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November Goals in Review

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is slowly coming to a close. But before we jump feet-first into December, I wanted to take a look back at what I accomplished over November. My goals for this month were pretty loose — mostly focusing on playing other new games that just came out.

So how did I do?

Games to Explore 

  • Civ 6 ✓
  • Skyrim ✓
  • Pokemon Sun ✓
  • Sims 4 City Life Expansion ✓

On the new games front, I did pretty good! Steam says that I put 17.6 hours into Civ 6 and 9.3 hours into Skyrim. I really need to pick up Skyrim again because it’s been weeks since I’ve played, and this is pretty close to the point I left off with the game before. I don’t want it to be a replay.

I know that I got at least 20 hours into the new Sims 4 Expansion, and I still want to continue with the family I started. But Pokemon Sun really won the month considering it came out so late, and I’ve put in over 40 hours on the game already. Granted, most of that has been breeding and training Pokemon, but I’ve certainly had a fun time.


  • Level Scholar to 60 ✓
  • Gear up Dragoon ✓
  • Get PotD Kinna Bard Bow or Scholar Book
  • Work on Relic Weapon ✓
  • Do job quests ✓
  • Gain reputation with Sahagin

FFXIV has really been a case of autopilot for me right now. I log in mostly to do an Expert run and some Beast Tribe quests in hopes to cap Scripture Tomes for the week. I should have stored enough up to purchase the Dragoon pants for Zuri today, which is the last large-ticket item. From there, just the head, belt and feet are left. So, I’ve made good progress on gearing her up.

I have been working on Relic, but no where as much as I really should be. I’m just more annoyed with the Umbrite step than anything else.

I did finish leveling my Scholar/Summoner to 60. I went back and completed the Scholar job quests, but have not started to catch up on Summoner stuff. I’m concerned that my Summoner gear is so sub-par that it’ll be hard to do. So, I’ve been scrounging drops from Expert Roulette to try and make that a little better.

Sadly, I still haven’t seen Floor 100 of PotD, nor have I earned my upgrade for the first Kinna weapon. I also didn’t work on the rep gain with Sahagin at all. I know I could have had both done by now, but meh. Trading in Pokemon is more fun for me. 🙂

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Pokemon Sun & Moon: Trick to Hatching Eggs Quickly

So this is a trick that’s been out there, but something I didn’t know until my FC buddy, Bean, informed me of it yesterday. I tried it last night, and sure enough, it does work. Thanks, Bean, for making my breeding and trading so much faster!

All you actually need to do this is the Tauros mount, which you have before you get to the Nursery anyhow.

It also really helps to have your party lead by a Pokemon with the Flame Body effect. I wasn’t aware that having one of these Pokemon in your party means that the number of steps that you need to hatch a Pokemon is halved. For the Jangmo-0, that’s normally over 10K steps… so this reduces it significantly.

Two early options for Flame Body is a Fletchinder, which you can get from evolving Fletchling, or a Magby, which you catch in the Volcano trial area just a little beyond the Nursery. Again, this helps a lot, but is not required to do this trick.

The Tauros Trick

Now the idea is to go to the enclosed fence area right in front of the Nursery and while standing inside, mount Tauros. Then hold the B button down to make him do his rush move while rotating the direction pad in a circle. He will perpetually run as you do this in super speed, which counts towards the steps you need to hatch your egg.

For a visual on this, check out this video:

Hope this helps!

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Pokemon Sun: Jangmo-o Trading Empire


This long holiday weekend consisted of me clocking in a bunch of hours into Pokemon Sun. However, with the exception of one trial, I actually haven’t progressed that much further into the story. I’m still in the middle of island #2, where the Pokemon breeding ranch and GTS trading has captured my interest.

It started with a pair of Mudbrays that I captured on the farm. I started breeding them and sending the offspring to Wonder Trade, where I’ve gotten all sorts of craziness, including a (probably duped) Cosmog and Solgaleo.

Of course, mostly I got a lot of Route 1 Pokemon I didn’t need. But I kept trading those off, and every now and then, I’d get something I didn’t already have in my Pokedex (which was all I was trying to do).

