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  • Fiddle Progress Report – January 2022

    Fiddle Progress Report – January 2022

    It’s been a while since I’ve written up a progress report, hasn’t it? Sometimes, I move so slowly with what I’m practicing for fiddle that it doesn’t feel like a monthly progress report will reveal that much, I suppose. I’m back to trying to consistently practice once again after really taking a dive late last […]

  • Three Years of Fiddle

    Three Years of Fiddle

    It’s January 15th again and that can mean only one thing – it’s my fiddleversary! (I made that word up, obviously.) Three years ago today, I started to seriously learn how to play fiddle. I’ve come a long way from where I started, but I have so, so far to go still. Last year, I […]

  • New Year’s Fiddle Resolutions for 2022

    New Year’s Fiddle Resolutions for 2022

    I didn’t do a great job of keeping up with my fiddle goals from last year, even though they were just a few nebulous attempts at setting goals. There are still things I’d like to achieve – such as finishing the first EEI book and increasing playing stamina – that I will roll over into […]

  • Net Fiddler – I Bought a New Bow!

    Net Fiddler – I Bought a New Bow!

    Note: This is not a sponsored post by FiddlerShop or anything like that. I just love the shop and their products! I haven’t been writing a whole lot about my fiddle practice and progress lately. That’s because things have just been moving slowly but steadily lately with nothing earth-shattering to speak of. I’ve settled into […]

  • Fiddle Progress Report – February 2021

    Fiddle Progress Report – February 2021

    Just a short progress report from last month – a few things have changed! It was the first full month of logging my practice into a Google Calendar system, and I think this is working just fine. It’s also the first month of hosting my fiddle content here on this blog. I haven’t been posting […]

  • Fiddle Progress Report – January 2021

    Fiddle Progress Report – January 2021

    I don’t have a whole lot to update about things in January, but what I do have is something very important! Of course, my 2 year anniversary of playing fiddle arrived in mid-January, which is one thing to celebrate! Secondly, as of February 1, my quest to maintain consistent daily practice also hit a 1 […]

  • Two Years of Fiddle

    Two Years of Fiddle

    While this isn’t the exact date of when I first picked up a fiddle to learn to play, it’s the day I’ve dedicated as my fiddle anniversary. About this time two years ago, I was just starting to become serious about practice. This hasn’t been a completely seamless experience for me – I had a […]

  • Fiddle String Swing

    Fiddle String Swing

    Back in September of 2020, I picked up a set of Thomastik Alphayue strings for my Master fiddle. While I’m sure for the right instrument they could be a good set of strings, they just weren’t working out for mine. They sounded scratchy (due to certain rosin) and often muted on the G and D […]

  • December Fiddle Progress Report

    December Fiddle Progress Report

    I know it’s a few days late to post a progress report from December, however, I had so many goal posts to make around January 1st, this post just got pushed back a bit. So what all happened in December? Aside from me deciding to move my blog posts from my dedicated Fiddle blog to […]

  • Fiddle Goals for 2021

    Fiddle Goals for 2021

    One last goal setting post for this year – I promise it’s the last one! This time, I have a list of goals for learning to play fiddle for 2021. I actually have a number of them! Finish Book 1 of EEi – Volume 1 of Essential Elements Interactive was the first method book I […]


This blog follows the musical journey of an adult learning to play fiddle – with a specific interest in Irish/Celtic music.

You’ll find my fiddle practice log here, as well as a list of online resources and reviews of tools associated with what I’m learning. I hope something I’ve discovered can be helpful to you!


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