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FFXIV: Omega Minion Get!

While the race to be the first to beat Omega Savage has been the big thing in the newest patch, aside from job tweaks, I’m just content to beat Omega 4 normal for a second time. This time, I helped Syn through for her first clear. Unlike last week’s circus, we cleared it the first try.

Amazingly, I won the roll on the Exdeath minion with a 58! I’m rarely that lucky, and didn’t expect to get it with such a low roll. So, I’m pretty stoked!

Though I never ran Alex weekly for the weapon, since I’ve already earned 2 of the 7 needed drops for the weapon in Omega, I might as well keep doing it, I suppose. It’s only once a week, right? The fight isn’t too bad (though I could use some practice and a higher ilvl).

Otherwise, things are settling down into pre-expansion normalcy. I’m running some roulettes (always get Ala Mhigo for some reason) for the new Creation tomes, but not all that worried about it, actually. It’s nice you can get some tomes out in Frontlines, which I can see myself filling in the blanks using that from time to time.

Speaking of Frontlines, we ran some of that last night, and I was able to get my Paladin to level 61. Woot! This means I can start working on some of the random quests I have lying about in Kugane and maybe the Ruby Sea. I want to level a tank, but I’m still scared of running dungeons as one, so leveling through quests and Frontlines has been a good alternative.

I haven’t yet tried the new Canals, though we had a group in our FC who did reach Floor 7 last night. I’m looking forward to playing that soon!

Also, cleared the Kugane bathhouse jump puzzle for a second time for the sight seeing log. šŸ™‚


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FFXIV: Crafting and Alt Progress

I don’t have a picture of me crafting because crafting is not all that visually stimulating. However, I did want to take a moment to express my approval of some changes to crafting I’ve found in Stormblood.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m more patient or the leves are faster or easier, but I’ve found myself leveling Weaver, the first crafter I’m attempting, very fast. I went from 60 to 65 in the space of a few days.

This may not be fast for some folks, but for me, who gathers all my materials, this is blazing fast. I remember struggling through leve turn-ins in Heavensward so much that I could only stomach doing two levels of any crafter a week… and Weaver used to be a tough one.

Fantastic Crafting Job Quest Changes

I’m really stoked about the changes to the crafter job quests in Stormblood. I used to ignore them because they were frustrating to attempt and didn’t give anything I felt was worthwhile. Not so in Stormblood.

How have crafting job quests changed:

  • They give a LOT of experience. I mean A LOT.
  • They give new skills and gear/tools you really NEED.
  • They are now like Moogle or Ixal quests – the quest giver gives you the materials you need to craft the item!!!

This last one is the most important one (though all points are very good). Previously, the quest giver told you to craft a (usually) High Quality item that required lots of gathering, sometimes of rare nodes, and often lots of pre-combines. Then, if you were really, really lucky, and had the proper gear and stats, you might have a chance at making the HQ item you needed for turn-in.

Honestly? I haven’t finished a crafting job quest without buying the item from the marketboard since I was in my 30s. It was too time consuming, expensive and frustrating. And don’t get me started on the level 60 Heavensward crafting job, which forced you to get your Master III book to complete (at least it did for my weaver). Let’s just say, that’s the only crafting job that I’m up to date on my quests for.

So it was incredible to see a change that actually just lets you hone your crafting rotation and work with your skills without fear of destroying all the time, gil and effort that went into gathering materials for the quest item. Good, good change! I’m telling all my casual crafting friends to hang in there — it gets better.

Progress on Tai

So, as I noted last week, I realized that I needed to level Tai’s Dragoon in order to level his Dragoon retainer in order to bring back the hides I need to level my Leatherworker. Whew.

So, I’ve been working on that. I’ve found an approach that seems to work pretty well. As I noted in another post, I’m somewhat reluctant to go through all of the Stormblood MSQ a second time so soon. I feel like I want to let the story settle in my mind for right now.

So, I’ve been fast-forwarding through all the MSQ cutscenes on Tai… but stopping to do all the side quests that I didn’t finish on my main character. I heard that these quests don’t give a whole lot of experience overall, but they have been a fun follow-up to explore, giving me something different to do on my second time through.

