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Geek Decor: Plushie Hammock!


Somewhere way, way back in my childhood, I remember that one time I had a sleepover at someone’s house and they had these awesome hammocks for stuffed animals. Kid me thought it was artistic and wonderful.

Fast forward several decades. “Adult” me still thinks a hammock full of plush toys is artistic and wonderful.

I came to the realization that I’m starting to amass quite a few plushies. Now, this isn’t a bad thing at all. But, having a cat in the house, I can’t just leave precious plushies around unless I want cat to do what cats do.

Somehow, it occurred to me that I might have enough plushies to start making my own hammock. So that’s what I did.

I’ve also ordered myself a string of fairy lights because I have discovered that I love when I visit Syn and she has holiday lights up in the guest bedroom window. I turn them on and let them act as a rainbow nightlight. I was looking for something like that for my bedroom, and ran across the fairy lights (which I never knew was a thing). If I can get them to do what I’d like them to, I may get more for my living room, where it can be awful dim sometimes.

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2015 Holiday Recap


Welcome to my first official non-microblog post on this blog! I know it’s a little late to be looking back on the holidays of 2015, but I was away from blogging for most of that time, so there’s a lot to catch up with!

I spent the holiday out of town alternating between my sister’s house and Syn’s house. All in all, I brought back some pretty awesome loot from both locations in terms of games and geeky things. I didn’t buy much of anything from this year’s Steam Winter Sale, however – just the TyranoBuilder Visual Novel software for upcoming projects.

Aside from that, it’s been a heavily Nintendo holiday (something I wouldn’t have expected only a year ago). I got:

  • Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS (my sister)
  • Super Mario Bros. 3D World Wii U (Syn)
  • Crypt of the Necrodancer (Al)
  • $40 worth of Wii U eShop currency (Syn)

I’m still up in the air about what I’m going to use that on. I do have an eShop wishlist, but I’m tempted to pick up Minecraft for the Wii U. Yes, I’m one of the few gamers who has never played Minecraft in any form.

I also came away with a lot of great books, music, plushies, joke gifts, toys and fun things. I have to say I was totally spoiled this year.

I was surprised how my Wii U was the star of the show for us – favorites were Mario Kart 8 with my sister and Yoshi’s Wooly World with Syn. It’s been a while since most of us played console games, and now that we’re a bit older, we really can feel the motor-coordination difference. For example, as much as we all wanted to play Smash Bros. Wii U, it was pretty clear to us that without a lot of practice, it wasn’t going to be as easy as we remembered it. In my case, the large Wii U controller was a hindrance. In Syn’s case, her hands just hurt after hammering at the fighting game. Sadly, it didn’t get a lot of play time, and I’m starting to reconsider it’s spot in my library.

Go laugh. Truth is, we’re getting older. So we settled on playing Yoshi on mellow mode, which was quite enjoyable. 😛

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My D&D Alignment ~ #Blaugust Day 27

This is part of the Blaugust series!

I thought that StarShadow’s post about D&D alignment was interesting, so I also took the online quiz for myself, and not any of my characters. I haven’t played D&D seriously, though I used to dabble in it with my sister when we were much younger. I know I have some old D&D books hanging around somewhere, though. I’ve never considered what my own alignment would be.

So, after taking the test, I ended up with Neutral Good.


The site notes:

A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them. The common phrase for neutral good is “true good.” Neutral good is the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias toward or against order.

–excerpted from the Player’s Handbook, Chapter 6

I’d say this fits me, and the majority of the hero-type characters I write, fairly well. I feel that though laws and ruler ship are there to provide order and structure, they are fail-able and corruptible human things. Doing good doesn’t always mean you follow the rules, but that you sense the most pressing needs of people and tend to them based on the situation and with compassion.

Or, in the words of the wise KluYa of FFIV:


Yes, I made an animated gif just for this post. XD

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Shire Life: A Moment of Shared Geekery

2014-08-29 17.16.54

I was stopped at a red light this morning on my way to work. A car pulled up behind me, and I briefly glanced at the passengers in my review mirror. There was what seemed to be a mother and her young adult daughter, who both were chatting in good spirits.

Suddenly, the mother pointed with a smile of surprised delight at my Shire Life car decal, and her daughter responded to it similarly.

It was a moment of shared geekery, though they didn’t know it. It made my morning.