Lilting Fiddle

Learning to Play Fiddle as an Adult

Practice Plan

Somewhere near the start of my second year of practice, I learned the importance of building a consistent Practice Plan to help guide me each day when I sat down to pick up the fiddle. This is my current practice plan, which I reference each time I play!

My Practice Plan

Bow Strengthening Exercises
  • See Saw (Pencil)
  • Push and Pull (Colle Pencil)
  • Windshield Wiper (Bow)
Main Practice
  • Exercise: Long Bows (With Mirror)
  • Exercise: Full Scales - Across All Strings (With Mirror)
  • Exercise: Sight Reading Factory
  • AFM: Cripple Creek
  • EEI: French Folk Song
  • Exercise: Tetrachords - Across All Strings

Practice Log