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  • Bl-August 2018 Gaming Goals

    First, happy Blaugust everyone! It’s that time again — a new month means new goals to reach for! I’m not going to go into too much detail at the moment, but I am going to say that things may be in a flux for me when it comes to FFXIV in fairly short order. I […]

  • The Passing of Project Wonderful & A Look at Current Blogging/Creativity

    Does anyone remember Project Wonderful? They are (were) a little company that allowed you to pay into the site and place ads up on other sites in the network. You could also place your own ads up on your page and people could purchase those in return. A Short Look Back I used Project Wonderful […]

  • I Did Something Stupid (And Succeeded!): NaNoWriMo

    So I just completed NaNoWriMo for 2017, despite the fact that I started it halfway through the month – dumb thing to do. I won’t say it was all easy going, but I’m glad I took the dive into exploring this world, characters and story. Last week, when I puttered out and skipped writing on […]

  • I’m Doing Something Stupid: NaNoWriMo

    NaNoWriMo used to be my jazz. I haven’t participated in an official NaNo in many years, though. I know most folks reading this are familiar with my blogging gaming and geek stuff… and some even know that I am a technical writer in the adulting world. The truth is, I started out writing fiction as […]

  • FFXIV: All Crafters to 60, YoKai Fun & Finishing Camp NaNoWriMo

    This week has felt pretty busy. There’s just been a whole lot of content to work through in FFXIV (Deep Dungeon & YoKai Event), along with my struggles to complete Camp NaNoWriMo before the month ended. Last night, I was able to really sit down and figure out what all the FFXIV YoKai event is about. […]

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