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Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 Update Comes Early!

I’ve been working on getting my island ready for the 2.0 release – which was supposed to drop on Friday – ever since I heard the 2.0 announcement back before Halloween. I’ve been moving around buildings, fixing up the island, and thinking about how I really need to figure out what to do with some of the spaces I have.

Little did anyone know we’d be seeing the patch drop early. Two days early, in fact. I caught wind of it last night on Twitter, whereupon I went and immediately figured out how to get the download going before I went to bed.

For more information on what all is in the update, spoil yourself here! 🙂

The DLC is still yet to release on Friday, and from what I’m hearing, this will be the last of the large updates or DLC that New Horizons will get. However, I’m also hearing that this update has added possibly over 9000 new items (yes, I did that). It’s going take a while to discover all of that, especially since it doesn’t look like a store expansion is in the cards.

I haven’t been able to explore a whole lot just yet – though I have set it up for Brewster to come to my island.

He seems to like gyroids as much as I do!

I have a lot to do on my island such as rearrange my dedicated farming area. I was lucky enough to get wheat starters today from Leif, and I’ve stashed some pumpkin starters away from Halloween. I’ve got a good idea where on my island I want to plant stuff going forward, too.

I’m not really in a rush to get the DLC just yet (I may even hold off until the holidays – it just depends). It seems like I’m going to have a lot to explore already. I haven’t even made it to Harv’s yet! Nor have I looked into anything but unlocking the cooking recipes. I’m pleased that our ovens actually have functionality now!

What’s got you most excited for 2.0 so far?

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Animal Crossing: A Return to New Horizons

I played Animal Crossing: New Horizons for a pretty solid year before I found myself taking a break from the game. I think it was around Easter of this year when I ended up putting it down, mostly because I felt that there were not a lot of new things in the event or game.

Not that I’m anywhere near being finished with it. I haven’t even really sat down and figured out what I want my island’s design to be. Unlike some of those amazing islands I see out there, mine is pretty bland and unorganized.

When dream visiting released, I thought it was finally a chance to hop around to other islands to obtain inspiration. Only, originally, you had to have codes in order to visit an island. For me, searching for codes and inputting them was more work than I wanted to do just to find inspiration. I’d hoped I could just randomly visit islands in dreams – something they implemented eventually. But by that time, I’d fallen away from logging in.

So now, I’ve heard we’re getting a huge update – the final update – to New Horizons and it sounds fantastic! I won’t go into listing all the new and quality of life content we’ll be getting for free – this site does a great job of rounding up all that information. But it was enough to catch my attention and make me log in to clear the weeds.

On top of that, we’re getting the first Animal Crossing DLC that blends the features of Happy Home Designer (which I do own but never got very far into) with New Horizons.

Again, I won’t go into all the information on this DLC, but I do plan to pick it up. It sounds just the thing for folks who (unlike me) have reached end game with designing their own island.

This DLC comes two ways – a straight out purchase for $25 or as part of an upgrade with Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack. I know that I’m going to straight up buy the DLC because I’m not sure if I’m going to upgrade my Switch Online yet. I like having the service, but I also don’t use what I have as much as I should already. I’m going to wait and see on whether the N64 lineup is worth it to me – there were some games that I loved from that system, but it wasn’t one of the systems I owned a ton of games for.

I don’t want the hassle of not having DLC content should I decide to drop the Switch Online Expansion service in the future. As far as I’m concerned $25 is a fair price for a hefty DLC that I’ll probably put time into and enjoy.

All that to say, I’m going to be squeezing in time to dream hop and see if I can’t make my own island something I’m a bit more proud of going forward. Not to mention the Halloween event actually does seem to have new items this year, so I’m there for that!

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Ambivalence

In a previous post, I noted that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was one of my anticipated games of this month. So now that it’s actually released, and I’ve spent some time with it, how do I feel about it?

Well, it’s complicated.

It’s not complicated for the reason you might think, either. I’m really not bothered by the micro transactions in this game. They’re background noise, things that don’t tempt me in the slightest, because I’ve already seen them in so many different games in so many different forms.

I think what bothers me is that in order to squish Animal Crossing into an app, they had to cut a lot of what made Animal Crossing what it was. Now, I never expected this to be on par with a real Animal Crossing game, but it feels like an app dressed up in Animal Crossing cuteness, but lacking everything inside that mattered.

On Rails Experience

I was thinking about this last night, and I came to the conclusion that what made Animal Crossing so magical was in how the game changes. These are sometimes tiny changes. Sometimes they’re big changes.

The town changes. You unlock something new to build. A new shop appears. Something becomes upgraded.

The hour changes. Different theme song plays.

The season changes. First snowfall. Flowers of spring.

Your relationships change. People come and go.

Animal Crossing is meant to be a dynamic miniature world. What kept me hooked was those tiny changes.

The problem with Pocket Camp is that the experience is completely on rails. By the time I met the third animal, I knew the pattern. It’s the same every time.

2017-11-27 12.45.49

Meet them and talk to them for the first time to get level 1. Talk to them again. Give them stuff three times. This always gets them to level 3. You can’t give them anything else after that until they either move to a new location or you use a ticket to get more fetch quests.

Then, once you work up their friendship to the right level, you grind out the furniture they want, and prompt them visit your camp. They always come to your camp as long as you checked off all the prerequisites. Again, an on-rails list.

Sure, some animals need a higher friendship rank to entice to your camp. But that’s just the same conversation and fetch quests more times.

