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EQ2: Free Level 100 Boost

Some kind of big release went out in EQ2, so they’re offering folks free level 100 boosts to a character of choice. I’m so very far behind in content (I actually have never done any content beyond the 50s in that game) that the content itself doesn’t concern me one bit.


However, I have a stable full of alts that for some reason I can’t let go of. They all have huge undecorated houses, even the whole Isle of Refuge, and vet rewards for over a decade, still 5K Station Cash Daybreak bucks (whatever) and yet, I sadly let them gather dust.

Maybe I’ll make it a goal to spend more time exploring EQ2 this year.

Anyhow, despite not actually playing the game, my ears still perk up every time they give away a character boost. I’ve actually boosted 5 characters (including the one I just did last night) over the years, at varying levels.

Last time they offered this, I put out a poll on who I should boost because it’s a hard choice! My little Fury Rawring won… but I actually never played with him after I boosted (figures).

This time around, I knew there was no question who I wanted to boost. My Froglok monk, Chirrupp, is the only character who didn’t have access to a flying mount (which I love so much in EQ2). All my other characters may be low leveled in their battle classes, but I spent a LOT of double XP weekends grinding their crafting classes to 90, soully for the flying mount, back when I was actually in a guild and had the means to.

What I didn’t know was when I boosted her, that she’d not only get flying without having to go through the flying quest (yay), but that she’d also get this… whatever it is… dragon-like flying mount. (Faeralith, The Obedient One)


This is also good, because while I have other flying mounts she can use, I think this one fits well, and is really the only character of mine that it would fit. I just don’t see Ratongas flying around on things like this. 😀

So, yeah. Free level 100 boost.

If Daybreak is trying to remind me there’s a game where I put a lot of time and money and have a huge amount of alts and content I’ve never seen… I guess it worked. I always feel a little ashamed that I haven’t done more in EQ2 than I did.

But there are just too many games!! I guess the reality of it is that I’ll probably keep the client updated, but log in next time they give away another free character boost. Eventually, I’ll get all my characters leveled that way if I’m patient! 😀

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EQ2: Server Merges and Names

So Freeport did the big server merge to Skyfire last week, and I was very shocked to discover that I only lost three (minor) names amongst all my many, many alts. I logged in to find “zz” attached to the end of the following names:


I had braced myself to lose the name “Benjamin,” whom I rolled moments after Freeport went live back during the EQ2 F2P launch. I’ve been logging in consistently to try to reserve what names I could, but had little hope given we were merging with servers that were much older than Freeport (older characters took priority).

Much to my surprise, I only lost the two silly names above (Ratonga and Froglok) – who were easily renamed. In fact, I think I like “Skedaddles” more than the original (given how Ratonga like to add an “s” on the end of words). I still haven’t renamed Cutlass yet – I’m going to have to think more deeply about that one seeing she’s my only vampire.

I’m soooo happy to still have Benjamin, Taii, Zento, Nipp, Scuttle (About), Hovering (Text)… and… well, I put a lot of thought into my names or name them after my fictional characters. So most of them I care about in some form. Losing names for my long-time characters, like Nipp, would have been crushing.

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MMO Memory Box: EverQuest 2 ~ #Blaugust Day 15

This is part of the Blaugust series!

Even though I didn’t have too much experience with EQ1, I bought into EQ2 at launch. Why?


The game let me play a rat, and that was enough for me. So instead of being at WoW launch, I was at EQ2 launch, a little sad that my little rattie had to be a “bad guy,” but content to play a rat.

The whole good vs. evil thing was really played up back then. The original box had two sides, even, one that showed Overlord Lucan D’Lere…

Click for larger images. 


And the other side that showed Queen Antonia Bayle.


EQ2’s packaging gave off an air of grandiose confidence in their newest game in the EQ series. I mean, look at how…






…this box had. On both sides, even!

The box contained a whopping 9 installation discs. Plus a bonus disc and a multi-disc Starter Kit of some sort. All in this nice little fold out disc thingy with a cute disc holder.


I’d never seen a game that had 9 discs for installation before. Wow!

I made a lot of good memories back in EQ2, and still have and play characters that I rolled from back in the era. While I was still a pretty solo player, the happy thing about EQ2 was that it had content for folks who wanted to group, but was also very much solo-able… something I was looking for in a game, but was much more rare in games of that time. This was one of the games that I came back to on and off over the years, and fully embraced the F2P conversion.

I remember working up my little ratonga through the different class quests of the time, getting her to become an assassin. Years later, before Ratonga became a neutral race, I betrayed Freeport to realign and become a Swashbuckler. At that point, the EQ2 stats said that Swashie Ratonga made up 2% of my server’s population. I was so proud. 🙂

I still love playing my Swashie Rat from time to time – mostly to mess around in events and housing. I’ve kitted her out with wings to fly and gave her the free boost to level 90… though I haven’t really played her much and have no idea what kind of build I should have for her. That’s okay, though. I have my memories and I can still visit her whenever I like.