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FFXIV: The Hunt Begins

The Monster Hunter crossover in FFXIV launched this week and the community in general has been going nuts over that cute little Palico up there. The minion was the one thing I really, really wanted out of the event, so thankfully, he’s not too hard to get.

While I’ve unlocked the trial last night, I have yet to run it. I was waiting for friends to be ready to run it with me, so that probably means tonight, if all goes well. But in the meantime, just look at the cuteness… especially the Miqo’te dialogue interaction!




The vibes I’m getting from this event is that it’s been warmly welcomed. The EX drops a mount and tokens (in case you’re not lucky enough to get a mount drop), but it doesn’t sound like the chance at the mount is too hard to get. Once you’ve mastered the fight.

This might be one EX I actually try to do. I’ve seen the mount in person, and it looks pretty awesome. Since it’s a 4-man, it might not be too difficult to rope a group of friends into farming it together to share the drops.

I’ve been advised to practice normal mode first, though! I’ll let you know how it goes!


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FFXIV: Updated Character Cards

Since so much has changed between all of my characters in the past month, I decided it was high time to redo all of my FFXIV character cards. Not only have I moved most of my characters to a new server, and to new Free Company, but some of them ended up re-named, fantasia-ed and re-purposed for my RP story blog.

Also, for the first time ever, I’ve included my RP alts in the character lineup as well! I still have a long way to go on a lot of these characters, even to just get them where I want them for my storyline.

I’ve also ignored my poor little non-RP alts, like Tai and Ben. I think once I get all my crafting squared away on my main, I’ll have more time to sink into some of these other characters.

If you’d like to make your own character cards, head over to the site here!

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FFXIV: Inventory Woes (House Moving Edition) #Blaugust2018

I noticed a number of folks writing about inventory management and woes with inventory systems this week for Blaugust, so I decided to chime in with an experience I recently had when moving my character to a new server in FFXIV. This character owned a FC room and a small house, which both were full of seasonal items and furniture.

In order to leave the server, all such rooms and housing have to be relinquished. Before you can do that, you have to take every single piece of furniture out of both the house and the housing storage. There is no intermediate storage to use for this. 

This put my main character in a state of total disarray. While I’ve cleared out a bunch of inventory slots thanks to the Glamour Commode, my retainers and bags were not ready to take on over a hundred new items all in one blow.

Here’s a bit what my housing inventory looks like now that I’ve moved into a new place. Keep in mind, I also have an apartment where I offloaded a bunch of stuff (forgot to add that to these pictures), and I went through and sold any furniture that would be easy to get or make before I moved… AND I passed some furniture off to an alt for his apartment. So, I had a LOT more than this to juggle when I first started to organize this move.

This was after downsizing big time!

In contrast, here’s the open inventory on my retainers and myself.



I have a little wiggle room there, though I was carrying a lot more materials in my inventory that I stashed in the new FC chest. But still, shoving all those housing items into my inventory meant that I had no inventory to do anything else… until I bought a new place.

Working Around It

So how did I manage this without purchasing a third retainer (because I’m not going to do that, sorry S/E)? I had a couple work arounds…

Namely, Binding in FFXIV doesn’t quite work the same as it does in other games. I’m almost afraid to talk too much about it, because it might get fixed (if it’s considered broken)! XD

When an item is bound to you, you can’t sell it, trade it or send it in the mail. But I noticed you can do other things — put it in the FC chest (where other people can take it out) and allow other people with housing rights to pick it up straight out of your house.

Now, I admit that I used the friending glitch that was passed around a while back to friend some of my alts… since without it, you can’t send mail to alts nor allow them to access your house. This is silly. I’ve never liked this. So I didn’t feel bad about working around these things so that my own inventory management was more convenient to me.

Thankfully, it sounds like S/E is looking into allowing alts to share your house in the future. But until then, the FC chest and friend glitch were my only lifesavers in this move.

