The first sign that things were going to be interesting was zoning in to see the tank had an Ascian name. And then, he proceeds to macro monologues to the party as we move into the dungeon.

At first I thought this was slightly amusing. So I was screenshotting it just to write about how weird and quirky this player was.

The first pull was a bit odd… because he began dragging it back in a way I’d never seen tanks do before. The dungeon was made in a way that the doors to the next area wouldn’t open until the enemies were dead, gating the pull, but he yanked right up to the door as if he’d had gone through if they did open.

This should have been a warning to us.

More monologue happens before the boss. At this point, it’s still weird and amusing.

What wasn’t amusing was the fact he sprinted into the boss fight and pulled before the rest of us were even there. He’d been sprinting before that, too, but it was in a confined area, and we were able to keep up.

It was during the mechanics of the first boss things started to take a nosedive. Syn said that the guy seemed overall a competent tank, but he obviously took no care with where he positioned things or for protecting his party.

We were a bit over halfway through the first boss fight when he pulled the boss back into the area where the ranged DPS were standing (for no reason!) and turned the boss on us in such a way that both Syn and I got hit with a cleave, and died instantly. The only two people who could rez in the party. So that was our first wipe.

Ok… I thought. That was a fluke and just bad positioning, though completely avoidable, and I’d never seen any tank move the boss into that position before. Slightly miffed, we went back into the boss fight.

But not without a bit of commentary from the party…

Syn was gently trying to tell the tank that he needed to slow it down a bit. All during this dungeon, the tank said not a single word other than the macroed monologue. It was… really peculiar.

So the second time, the tank pulls the boss to the other side of the platform into the rest of the party for no reason… AGAIN. We were ready for it this time, moved to the other side of the platform, and we cleared the fight with no further issues.

After the fall of this boss, more RP monologue.

At this point, it had lost its charm. Especially since in more open areas, he really started putting on a show. The second boss was okay, but trash pulls were awful. He SPRINTED ahead of the party, gathering as much as he could wall to wall, to the point that Syn was struggling and our AOE DPS was working as hard as we could to keep up.

Big pulls are one thing. But this guy was running way ahead of his party, dragging everything with us, out of range of heals and DPS constantly. Finally, Zeb tries to say something about it in a nice way.

At the 19:14 point, he was pulling huge hallways before the final boss, so far ahead of the party it was ridiculous. I was completely done with him, and told Syn point blank, he didn’t deserve to finish this dungeon after how poor a team player he’d been that whole time.

Not a word to the party. Nothing but spouting RP and racing ahead even when the healer is asking you not to. He was also not rolling on any loot, because you can’t vote kick someone when there’s a loot roll going on.

So I encouraged Syn to let him wipe on the last hallway before the final boss. He’d pulled so much we may have wiped anyhow. Since the three of us were in the FC, I communicated.

And that’s what we did.

I revived back at the start, sat my butt down, and we waited the 30 seconds on the loot drops to time out. Then we kicked his Ascian butt out of the Tower.

It was only a few seconds later we got a replacement tank, who was sympathetic, chatty, and finished the dungeon off for us with no issue. He also got the Orchestrion drop at the end of the run for his help. Thanks guy!

Afterwards, we laughed it off in FC chat the way you do on a RP server.

I guess we’ll never hear how that monologue was meant to end. I can’t say that I’m sad about that, though.

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Welcome Blaugust & August Gaming Goals

Welcome to the new month, and to the very first day of Blaugust! For anyone who doesn’t know already, this is a month that bloggers rally together to support blogging and their fellow bloggers, both new and old. I’ll likely be talking about this throughout the month, but if you’re interested in learning more, click here!

Now on to my goals for this month. I think this is going to be another month of rather loose goals and just plodding along making progress.

FFXIV Goals – My Main

As expected, my main earned Level 70 on Warrior last night! I also finished all the job quests, aside from the final Level 70 one, which I hope to tackle tonight. So her goals are as follows:

  • Level Dark Knight (Daily Beast Tribes)
  • Level Carpenter
  • Level Trusts (With Bard)
  • Level Fisher
  • Gear up with new Tomes

Mostly a lot of leveling going on here. Dark Knight is the next tank I’m going to pull through using daily beast tribe quests in Stormblood. As I see it, it will take about two months to finish off my final two tanks. Dancer I can level through roulettes since I don’t mind playing it in group content. So I’m not as worried about catching up with that as I am about just making slow, steady progress with my tanks.