Then something happened that changed everything. Someone Wonder Traded me a Jangmo-o. At first, I was just happy to get a neat looking little dragon Pokemon I didn’t already have. But then, I went and did some research online and discovered this was a Pokemon that was probably in demand.

Wonderful World of GTS

So I started breeding it with the intention of sending them off into Wonder Trade (silly me). That’s when I decided to investigate this other kind of trading called GTS.

I never touched GTS in Pokemon X. I always (mistakenly) thought it was a direct one-to-one trading over the Internet. Like interacting with real people. That made me nervous as a Pokenoob, so I stayed away from it. When I discovered that wasn’t how it worked, and that it was a more automated system, I tossed a Jangmo-o up for trade, hoping to get a Ditto for breeding purposes.

I was surprised when a few minuets later, the trade had gone through.

“Hmm… I wonder if I could get a Litten?”

Almost instant trade.

“Wow… this little guy is popular!”

And so it began. Breeding and trading for all the Moon Exclusives. Trading for all the Island Scan special Pokemon (still working on this).

I offloaded my probably-duped Solgaleo for a probably-duped Lunala… because why not?


I started researching Pokemon that were considered rare or a pain to capture and traded for those.

I started breeding Honedge, Mareanie, Horsea, Corsola and Drampa. I sent out trades and searched for trades to make. Along with the Jangmo-o, I was building a little trade empire while these Pokemon are still new and in demand.


Then I started to turn my sights on filling out my Pokedex some. Any evolution I didn’t plan on personally leveling for, I started to trade for instead. While there’s still a lot of Pokemon I want to catch on my own (including Sun exclusives), there’s just some that I’m not too interested in leveling or working on evolving.

The Eeveelutions are some of them. I don’t think I’ve ever evolved an Eevee in any of the games I’ve ever played. So, I thought it would be nice to have a full set this time around. And that’s what I got through trades last night.


For some reason, Glaceon was the hardest to get. But in the end, someone succumbed to the Jangmo-o trade I put up.

Despite all this trading, I’m still only at about 30-something percent done with the Alola Pokedex. There are some that I want to train up and evolve on my own for sentimental reasons… like this Raichu that I trained from the Pichu I caught on Route 1.


I’ll never play this competitively, but I sure do enjoy breeding for the sake of trading. This is a completely new way of playing for me since I never did any of this in Pokemon X…

But that’s okay. I’m having fun with what I have now.

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Pokemon Sun – So Many Quality of Life Improvements

I’ve spent a good deal of time playing Pokemon Sun since its release last Friday. So far, I haven’t been disappointed at all.

Actually, I wanted to talk about all the quality of life changes they’ve made to the game since the previous one I’ve played – Pokemon X. Now, I didn’t play Pokemon ORAS, so I can’t compare it to any changes they may have made at that point. I just know that a lot of my user interface wishes/issues I experienced in Pokemon X were fixed completely.

Here’s some of the things I really like about Pokemon Sun:

  • The game tells you which moves are effective against rival Pokemon after you’ve battled them once. This may not be a popular change, but I’m glad that some developer out there finally realized that there’s no way I can memorize the types of all million Pokemon. You really need to be aware of these things in Sun, because it seems the battles are a bit more challenging than games in the past. What’s even better is that when you go to switch to a different Pokemon in your party, the game tells you who will be most effective to switch to. Nothing is more of a bummer than when you switch out and find the Pokemon you picked sucks against the rival Pokemon’s move types just as much.
  • Pokemon box management is so much more intuitive to use. Oh my gosh. Pokemon X… there was no easy way to swap out Pokemon from your team with ones in your box. You had to select Deposit to deposit and Retrieve to get one out. And if all you wanted to do was just switch a few around, it was a long, tedious process. Pokemon Sun makes it quick and easy to do – just drag and drop Pokemon around without any fuss. Thank you!