I took an alt I’d friended and who had a good amount of inventory open, gave him housing access, and he was able to stash a boatload of my furniture, even if it was marked as Binding. He couldn’t pick up the Untradeable stuff, but that was okay. I could manage that number of items.

Once I bought the new house, I just gave him rights to it, and he plunked the stuff back inside. I shoved it all in storage and there you go. Move successful!

It’s still crazy that you’d have to go to that length just to move servers (on top of losing the house with no refund at all (not even partial) and having to hunt a new one on the new server). I can’t imagine what it’s like for folks with bigger houses and larger storage than mine… and those who don’t have alts who can stash things away.

Really, this needs to be looked into. Housing has come a long way in FFXIV, but it remains a major frustration point for a lot of players. The more I work with the system, the more I understand the pain.

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FFXIV: Summer Excitement, Patch 4.36 Release!

While I’ve been caught up in the la-la land of Role Playing in FFXIV lately, other things are still going on in the game. Namely, Patch 4.36, which just released today, and the upcoming Moonfire Faire, which will launch next week.

The new patch brings a bunch of end game content including a new chapter in Eureka and the Monster Hunter cross-over event.

Again, I’ve had my head in the clouds with more creative stuff lately, so I’ve never really done much in Eureka, though I wish I had. I’m still hovering at a sad level 4… and I know the challenge logs are there to help with leveling, but I just haven’t made the effort to get in there and put the time to it. Heck, I’m lucky to even be doing my proper job quests now days! XD

I do want to dip my toe into the Monster Hunter cross-over event, but I don’t know when that’s going to happen. We’re still getting settled in on our new server, so I’ve really been preoccupied with all the things dealing with that moreso than the new content coming out. I guess I’ve officially become a scrub. Or, more scrubby than I used to be. XD


Aside from that, Moonfire Faire is actually pretty exciting to me this year. I like the rewards they’re offering and it’ll be interesting to be involved with a holiday on an RP server. There’s already a large beach event scheduled for one of the weekends that I may attend, and it’s always great to get more glamour incoming!

Pretty soon, we’ll also be seeing this year’s Anniversary event — The Rising. So there’s a LOT to look forward to over the later months of summer. 🙂

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FFXIV: Mateus Estate Obtained!

Over the weekend, I’ve found a new, maddening pet peeve in FFXIV. Namely, it’s this message:


Let me backtrack a bit.

One of the most painful parts of moving from Midgardsormr to Mateus was the fact that I had to give up my Shirogane house. It was a really, really sad sacrifice to make after all I’d put into getting the house and beginning to decorate it.

This was compounded by the fact that being a larger RP server, housing on Mateus is not easy to come by. I see a few lots open up from time to time, but there’s a lot of competition for them since housing is heavily utilized for social and RP functions.

Now, what makes this process endlessly frustrating is the new timer system they’ve added to relinquishing the houses. Basically, if you give up a house or move to another, the open lot is then put on a random timer that won’t allow anyone to purchase it until it fully opens up.

You don’t know how long you’re going to wait for this to happen. On top of that, anyone who already owns a house can relocate to any open lot, even if it’s on a wait timer. So, if you’re the one without a house at all, you’re at a huge disadvantage.

This timer is there to prevent people from flipping housing and gouging prices. I understand that, but the system still definitely has its glaring flaws.

I watched many nice lots come and go over the weekend, and my hopes were really low that I’d be able to nudge my way into the system. The suggestion is to grab any low hanging fruit you can, which means I hunted the Goblet the most… since it still remains the most undesirable of the housing areas.

But one man’s trash plot is another’s treasure… and much to my surprise, I saw this lot open up early Saturday morning.


This is lot 59 in the Goblet. It’s located at the furthest back corner, on a cliff overlooking the canyon. It’s probably considered the least desirable lot in the neighborhood to most people, which was likely why it was left when whomever was there before transferred out of it.

