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Amazon Prime Day 2016: The Spoils


This time last year, I didn’t even have an Amazon Prime account. Now days, I’m not sure what I’d do without it. That being said, I spent too much money at yesterday’s Prime Day sale.

However, just about everything I bought was either fitness or household related. I only splurged on one thing that was not. So that’s pretty good.

New Bike


This was partially inspired by Syp’s excitement over his new bike (so cool!) and partially inspired by my thoughts that catching Pokemon on my long neighborhood street in the summer heat would be much easier on a bike.

I haven’t had a real bike in over a decade. I’ve never once in my life owned an expensive one. This one is not an expensive one, either. I just wanted something simple I could ride down the road. This bike was on a good lightning sale, and I loved the look of it. So after a bit of debate, I decided to pick it up.

New Walking Shoes


I have trouble buying shoes because my feet are wide and they are super flat. So the normal walking/running shoes kill my feet with the forced arch support.

I bought a pair of these shoes above back in Feb/March, and they feel great. Only problem is I bought them a size too big. I didn’t really notice this a whole lot until I started walking more (looking for Pokemon). Now it’s bugging me and making my walks more difficult.

So, when I saw the same shoes for sale on Prime Day, I picked up a new pair at a smaller size.

Amazon Echo


This is the only entertainment item I bought. Granted, it’s a big-ticket item. However, I’ve been holding off picking up an Echo for a while.

My sister and brother-in-law were early adopters and they love their Alexa. Syn also picked one up a while back. So I’m the only one who didn’t own one yet. I also don’t have a proper non-PC music device. And I noticed that Alexa can now use Spoitfy, including the Discover lists — which is what I listen to while working on webcomic art.

I know the Echo can do a lot of other things, too, and that it’s continuing to add new features consistently. So, I decided to take the plunge. I doubt we’ll see the price of this device come down much more for quite a while.

Misc Stuff

There’s various other small things I picked up as well.

A small table fan for my desk at work – that way I can cool off after taking a walk (hunting Pokemon) out in the parking lot. I actually got this for free using the points my Amazon card has been accumulating. 😀

A Dirt Devil hand vac… to replace my aging cordless hand vac of 6-7 years that can no longer hold a charge.

A set of cafe style tumblers… to replace my less attractive plastic cup set that’s over 5 years old now.

Did you participate in Amazon Prime Day? Want to share what you picked up? 

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Dreams of Future Technology and White Mice

mouseI think it was Ysharros’ posts about caring for baby mice that must have subconsciously leaked into my dreams. There’s no other explanation for dreaming about mice that I know of.

You can think me odd, but I’m a huge lover of rodent pets – I’ve owned fancy mice and rats as pets since childhood, though I don’t have any right now. Rats are some of the best little pets I’ve ever had (no disrespect to my current cat, who is awesome), and I guess sometimes I really miss owning them.

So I had an odd and super-realistic dream last night that I decided to write about. I dreamed that someone developed a super futuristic tablet. But instead of having something like Siri or Google built into it as an assistant, it used free-moving, hyper-realistic holograms that you could command by voice.

There were different styles of holograms, if I remember, and they came with a docking station that was designed as a little house. Like, there was a tiny dragon hologram, and it had a little dragon cave.

Well, there was a white mouse hologram, and I fell in love with it. In my dream, this little thing actually scampered into my hand and up on my shoulder (like pet rats will). And I marveled because in my dream, I could actually feel the little feet and the slight weight of the creature. It moved and acted just like a living mouse. When I touched it, it was like touching fur. Everything about it was like the real thing, except I knew it was a technology-created illusion.

I wanted one so badly, and the dream actually was leading me to go and buy this tablet, just to have this illusionary pet. Yeah, I’m weird.

I thought in a dream, you’re not supposed to feel the sensation of touch, though? It was odd, because I could totally feel it.

Having a tiny dragon hologram at your beck and call would be awesome, too. 😀