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FFXIV: Moonfire Faire 2017

AKA: The Embarrass Zeb Post. 🙂

So, this year’s Moonfire Faire hit the servers yesterday, and after much Battered Fish cooking, I finished the quest and earned the rewards on my main. As seen above, this year’s outfit is a dyable version of the gear set from Shisui of the Violet Tides.

Now, I was never as impressed by this set as some people seemed to be. Apparently, based on the dev blog, people have been requesting a dyeable version of this, so who am I to damper the fun?

I noticed that they took the basis of the fun dart gun mechanics from Stormblood and adopted it to this event, too. I’m sure the team got good feedback on the dart gun mechanic, and I had a lot of fun with that, too. It’s interesting to see it repurposed for something so… different… though.

Anyhow, it motivated Syn to craft a little bit Battered Fish on Zeb, so that’s a win (even though she complained how boring it was). And yet another embarrassing picture…


The quest itself is short and pretty silly, but I guess the team is still shaking off the release of the expansion and trying to catch their breath. Though I’m not a huge fan of the outfit, I know that I’m going to run my alts through the event to collect it, like I always do. Considering how lax I’ve been on logging into FFXIV lately, that’s probably a good thing.


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GW2: Trying to Give it Another Chance

After writing my previous post about PoF last week, I did a lot of thinking, reading and actually playing GW2. That’s right, for the first time in three years, I actually sat down and put some time into GW2. My overall feelings are mixed, but swaying more towards the positive side. This is gonna be long, so warning!

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Splatoon 2: First Splatfest Experience

Last week, I picked up Splatoon 2 with some hesitation. I’m not a shooter player, and I started out being really, really bad at playing this game. I’ve kept at it, though, and have gotten better (still need a lot of practice though). I find it a fun game to pick up when I’m looking for something quick and energetic to play.

Last weekend was the first time I experienced a Splatfest. For those not familiar with Splatoon, this is a week where players choose one of two sides, usually something silly, then battle it out on a weekend day. For example, the theme of this Splatfest was Ketchup vs. Mayo.

Players had the week to choose a side and hype the event. Then, on Saturday, from midnight to midnight, teams battled for their chosen side. The winner was (supposedly) a combination of the most popular side and how many wins each side had.

I logged in on Saturday, ready to go but not sure what to expect. The whole Square was transformed into a big block party! There was a laser light show, fireworks, and live music provided by Off the Hook.


There were inklings of both teams happily partying down to the lights and the music, and billboards of user-drawn content on the walls, on flags and on signs inklings were holding.


Gotta say, it was riveting to experience that alone, and I spent a good bit of time just sitting in that environment, exploring. I was stoked to find a few different pieces of art from one of my favorite gaming webcomics, SaveState.



Too bad I couldn’t send a friend invite — he would have probably just been like “who’s this?” if I did. Just voted him up Fresh cuz that’s all I could do. 😀

Also saw a lot of other funny art, of course.


When it came to the actual battles, you went to the Lobby as usual, and Turf Wars had turned into the new Splatfest option. These were two rotating maps, but done up at night (you usually only see these during daytime). Plus one extra map made just for the Splatfest.

The majority of the time, my fights looked like this:


This was because Ketchup was so overwhelmingly popular that most of the fights I had were Ketchup vs Ketchup. The sad thing was, none of these fights actually mattered in terms of the overall score, because a win and a loss against the same team canceled itself out.

But the battles still went towards upping your rank and title. As you fought, your rank increased (faster if you win the battles and have a higher power rank). The title you earned at the end of the day dictated your reward after Splatfest was done.

Somehow, I pushed through long enough to get the max rank, Ketchup Queen.

The next day, I logged in to see the outcome of the Splatfest.


Wow. Amazing that Ketchup was so popular – I knew it would be, but maybe not 73%. I chose Ketchup mostly because I can’t stand Mayo, so I voted with what I’d eat, and for no other reason.

Weirdly, though, Mayo still won the day, even though the winning stats were really, really close. Some people are starting to question these outcomes, but you know, there wasn’t that big of a difference between winning and losing. Winning got you something like 3 more snails.


