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  • Violin Tips I Learned in 2020: Experiment with Shoulder and Chin Rests

    Violin Tips I Learned in 2020: Experiment with Shoulder and Chin Rests

    This has been a year of experimentation in gear for me. I have a shorter neck, so I’ve always thought that I needed a shorter shoulder rest and chinrest combo, too. I think I’ve found the right chinrest for my needs. I’ve been using the WAVE for several months now, and I still really like […]

  • Violin Tips I Learned in 2020: Tighten The Bow More

    Violin Tips I Learned in 2020: Tighten The Bow More

    This was one of those things I’m sure a teacher could have eyeballed in two seconds. For me, it was a learning experience that I want to pass along. So, I own two different bows that I use depending on which violin I’m playing and where I happen to be practicing. One is a Fiddlerman […]

  • Violin Tips I Learned In 2020: Practice Sight Reading

    Violin Tips I Learned In 2020: Practice Sight Reading

    I’m the type of person who can eventually learn the tunes I’m playing by ear. This seems great at first because it means I toss the sheet music over my shoulder after a certain point and just play. Of course, I’m also only memorizing simple tunes at this point, so I have no idea how […]

  • Violin Tips I Learned in 2020: Write a Practice Plan

    Violin Tips I Learned in 2020: Write a Practice Plan

    As this year winds down to a close, I wanted to write a short series of posts about the things I discovered in 2020 that helped me with my violin practice. Some of these are just live-and-learn situations (which could have probably been solved easily with a teacher’s input) and some are somewhat obvious. But […]

  • Video: Putting Guitar Strings on a Violin

    Video: Putting Guitar Strings on a Violin

    I thought this was an interesting, though scary(!), experiment. I was actually surprised to see how decent the flat guitar strings sounded! Thought I’d share!

  • November Fiddle Progress Report

    November Fiddle Progress Report

    I really, really wanted to write an October Progress Report, and just failed to do so. I was disappointed in that because October marked the one year anniversary of the arrival of my Fiddlerman Master. I’m happy to report that I did not go out fiddle shopping with any great need or intention since it […]

  • September Fiddle Progress Report

    September Fiddle Progress Report

    Let me start this post by saying: September marks 8 full months of consistent practice! What hasn’t been so consistent is remembering to write progress reports. Trying to do them in the middle of the month doesn’t seem to work out so well. So I’m trying to move them to the beginning on the month […]

  • August Fiddle Progress Report

    August Fiddle Progress Report

    Progress report is back! I know I missed last month’s progress report, and almost considered putting them away for good. But I’ve decided to actually write one this month, and a day early, to boot. This is mostly because I’ve been doing a number of new things lately, which I do want to document. Looking […]

  • 6 Months of Consistent Practice!

    6 Months of Consistent Practice!

    As of yesterday, I have practiced consistently every day for 6 months! I didn’t reward myself with anything last month for consistent practice, but I thought this milestone deserved something. So, seeing there were sales going on at Sharmusic, I decided to do a little shopping. I was totally taken aback at how quickly this […]

  • Video: Luthier Opens Up a $100 Violin

    Video: Luthier Opens Up a $100 Violin

    Remember when I warned you about my experiences with cheap violins? Well, this luthier opened a cheap violin to get a better understanding of why it sounds the way it does. Fascinating stuff!


This blog follows the musical journey of an adult learning to play fiddle – with a specific interest in Irish/Celtic music.

You’ll find my fiddle practice log here, as well as a list of online resources and reviews of tools associated with what I’m learning. I hope something I’ve discovered can be helpful to you!


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