She’s asking Tai to show someone his wrath? Does she know what she’s getting into?

There’s a lot that I’ve missed, actually, by not doing side quests. I’ve cleared all of the early Fringes and Kugane. I even discovered the one jumping puzzle that takes you on top of the bathhouse in the city. I haven’t attempted the larger one that I know is out there on the main tower (I think).

Taking a break after failing a simple jump puzzle too many times.

Overall, at level 62, Dragoon feels alright (and even fun) to play. I am rusty, but I still found a bit of that melee excitement rush back as I was fighting bosses in the Sirensong dungeon.

The weekend’s Live Letter hinted at class changes, so I’m hoping that Dragoon will get some love in tonight’s patch. Since I’m leveling the job out of necessity, I may as well hope the best for it.

Zuri Progress

It’s weird to wrap my head around thinking of Zuri as an AuRa. But I’m still happy that I made the choice I did in moving and combining this character. Since she’s the leader of <Alts>, I have been logging into her here and there just to mess around and ensure she maintains ownership of the FC (no risk in losing that, actually).

It’s kinda nice to go back and work on leveling lower jobs again. She’s in a situation where I originally was leveling her to be a Bard, but stopped at level 24. I think this was because I was frustrated about the changes to Bard in Heavensward back in the day.

I picked up Dragoon at that point, and took it to level 33. But now I don’t want to level Dragoon anymore! XDĀ  My MSQ is at level 33… so now I have to level my Archer to 33 to pick up where I left off.


I’ve been doing this VERY casually. I leveled her to 25, then went back and worked through all the Novice quests to get her the Brand New Ring. That got her about half a level. I did open PotD, but haven’t had time to start on it.

Though I like her rustic appearance, I’m also kicking around changing her hair style and color. I picked up the Samsonian Locks and the ponytail from the Gold Saucer and messed around with her looks a bit. I didn’t pull the trigger yet, though.

Aside from that, the Posse has been playing the new Alpha 16 stable release of 7D2D. So my time is a bit split between games, in a good way.

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FFXIV: Goddess of the Land

Now, I don’t really think that doing daily Grand Company turn-ins is anything to name me a “goddess” for. But I’ll take what I can get.

So yes, all gathering jobs are at 70 now! It’s time to put the nose to the grindstone for crafting and get some better gear. šŸ™‚


Oh, and something I thought was funny. When I reached level 70 Botanist, I noticed I got the “Breaking Rocks in the Hot Sun” achievement… which belongs to the Miner. When I got level 70 Miner tonight, I got the Botanist achievement instead! Ah, well.

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FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder – The “Don’t Care” Healer

I had no intention to run Deltascape V4.0 last night when I logged in. I was in the middle of spearfishing when I mentioned to Vix that it was all I needed to run to finish up Omega. She decided that RIGHT THAT MOMENT was as good a time as any, so I watched the video, and we queued up for it.

It was just three of us, so we pulled a mostly PUG party. The fight that unfolded was… interesting… mostly due to the folks we had on this team. After playing it, I feel v4.0 is one of the easier fights of the four – there are lots of mechanics, which switch around, but they aren’t quite as harrowing as the previous three fights.

So, I’m not sure why it took us three tries to get this done.

It was obvious that some of the people in our PUG group knew each other and had queued together — perhaps both tanks… but certainly at least a tank and the other healer.

The other healer is going to be the focus of this post. Here’s an Astro with a huge fro and an outfit dyed completely gold. He also didn’t care about much of anything… or so he said about three different times during the fight. It baffles me why someone who doesn’t care would choose to be a healer… but anyway…


Vix commented to us that the run went way more rough than usual, that it’s generally a quick and easy clear. She also said she felt like she was healing it solo for the first couple tries.

So, after our first wipe, which didn’t even get to phase 2, they started to banter in party chat. The No-Care Healer was stuck on telling everyone that after he rezzes people, they get a moment of invincibility where they’re supposed to stop everything they are doing until they get a heal. He’s right about the invincibility, but a “moment” doesn’t mean something like 10 seconds.

