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  • Collé – What I’ve Been Missing

    Collé – What I’ve Been Missing

    For the past month and a half, I’ve been focusing on making a nice and consistent sound when I’m bowing. I mean, that’s something I’ve always tried to do. But lately, I’m trying to deduce why it’s not always happening. I’ve known of collé for a couple months, but didn’t think it was so essential […]

  • June Fiddle Progress Report

    June Fiddle Progress Report

    Hey, look! I’m on time with this post for once! Also, I’m happy to say that another month has gone by and I still have not missed a day of practice. It’s come close a few times, but I’ve been able to stick to it. I know there will come a day I will break […]

  • May Fiddle Progress Report

    May Fiddle Progress Report

    So May sped right by me and I completely missed the date on which I usually write a progress report. I’d feel a little bad about this except for the fact that I know I missed the date due to being much more focused on doing daily practice. Plus, last week was the first week […]

  • The WAVE Chinrest for Violin

    The WAVE Chinrest for Violin

    As a reward to myself for consistent playing during the month of April, I ordered a WAVE Da Capo chinrest. Because I struggle with a short neck, finding a low-fitting chinrest and shoulder rest combo has always been troublesome. While I liked my previous chinrest, on my Master fiddle, I had issues where this chinrest […]

  • Video: Vibrato Exercises

    Video: Vibrato Exercises

    So, every now and then, I starting thinking about vibrato. When should I start it? I don’t feel anywhere near ready for it. But that doesn’t mean I can’t start planning ahead. I saw a question come across one of the adult beginner groups on Facebook about vibrato, and this video popped up in the […]

  • 3 Months of Consistent Practice

    3 Months of Consistent Practice

    As of yesterday, I have been consistently practicing my fiddle every day for the past 3 months. I started to challenge myself to be more consistent at the end of January, and now moving into May, I haven’t missed a day of practice yet. I pick up fiddle-related rewards to myself for meeting the goal […]

  • April Fiddle Progress Report

    April Fiddle Progress Report

    Here’s what’s been going on in the world of fiddle for me since the last progress report. I feel like I’ve weeded out most of the songs I’m going to from the Tune List. This ended up only being two so far. I reviewed several the past month to see if I felt like the […]

  • Celebrating Two Months of Consistent Fiddle Practice!

    Celebrating Two Months of Consistent Fiddle Practice!

    So after several wishy-washy months last year, I’ve managed to keep myself on track and make two back-to-back months of consistent practice. I’ve not missed a day of practice in February or March, and I’m quite pleased with this! I’ve also been rewarding myself at the end of each month with something fiddle-related that is […]

  • Sight Reading Factory

    Sight Reading Factory

    One thing I have wanted to improve upon is my ability to read musical notation – to sight read. When I started out playing fiddle, the method I used taught only notation, and I picked it up pretty quickly. However, I have one problem with learning notation — I end up memorizing the sound of […]

  • March Fiddle Progress Report

    March Fiddle Progress Report

    Oh wow, the Ides of March slid right by me, and I’m a day late with my progress report! Where has this month gone? Feb-March has seen a lot of change for the better. Practice continues to be consistent. I’m pleased with the kind of tunes I’m playing, and overall just enjoying practice much more […]


This blog follows the musical journey of an adult learning to play fiddle – with a specific interest in Irish/Celtic music.

You’ll find my fiddle practice log here, as well as a list of online resources and reviews of tools associated with what I’m learning. I hope something I’ve discovered can be helpful to you!


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