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I Haven’t Forgotten My Fiddle

Posted on August 10, 2022

Nor have I quit playing even though my practice has dropped off a cliff since May. Lots of reasons and excuses – hot weather, house renovations, lack of energy and motivation, big web projects, blah-blah-blah.

Yeah, none of that matters when it comes down to it. The only thing that proves anything is getting back to practice again. I plan on it even though I know it’s going to be painful to jump back into.

I haven’t had this big of a failure to practice in a long time. But it does seem that the time of year I struggle the most to practice is during the summer – I can’t tell you why that is. Come fall, I’m usually settled down and ready to try and pick it up again. I think fall is just a creative and focused time of year for me.

As for this site, it’s undergoing yet another shift in design and coding. I’ve moved all of my sites off of WordPress at this point, so I hope this will be the last sort of revision to this blog.

I’d already converted the site into HTML pages, but I’d used website creation software to help with that. This was okay overall, but it didn’t have the flexibility overall to keep growing the blog section, which was most important to me. It’s great for smaller blogs, but not for a site that has a blog as at the heart of it.

Not to mention, I was locked into continuing to use this software to add new content to this site. I’ve not been convinced with the software’s development over the past year or so that I want to pay to renew my license for it.

The developers have added a lot of bells and whistles, but none of the improvements were around the blog section. For example, I had to hand-code videos in a blog page just to get them to show up because the software has no way to insert media other than images… and that’s just not good.

So, I’ve given up on the software approach and recoded the entire site on my own terms. I’m still working on converting all of the blog posts into this new layout, so some may look a bit off until I get them all in the same template. I’m plugging away at this a chunk at a time, and hope to have it finished soon.

Once that’s done, I really want to get back to blogging and practicing again. Wish me luck!

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