  • When you capture a Pokemon in the wild, the game now allows you to choose whether to send it to a box or place it in your party, switching out one of your current Pokemon. This is so useful compared to X, where it would just automatically send it to a box no matter what.
  • When you get a new Pokemon in Wondertrade, you see the Pokedex animation for it! I can’t tell you how important this is as someone who loves to Wondertrade a lot. In Pokemon X, I never knew if a trade was a Pokemon I already had in my box, so I ended up making a crazy spreadsheet to document which Pokemon I still needed. I’m happy the game does this for me and I no longer need a spreadsheet!
  • Pokemon Refresh. A useful Pokemon Amie system, it not only allows you to earn your Pokemon’s affection, but you can actually remove status effects rather than using berries or potions.
  • Pokemon interactions. When your Pokemon becomes more affectionate towards you, their interactions with you change. I love how, for example, my Dartrix will glance over his shoulder as I encourage it, or as it responds to me during battles. One time he was even checking out my fashion! He also sometimes acts silly, like hanging upside down, when I enter Pokemon Refresh. It really gives the Pokemon a personality and ignites my own attachment to them in a way I haven’t experienced before.
  • Riding Pokemon. This seems so natural. Why didn’t we have more of this before?


I’m taking my time while playing through this game, catching and leveling various Pokemon as I go. I just completed my third trial last night, and have a long way to go, still. Looking forward to continue progressing in this game!

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HapiHaloween Pokemon Wonder Trade


I had a “great idea” to spread some Halloween cheer on the Pokemon Wonder Trade for this weekend. So I went out and hunted down a Pumpkaboo, which I didn’t already have for some reason. Then I sent it to daycare for breeding. Now I’m hatching as many as I can, naming them “HapiHaloween” (due to name constrictions) and passing them around Wonder Trade.

Happily, I’ve been seeing a good number of spooky and ghost Pokemon passing around as well, many which I don’t have yet. Good times. 🙂

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Pokemon: Go for Halloween + Sun/Moon Final Starter Evolutions Leaked


I’d heard about the Pokemon Go update previously, but lots of thanks to Wilhelm for reminding me about the Halloween event! I know that it only lasts for a few days, but I have to say that the bonuses it gives was enough to entice me to pick the app back up (though I already had plans to use it more with the cooler weather rolling in).

So they’ve added a number of spooky Pokemon to the list that show up more often, and you get double the candy for captures and transfers. Your buddy Pokemon also gains candy at a highly accelerated rate. See video below.

While they list a number of ghost type Pokemon here, I’ve also noticed a vast increase in Meowth and Cuebones.

How is this working? Oh man… the game is so much more fun this way. I launched it to see what I could see and actually have been able to catch Pokemon from my desk at work, which was never the case before this. I can walk around my work parking lot and just rack the catches up because the spawning Halloween Pokemon have a high rate in between the Pokemon who are generally out there.

2016-10-26-15-25-09Look at this guy. Right out there in the parking lot next to my desk at work.

I took advantage of the double candy rates, too, cleaning out my stock of commons and earning some evolutions I didn’t have before.



And, of course, catching all the ghost type Pokemon that I’ve never seen anywhere else before…


It’s exciting to see my Buddy Pokemon earning candy so fast. I’ve been out there walking as much as I can since the weather is nice and the rewards are high.

I earned a new achievement from all this yesterday…


And I leveled up, too!


Yes, I know. Only level 19. But I’m not in a rush. 🙂

Pokemon Sun and Moon Evolutions

So it seems that the final evolution for the Sun and Moon starters have been leaked, and then released right after I wrote this. I’m a little disappointed that the previously-leaked designs were actually true. Early stages mean nothing if the final evolution, which you’ll be looking at for the rest of the game, isn’t appealing.

I wanted to pick Litten as my starter, but I’m just not a fan of the final evolution. I loved it all the way up until that point. So, while I’ve never picked a grass type Pokemon starter before, I think this time around, I’ll go with Rowlet. I was teetering on picking him anyhow, so let’s see how this goes!


I haven’t yet checked out the demo, but I hope to this weekend.

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Pokemon X: Championship and First Shiny


Sorry for cruddy phone pictures. It was the only way I could get screenshots from Pokemon X. So, during the time I had no power this weekend, I pushed through the Pokemon League to become the Champion.

This was the first time I’ve ever “beat” a Pokemon game, so it’s a pretty rewarding feeling to get the story and the Championship under my belt before Pokemon Sun/Moon is out.

The story’s conclusion was cute and touching. I liked the song included with the ending credits. And I like that the game doesn’t end with winning the Championship. In fact, it opens up a whole new bit of “end game.”