What’s worse, is sometimes the dialogue is also repeated across animals of the same personality types. So they don’t even have that much difference between them.

Lack of Heart

Let’s not talk about how little life the animals have. If they’re in your camp, they’re only doing one thing or interacting with one object until “move time” comes. If they’re out on an island, they’re just standing there waiting for you to give them stuff and talk to them.

In Animal Crossing, animals would be wandering around all the time. They might talk with each other. Go fishing. Go shopping. Just go missing for a while.

And when you talked to them, you had a wide variety of interactions with them every time. Sometimes they just talked with you. Sometimes they gave you things or sold you things. Sometimes they gave you multiple choice questions that made you reflect on your state of life. Sometimes they sent you on fetch or give quests. Heck, they even played hide and seek with you.

There’s nothing of that in Pocket Camp. You can’t even interact with animals in your friends’ camps either, which really bugged me. I’d love to meet and talk to those animals, but the app restricted it.

Yeah, the lack of interactions with friends, too, is really sad.

What It Does Well

So, despite all the negatives I listed above, I keep playing it. I know exactly why, too.

It’s cute. It’s so, so cute. They got the Animal Crossing outer trappings looking great.

It’s mobile. I have all my Animal Crossing pals in a little personal camp I take everywhere with me. (Note: I feel a connection to these specific animals because I made relationships with them in previous AC games, not in this game.)

You collect and craft. Animal Crossing is all about collecting. Fishing and bug catching have all translated well into the app. I do enjoy collecting. I like the addition of crafting to the game. I don’t even care if it has timers on it.

Decorating. They’ve taken the updated system from AC: Happy Home Designer and used it here. It’s a good system, and I appreciated when they updated New Leaf with it. It makes decorating simple. This game thrives on simple.

Islands. I think using islands as a way of focusing on specific things (bug catching, salt water fishing, freshwater fishing, etc) is a good idea in a mobile setting. I wish the islands were a lot bigger though. Everything feels so cramped.

Camper customization. I like that they included a little area all your own in the way of a camper that you can expand and decorate.

2017-11-27 08.57.22

Soooo… anyhow. I’m not giving up on Pocket Camp, yet. I want to see what they’re going to do for the holidays, for one thing.

Not to mention, this is a very young app that may have functionality added to it in time. What’s there works well and looks cute. But what’s there right now just isn’t really an Animal Crossing experience.

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Weekend Gaming: FFXIV, 7D2D, Animal Crossing


This weekend was a variety of gaming including everything from Animal Crossing to Skyrim. But I only have progression in a few games to talk about. So here goes my weekend!


As seen above, we got 3-4 different folks in the Free Company through the final boss battle of Heavensward. Yay for everyone! Thordan remains a really easy and fun fight with mostly flash and no fear. But, even so, it’s always brilliant to experience. And even better when you’re helping people reach the end of the expansion story. 🙂


Things have been fantastic in our Free Company lately. We’ve been somewhat actively recruiting again, and have welcomed in a number of more mature players and older folks, which is exactly what we’ve been looking for. The new website and the more restricted application process (which I was afraid would be a turn-off) actually seem to be an encouragement to the right kind of personalities and the type of players we hope to attract.

We’re still hovering around 90 players on the roster (and that’s with me purging our roster of inactives pretty regularly), and last night was the most active concurrent members online I’ve seen in a while.


In other news, I’ve finally reached level 60 on my Scholar (and Summoner)! It feels like I’ve been leveling this job forever! I’m so glad to finally consolidate my healing gear with my White Mage, and be able to equip the glowy book from PotD.

It’s a strange feeling not to have job leveling looming over me after it’s been in my life this long. I guess I have a level 55 Monk I could work on, and Zuri has plenty of jobs still hovering in the 30s. But I think it’s time for me to start using my leveling roulette for the Lore I need to push ahead on my Relic.

Speaking of Relic, I’ve spent some time fishing for Blue Scrips in order to earn the crystal sands I need to go with the Umbrites I’ve been stashing away. I still feel so far from getting this weapon complete, but I’m putting more focus into it now.


The way I think my weapon progression is going: Relic for Dragoon, PotD Kinna weapons for Bard and Scholar. From there? Who knows. Still plenty to work on, though.

7D2D Fun

Syn and I decided to roll a new duo game of 7D2D Alpha 15 back before Halloween. This is the first time we’ve tried to play with less than 4 players, and we’ve actually been doing pretty great!

As always, we’ve found a run-down house that we’ve been building into a base and fortifying it against the hordes of the blood moon. Here, Syn is fixing up the front of the base after the Night 14 horde… so, so many zombies dead on the spikes.


A number of things have changed in Alpha 15, so we’re still learning our way around them. Hordes, for example, now last all night long instead of puttering out after one large wave. I liked this change… though you better have a strong base and a lot of arrows on hand!

Also, I’ve been finding a number of new points of interest with this patch, such as this funeral parlor below. It felt really creepy breaking into this place to loot it…


Animal Crossing

Thanks to the newest patch for Animal Crossing, I’ve been playing the game a little each day again. I’m mostly trying to pay off my debt to Nook because he mentioned a new storage expansion for housing which I’m really interested in. I need so much more space!

Aside from that, I had this cute little interaction with Kid Cat that I couldn’t help but share. I was walking by when I saw him sitting on the bench. Talking to him went like this:


Too cute! Kid Cat looks so happy! 🙂