Net Fiddler

Sometime during the fall/winter of 2018, I found myself inspired to try to learn to play the violin. I put it off for many months, especially after reading how difficult an instrument it is to learn as an adult, and how much time you need to dedicated to it to play remotely well.

I had very basic experience teaching myself acoustic guitar back when I was in high school, but it’s been years since I’ve touched an instrument, much less attempted to read music.

I knew that going into this as an adult beginner would be a challenge and a learning process. So, I decided it would also make for some great blogging! Not to mention, writing about my experiences might help someone else, and will hopefully keep me motivated to play!

In Net Fiddler, I document from a complete newcomer perspective all the things I learn about this unique instrument. I’m figuring things out on my own in a self-taught manner, and I hope to provide lots of online resources that I find useful as I make new discoveries.