I was happy to get the Snails I did. I used one to open up a third slot on my shoes, since I like them so much. I’ll save the rest for whatever.


Aww… don’t worry, Dave. Marina is still pretty fresh.


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Splatoon 2: Getting Ready for Splatfest

I haven’t played Splatoon 2 in a few days, mostly because the beginning of this week was riddled with bad headaches for some reason. But I think I’ve shaken them just in time to participate in this weekend’s Splatfest (Ketchup FTW)!

Before I took my break, I leveled up to level 11, and unlocked ranked battles when I hit level 10. Needless to say, I’m so noob that there’s no way I’m trying anything beyond Turf Wars right now, though.


I did start to experiment with a few other weapons other than the Roller. I love the Roller in theory, but I’m not very good at playing it (yet). My stats show that I lose far more matches than I win with Roller.

So, I picked up the Aerospray MG, which I do know is overused. But it has been working pretty well for me, so I’m rolling with it for now.


I also took the plunge and unlocked Salmon Run. After a short tutorial, where the game teaches you about the mode’s objectives and the bosses, it opens up the mode, as long as the mode is currently available.

I haven’t played it a ton — I find it slightly annoying that you’re forced to use random weapons. Some of them I seriously suck with. But I guess it’s good to find that out now, and be able to experiment with different weapon types. Overall, despite the weapon thing, it’s good fun to play cooperatively.

I didn’t get enough games in to get the shirt from last month’s run, but I did earn the mining hat from this month!


I also really prefer Spawning Grounds to the other map I tried.

Anyhow, I still have a LOT to learn. Still a lot to practice. I look forward to getting out there and representing my team this weekend. Good luck to you at the Splatfest (unless you’re Mayo)! 😉

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7D2D: When Radioactive Zombies Attack

Over the past few weeks, the Posse has started a new game in 7D2D, since the stable version of the patch was released. We still faced some pretty game breaking issues, which pushed us to host from the dedicate server module rather that through Steam. But once Syn got all that set up, everything was running well again.

Almost every time we start a new game in 7D2D, we experience something we’ve never seen before. This game is the longest running we’ve had in a long time. I think we were pushing up on day 40 pretty soon.

The last couple hordes we fought brought something new… radioactive zombies.

Apparently, the fat cop zombie is always glowy and green now. They were always a bit intimidating before since they could puke long distance projectiles and would rush and try to explode to take you out. But now they also glow green.


They’re not the only type of glowing zombies… I’ve seen glowing spiders and ferals as well. And the ferals have seriously increased in size.

It’s something else to look over the hill on a blood moon night and see something like this coming your way…


There’s five of us, and we’ve had no problem holding our own against them. The concrete fort reinforced with steel spikes has also done its job well. So you get a pile of radioactive zombie bodies burning with flame from the Molotov cocktails that Vix likes to set herself on fire with.

Oh, and sometimes the zombies catch fire, too…


Skyscraper Fun

The other thing we’ve discovered for the first time are the new skyscraper POIs. The patch notes said these were meant to be like vertical dungeons that your team could explore. And explore, we did!


Lots of loot. Lots of sleeper zombies. Lots of floors to explore. Good fun.

Also, trap rooms!

The “Beware” sign on the screenshot at the top of this post indicated that the floor in that area would fall out under you! We also found this little spike trap room…

Someone was angry…

The skyscraper is interesting because you really did feel like you were exploring a place that survivors had holed up into — from the top level penthouse to floors of offices where you found working cubicles and mostly businessman zombies.

And then, you find strange things like toilets hanging out on unfinished ledges.


I have no idea. Random generation at its finest, I guess.

Our game is currently on hold for a little while since Syn won’t be able to host until she gets back from a trip. But I did want to post about all our newest discoveries. I swear just when you think you’re familiar with 7D2D, it throws a curve ball at you.

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Thoughts on GW2: Path of Fire

It’s been a while since I’ve written about GW2. This is mostly because it’s been a long time since I’ve actually played the game.

