• FFXIV: Adventurer Plate Gallery

    Yesterday, I finally sat down and worked on my Adventurer Plates for all of my Mateus characters. Here’s what I’ve got (in alphabetical order).

    As you can see, most of these characters have something to do with either my Wayrift comic or my Spot of Mummery story. The exception is Fljot, whom I’m still not quite sure what I’m going to do with – I might even level Dragoon on him because I’ve found the new Dragoon to be quite fun and the idea of a bunny who actually jumps is amusing!

  • BDO: Second Dream Horse – Kinda Back in the Saddle

    In a very unexpected turn of events, I got my second Dream Horse awakening this weekend! I’m happy it happened, but I’d honestly be a lot more excited if it were the Pegasus and not a second Unicorn.

    Unicorns aren’t terrible by any means, but it would have been nice to get a different horse this time around. At least it wasn’t Doom.

    So I know I’ve been waffling about logging in BDO daily and feeding mats to my courser. This is mostly because, as I noted before, I have a severe lack of an Origin Stone, which is an item required to even attempt an awakening.

    It doesn’t matter how many days you log in to buy awakening materials from loyalty tokens. No origin stone, no awakening.

    I was very close to having all the materials needed to craft and Origin Stone – I was just shy 3. So when I saw that day 6 of login rewards this month gave Imperial Delivery Invoices (you can trade these for the materials), I was motivated to continue to log in this month.

    However, just doing a quick glance of all the stashed rewards I haven’t claimed yet (I’m bad about that), I realized I had overlooked 10 of these invoices in my inventory already! So I pulled them out, did the trade, crafted a stone and went to try for the 20th time to awaken my courser.

    Lo and behold, it happened!

    Of course, once you’ve awakened a dream horse, you have to train it. So, I’ve been back in the saddle, leveling my horse for the past few days. So far, so good.

    Believe it or not, I actually have a third courser that has been waiting in the wings all this time for a chance at awakening, too. And ironically, I just managed to pull an Origin Stone out of a chest from the Black Spirit’s Adventure last night.

    So, the cycle begins again… until I’m out of Origin Stones. Maybe this one will be the Pegasus.

  • FFXIV Housing: Recreation Room Remake!

    Back in 2019, I wrote about the Rec Room I designed in our FC house – basically, I take the private chambers of my characters and theme it to become something for the FC and visitors to use. This is the room of my main character, and lately I felt that it was badly in need of a touch-up.

    That touch-up came this week with the addition of some new 6.1 housing items that got my thoughts going. Namely, the Trick Bookshelf Partition – a bookshelf that has a secret door that opens when you approach.

    Also, my main has changed since I created the original room, and I while I wanted the theme to remain a recreation room, I also wanted to make it more along the lines of a room that better fit my main now.

    As you enter the room, you’re greeted by lots of books with cozy couches on both ends. And dragon statues on either side of the door.

    I always hate how the Hingan style doors in Shirogane houses just don’t fit with other themes, so I find creative ways to “hide” them – curtains work well!

    Now it’s time to go through the bookcase!

    And the other side is the real recreation area!

    I might have a few more things to add, but I’m quickly approaching my item limit. So this is the overall gist of where the room went with the remake. I think it’s a lot better!

    If you’re on the Crystal Data Center, you can visit this and any of our other themed rooms here: Mateus – Shirogane – Ward 14, Lot 14.

    If you stop in, please let us know in our Guestbook – located on the counter of our main room right near the front door. We appreciate the likes and the comments!

  • FFXIV: Patch 6.1 – Fun & Engaging (No Spoilers)

    As stated in the title, there will be no spoilers in this post. In fact, there will be little to no talk about MSQ or the Alliance raid – both which I’ve completed.

    The one note that I want to make about the MSQ is something I’ve heard another player say – they kept calling it “cozy.” In light of what we just experienced pretty much from 2.0 all the way through 6.0, I’d say this is by far the most cozy and least pressured story content we’ve seen.

    Not that exciting and tension-building story is bad. And not that there wasn’t anything exciting or tense in the MSQ for 6.1 – I’m quite excited about a number of directions the game is taking us, in fact!

    It’s more that it’s just nice to be able to explore concepts and locations because it’s something we want to do and not a response to a world-ending threat. Maybe taking it down a notch has also allowed me to enjoy the game even more as well. For me, the most important aspect of a MMO is feeling like the characters I build matter and they have a living, breathing home in an online fantasy world.

