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Pokemon Sword and Shield for Switch

Coming sometime late 2019, as expected – Sword and Shield are already up for preorder after today’s Pokemon Direct!

And dang, it looks really, really nice! A full -on 3D experience, really evolved from the previous games, probably thanks to the Switch. The starters are also very cute — I’m leaning towards Scorbunny, though. I tend to go fire, and having a bunny Pokemon on top of it is hard to resist!

Lots to look forward to! I really need to finish Let’s Go Pikachu, though… I guess this is some motivation.

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FFXIV: Fatter Cat Mount

I don’t usually buy a lot of stuff from the Mog Station. Every now and then, a sale will come along, and I’ll pick up old emotes or fluff for alts that don’t have them. It’s pretty rare that I plunk down cash for things like mounts — the last one I bought day-one was the carbuncle.

I pretty much knew when I saw the data mined info on the Fat Cat mount that I’d be picking it up, though. While I’m not as crazy over Fat Cat as some people, I do think she’s pretty darn cute. I even have a Fat Cat Plush!

They released the Fatter Cat mount as a “China exclusive” less than two weeks ago. Honestly, I’m not quite sure why they do that and make a fuss over exclusivity when they’re just going to turn around and release it to everyone else in short order. But it is what it is.

So, this morning, when I saw the mount was in the shop, I didn’t hesitate to pick it up. Especially since it’s account wide.

Some of the shorter mounts are really silly for tall characters, like my RP Alt Amon. But Fat Cat seems to scale well – I only redeemed her on my Elezen so far. I love the way she puddles when sitting still, just like the minion.

I am, however, a little disturbed when it comes to reading the description of the mount…

Uh… let’s just forget we ever read that and focus on the cute. Right? Right!

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FFXIV: Halfway There

If I do nothing else when I log into FFXIV each day, I always make sure I finish my crafting beast tribe quests on my RP alt, Amon. Slowly, something that just started out as random gathering, leading to random crafting… has turned into a dedicated push to finish leveling all of his crafting jobs to 70, preferably before Shadowbringers drops.

As I said before, I don’t even know why. I already have a fully-geared omni-crafter main. Sure, I can specialize in different jobs on an alt, but I’m rarely geared enough to take advantage of the specializations I have.

Unmelded scrip gear is enough for me to get by on. I just want the ability to make and gather things as I desire.

Last night, I finished leveling Leatherworker to 70 on Amon. This means that half of my crafting jobs are now maxed. Yay!

I’m currently pushing through daily Moogle Quests to level Carpenter, and hope to move on to Namazu fairly soon. Goldsmith is my current focus for Ixali quests, which I really just want to be done with by now. The old beast tribe quests are no where near as economical as the new, and after months of hoping I don’t get West for Fishing every day, I just push through them to get the job done.

To supplement this, I’ve started doing Grand Company turn-ins for all crafting jobs under 50, as well. Generally, the turn-ins are pretty cheap to snag off the marketboard or the vendors. I try to go for high quality turn-ins, but mostly, I just want to keep boosting the jobs I’m not focusing Ixali quests on so that by the time I get Goldsmith to 50, the other jobs will hopefully be closer to 30-ish.

All-in-all, I think I have a good chance of having most of this done by the expansion. Once that drops, it’ll be back to leveling my gathering jobs, if nothing else. I’ve never been a fan of leve grinding for crafting levels during a new expansion. I much prefer beast tribes.

I guess this time around, we may be able to earn some experience from weekly turn-ins too? Will have to see!

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FFXIV: FC House Landscaping Makeover

Over this past weekend, my crafting goals for my RP alt have been met for the month, though I continue to work on leveling crafting every day. On top of that, I got the itch to finally spend some time redecorating the FC house yard this weekend. This was partially due to the new treehouse yard item and the fact that I’ve been holding on to a garden pond that my retainers brought me not long back.

