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  • Return of the iPhone SE (2020)

    I’ve never been the kind of person who needed the latest and greatest in phones. I will buy a phone and use it until the case falls apart and the device is no longer usable. I’m also strange in that I don’t want a large phone – I have small hands and small pockets, therefore […]

  • Neocities – My New Retro Website Project

    Check out the Neocities restoration of my old FFIV Fan site! I started my journey on the web back in the Geocities days. I taught myself how to code in HTML and quickly started putting together my own retro-style websites as were the trend in the day. While I didn’t do the flashing text (I […]

  • Krita: Digital Image and Painting Program (Free)

    I’m always keeping my eyes open for new digital art programs to try, though old Photoshop remains tried and true for me. Anytime I find a solid art program that’s an affordable alternative to Photoshop, I try it out and pass the word around. Krita has been around for a good while, but I didn’t […]

  • IRL Rant: Time Warner/Spectrum Internet Foul Up

    I don’t usually rant about IRL stuff, but this really burnt my biscuits. This is the story of two lazy cable techs and one tech who went out of his way to clean up the mess they left behind them. This is a story that wouldn’t have happened if people had just done their job […]

  • The Internet’s Wasteful Things

    Banner created with Make it Stranger. Thanks to Xaa for bringing its existence to my attention. The Internet is full of wasteful things and folks who are caught up in acts of virtual hoarding… myself included. It’s easy to do because the things we hoard aren’t physical. They don’t take up tangible space that we […]

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