Those who know me know that I have a long-standing love-hate relationship with GW2. I’m a long-time GW1 fan who absolutely LOVED GW2 when it first launched — it was everything a MMO for someone group-shy like me could want or need. But, then, over time it changed until it became a game I hardly recognize anymore.

I never bought HoT. I missed the whole third season of the story because it was locked behind the expansion (I still logged in to put them in my journal though). But hearing how the story turned out, maybe it’s for the better. It sounds like they took a bunch of beloved GW1 lore and mangled it badly… and that trend seems to continue into Path of Fire (PoF).

Some… Praise (?!)

Ah, but I didn’t come here only to sling my lore-loving grouchiness at GW2. I actually wanted to write this because I have some praise for PoF.

Wait, what?

You heard me. Where I thought they got so much wrong, including the price points, with HoT, I think they’re doing quite a bit right with PoF. Since I grouch enough when I think things are wrong with GW2, I’ll say when I think things are right, too. 😉


First, let’s start with the pricing. Apparently, PoF is a stand-alone expansion – very good! From what I gathered, if you didn’t play HoT, you can still jump into this expansion and get right with it. Not to mention, there’s a level 80 character boost in all versions of the package (very good, though I don’t really need one).

The cost for the stand-alone is a very reasonable $29.99!

I did a double take on that, especially after the HoT pricing. Well done on learning from the past, A-Net!

If you want HoT and PoF, you can also buy them together at $49.99. I find that reasonable.

If you want the bling-bling bells and whistles, there’s the special versions for $59.99 and $79.99. The most expensive one includes a lot of extra stuff, plus $50 worth of gems, which alone makes it pretty worth it. It doesn’t include HoT, though, but you can add it in with it for extra.

Not only that, but the release date is September 22. This year! They don’t let that hype die on the vine, now do they? Plus a sneak peek weekend on August 11-13… which I just might be tempted to try out.


Yet another thing (along with raids) that they told us GW2 would never ever get. And is now getting.

This is something good on the outset, especially if it’s done correctly. The whole glider thing, after all, was a way for GW2 to avoid mounts… but just like with raiding, they caved and added them.


Now, I love mounts. And I love leaping and jumping mounts (their leapers remind me instantly of the mounts in EQ2). It’s difficult for me to resist the call of mounts and the idea that mounts may be more than just mounts (you can focus on new masteries for them or something?).

BUT. We all know what else a mount system introduces — cash shop opportunities!

No doubt, A-Net is probably running low on new glider ideas by now. So why not mounts? And other MMOs have shown mounts can be sold for a pretty penny.

So, while I’m happy to see mounts in GW2, part of me knows that this is just another thing for them to milk in the cash shop. As long as they don’t shove them in Black Lion chests, I guess I can’t complain too much.


Finally! The Crystal Desert! Finally, Elona and Vabbi! And already whispers of Palawa Joko!

There’s a LOT of temptation there for a GW1 fan. Also, a LOT of concern as a GW1 fan.


Everything I’ve heard lately about the direction the GW2 story is going, especially concerning Balthazar’s attitude, has been pretty off-putting to me. I would be super excited about returning to Elona if I weren’t even more afraid of how they’re going to further mangle the lore to create this attempt at comic book fan-fiction they call a Living Story.

I used to try to give the writers the benefit of the doubt. But the story has gotten so convoluted and has jumped so far off the shark that it’s hard for me to do that anymore. Story was always the most important element to me, and this story is what’s preventing me from supporting this game. While I haven’t played since before HoT released, I’ve heard enough to just shake my head at what they’ve done.

So, despite the fact that the price is right, mounts are so tempting and exciting, and I’d love to see the Crystal Desert again, I’m having a hard time budging from my spot on this.

However, that being said, I’m willing to give them another chance on the upcoming preview weekend. How many chances is this now? The fact that I keep doing this means I really want to love GW2 again one day. Halp! 😦

PS– If they screw up Palawa Joko, my most favorite “bad guy, but not so bad of a guy… still kinda a bad guy” from GW1, that’s something I can’t forgive. However, if they write him well and to his proper original character, there’s a lot of brownie points to be earned. So much potential there!

Just saying.