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FFXIV: Lalagans Visit the Crystalala Art Party

The CROWN Free Company of Malboro – a FC that the Lalafell versions of Amon and Scylla have been welcomed to – hosted a Lalafell-oriented art party earlier today. There was quite a turnout with all sorts of original characters and NPC representations in Lala form.

Like Amon and Scylla, these NPCs weren’t all Lalafell originally – there were characters of all sorts including Ascians, Scions, Zenos and even Nero. So much creativity went into a lot of these character designs – I was really impressed. Lots of fun for the NPC crowd!

There was bard music, lots of dancing, lots of summer glamours and just fun all around. I am always happy to meet up with these folks, some which I rarely run across in-game or get to see outside of events. If all goes well, once cross-datacenter travel ramps up, CROWN hopes to host another party to include even more folks.

Oh, and check out this adorable artwork of Amon and Scylla Lalas (and other great Lalas) gifted by my buddy Yuyuhase! ❤

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FFXIV: Fender Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster

I don’t think I’ve ever played an MMO that had its own guitar created just for it. But this is the real deal!

However, if you can’t afford the official FFXIV Fender Stratocaster guitar in real life (priced at $3,499.99 USD)…

IRL Stratocaster

You can opt to have it in game in two different ways!

First, you can purchase your own Aetherolectric Guitar furnishing for your personal home from the Gold Saucer for 3,000 MPG. That’s just a little cheaper than picking it up IRL, you think?

Second, Bards who have the performance skill can opt to play a replica of the guitar – complete with different sound modes – just like any other instrument in the game.

Whichever way you decide to interact with this unique instrument, I hope you enjoy it!

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FFXIV: Free Company Sleeping Quarters

It’s been a while since I decorated a themed room for our Free Company house. Since some characters, like Amon, don’t have an actual bedroom within the house (or even in his apartment now), I decided to turn Tad’s personal room into a sleeping quarters for the FC members for RP purposes. 

When I saw those new beds in 5.3, I knew I wanted to use them for something, and this seemed just the layout! This isn’t fully complete yet – I’m sure I’ll find more decorations to go in here over time, but it’s a pretty solid floorplan.

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FFXIV: Another World Art Book

Scans from the Another World art book. It’s really neat to see the comments by the designers and artists! 

Sorry for the quality of the scans. This is the best I can do with just a little flatbed scanner on hand and no fancy gear. 

I know I posted the Amon and Xande pieces here before. But I’d never seen the Scylla – and holy wow do her dogs look terrifying without the masks on! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that concept art before!! D :

Then some neat artwork looking at the areas in Syrcus Tower and what the artists were trying to achieve with it. Followed by what looks to be some concept art for designs that never were used, from the Sketches section.