The treehouse is a drop from something-something-new-Eureka-zone. I still haven’t done much in the way of Eureka, so when I heard that, I marked the item off as something I’d probably never see… or something that would be terribly overpriced on the marketboard.

I was shocked when I saw that it was exceptionally cheap (under 300K each), and I snagged two of them – one for my personal house and one for our FC house.

Treehouse in the sunset

That was enough to get me on a decorating kick, so I jumped right into it. I’ve wanted a Shishi-Odoshi for our yard for a while, but last time I checked on prices, they were beyond what I was willing to pay. Seems like a lot of housing stuff was a good deal cheaper this weekend, so I went on a buying spree.

Shishi-Odoshi looks nice when placed in a pond!

I didn’t buy everything, though. For one, I finally focused on using the HoH crafting drop I got to craft the Odder Otter Bench I wanted. It has cute little lanterns that light up at night and fits the rest of the Otter House design well.

I posted about the changes to our house (which has an open RP tag on it, indicating folks are welcome to visit and interact) on Tumblr, and we had a fun little group show up for most of Saturday. We cleared some content (World of Darkness and some unsynced dungeons) and just generally hung out for a while.

I also spent some time working on redecorating Amon’s Apartment — no pics of this yet. Maybe next post! I’m very close to being somewhat done there (these are always a work in progress), and have been adding odds and ends to my alt rooms in the FC house as well.

In the meantime, here’s some more pics of our FC house yard!

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FFXIV: Weekend of Wins & Lab Progress

I meant to write about this earlier in the week, but there’s been a lot going on IRL, so it got pushed back. This past weekend was one of accomplishing a lot and getting lucky on rolls. As you can see in the picture above, I won the roll for the Bard chest piece from the Monastery and the OMG minion from Alphascape 4.

However, I decided to push ahead with upgrading to the Scavian ilvl 400 chest for both my Main and RP Alt. So the chest drop above became part of a glamour plate. I spent some time organizing glamour plates and macros that allow me to flip between them quickly. Quite happy with how that’s coming along.

Lab Progress

One of my main goals for the year was to work on decorating rooms for my many RP alts based on character themes. Amon’s personal room in the FC house has a lab theme, with a dab of library, study and a performing stage.

I was happy that I finally put the Behemoth horns to use in crafting the trophy housing item that I’ve been leveling Leatherworker specifically to make. Check it out!

Behemoth trophy I crafted last night up in the top right

There’s a cozy little sitting and study area…

Along the wall base, I’m using partitions to display the models that Amon’s been collecting over time. These have been random things retainers bring back, or gifts people have given him. I plan on continuing to add more of these as time goes on.

There’s a library/performance stage area. You can’t see it, but there’s actually a long red carpet that leads from the door to the stage itself. I was pleased by the effect that has.

The lab area itself includes lots of potions, a mineral rack, and a grow-light for experimental plants.

Oh, and a holding tank…

…where unassuming folks can get themselves caught.

I’m also currently reworking Amon’s apartment in the Lavender Beds with lofts and a slightly more home-like environment. I’m not quite done with figuring out what needs to be there yet, but when I get it closer to done, I’ll post about it.

I really want to figure out a theme for my Main’s house and tackle that next. I’m thinking something artsy with lots of sightseeing pictures, bookcases and window seats for lounging. We’ll see.

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FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder: A Tank and Their Chicken Cannot be Parted

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these posts… mostly because it’s been a while since I’ve had a party bad enough to write about. And while I used a Leeroy Jenkins reference as a picture above, really, we had the exact opposite issue in our run yesterday.

This weekend was kinda crazy in terms of the amount of content our FC was running in FFXIV. But, overall, I got a lot done on both of my characters. One of my final goals was to cap Genesis Tomes for the week, which would give me enough to buy a chest piece on Amon.

I was 30 Tomes shy, and though the others weren’t on at the time, Syn and I decided to hop in a quick Expert run to get it done. This was apparently a mistake.

This is going to be a long post….

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