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Crud NaNoWriMo July 2016 – Shadows of Zot

Well, crud. Look what happened.


I wasn’t going to write for the July Camp NaNoWriMo. I was pretty discouraged after suffering through April’s NaNoWriMo, which was decidedly one of the worst NaNo experience I’ve had yet (no fault of NaNo, it was all me). And then I felt that all the effort went to waste as I didn’t even post anything I wrote in the end.

For the past few months, I’ve really wondered if I’ve lost my skill for fiction writing. Sure, I can spin a blog post like this in little to no time, and shoot out technical articles for work without batting an eye. But there’s a huge difference between inspired fantasy writing and conversational or technical writing. They’re all writing, but they use different muscles.

Where blogging had begun as a way to keep me writing consistently between my fiction sprints, it’s now become so, so much harder for me to write fiction in general. I’m not going to lie, I’d almost decided to give up on all of it. But then I get the little unexpected encouragements like…


Merrybelly… you just don’t know how I almost cried for joy to see a kind compliment during a dark time in my creative landscape. Thank you. 🙂

It also got Shadows of Zot back on my writing radar, which is something I’ve wanted to do anyhow. So, yes. I have four days to re-read the 14 chapters I’ve already posted and refresh my creative palette to try and give this fantasy writing thing another stab.

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Camp NaNoWriMo: Zot and Runne Update – Reader Feedback Wanted!

camp_nano_logoApril is almost here, which means the spring session of Camp NaNoWriMo is coming back around. I participated once last year (was shooting for twice, but it didn’t happen), and had a pretty good idea that I was going to write again this year.

I seem to keep getting myself stuck on plot momentum for Runne, and due to feedback and some reader questions, I’ve decided to pick Shadows of Zot back up this April.

So, if all goes well, look for new Zot updates starting April/May! 

Runne Feedback Needed

For those who read/have read my ongoing fiction, Runne, I need a little feedback.

Here’s my problem. I have a few years worth of Runne material written and ready to post. I’m really not kidding. I have a lot of stuff written.

Adult Fu and TsuMeTai

I don’t post stuff because I struggle to get the chapter art done. I don’t want Runne to go artless, however. The design of the site is made to showcase chapter art, and it makes me sad to think there would be nothing on a chapter page. Plus, I just think it’s more exciting to see art with writing.

I’ve been trying to find a compromise, and here’s one thing I thought of.

Maybe I could draw artwork to represent the entire segment and use it for all the parts of that segment. So instead of having to draw, for example, 8 different pieces of art, I can draw just one for the entire expanse of segments.

Kinda like drawing cover art.

There still are chapters that I’d like to highlight by drawing individual pieces (because important things happen sometimes), but I’ll do that as I feel like it.

If I could consolidate art to just cover artwork per segment, I could easily hold down a weekly update schedule and get the site caught up to more current writing. That, in turn, would probably encourage me to write some more come fall!


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Nefol Introduction: Visual Novel Style

Young Jin Art From The Video
Young Jin Art From The Video

Earlier this week I mentioned I was using RPG Maker VX Ace to attempt to create a visual novel style video of one of our script-based stories, Nefol. I’m pleased to announce that after a lot of stumbling through technical things, the Introduction has been posted!

I’d really wanted to do my own art for the intro movie, but it would have taken all that much longer to complete and would likely never get done. I’ve actually tried to make this into a movie before and have failed several times. So, while it’s not the most amazing video out there, it’s much more what I had in mind when I posted the Nefol scripts.

I don’t know how long it will take to make Chapter 1. Again, I have no art assets for it, so all that will need to be created from scratch. Not to mention much more sprite scripting and animation. We’ll see what comes of it, but for now, I’m happy to have one video finally out there (even if it is short).



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I’m Writing for MMOGames ~ #Blaugust Day 29

This is part of the Blaugust series!

mmogameslogoI realized from Murf’s comment from when I shared my most recent column published at that I never officially announced that I’m writing there. So, I guess I’m officially announcing that I’m writing there, in particular for the Eorzean Evening Post column. I kinda kept it quiet, aside from sharing posts on social media, because I wasn’t quite sure how this would work out. The kind folks there keep posting my writing, so I guess I must be doing something okay! ^^;

The Eorzean Evening Post is a weekly column, usually posted on Tuesdays, dealing with topics in the FFXIV world, which I hope I’m fairly equip to tackle. It’s been a while since I’ve done freelance writing, so I was both excited and nervous to take the position when it was offered to me.

While the posts may look like something similar to what I might post on a personal blog, the truth is freelancing is a whole different sort of writing when compared to blogging. With a blog, if you don’t have a topic to write about or you just don’t feel like writing for a few weeks, you can set it aside. With freelancing, you have deadlines to meet, whether you feel like writing or not. And while picking a topic is up to me, I do have an editor that comes behind me who changes what they feel needs changing to better match the content the site is looking for.

I think my biggest fear is running out of ideas to write. As bloggers who have pushed through Blaugust may have experienced, when you are blogging under the pressure of a deadline, it feels far easier to draw a blank on what in the world to write about. I’m not sure why that is – if you leave me to my own devices, I usually don’t have a problem finding something to write about… but the moment you slap a deadline on something, that changes the whole game.

I’ve started to use Evernote to jot down article ideas when they occur to me. That way, I hope if I ever do hit a dry spell, I have a list of prompts I can pull from somewhere down the line.

I also want to note that I’m not the only blogger-friend who is writing for MMOGames! Here’s a few other folks that I’m aware write for the site (sorry if I miss anyone!)

So I seem to be in very good company!