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EQ2: Free Level 100 Boost

Some kind of big release went out in EQ2, so they’re offering folks free level 100 boosts to a character of choice. I’m so very far behind in content (I actually have never done any content beyond the 50s in that game) that the content itself doesn’t concern me one bit.


However, I have a stable full of alts that for some reason I can’t let go of. They all have huge undecorated houses, even the whole Isle of Refuge, and vet rewards for over a decade, still 5K Station Cash Daybreak bucks (whatever) and yet, I sadly let them gather dust.

Maybe I’ll make it a goal to spend more time exploring EQ2 this year.

Anyhow, despite not actually playing the game,ย my ears still perk up every time they give away a character boost. I’ve actually boosted 5 characters (including the one I just did last night) over the years, at varying levels.

Last time they offered this, I put out a poll on who I should boost because it’s a hard choice! My little Fury Rawring won… but I actually never played with him after I boosted (figures).

This time around, I knew there was no question who I wanted to boost. My Froglok monk,ย Chirrupp, is the only character who didn’t have access to a flying mount (which I love so much in EQ2). All my other characters may be low leveled in their battle classes, but I spent a LOT of double XP weekends grinding their crafting classes to 90, soully for the flying mount, back when I was actually in a guild and had the means to.

What I didn’t know was when I boosted her, that she’d not only get flying without having to go through the flying quest (yay), but that she’d also get this… whatever it is… dragon-like flying mount. (Faeralith, The Obedient One)


This is also good, because while I have other flying mounts she can use, I think this one fits well, and is really the only character of mine that it would fit. I just don’t see Ratongas flying around on things like this. ๐Ÿ˜€

So, yeah. Free level 100 boost.

If Daybreak is trying to remind me there’s a game where I put a lot of time and money and have a huge amount of alts and content I’ve never seen… I guess it worked. I always feel a little ashamed that I haven’t done more in EQ2 than I did.

But there are just too many games!! I guess the reality of it is that I’ll probably keep the client updated, but log in next time they give away another free character boost. Eventually, I’ll get all my characters leveled that way if I’m patient! ๐Ÿ˜€

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Making Birthday Bank

Back when I was a kid, birthdays were a big thing. Even though my family wasn’t wealthy by any means, we always had many presents, a cake and good memories. Then, when you get into the adult world, you get things like… a flamingo light placed on your desk at work to announce it’s your special day. ๐Ÿ˜€

2017-05-09 09.14.18
This is really a thing in my office.

Well, this year, friends and family made sure I was super spoiled on my birthday. Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes and gifts. I wanted to share some of these, because they were so cool!



Ori has been a game that’s been on my Steam wishlist since before the definitive edition existed. I love the art style, and it looks like it’ll be a whimsical game to experience.

Thank you so much, Al!

Nintendo Gift Card


My sister (Vix) knows I want eShop cash for my Nintendo Switch. In particular, I’m hoping for a digital release of Stardew Valley for the system this summer.

Which is ironic, because last year, she bought me Stardew for Steam for my birthday. So that means she’ll technically be getting it again for me on Switch. I’m excited to see what it’ll play like on Switch (even though I love it and have played it so many hours on Steam). Plus, multiplayer is coming up and we want to share a farm!



My brother-in-law (Xaa) decided that I really needed Cat-opoly in my life. I didn’t know that I needed it, too, until I got it. It’s been a long time since I’ve played any kind of Monopoly game, and this version looks like it’ll be fun! Can’t wait to bring it down during the holidays to try it out.

KoM Free Company Gifts


Completely unexpected, a group of FC friends – shown here on the right as Bean, Talo, Arky, Arny, Lyra and Quezette – surprised me with not just a fun piece of artwork that I will treasure (thanks Bean!), but a whole treasure trove of cosmetics and fun things in FFXIV.

This included:

  • Eastern Garb for Women
  • Doman Magpie
  • Panda Cub
  • Eastern Dance

I don’t tend to buy myself cosmetics from the Mog Station, so while I really loved all of these, I didn’t own them. I always thought the Eastern Garb was pretty elegant (if not a little leg-showing).

Not all dresses look good on my character (Yuna’s Attire), so I was really pleased with how lovely this one did. I just put a pair of Thavnairian Sarouels that I’ve been saving for glamour purposes under the dress, and dyed it all my favorite metallic sky blue.



I took a lot of fun screenshots last night. Now, I just have to decide what job gets this pretty outfit. It looks a lot like something Monk would wear, though Amoon suggested that if I mixed and matched, I could make the top work for Red Mage. That’s a possibility!

