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Fiddle: To Case or Not to Case

January 19, 2024

I’ve long had this internal debate about where to keep my fiddle. I’ve read some folks who say an instrument should be one of two places – in your hand when you’re practicing or in its case when you’re not. However, I’ve always found it so much easier and more convenient to keep my fiddle in a holder outside of the case.

It just makes it all that much more likely that I’ll think about it (because it’s hanging right there on the wall) and will grab it for practice (because I don’t have to take the time pulling it out and setting it up and then putting it back in when I’m done). 

A long time ago, when I used a much cheaper fiddle, I had a cheapie plastic ground stand for it. It was really unsteady and not all that great. But I kept it in the bedroom (where cats are not allowed) and on carpeted floor, so that wasn’t much of a problem. Eventually, I did toss it out because it had seen better days and I bought a string swing wall hanger instead.

However, when I bought my Master fiddle, and after doing some online reading, I saw the thing that said you need to keep it in the case. I love the case that came with my Master, don’t get me wrong – it’s lovely and sturdy and well cushioned. But my fiddle never leaves the house, and I find it more of a hindrance every time I need to drag the bulky thing out for practice.

All this is to say that tonight, I was browsing Facebook (which is not a common thing for me to do), and I ran across a thread in the Adult Starters Violin/Fiddle group. A participant asked other folks to show pictures of their practice areas. An eye-opening number of them displayed photos where they often had one (or more) fiddles hanging up on their walls!

I thought to myself… you know… if it makes it more likely for me to practice, why don’t I just do it. And so I have.

My Master fiddle (which still needs a name) now hangs in my front room, hopefully encouraging me to think more fiddle thoughts and more fiddle practice.

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