    Previous Gaming Rut

    If I haven’t been writing much about my day-to-day gaming in FFXIV, it’s not because I’m not logging in every day. I do. Just about every day – if for nothing else, to gather maps to sell.

    Other than gathering maps, I do my weekly crafting turn-ins because it’s a laid back way to make a little progress in leveling my crafters. Not the fastest route, but I just don’t have the energy to put towards crafting leves now days.

    If Syn is around, I usually run an Alliance roulette and maybe an Expert. Previously, that was to get Tome gear for Ben. But I’ve capped on Tome gear on his main class, and don’t feel the need to do it all over again for another job. So now days, if I run Alliance, it’s mainly to level alt jobs.

    That has been my extent of daily play in FFXIV pretty much since I finished 6.0. Even before 6.0, that was pretty standard for me. Maps. Crafting weeklies. Alliance. Maybe some Experts for Tomes.

    With the coming of patch 6.1, however, I’ve found myself in game longer doing more things than I have in a long time. So why is that?

    A Bit of This, A Bit of That

    Coming along with that cozy feeling I talked about before, there just is the overall impression of being able to take things easy and at my own pace. I don’t really know why – that was always the case, and I know it’s just my perception.

    But when the world slows down a little in MSQ, it becomes a bit more enticing to me. I find myself cleaning up loose ends that I keep meaning to, but just haven’t focused on. Also new things catch my eye.

    Adventurer Plates – I’ve spent some time exploring this new feature and setting up a plate for each of my characters one at a time. I’m not done with this yet for every character as I’ve just been doing this as I’ve logged into a character and had the desire to work on the plate.

    PVP Season – I haven’t tried the new PVP map as I’m not normally a small group PVP player. But I have been running a Frontline roulette every day since 6.1 dropped. I’m not great at it, but it’s been fun to do something different.

    I’m earning wolf marks for various things (and one character needs a Garo title), I’m earning Crystals to buy other things, ranking up my seasons for the emotes and plate aesthetics, all the while making a good chunk of experience per daily alliance. One Frontline gives about half a level – and it also gives Tomes if you do it on a level 90 job.

    Not to mention this is finally the motivation I needed to start PvP on Amon, for whom I really want to get the Node mounts.

    FATE Runs – I like FATEs and I like the bi-colored gem system. I just haven’t worked on any of that for Endwalker yet. I’d fully finished all my ranking in every zone for Shadowbringers, but I didn’t go back and earn more gems for additional rewards they added over time.

    The addition of Welcome to our Town (the music that plays in Bestway Burrows) as an orchestrion roll was my motivation here. I had to have FFIV music for the FC house, of course! And so, I started working on my FATES for the Moon – and surprisingly finished them all far more quickly than I expected.

    I kept running into other folks working on FATEs, and that sped it all up. It’s kinda hard to walk away when there’s a strong FATE group getting things done. So though I would go out there thinking, “I’ll just do ten more today.” – it always turned out to be a lot more than that.

    Now that I have one zone done, I want to keep the momentum going and finish other zones, too!

    Housing – Yeah, I know there’s a big kerfluful going on with the lotto system. That’s not the housing I’m talking about. I’ve been emptying my retainers of housing items that I’ve been holding on to for quite some time now that there’s people wanting to decorate again. I haven’t made a ton of gil, but I’m happy to rehome things that I know I’m not going to use.

    With new housing items in game, I’ve also been inspired to work on some decorating myself. Namely, I’m re-doing Ben’s FC chambers because I was never fully content with the concept. Also, because it was designed back when this character was Aywren, and I want something that reflects a more Bennish style.

    I also possibly have my eye on a medium lot that’s come open in Shirogane for our FC house. Once the lotto system gets worked out, I’m fairly sure I’ll be dropping an entry on this place to see how our luck stands.

    Random Crafting & Beast Tribes – This was something I didn’t mean to do, really! Last night, I logged into Tad in order to make progress in MSQ for him. I noticed he had a crafting quest where you unlock the soul stones and pick crafting jobs to become your specialist. I went to turn that in, and discovered that I had one job just shy a level in order to specialize in it (you have to be level 55 in a crafting job).

    I already had the three jobs picked for Tad that I want to level – I don’t need another omnicrafter since I already have two. His Goldsmith was at 90, but Armorer and Blacksmith have been left in the mid 50s for a good year or more.

    He also had a bunch of Diadem materials sitting in his bags from when I was leveling those two jobs. So, last night, I sat down and finished turn-ins for both Armorer and Blacksmith to get them to level 60.

