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  • Game Pass: Gris

    Game Pass: Gris

    Gris was another game that I chose to play last month because it was leaving the Xbox Game Pass. I didn’t quite finish it – but this was one of those games that I could probably watch the rest on YouTube and be content just seeing it. I say that because the game itself is […]

  • Trying Out Xbox Game Pass for PC

    Trying Out Xbox Game Pass for PC

    I’ve never owned an Xbox system – in fact, all of my consoles since the PS2 have been Nintendo. Most of my heavy gaming I do on the PC, where I tend to amass more games in my backlog than I can hope to play. Even on the Switch, I have a backlog now. So […]

  • December 2020 Gaming Goals

    December 2020 Gaming Goals

    Happy December! Welcome to the final month of 2020, and to the Holiday season! I’ve got a bit of vacation at the end of this month to look forward to, but lots of goals on my mind as well! In FFXIV, we have a patch incoming, which always means taking time out for story and […]

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