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FFXIV: Tales from Tells – Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Over the weekend, I was actually working on finishing some of my many job quests I’ve ignored for far too long in FFXIV (gasp!). Man, Black Mage quests are a pain in the tail… but that’s not what this is about.

So, I’d just returned to town to complete one of my quests, and hit the normal cutscene…. when I heard the ping of a /tell pop up. At first, I figured it was a friend or a FC member poking me for something. But when I went to read the tell, it was from someone I’d never met before.

Their question was cryptic.


I pondered how to answer this, since I didn’t actually know why. Then, me being a writer who loves words, I became curious and decided to Google it. After reading through a quick article, which I thought was pretty interesting, I shared the info with this questing soul.


There was a bit of a pause… and I got this in return:


I guess he asked the wrong person if he didn’t expect an answer.

Just when I thought that was the end of it, I heard another ping:


Oh, dang. I didn’t know this one either.

And to Google I went. When he realized I didn’t respond immediately, it dawned on him that I was looking this one up, too.


But, “bruh”… if you can type these things to me, you can type them to Google for yourself. 😉

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FFXIV: Summoner & Scholar Level 70 Get

I’ve had a pretty crazy week IRL with work and stuff, and I’ve mostly been in my MMO holding pattern again this week. I did finally reach one of my monthly goals, which was to level my Summoner/Scholar to 70.

This was mostly through doing my normal stuff — beast tribes and Alliance roulettes. Nothing fancy.

The main point of leveling this job was to finally consolidate all of my caster gear into the one level 70 set. It felt pretty good to clean out my inventory last night and to sort through which items in my piecemeal level 70 stuff for healer I wanted to keep as well.

I think I may be taking a break from roulettes for a little bit since Syn is going to be away for a few weeks. I’ll try to focus on getting my Ninja to 50 and finishing up my job quests for many, many jobs.



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Second Life: Building Houses for the Ultimate Sandbox

This weekend, I taught myself the basics of Blender, built my first house for Second Life and made my first sale on an item I created all on my own.

Sure, it took me the better part of two days to figure out Blender and trial-and-error through making that house. Sure, I sold it for a pittance of $L50 Lindens. I didn’t feel like I could charge much for my first try at a simple house… I was more curious about the process of putting something up on the Marketplace (which I’m still learning) and whether it would sell at all.

But it still felt awesome, was a crazy learning experience… and I’m eager to take these skills I’m developing and continue to build new things. I’m even writing a series of blog posts on my Second Life blog just to chronicle what I learned… mostly so I don’t forget how to do things! XD

As a creator, part of me gets a little thrill out of thinking someone else in Second Life might be living in the house I built. Maybe someone else gets a little bit of happiness at having their own little Modern Loft House somewhere on the grid. That’s pretty inspiring.

Sorry for the ramble. Most of the MMO stuff I’ve been doing lately is standard leveling, roulettes, weekly turn-ins, so nothing to report there. I’ve just been far more fascinated in making things right now.

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FFXIV: Fenrir Mount Get!

I know this mount has been around for a while and I’m far from the first one to get him, but after many weeks (months?) of consistently getting 80 or above in the Fashion Report, I finally earned enough MGP for my Fenrir mount!

In other news, I’m actually enjoying leveling my Summoner to 70 so far. Just hit 64 tonight, and am making my way bit by bit. 🙂

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FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder – “Does my tanking bother you?”

I’m not sure what it is about Labyrinth of the Ancients that brings out the best in people. We’ve also been getting it a lot in alliance roulette lately.

I’ve moved on to leveling my Summoner, so I’ve mostly been concentrating on figuring out how to work a new job in a big raid. That’s probably why I missed most of the fireworks until the grand finale last night.

We had a tank on the C team who decided it was a a great idea to pull all the fights before pretty much anyone in the rest of the raid made it to the room. Consistently. I guess there must have been in-fighting among the tanks for aggro and stuff, too. Again, I was mostly involved in my own DPSing, so I didn’t get the whole story.

This kind of stuff happens, but I guess it was worse than I realized. It wasn’t until the last boss, Phlegethon, when this particular tank got called out for his behavior.


This must have struck a nerve, because though no one else made another comment during the whole final boss fight, he went on and on and on in response.


He wasn’t positioning Phlegethon right, so I guess another one of the tanks were trying to provoke the boss off him and reposition correctly. He had something to say about that.


Somewhere around the second Ancient Flare, the C Tank died, and he stayed dead for the rest of the fight. I don’t know if he killed himself on purpose. I’m not sure if he stayed dead because his healers weren’t rezzing him, or if he was refusing their rezz. I can only imagine him doing something like this:


It was no big deal to be down one tank, though, and we easily cleared the last boss. Then, after the fight was over… and still no one said another thing during the whole battle… he kept on and on. Even after most of the raid had left the instance!



He was talking a little scary at that point, so that’s when I left, too.

Alliance Roulette – All fun, all the time! 😀 

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FFXIV: Finding the Falcon (And Some Goodwill)

Last summer, FFXIV announced a promotion where you could get a free Falcon mount as long as you were subscribed for 90 days within the promotional period of time.

falcon mount

When I saw this, I was like… “Pffft. No problem. I’ve been subbed to FFXIV since 2013! I don’t see that changing.”

And that’s true. I have been subbed nonstop since Sept 2013 (dang!), and for a good chunk of that time, I’d done it monthly. At first, it made sense to sub monthly since this was the first MMO with a sub I’d played in a long time. You never know when you want to pull the plug and leave a game.

But as the years rolled by, it got a little silly that I didn’t sub for a longer chunk of time, since that would save a little bit of money to do it that way. So, the whole Falcon mount promotion prompted me to finally upgrade my sub to pay for 3 months at a time.