So he’s in the middle of instructing the party to “use the invincibility brehs” when Vix decides to break out her strats macro, just in case there are (other) new folks who don’t know the fight. Here’s how that went…


I knew that was the point where this guy would be getting a Duty Finder post from me today. I will say that while the run was… interesting… I don’t recall anyone really getting nasty about it. It was more of a “meh” attitude. So I can give them all that much, at least.

So the next go round… I was rezzing a lot as a Red Mage. We got into the second phase, and that’s when things started going rough. Both healers went down, and we had a LB3 on the bar. I was frantically rezzing Vix so she could get the party back up (it didn’t happen, she died RIGHT in the middle of casting the LB).

That’s when I noticed Mr. No-Care Healer had been talking all during that while he was dead on the floor.


We did finally beat it on the third try, because I think people were tired of failing and decided to step it up a bit. I was still rezzing a lot, but we got through, despite my fear we might enrage.

I’m just glad I got Omega over with. I’ll probably run V4.0 one more time to help Syn through, but after that, I really don’t have a want or need to run it in the future. Too many other things to do!

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FFXIV: Level 70 Botanist! And Crafting Conundrum

The track to level 70 gatherers is almost complete. As of last night, I reached my first level 70 gatherer – Botanist. Both Mining and Fishing are halfway through level 69, so the rest of this should fall in place in a few days.

With the exception of Fishing, I’ve leveled Botanist and Miner exclusively through daily High Quality Grand Company turn-ins. Depending on luck and RNG, this takes anywhere from 30 to 45 mins a day. Since I’m shooting for HQ items, I take and sell the normal quality, and get a bit of gil out of it, too.

Fishing has been leveled through leves and raw experience gained through spearfishing. Though this is more time consuming, it’s also relaxing, so I haven’t minded it much.

Now that I’m nearing 70 on all gathering jobs, I started to look at what I needed in terms of my crafters to supplement them with gear. I heard that the gear you get from yellow scrips, with the exception of the main hand item, can easily be matched by HQ crafted gear and accessories.

Crafting Conundrum

Though I priced these items on the marketboard and they’re fairly affordable, what I’d like to do is actually put the work into making mine this time around. This requires leveling my Weaver and Leatherworker… both of which are my specialized jobs.

However, I ran into a little snag.

Weaver is fine. I can easily use my botanist to gather what I need for this. But Leatherworker is a whole different animal… in that it requires hides, and LOTS of hides.

Now, you have two choices on this. You can go out and farm those hides. OR. You can send a hunting retainer out to gather them for you.

Both of my retainers are gatherers (miner and botanist) so that they can bring back crystals and crafting materials. I forgot that what I used to do is rely on Tai’s retainers to go out and hunt, since his are battle classes, and send the mats back to my main for crafting.


So, I hopped over on Tai only to remember… I hadn’t leveled him or his retainer at all. Therefore, his retainer couldn’t go out on ventures for hides from new creatures in the new areas.


That’s when I remembered his main retainer is a level 60 Dragoon.

Now… the problem with that is… I’m not sure how I feel about the changes to Dragoon. Just about every other day, I see a thread on the forum or Reddit about how bad a state the Dragoons are in. So, I had shelved Dragoon on both my characters, and considered taking up Samurai on Tai.

But, since your retainers can only be as high a level as your character’s job is… his retainer would be stuck at 60 Dragoon if I abandoned the job. Thus, being unable to gather the materials I need.

Also, restarting the retainer as a new job, such as Samurai, would send him back to level 1… Which means I’d have to spend all that much more time leveling my retainer again!

Soooooo… the logical thing to do? Level Tai’s Dragoon.



I kicked around a few MSQ quests last night until it gated me at level 61. Then, I filled in the gaps using PvP on Tai — just two rounds did it. So now I have a level 61 Dragoon, and his retainer is starting to gain experience again. I’ll work on leveling my Weaver until his retainer is at a point where it can bring back hides (I read this opens up at level 62).

The things I do for crafting.

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FFXIV: Sea Ponies and Ponytails

So something interesting happened over the weekend while I was leveling my Fisher in FFXIV, and I wanted to share. Spearfishing has really been the way to go in leveling from 60-70. I’m currently level 68, and it’s been a peaceful ride using spearfishing leves to get there.