    I then got him all his level 60 tools and gear and went to look at the Namazu beast tribe quests. Interestingly, I’d unlocked them already (I didn’t remember this) but only ranked them to 6. I’m going to guess I leveled from 60-70 on Goldsmith and forgot about them from there.

    So now, I have another daily to add to the bunch as I work in casually leveling Tad’s remaining two crafting jobs. I also need to finish leveling his Fisher sometime.

    New Player Experience – And before I forget, I’m also exploring the new player experience on a low level character. I want to see what it’s like leveling through ARR with the new trust system as a new player would experience it. So far, I’m very happy with what I’m seeing.

    I will post about that soon! I just want to do a few more dungeons to get a feel for it first.

  • FFXIV: Create Your Adventurer Plate (Character Card)

    I knew the first time I heard about the Adventurer Plates in a FFXIV Live Letter that it was an excellent idea. The initial release for this feature has come in patch 6.1, but we’ve been told there will be much more forthcoming.

    The Adventurer Plate is a place where you can showcase information about your character and your playing habits. It’s quite customizable and you can earn more customizations for it on down the line.

    Most notably, I’ve seen customizations as malmstone rewards in the new PVP season and for purchase for the new PVP currency – Trophy Crystals. You can also get two sets of Allagan-style designs from just having logged into the Companion App, as well as logging into the Companion App when you have a premium subscription to the app.

    I’m sure there will be more coming on down the line as well as this is just the first release of content for this feature. Even what we already have is quite flexible!

    There are three working parts to making an Adventurer Plate, so let’s go through them.

    Create your Portrait

    The portrait is (obviously) the picture you display in the Plate. It also appears to represent you in the new PVP arena matches – so if you’re interested in that, you might want to spruce up your portrait some.

    You access the portrait from the Character menu, then select Portraits.

    As you can see, you can have several portraits saved for different jobs and purposes. To edit one, select the one you want to change and click the Edit button above the portrait. Or create a new one by clicking the tiny plus in the bottom left corner.

    You have two different tabs when editing your portrait. The Design tab is the overall design – such as background, frames, etc.

    You can use the arrows to scroll through the different options or click the list box icon to see a list of all the options at once.

    The Character tab is where you choose how to pose your character. This works much like Gpose – including the camera options below the portrait. You can also click and drag your character around to change the angle.

    Not every emote and expression is available, but there’s plenty to choose from. Here’s what the list display of emotes looks like:

    Once you’ve tweaked your portrait to how you like, just click Save.

    Now that you’ve made your portrait, you need to assign it. On the main portrait screen, right-click the name of the portrait to see more options.

    In this case, we want to Apply to Adventurer Plate.

    And now we’re ready to start with Plate design!

    Design an Adventurer Plate

    By default, if you do not set an Adventurer Plate, and someone tries to inspect it, the game will give them a pop-up that states that the plate has not be created yet. So if you don’t want one at all, don’t edit it.

    But if you do want one…

    Open your Adventurer Plate from the Character menu.

    The default Plate will display with a little menu off to the side.

    The two options we’re looking at are the Design and Profile.

    Similar to the Design tab for the portrait, Edit Plate Design is where you choose your look and feel. You can click through pre-made sets if you don’t want to spend too much time with it…

    …or you can get original by clicking Advanced Settings. Here, you can completely customize each section of the design to your liking.

    The Edit Profile section is where you go to talk a little bit about your own playstyle. You can choose a favorite job, title, indicate how you like to play and the times you usually can be found online. There’s quite a number of options to playstyle, you might notice, but you can only select up to six.

    Once you’re done making your edits, just save your plate and now anyone who inspects you can see the information you’ve decided to show.

    Write Search Info Text (Optional)

    But wait! There’s more!

    Search Info was the oldskool Adventurer Plates – a short couple lines of text that you could display on your character’s search info. I have a feeling this will be updated in the future, but for now, anything you’ve already placed in your search info will display on your Plate.

    Ooops! Forgot you typed something silly there years ago? Want to update it? Don’t have anything there at all?

    I’ve got you covered.

    Open the Party Screen – on PC, you can press the “O” key.

    Right-click your name and select Edit Search Info.

    Type what you want in the Search Comment text box at the bottom of this window, then save.

    Now if you open your Adventurer Plate again, you’ll notice the text appears in the bottom corner!

    This is a great place to put a link to a character profile webpage if you’ve created one for RP purposes, or just any other info you want to share.

    And there you have it! Adventurer Plates Beta from patch 6.1! Enjoy!


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