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Celebrating Two Months of Consistent Fiddle Practice!

Posted on April 1, 2020

So after several wishy-washy months last year, I’ve managed to keep myself on track and make two back-to-back months of consistent practice.

I’ve not missed a day of practice in February or March, and I’m quite pleased with this! I’ve also been rewarding myself at the end of each month with something fiddle-related that is meant to encourage and help my progress along.

Last month, I purchased the software ScanScore so that I could use it to turn notation into a WAV file I can put on my Tune List for personal reference. This month, I’d originally wanted to try out a new chin rest.

However, that changed when Southwest Strings had a spring string sale. I’d been eyeing a set of Obligato strings, since I’ve heard good things about the dark mellow tone they have. The awesome thing about this set is that you can switch out the E string for various other brands, including the Hill E string.

I talked about how I decided to try the Hill E string earlier this year, and now that I’ve spent some time with it, I really like it. So the fact that this set allowed me to purchase a Hill was a major part of what swayed me. I don’t need to replace the Hill I have now just yet, but it’s very good to have a backup E string, just in case. I’ve heard those are the strings that will break most often.

I’m looking forward to outfitting my fiddle with these strings tonight and giving them a try. Once I’ve broken them in, I’ll let you know what I think. They are not cheap strings by any means, but the sale helped a bit in easing the pain of the cost. Hopefully they’ll last me a while and I’ll get my money’s worth out of them.

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