Advice on the net said that once you reach level 66, start spearfishing Sea Lamps for the leve, and just use that all the way to 70. So, I located the Sea Lamps and got to it.

Now, when you spear fish, your node often has a few different kinds of fish for each Gig head size. In this case, I usually fished up a Sea Lamp, but sometimes I’d fish up the alternate fish, the Bashful Batfish. I didn’t pay much attention to this… until I started getting strange messages from time to time when I fished up the Batfish.

Finally I got a message that said straight up:


What the heck?

So, that was the point I decided to Google the messages I’d been seeing. I’m glad I did.

Apparently, fishing up certain fish a certain number of times (in this case, the Batfish 10 times), makes the equivalent of an unspoiled spearfishing node appear! At level 66, you get a skill called Truth of Oceans. When you use this, you can locate the Swimming Shadows nodes, just like you do with Mining and Botany.

Curious, I located the node and started fishing. I was really, really lucky, because on my first node, I fished up this:


I had no idea this was out there, so I was thrilled at the prospect I’d accidentally stumbled on the Tiny Tatsunoko minion! They are somewhat rare, as in four nodes, I’ve only fished up two. Since I’m going to be out there for leveling anyhow, I started fishing them up for the Posse and FC folks.


I also spent a bit of time organizing my alts and getting geared up for this FFXIV Story Journal project that I really want to take on. I showed off my success in recreating Ben’s glamour in game a few days back, but his hair style still needed work.

I had an idea that the Gold Saucer ponytail style might be what I was looking for. So, I pushed Ben all the way up to the point in the story where I unlocked both the Gold Saucer and the Aesthetician.

Actually pushing through MSQ is very easy when you’re a level 50 Red Mage. The nice thing about this is that since I didn’t have to concentrate on leveling or running class quests, I was able to focus on MSQ only… and that made it a much more connected experience. I actually saw some things in the story that I missed before!!

Anyhow, I got Ben to the Gold Saucer and wondered how long it would take to make the 8,000 MGP to earn that hairstyle. It turned out to be really, really easy given the amount of MGP the weekly challenge log gives you for things like just playing and winning 10 games of Triple Triad. I forgot the challenge log was even a thing.

So, the ponytail get was a success!


Alternate Experience

The next thing I did is just a testimony to my alt-aholism. Yes, I can’t get away from it, even in a game like FFXIV. What can I say… I pay for 8 character slots per server, so I’m gonna use them!

One thing that has troubled me was where to put my alts. I mean, I don’t want to clutter up my FC roster with them… But at the same time, if you’re not in a FC, you have to leave yourself on /busy all the time or fend off a slew of random FC invites and whispers. I just want a peaceful, story-concentrating experience. So I really don’t want to join someone else’s random FC. And it wouldn’t feel right to do that since I’m totally invested in my own FC.

I’d been joking with the Posse about rolling up a personal FC just for my alts. Well, I made that a reality yesterday and created Alternate Experience <Alts>.

The name was something that I created impromptu (which is odd for me… it usually takes me forever to name something), but the more I think about it, the more I really like it. I think I’m going to use that as the name of my Story Journal project when I get that off the ground.

I moved all my alts (except for Tai) off the KoM roster and into Alts, and I’m actually very content now. My alts have a quiet home, and are still connected to friends via Linkshells. They no longer clutter up the KoM roster… so people don’t know how weird I am in having so many crazy characters. And Zuri is a FC leader once again.

Life is good.


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FFXIV: Omega Deltascape

Warning: Contains Spoilers for FFXIV Stormblood.

Running Omega wasn’t actually on my to-do list this weekend. Logging in Friday night, I didn’t have the ilvl to run it if I wanted to. I hadn’t even unlocked Expert Roulette at that point, so that’s the first thing Syn and I got to doing for the weekend.

During those runs, a LOT of gear dropped for my Red Mage. That, combined with the Verity I earned, put me over the minimum ilvl to enter Omega. I still really wasn’t going to try until my sister started asking if we were going to give it a shot. So, we got together a group that contained the Posse and a few various people from the FC. We were all completely new to these runs, and actually went in blind to a few of them.

Here’s my thoughts.

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