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  • The Passing of Project Wonderful & A Look at Current Blogging/Creativity

    Does anyone remember Project Wonderful? They are (were) a little company that allowed you to pay into the site and place ads up on other sites in the network. You could also place your own ads up on your page and people could purchase those in return. A Short Look Back I used Project Wonderful […]

  • New Year, New Creative Goals

    I’m finally back home after a good chunk of time away on holiday vacation… which means I’m going through that readjustment period where there’s no food in the house and I have to clean up the messes the cat made while being cared for by someone else… and that kind of thing. I’m also shaking off […]

  • Wayrift Speed Paint 11-16-16

    Speed paints for next week’s Wayrift webcomic.

  • Wayrift – 14 Years of Webcomic Change

    This past week, our ongoing webcomic, Wayrift, celebrated 14 years of being online. This is not just online time, however, but 14 years of consistent updates, 3 times a week (now in full color). Every now and then, Syn and I take a week off for vacation. But even then, she sometimes draws humor comics or […]

  • Fantastic Webcomic: Above the Clouds

    I’ve been into webcomics since before webcomics were really a big thing on the Internet. My own comic is going on 14 years old soon, so it’s been around a while. Needless to say, I’m a bit jaded when it comes to webcomic reading. That’s why when I find one that really captures my imagination, […]

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