Or, perhaps, I’ll switch this to my Bard (depends on Amon’s Hat compatibility) and the red robe glamour to my Red Mage… so many thoughts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyhow, thank you to everyone who made my birthday fun and exciting! I really do appreciate all the good wishes and the unexpected gifts!!

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Another Year Gone By

Google always remembers my birthday. ๐Ÿ™‚

This is the last year of my 30’s. I was going to spend some time browsing back over memories and accomplishments of the past 10 years… or what I could remember of them. There are a fair few.

But I’m sleepy this morning, and I don’t have the energy to drone on about RL stuff, which is usually not all that interesting. I’ll sum it up by saying that I’m sitting in a pretty good place in life right now, with lots to still work towards. My health and fitness could use a lot of work, and I have a feeling I’ll be thinking more about that this year (I say that every year, but maybe this time it will stick).

Anyhow. Just being thoughtful right now, and thankful to see another year on this earth. As always, I’ll try to make it better than the last!

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FFXIV: Black Mage & FC Fun

A lot happened over this weekend, mostly dealing with folks in my FC. But let me start with the more boring stuff first — my progress in leveling Black Mage!

My goal is to hopefully get to level 50 this month, and I’m well on my way. Last night, I got to level 46, struggled through my level 45 quests, and unlocked the first part of my artifact armor.

Yay for pointy hats!


Now for our Free Company fun!

First, on Friday night, we held an Aquapolis run to help earn funds for our upcoming FC house upgrade and move. We ended up having two parties treasure hunting before the end of the night, earned a good bit of Gil, and even cleared the 7th floor more than once!


On Saturday, two of our FC members held a wedding event. It had a pretty great turnout!

Vix, Xaa and I spent time figuring out what we were going to wear the night before.


The night of the event was fun for all!



And the bride had some tricks up her sleeves for us.


But most of all, we were there to have a good time.



After the event, we all got on our egg mounts…


And stormed Quarrymill!


Zeb’s Hairdos

Though, I really think someone should take away Syn’s right to aesthetician. So for the night of our FC Anniversary glamour event, Zeb turned up looking like this:


And then, later that night like this…


For the wedding, she dyed Zeb’s hair blue and orange (the wedding colors) and gave him a goatee.


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May Gaming Goals

Welcome to May! In 8 days, I’ll be celebrating my birthday! In about a month and a half, Stormblood will rain down on us in FFXIV. I’m taking some time off of work for both occasions, and I can really use it!

In the meantime, I have a few small goals to work towards this month. Nothing serious because I honestly have both my main and Tai sitting right where I want them to be for the expansion.

Some Future Plans for Stormblood

After the excitement of the Live Letter on Friday, I’ve come away with a few new ideas of my approach to the expansion. I’m really happy about the AF armor characters will get at level 70, and seeing the set Dragoons get, I know I’ll be leveling Tai first through the story.

My main will go Red Mage, which starts her back at level 50, so she might not see the story as early on. I debated what I wanted to do, but I think I’ll take her through the game second so that she can go Red Mage all the way, rather than doing it halfway with Bard and catching up with Red Mage and yadda yadda.

The Actual Goals

But those are goals for June, not for May! So let me get back on track!

Final Fantasy XIV

  • Level Black Mage to 50ย โœ“
  • Level Zemi’s Ninjaย โœ“
  • Buy Fokelore Booksย โœ“
  • Buy Master Crafting Books โœ“

This is a pretty lax list, to be honest.

I’ve been leveling Black Mage on my main, and she’s just shy of level 42. So I should be able to get her to 50 without issue. I may even get her beyond that. But we’ll see.

I just picked up Zemi again this weekend, inspired by the Samurai in the Live Letter. I think it’ll be a good job for him, but I need to work on getting a job to 50 first (I think) to unlock that. A long time ago, I held a poll on what job I should change Zemi to, since having a tank main isn’t my cup of tea, and it ended up Ninja.

So I’ve been leveling Rogue on Zemi, and just got him to 18 last night with much thanks to Amoon. Zemi is really starting to grow on me… I especially love his splat-sit emote. When he does smile (Au Ra guys are so serious looking!), it’s endearing.


See… look at that!

I’ve kicked around the idea of an RP blog for Zemi, because he’s usually fun and good-natured to write for. But I’m lost as to where to start since he’s already a good ways into the MSQ in terms of story.

I know I’d like to write a RP blog for one of my characters sometime. I just never get around to figuring out how I want to approach it!

Alright, enough rambling from me! Hope May is a good month for everyone!