For me, though, this was the very first lot I purchased back in 2015. It was my home for almost 3 years, until I moved to Shirogane. I loved it because it’s isolated, and it felt safe and private to me. So, when I saw it open up, I thought due to its location, I might have a good chance at getting it. And the irony of moving back into a lot that was once my home was too much not to pursue.

So I started to camp it throughout the day.

As the day stretched into night, that infernal message drove me batty. Time and again, I’d try to purchase the lot only for it to tell me it wasn’t available. Later in the evening, I saw players standing around the placard. Knowing the spot had been scoped by other people, my hope began to wane.

A little after midnight, after the house had been abandoned for over 12 hours, I decided to give it one last go before I went to bed. I logged in, clicked the placard… and the game… hesitated a second.

What no message?

Then, a popup confirmation.

Wait… I GOT IT?

I was beside myself, shouting at Syn over Discord, “I GOT THE HOUSE! I GOT IT!! OH MY GOSH!!”

I have never been so happy to buy back my old “trash plot” ever. And heck no, I’m not transferring out! I’m pretty broke now, so I couldn’t afford a transfer even if I wanted to. 🙂

Things are not absolutely perfect on Mateus — I do love the RP environment, but a more vocal server means you take the good with the bad (which I knew before I moved there). But it sure is looking up for me now that I’ve secured a house again.

Now… once our FC hits the proper rank, I’ll have to do this all over again for a FC house. 😦

Can I hope for some new wards to open up, S/E?

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FFXIV: Stepping Down as a FC Leader

I missed a day of Blaugust, but I had a pretty good reason for it. Since I don’t usually post on the weekends, I’ll make up for it today. There’s a lot to talk about.

Things have been in a flux for me where it stands in FFXIV. This week I chose to step down as the leader of the FC we established over 4 years ago, and move to a new server, Mateus.

This was a process that Syn and I thought out to some extent. Though we hadn’t considered such a big change until just this week, once we’d decided on it, we made the shift quickly. My goal was to transition the folks in our FC to new leadership in a way that would least impact their environment and fun.

I started by creating a new channel in our Discord just to discuss what was happening. Then, I wrote about my reasons, what members could expect going forward and who we’d chosen to take up the leadership mantel.


When you’ve been part of something for this long, you wake up one day and realize that you’ve changed. As a player. As a person. As an adult with real life responsibilities. Your definition of fun and desires for a game environment suddenly take on a different meaning as you mature with a living, changing online game like FFXIV.
I think this is what’s been happening with me for quite a while now. And it may even be happening to you, too.
Where some people seek raids and gear, I’m a creative person. I need a creative outlet in the things I do. I’ve tried many times to get into the RP scene in FFXIV because of this. When Mateus was dubbed the secondary RP server last year, I quickly dropped some characters on there to test the waters and see how the server evolved.
Recently, I’ve found myself pulled to this creative environment (and highly recommend anyone with interest in RP peek in sometime!). It’s rejuvenated my gaming experience, and I’ve come to see the hard truth that as much as Midgardsormr has been my home, I feel Mateus is where my future is.
In realizing that, I felt that it wasn’t fair for me to try to walk both lines. This FC is special. Maybe a once in a lifetime group of folks. You deserve leadership that is going to be attentive and who has the drive and energy to shape and maintain the FC into the future.


The FC is still active and functioning. It still has great people, some that I am sad to part ways with. There’s a few other things behind the scenes going on, but for the most part, for me personally, it’s a case of me being worn out with the responsibilities that come with organizing, bookkeeping, recruiting and all the what-not of a FC.

I’ve also gotten to a point in FFXIV where I, as a player, have chosen not to run content that’s not fun for me. That conflicts with the notion of being a FC leader, who should (in my mind) be more accommodating to those who need a hand.

Part of this comes from the shift in difficulty level in content in FFXIV. Need a hand with low level progression stuff? Sure, no problem. But newer stuff like Lighthouse? It’s not fun for me and leaves me with a high level of stress… so I’m not going to run it unless I really, really need to.