Surely, that mount was a shoe-in for me. And while I’m not over-nuts about gathering mounts, I like mounts, and I’ll always take a free one. This one was pretty cute, too.

But there was one snag…

Promotion vs. Promotion

Feeling secure in obtaining the mount, I forgot about it. It would be a while until any of us saw it in the mail, after all.

Somewhere down the line, Midgardsormr became a preferred server. This meant that new characters rolled on this server got an experience boost, and if you leveled a new boosted character to 30 during the time period, you also got a free 15 days of play time.

Seeing this, I jumped on the bandwagon and pulled Amoon along with me.

Only, what I didn’t realize is that those free 15 days would interrupt the 3 months of sub time during the Falcon’s promotional period. It’s confusing, but to make a long story short, when the time came and other people were getting their Falcon mounts last fall, mine never showed up.

At first, I didn’t realize what had happened. Then, pouring over my account history, I realized that due to the 15 free days for rolling a character on a preferred server, I missed being fully subbed for 3 months (in the eyes of the game)… and I missed it by 3 days. Even though I never stopped being subbed since 2013!!

Yeah, that’s some crap right there.

But what made me feel worse… was that Amoon also didn’t get his.

I mean… we’d forgotten because we just figured we’d get it automatically. How would we know that one promotion would cancel out the first?

Go to support! you’re probably saying. You were a fully paid subscriber for 4 years straight by that point. They should be able to do something about it! 


Yeah… no.

I thought about putting in a ticket, but saw other people on the forum doing the same thing. Reading the Reddit and forum threads, it seemed the service reps were unable to do anything for the situation. Apparently, the system passed these out automatically, detecting which players were eligible. If you weren’t, you were out of luck.

I was bummed about it, but resigned to the fact that I made a bad choice and now I had to live with it. Again, I was more bummed that Amoon didn’t get his mount, too. I hoped maybe they’d run the event again, or offer it as an achievement reward.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Syn ride hers, either, because I think she knows we were both sad we didn’t get one. Every time I saw someone else riding one around, I was always reminded of the fact I lost out on it.

Falcon Mount Realized

Fast forward to this morning. I got a text during breakfast from Syn telling me that I might get my mount after all. There’s a new post on Reddit about it… and apparently, FFXIV is reviewing accounts that were effected by this very situation.

Due to the way the free play period granted by the “World Population Balancing Incentives” functions, it is automatically granted by the system under certain circumstances, so it may have been granted at a time the user did not want it to be.

Because of this free play period granted by the “World Population Balancing Incentives,” the timing of payment for play time shifted. We will add a Falcon mount to eligible accounts for users who could not accumulate enough play time to fulfill the requirements of the Fly the Falcon Mount Campaign due to this.

I logged in, trying not to get my hopes up about it. Much to my surprise, there it was!

I got my Falcon Mount! (And I hope Amoon gets his, too!)

Thank you Squeenix!

I see some folks saying things like, “It took them months to fix this! It’s about time!” But, honestly, I’m just happy to get it because I’d given up thinking I would. If this happened to you, know that they’re working through the accounts today, and it might take up to 24 hours to get yours. But keep your eyes on your in-game mailbox!


I will close with a snippet of silly chat I saw last night as we were zoning out of the Reach into a roulette. The user name just makes it, so I didn’t edit it out.




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Second Life: Riding Miss Daisy

I know I said I wouldn’t continue to flood my blog about Second Life posts, but it’s what I’ve spent the most time doing this weekend. So, it’s natural to talk about it a bit!

The Water Horse Riding Horse had a 1st Anniversary Event on Sunday. The horses were discounted 25% (if you’re a group member), and many of the stores in the mall have special gifts scattered around for grabs. There’s some pretty nice free stuff there!

The Sim was overflowing on Sunday, and I was surprised to see the enthusiasm that Xaa and Vix had for getting their own horses. Because the sale was extended to the draft horses, which I didn’t already have, I picked up a Clydesdale to go with my Warmblood. I have a plan for her… more on that later!

One way or another, the Posse took advantage of the sale and we got everyone horses. Since then, we’ve spent time searching for parks and neat sims to explore on horseback.


Riding Miss Daisy

One thing I hope to do for my re-newed Second Life blog is a series called “Riding Miss Daisy.” It’s the reason I wanted a draft horse, even though I already had a warmblood.

I picked up a free bonnet for Miss Daisy, modified it a bit for her ears, and stuck a hover text script in it to name her properly. Then, I spent most of my time last night looking for the right skin and mane/tail coloration to match the concept of what I had for her in my mind. I’m pretty happy with how she turned out:


Now, my plan is to leisurely ride through awesome locations in SL and blog about them. Hence, “Riding Miss Daisy.”

Since I’ve spun up the idea, I’ve come across a lot of parks and neat places that I’d never have known about in SL. I haven’t started writing up the series yet (was still working on getting my horse in line), but I’m looking forward to what all I’ll discover!


Developing (?)

Another thing that I’m excited about is the possibility of working on skins and assets for the Water Horse. There was a link in the barn where you can request a Water Horse dev kit — this required a pretty formal legal agreement that you won’t use it for anything you’re not supposed to use it for.

I don’t have a lot of knowledge when it comes to SL, Blender and that sort of thing, so I doubt they have much to fear from me. I just want to learn how to make some neat coat textures for the horses… and maybe, if other people like them, put them up for sale.

Doing some research last night, the cost for stalls around the Water Horse Mall is extremely reasonable… when compared to the cost of a much smaller store to sell my breedables. So, I’ve sent in my agreement and “application,” and I’m waiting anxiously for my response on whether I can get a dev kit.

It would be so much fun! 🙂

One more shot of the Posse, this time in a desert!