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  • Calculating Your Backlog With Steam Dynamic Collections

    Yesterday I had a bit of a grouch about the changes Steam Calculator has made to how they calculate your backlog and percentage played. It’s a silly thing to complain about in the bigger picture of things, but I’m glad I did. Thanks to Krikket, I don’t have to scrap all the time I’ve put […]

  • Steam Calculator Changes Make Me Sad

    Next Day Update: Ironically (or maybe not), after posting about Steam Calculator not calculating correctly, today, I checked and it’s accurate again. Go figure (and thanks for fixing). As some of you might know, I’ve taken an ongoing challenge in hopes to get my Steam backlog into a more manageable state. I’ve called this the […]

  • Steam Casual: House Flipper Luxury DLC

    I first wrote about House Flipper back in 2020 as a game I really enjoyed. It’s one that I’ve followed over the years, picking up the DLC as it’s come out, and I’m very much looking forward to the future Pets and Farming DLC. Not to mention, it’s been confirmed that House Flipper 2 is […]

  • Steam Casual: Rival Stars Horse Racing

    Lately, I’ve been on a kick for playing casual games from my Steam library – and I’m less worried about clearing my backlog. I realized a number of these games I haven’t written about, or have only talked about passingly, despite putting a good chunk of time into them. So I want to get some […]

  • FFIV Pixel Remaster & FFXIV Endwalker

    When Final Fantasy IV was released on the Super Nintendo back in 1991, it was known as Final Fantasy II to the US audience. While this wasn’t my very first Final Fantasy (I played FFI on the NES), this was a turning point in gaming for me as I suddenly realized games could be just […]

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