Nefol Game Dev Blog

Though this project is now on hiatus, here’s a blog series documenting the progress we made!

RPG Maker MV: First Impressions, Game Planning and Plugins (1/12/2017) Last weekend, before Syn and I even started working on the Nefol game, we spent a good bit of time checking out RPG Maker MV as a toolset. Many years ago, we worked with RPG Maker 2003 to play around with a Wayrift RPG, so we have some familiarity with how the series works overall. […]
RPG Maker: Nefol Dev Blog – Hallway of Hindrance (2/23/2017) It’s been a while since our last Dev Blog update, but I promise that we are still working on setting the foundation and getting the Nefol game officially started! Some of this is a re-learning process as I haven’t personally used the RPG Maker system to create events and scenes in well over 10 years. […]
RPG Maker: Nefol Dev Blog – Creating the Man Braid (3/2/2017) So, today I’m going to talk about man braids. In particular, Zento’s man braid. Zento has always had one single long braid down his back. That’s just been a defining feature of his character’s design. The only issue here is that the character generator in RPG Maker MV does not provide that sort of hairstyle. […]
RPG Maker: Nefol Dev Blog –Emotional Facesets and Side Character Sprites (3/8/2017) In RPG Maker, the picture file used as a portrait, often displayed when that character is talking, is called a faceset. Facesets are made up of several images in a 2×4 grid. Each portrait image must be placed within the grid in precise squares, or you will see graphical overlapping and weirdness when using the file in game. […]
RPG Maker: Nefol Dev Blog – Telling the Old Story (3/15/2017) Last weekend, we made a lot of headway on the main story for Nefol. While sprites and events have sometimes held us back from moving forward, this time, I sat down and got a good chunk of story completed, including what I tend to think of as the “Intro Movie.” You can see the previous […]
RPG Maker: Nefol Dev Blog – I Don’t Like You (3/22/2017) I’ve got a lot to talk about this week, because the two of us got quite a bit done! First, let me talk about what Syn’s working on: The Rai Camp. This is going to be home base for the heroes, and is Zento’s (and the player’s) first look at who the Rai Clan are. […]
Nefol RPG Introduction (3/28/2017) Last weekend, I was able to put the finishing touches on the Nefol Introduction and the end of Chapter 1. Last night, I sat down and made the first play through recording of the Nefol Introduction. The intro is a bit of a gag for those who are familiar with our other works at […]
RPG Maker: Nefol Dev Blog – Chapter 2 Begins (4/5/2017) Last week, I got a solid chunk of Chapter 2 coded in the game, mostly because it’s all dialogue more than anything else. I did stop right before the one battle encounter because my challenge for this week is going to be figuring out how to script a fight that has a lot of character interaction. […]
RPG Maker: Nefol Dev Blog – Digger Emerged! (4/12/2017) Last weekend, I set about doing what I mentioned in the last post — struggling with how to introduce and script the Digger battle. I spent a lot of time chasing down rabbit trails, but I learned a lot about the different plug-ins and how to make them do what I want to do. First […]
RPG Maker: Nefol Dev Blog – Fight It Out! (4/19/2017) This past weekend, I spent a good bit of time tweaking the flow of the Digger battle and finally finishing that scenario! In the middle of all this, I changed the graphics for the battle Digger creature, found and built new animations for the battle to spruce it up some, and finally got all the […]
Nefol RPG Part 1 Video (4/26/2017) Today we are officially releasing the video play through for Nefol Part 1! If you haven’t yet seen the Introduction, you can find it here! This covers the story of how main characters Jin and Zento met. It touches a bit on the cultures of the clans of the north and their view on magic, […]
RPG Maker: Nefol Dev Blog – The Rai Caves (5/10/2017) So, with Chapter 3 scripted, it’s finally time to venture into some new story and environments. This also means we need to create a bunch of new assets and art for various situations. The first of these assets are sprites with closed eyes. We need these for a few situations, but mostly because there’s a […]
Nefol: The Game Changer (1/4/2018) Gosh, it’s really been a while since I’ve posted an update for the Nefol game, and for that, I am sorry. We were actually making good progress with our game… then all the sudden, we were not. Once momentum is lost, it’s hard to get it back together, and then big updates with RPG Maker […]
Nefol: Zento Sprite Horror (1/23/2018) In my previous post, I talked about how I was trying to use the RPG Hero pack of Spriter Pro as a foundation of sprite art for our game. I spent many hours of trial and error with this program, working to figure out how it worked. So, you start with a guy that looks […]
Nefol: The 2D Environment Solution (1/24/2018) In my previous post, I talked about how I struggled to find a way to mesh our character art with background assets. I used character sprites I created in Spriter Pro with backgrounds make from screenshots of assets arranged in Unity and this just wasn’t working out. I threw around all kinds of ideas on […]
Nefol: Zento Sprite Remade (1/25/2018) Now that I’d finally found a good style for our background artwork, I turned my attention back to the Zento sprite again. While the background art would have been fine for a pixel sprite, I still felt we needed something larger. So I started to do some research and looking through available Spriter Pro assets. […]
Nefol: We’re Walking! (1/30/2018) Last weekend, I continued to work on the Zento sprite, mostly in finishing up his side walking animations. But before I did that, I did something even more important…. The Man Braid Remade That’s right. I had to remake the man braid. I actually took the artwork from the RPG Maker sprite and increased the […]
Nefol: Learning to Code (Kinda) (2/8/2018) Last week, Syn and I were stumbling through learning how to make characters move, setting up collision boxes and making talk bubbles. We were taking bits and pieces of code from various different YouTube videos, trying to piece together techniques and coding the best we could. I knew that something needed to change. Our code […]