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July Gaming Goals


I honestly don’t have anything too pressing I want to finish this month, aside from the normal runs in FFXIV that I’ll already do. I’m attempting another Camp NaNoWriMo, so I may be putting more time into staying creative than gaming. I’m going to keep my goals light.


  • Try 2 new games – Tried 1
  • Cull 2 games

Stardew Valley

  • Reach Spring 3 ✓
  • Get married ✓


  • Play some!

Pokemon X

  • Earn the next gym badge! ✓

FFXIV End Game Stuff

  • Casually work on 3rd tier of Zuri’s relic – not really in a big rush with this ✓

FFXIV Crafting

  • Level Armorer to 60 ✓
  • Level Blacksmith to 60  ✓

FFXIV Leveling

  • Level Gladiator to 25 ✓
  • Clean up old quests ✓

And that’s really about it. Anything extra I do this month is just icing.

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Earthbound: Tessie, Zombies and UFOs

It’s been a while since I’ve played Earthbound on my Wii U. One of my May goals was to make progress in the game this month, and I did some of that today. Back in December, I got the team out of Twoson by hitching a ride with the Runaway Five.


Once I got to the city of Threed, however, I found it locked down under a zombie infestation. I kept hearing that there’s a path hidden behind the graveyard, so I did a little snooping and leveling with my team.


After a creepy run-in with some zombies that stared into my soul rather than eating me, I saw this strange woman walk into the hotel. Following her (which I knew was a bad idea) got me ambushed by a bunch of zombies in a hotel room. We woke up in an underground cell of some sort, unable to get out.

Well, Paula used her whatever-power to send a message to someone we’d never met before. But someone she’d knew could help us. This happened to be a kid named Jeff, who was in a private school in a place named Winters.

Jeff didn’t pause a moment before gathering up stuff and breaking out of the school in response. He befriended a bubble-gum chewing monkey, and the path led him through a wintery forest, down to a pond. The shore was littered with people who were watching for the legendary Tessie – a Loch Ness Monster spin off.

Of course, Tessie is real. Jeff and the monkey catch a ride south.


Tessie happens to drop Jeff off next to Stonehenge. He then continues south, where he has the privileged of passing through the dungeon created by none other than Brick Road, who wants to become “the first combination of human and dungeon in history.”

Beyond that, Jeff discovers the lab of his father, Dr. Andonuts, who allows him to take the flying Sky Runner… which looks mysteriously a lot like a UFO.


Jeff hones in on the sound of Paula’s call, which takes him to where the team is locked under the graveyard in Threed.


Sadly, Jeff does crash-land the Sky Runner, so we’re unable to use it after that point. However, he succeeds in breaking us out of the jail.

So now it’s zombie butt-kicking time (I hope)!

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Earthbound: Welcome to Happy Happy Village

My weekend goal in Earthbound was to finally rescue Paula from Happy Happy Village. I started this by erasing that weird pencil that stood in my way.


Turns out, the pencil statue was the least of my worries. On the other side of the bridge, between me and Happy Happy Village, were all kinds of enemies that made my progress a painful journey. I managed to snag some of the treasures that were out there, including a new piece of headware, but eventually I fell to the onslaught. Some of those areas were really dense in enemy spawn, even when I tried the refreshing screen trick.

I did gain a level for my efforts, so this time, before I went back out there, I spent some time beating up on random enemies in Twoson. I remembered there was a piece of protective gear I didn’t have enough money to buy yet, so I saved up and bought that before gathering the gear to go back out in the field again. Continue reading “Earthbound: Welcome to Happy Happy Village”

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EarthBound: That Darn Pencil!


It’s been a few days since I’ve picked up EarthBound. Every time I do, I keep telling myself I forgot how tricky this game actually was. Maybe back then we were used to games that required you to grind to gain levels even from the start or something. But, man, I’m only in the second town and this game keeps kicking my tail.

So I explored the whole town over, heard about a kidnapping, beat up a crime boss that’s the patron of the local flea market, and financially supported a couple of child inventors. I also met a mouse with no name.



I felt a tad lost at that point, but saw the game was trying to nudge me to check out the area leading to the next town, Happy-Happy Village. It was a little confusing that I just got to town and now they wanted me to leave town, but there you had it. Along the way, I beat up one of my favorite enemies from years ago. The New Age Retro Hippie!


The problem started while I was trying to make my way through the two caves over the small cliffs to an area that should lead to the next town, but is instead blocked by a giant metallic pencil. Yeah, you read that right.

The goal was to go and inspect the pencil blockage, then make it back to town where you’d trigger an event that would help you remove it. However, be it just that I was under leveled, under geared or just didn’t have enough hamburgers in my inventory, I kept dying before I could actually get back to town. Every time I died, it sapped all my magic points, so I couldn’t cast healing spells. That meant I had to keep spending my money on healing items, and eventually cold medicines, because the UFOs that attacked me out there kept shooting lasers that inflicted me with nighttime stuffiness. Yeah, you also read that right.

It took me several tries, and some abuse of the Wii U’s save state feature to finally progress past this point. I did eventually level a few times, but dang, I’m not looking forward to Happy Happy Village. I remember that being one of the harder challenges from years ago… whereas none of this was any trouble at all. Ugh.




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Miiverse Me!

I just learned how to take screenshots and upload them to Miiverse today. Last night, I discovered I can see Miiverse in a PC browser, which means I can now save those screens to my PC. I don’t have any Miiverse friends yet, though, so if you want to friend me, please look me up as Aywren!

I finally got to Giant Step in Earthbound tonight. I forgot how challenging old SNES RPGs could be, and had a lot of trouble getting through that first cave – a lot of it was RNG nonsense with enemies getting critical attacks. After a few lucky fights and a few levels, things got better.


Now that I know how to screenshot and share these games, I’ll be doing that a lot more! 😀