Syn did a TON to fill in the gaps where I just couldn’t. She enjoys helping people through content, while I preferred to keep the books and do Namazu quests. So it balanced out.

All that being said, after almost 5 years of playing the same MMO, it’s time for me to take a break and fully play it the way I want. Working on creative things, role play, performing music, juggling glamour… that kind of stuff. None of which requires huge bosses breathing down the back of your neck (unless, of course, it is the Crystal Tower raid series 😉 ).

So, on Thursday we sat down in voice chat with the new leader, answered questions, passed off information and documents, handed over the Discord server and website, and everything needed for him to run the FC. We’ve left alts in the FC and I’m still a part of the Discord server just in case I’m needed for anything. I doubt it, however. Our choice of leadership was accepted positively from what I saw, and most people kindly wished us well.


We also set up a Cross-World Linkshell so that anyone who wanted to stay in touch with us or run things would have direct access to us, even though we were on a different server.

I’d already set up a solo FC on Mateus just for my own story alts and RP main character, so we moved into that, and are now leveling the ranks. A couple people may follow in time, but we’ll have to see. I have no desire to run another FC that’s more than just a group of friends.

Through the RP connections I’ve made over the last month, we were welcomed to the new server and even joined an RP event last night! Since this has become more relevant, I’ll have to start talking about these things —  maybe in another post!

Between them and the Cross-World Linkshell, starting over on a new server has been anything but lonely. My only frustration is losing my nice house in Shirogane, and trying to get a new one under the new housing system (I’ll post about that later, too).

So, that’s kinda where I’ve been. It’s going to be an adjustment, but I hope that when things settle down, this will have been the best for everyone involved.

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July 2018 Gaming Goals in Review

Another summer month has flown by at an incredible rate! This one has been kinda crazy for me as a lot of my gaming focus shifted attention to writing, music and role play. It’s been a rejuvenating experience in more ways than one. But, let me talk about goals instead!

FFXIV Leveling Goals

  • Level Armorer to 70 ✓
  • Level Ninja to 60 ✓
  • Level Astro (maybe?)
  • Start new crafting & battle job leveling ✓

I was pretty close to getting Armorer to 70 and Ninja to 60 when I set these goals, so I knew the question was what would I pick up next.

Not only did I finish Armorer and all the job quests, but I also fully leveled my Goldsmith to 70, and only have the one final quest left to finish that job completely! As for my battle job, I chose to begin leveling my Dragoon, which just dinged level 67 last night. I don’t see having too much of an issue finishing that up next month.

I didn’t pick up Astro at all, but that was sorta a question mark possibility anyhow.

FFXIV Cleanup Quest Goals

  • Summoner – Lv 60-70 Quests
  • Ninja – Lv 50-60 Quests
  • Catch up on Goldsmith quests ✓

Nope. I failed on job quests again this month.

I have been keeping up with the crafting job quests, thankfully. Now I really do want to complete Summoner since it has some lore in it I’d like to explore. It’s just a matter of sitting down and carving out the time to enjoy the story. Maybe next month.

Creative Goals

My creative goal was to break 15K words (a very low word count, I know) for Camp NaNoWriMo during July. I did this pretty easily, as I expected I would. What’s blossomed out of it was something I really couldn’t have anticipated, however.

My role play Tumblr has just blasted off at incredible speed and the RP character I’m working on developing has made all kinds of new connections. I’m a very shy person in game, so to be invited to RP sessions, events and music circles is a completely new experience for me. At the same time, I’m loving connecting to the creative side of FFXIV, which is something I’ve desperately needed to maintain my interest in the game.

Anyhow, I won’t go on about this too much, though it’s really been the thing that’s consumed most of my time this month. I’ll just say that it always feels great being inspired to work on creative things, so this has not been something bad at all.