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Game Pass: Gris

Gris was another game that I chose to play last month because it was leaving the Xbox Game Pass. I didn’t quite finish it – but this was one of those games that I could probably watch the rest on YouTube and be content just seeing it.

I say that because the game itself is an minimalist sensory experience with a bit of mechanic and jump puzzles nestled inside. The art style is fantastic and the music is right on point to enhance the atmosphere at all times. Controls are simple with very few mechanics, yet the puzzles could still trip me up from time to time, I admit.

Gris doesn’t use words to tell a direct story, but rather presents a symbolic one. The character you play is thrown into a world that is stripped of all color – I assume a symbol for loss or grief. You must then help guide her through healing by restoring the colors of her world, one at a time.

The journey to do this takes you through several unique and beautifully drawn stages, each with its own look and feel. There appears to be some dark force at work against you that shows up in different forms from time to time. This is as close to a “boss fight” as the game has, though I wouldn’t call it even a boss fight in a traditional sense.

This is one of those games that’s really hard to describe and talk about because it’s meant to be experienced. It probably won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I spent several hours with it, and enjoyed the concept and figuring out the puzzles quite a bit. Enough so that I regret I ran out of time to play it in the end, so I’ll probably look up some videos to see how it resolves.

I don’t know that there’s all too much replayability since the game is pretty much on rails, but if you enjoy sensory/puzzle/exploration, this might be something for you to check out! Screenshots really don’t do it justice.

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Trying Out Xbox Game Pass for PC

I’ve never owned an Xbox system – in fact, all of my consoles since the PS2 have been Nintendo. Most of my heavy gaming I do on the PC, where I tend to amass more games in my backlog than I can hope to play. Even on the Switch, I have a backlog now. So I can’t imagine picking up yet another console to do the same.

However, when I heard about the Xbox Game Pass for PC, I got curious. I knew this was a thing for the Xbox consoles, and heard good things about it. But I guess recently, this subscription service (I see it as a Netflix for games) has extended to PC now.

You see, I’ve got a terrible habit of playing a game that I bought for a handful of hours, then getting sidetracked by something else – usually a game that I’ve put more hours into, such as a MMO.

I put the game down, then the next thing I know, months have gone by and I don’t remember a whole lot about what I played – certainly not enough to pick it back up in an unfinished state. Neither do I want to go back and completely replay the what I’ve already played, so I usually just file it away under a “Want to Play Again Someday” folder in Steam.

And that’s how my backlog goes.

So why am I interested in something like Xbox Game Pass?

Well, I know that I have a habit of trying a game out and getting distracted. What this offers is a low monthly fee on a library of games with the option to buy if you really become fond of one.

This appealed to me because there’s no backlog — you don’t technically own the game unless you want to. So my habit of buying a game, playing a few hours, and filing it away is actually more pricey in the long run than a $10 subscription that allows me to do the same thing with a library of games that changes from time to time.

Not to mention, there are actually games in the library that I’m interested in buying and even have on my Steam wishlist. Now I can quietly remove them from my wishlist and try them here instead.

So what actually tipped me into trying the Game Pass?

I was on the fence about trying this for a while until I logged into Discord the other day. Apparently Nitro folks get a free three month trial. So, absolutely, sign me up!

I’ve already downloaded Crusader Kings III (which I’m looking forward to!), Slay the Spire (which I played on Steam a while back, but returned for some reason, don’t remember why) and Astrologaster (which looks interesting).

I also finally tried out Hatoful Boyfriend – a game I’d likely never buy, but saw that it was being rotated off as of yesterday. And you know what… I really enjoyed it (blog post coming soon)! But I would have never played it at all if it wasn’t for this.

So I’m trying something new with this, and I feel like overall, it might be a really good direction for me based on my gaming habits. I certainly won’t be giving up my Steam library for anything, but going forward, for a blanket cost, I can “rent” a whole library of games without the stress of feeling a backlog growing around me.

I like that!

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December 2020 Gaming Goals

Happy December! Welcome to the final month of 2020, and to the Holiday season! I’ve got a bit of vacation at the end of this month to look forward to, but lots of goals on my mind as well!

In FFXIV, we have a patch incoming, which always means taking time out for story and whatever goodies the patch brings. Folks in my FC have been dabbling in Blue Mage lately, and this brings yet another level cap increase for that job.


  • Finish leveling Warrior to 80 and do job quest
  • Level Gunbreaker via Trusts
  • Clean up quests in the First (to level tank)
  • Level BLU when patch drops
  • Cap BLU skills
  • Work on crafting Relics for Main and Amon

This time around, I really want to finish leveling the last of my Trust members to 80 for the achievement. This will also coincide with leveling one of my tanks. Once Warrior and Gunbreaker are done, all I’ll have left is Paladin to have everything to 80 and the Amaro mount.

I really, really need to work on crafting relics! This next patch is going to drop an update to them yet again… ugh. Not to mention I didn’t even start on the gathering relics. I’m so behind. : /

MISC Goals

  • Continue to level Taming in UO
  • Continue playing Steam Games
  • Play Switch Games
  • Play 3DS Games
  • Play Xbox Pass Games

So I have a few very loose goals here. I do want to dabble in UO again this month. I don’t want that falling to the wayside.

I have a handful of Steam games I’ve been putting time into that I’d like to keep my momentum with, if only a little. I also need to blog about them!

I also dusted off my old 3DS system — there’s so many games there I haven’t touched/finished that it’s a shame. I need to blog about that, too! 🙂

And finally, I really want to put some time into some Switch games other than Animal Crossing. I just need to nail down which one I want to make my focus.

Oh, and Xbox Pass… I’ll… talk about that later.

That’s a lot of gaming! Thankfully I have a week off.