I thought it was kinda odd how you go through all of Victory Road to battle the Champion in her glitzy digs… and apparently take her place as the new Champion. Yet, after your parade, you wake up back in your Mom’s house! Don’t know why that struck me as kinda funny.

But it’s all good.

First Shiny

So I was kicking around on Wonder Trade late last night just because I find it fun. Now that I have a National Pokedex, I’m looking for ways to collect the Pokemon to fill it. Often, I get bum Pokemon, which I trade right back to the system.

Last night I got my first amazing trade ever – a Shiny Steelix! I had to do a double take and do some research because I’ve never seen a shiny Pokemon before… I just have an idea what they are.


Not only is this guy a shiny, but it’s a level 100 Steelix carrying Pokerus. I had no idea what that meant when I saw it. So I went to look it up and found…

Pokerus is a very useful and VERY rare virus in the Pokemon world. It’s rare to get it in the wild, but it’s easy to come by now that online trading is so easily accessible. This virus will allow Pokemon to gain Effort Values twice as fast as usual.

Apparently you can spread it to your own Pokemon if they’re in a battle party, too. I swear there’s so much about Pokemon that I just don’t know yet, and every time I turn around, I’m learning something more.

But that’s a good thing.

I’m looking forward to flying out to the FFXIV Fan Fest in Vegas tomorrow. On the flight, I plan to check out some of the areas that were blocked off until I beat the Champion. I think there was also another underground area I didn’t clear, too. Still plenty to do.


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Pokemon X: I’m Going to the Pokemon League!


Though I’ve played Pokemon on and off since Pokemon Blue was released, and I’ve owned three Pokemon games since then (Blue, SoulSilver, X), I have never been to the Pokemon League before. Heck, in the other two games, I didn’t get past gathering the first 2 badges.

The other day, while my Internet was out, I made use of my time by winning the final badge in Pokemon X. This unlocked the path to the Pokemon League where I’ve felt the battles ramp up in difficutly, just a bit. My team is still quite strong, though I could level a few of the members a bit more.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my time with Pokemon X. There’s something about it that’s manage to hold my attention once I came back to it again. It’s got just enough JRPG vibe mixed with collecting and neat features to keep me playing. While the story is nothing groundbreaking, the game has plenty of charm to make up for it.

I really enjoy the breeding and Wonder Trade capabilities. Now that I have a Ditto, I can breed and send off slightly more valuable Pokemon in the trades. I’ve had to find a national pokedex spreadsheet to keep track of my trades so I know which Pokemon I already have. I find this method of collecting Pokemon fun, too.

I already have Pokemon Sun on pre-order, and I’ve been watching the announcements for it as they’re released. I’m even considering a Pokemon Bank account in the future, since I have all these limited edition Legendaries sitting in the PC on Pokemon X… it would be a shame to just leave them there forever. We’ll see!

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September Goals in Review


And this month is almost GONE! Amazing! I’m so looking forward to October because not only will there be fall weather and Halloween, but also my first ever FFXIV Fan Fest to attend!

Anyhow, how did my goals for September go this time around? Pretty good, actually!


  • Play some!

The only goal I didn’t make. Why am I not playing this game? I do want to play this game! 

Pokemon X

  • Earn the next gym badge ✓
  • Get badge after that, too ✓

Not only did I catch up from the previous month of not earning a badge, but I earned THREE badges this month! I made a lot of progress and ultimately got lost in the world of Pokemon breeding and sending Pichus to the Wonder Trade. I’m having way too much fun with this game. 😀 

I only have October and part of November to finish up before Pokemon Sun drops. It’s very possible if I don’t get too lost in trading. 

FFXIV End Game Stuff

  • Unlock Level 60 Roulette on Zuri ✓
  • Finish 2nd Stage Dragoon Relic ✓
  • Finish 3rd Stage Dragoon Relic ✓
  • Finish 4th Stage Dragoon Relic ✓
  • Start 5th Stage Dragoon Relic ✓
  • Finish Gearing Up Dragoon (Patch 3.4)

I did so much in FFXIV this month, seriously! All the relics and roulettes unlocked for Zuri. Slowly making progress on the current Relic… 

I decided not to use my Lore to gear up Dragoon though, and struck that goal off the list. Two reasons for that – the cost of Lore gear didn’t half like I hoped it would, and it seems more economical just to by-pass the Lore stage for the new Scripture and Alex gear. I need that Lore for my Relic! It’s going to take some time, but eventually Zuri’s Dragoon will get geared up and I’ll phase out from Bard. 

