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  • BDO: Second Dream Horse – Kinda Back in the Saddle

    In a very unexpected turn of events, I got my second Dream Horse awakening this weekend! I’m happy it happened, but I’d honestly be a lot more excited if it were the Pegasus and not a second Unicorn. Unicorns aren’t terrible by any means, but it would have been nice to get a different horse […]

  • BDO: Winding Down

    In a previous post about BDO, I wrote about how I wasn’t sure how much longer I’d be logging in for dailies and attempts at dream horse awakenings. Though a new expansion just launched, I have no interest in content that’s likely way out of my level and gear level. I’m sure there’s some great […]

  • BDO: Fwuzzy Alpaca Mount

    While I still haven’t been playing much of BDO as of late, I did decide to pick up the permanent Fwuzzy Alpaca mount this past week. It sounds like this mount appeared some time in the past as a temporary mount, but now it’s come back in a quest that spans 5 days, located in […]

  • BDO: Debating the Future

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted about BDO – it’s also been a while since I truly played BDO in any capacity. I have been logging in every day for daily rewards, but mostly to use loyalty rewards to buy items to awaken my courser. Lately, I’ve been pondering my future with BDO. Not […]

  • BDO: Summer Season Begins, Deluge of Corsairs Incoming!

    Yesterday marked the beginning of the new summer season and the release of the new class, Corsair, in Black Desert Online. This is my first ever season, and while I’ve only been able to play a couple hours, my Corsair, Petrel, is already level 28. It helps that I’ve already run these quests many times […]

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