FFXIV Goals – Amon

  • Level Miner to 80
  • Earn Scrip gear sets for Botanist, Miner and Alchemist
  • Level Fisher

I’m pulling back on things for Amon since I got most of what I wanted done on him already. He’s a level 76 Miner at this point, so getting him to 80 is do-able. I’ve already started earning Scrip gear for his Botanist, so finishing out those sets shouldn’t be too hard to do. And I’d like to dabble in Fishing with him as well.

I’m not as worried about earning Tomes for his gear, but will probably do some alliance runs here and there (which nets Tomes). I’ll take that as it comes.

FFXIV Goals – Tai

The same as last month, Tai is my Stormblood -progression character. I guess this is a thing now, since I have so many characters stuck in Stormblood. I really want to get him at least through the base 4.0 MSQ. I think once that’s done, and I can start gearing him up, the way forward will be a whole lot easier.

Blaugust Goals

And, of course, there’s Blaugust Goals. I’d really like to post more consistently this month, if nothing else, at least every week day. I’m also going to make an effort to get other people’s blogs on my feed reader and try to keep up with the Blaugust Discord.

If there’s any specific blogging topic or question you have, feel free to drop it in a comment to me, and I’ll certainly look at writing something up for it!

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July Gaming Goals in Review

Naturally, July was all about FFXIV Shadowbringers and making progress in the new expansion. I set very light goals for this month, and am actually surprised at how much I managed to get done, even outside of the goals I set.

FFXIV Goals – My Main

  • Complete Shadowbringers MSQ 
  • Level Red Mage to 80 
  • Level a gatherer 

Not only did I get Red Mage to 80, and finish Shadowbringers, but as of last night, I also finished leveling Miner. This means both Miner and Botanist are at 80, and I’ve been working on white scrip gear for them. I haven’t started Fisher, but that’ll be next.

I did make a little progress on my main’s crafting – I chose to start with Carpenter, but haven’t hit max level on that yet. I have, however, been dutiful with daily Beast Tribe quests, which has consistently (if slowly) leveled my Warrior.

It’s a little over halfway through 69 at this point, and I have a number of job quests I haven’t finished up for it yet. So I can probably knock that out tonight. That will put me starting the same progress on Dark Knight for August. Eventually, I’ll unlock Gunbreaker, too, but right now, I’m leveling what I have.

I should also be able to get Bard to 71 tonight, which will allow me to start leveling my Trusts. I haven’t worked on that at all, and that might have actually turned out to be a blessing. Tuesday’s patch significantly boosted the experience Trusts get, making it faster to level them.

Side Goal – Tai’s Stormblood Progress

While I’m nowhere near finishing Stormblood on Tai, I did make some progress through the MSQ and in leveling. He’s at level 58 now, and I think he’s coming close to taking on Castrum Abania next. I’m not a fan of most of the end dungeons and trials for Stormblood, so while I did get him all the way through Yanxia and the Steppes, it’s going to be a challenge to motivate myself through this part.

I did find that I enjoy the new Dragoon. It feels pretty strong DPS-wise, and they smoothed out a lot of things that made it frustrating to play. The last time I actually played Dragoon with any attention was back in Heavesward, so I’m actually looking forward to continuing to level Tai to see how the job expands.

Unexpected Leveling

Part of the reason I didn’t make more progress with Tai is because I unexpectedly picked up Amon and got him all the way through Shadowbringers MSQ. I also leveled Amon’s Botanist and Alchemist to 80 – both unexpected.

I guess I enjoy Shadowbringers so much (and the addition of Trusts help a lot), that it wasn’t very hard to get another character through it. It’s tough because I have a lot of character stuck on the Stormblood MSQ, and I have so little desire to play through the previous expansion. I’m hoping the lure of Shadowbringers will be enough to nudge me to getting them up to date.

Also a reminder that tomorrow, Blaugust starts in earnest! If you’re interested in checking it out, click here for all the information you need!