Considering doing Weeping runs to upgrade other jobs, but I don’t know if I want to deal with that or not. 

FFXIV General

  • Level Warrior ✓
  • Clean Up Old Quests ✓
  • Gain reputation with Amalj’aa ✓
  • Gain reputation with Sahagin ✓

I did all this! Though I do really want to keep moving forward with my beast tribe reputation, that’s going to be overwritten by my desire for Tomes. Next month, I may just choose one tribe to work on… if Ixali don’t take the place of that. 


  • Work on creative/RP blog for Zuri – I’ve set up SongSpear for this  ✓

I actually did start this and wrote a few pieces for it. I’m thinking about where I’m going to take this in the future… had considered some RP with my new Squads, but I don’t know if that’ll happen or not. Next month is going to be pretty busy. 

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I’m Really Enjoying Pokemon X


Yes, I started this game on October 12, 2013… which was the release date for Pokemon X. And I am now only making progress through it. Better late than never… and I’ve been having so much fun with this lately!

Sorry for the shoddy quality of the pictures. Apparently Miiverse doesn’t like taking screens of Pokemon X on my 3DS. So I had to resort to phone pictures.

Anyhow, one of my goals month by month is to earn one badge at a time in Pokemon X in order to try and make progress before my copy of Pokemon Sun comes. I missed the goal last month, so I decided that I’d double up this month. I’m glad I did, because I’m really starting to enjoy where this game is going.

It helps that I now have the Fly HM, which allows me fast travel to places I’ve already been. I also discovered the whole Wonder Trade system, which I tried for the first time this weekend. I actually got a number of pretty cool Pokemon that I hadn’t caught yet.

But, best of all, I earned the two badges that I set out to achieve this month!


I’m sad to admit that of all Pokemon games I’ve played (exactly three), this is the highest number of badges I’ve ever earned. My main Pokemon are severely overpowered at this point (my Delphox just hit level 51 last night), though, which makes catching wild Pokemon (one of my favorite things to do) somewhat a pain.

Looking Back – Blue and Soul Silver

I was kinda curious about what state I left my two older Pokemon games in. So, I fired up my GameBoy Advanced and Nintendo DS to see.

I got Pokemon Blue on release in 1998, and played it for 10-something hours based on my save game. I’d left my character aboard the SS Anne with about 24 Pokemon in the Pokedex and two badges earned. Incredibly, my original save game is still in tact almost 18 years later! 😀

In Pokemon SoulSilver, I also earned 2 badges. It looks like I had a bit over 8 hours of play time and 20 something Pokemon in the Pokedex. I recently took some time to watch a Let’s Play to catch myself up to where I’d left off in this game (Azalea Town).

The one thing that hit me instantly upon looking back at older Pokemon games is that the number of Pokemon you could hunt for on each route has significantly increased, sometimes doubled. For example, on Route 29 in SoulSilver, you can catch only 4 Pokemon (excluding the Sound types), and some of them can only be found at day or night.

In contrast, Kalos Route 3 in Pokemon X contains 8 different Pokemon to capture! I know that the Pokedex is so vast now, but I honestly spend quite a bit of my time hunting and capturing Pokemon, so the time investment for this is game much higher. It’s also harder to capture a specific Pokemon sometimes since there’s so many for the RNG to pull from.

I remember enjoying SoulSilver when I first picked that up years ago. And while I want to go back and mess around with the older games I own, I find myself attached to the more modern sensibilities of Pokemon X. I’d forgotten how tiny some of those old Nintendo system screens were, and how small the sprite graphics for older Pokemon games were, too!

Will I gather all the badges in Pokemon X? Will I do it before Pokemon Sun releases?

I don’t know, but the next location I need to travel to is called Spooky House. I do love spooky things, so I’m excited to check it out tonight and to mess around with some more Wonder Trades!