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  • Overload: The Case of Too Many Games

    Overload: The Case of Too Many Games

    This month, I’ve found myself in a predicament that I normally do not have: There are just too many games on my plate and not enough time to get to them all. Lately, I’ve been juggling several games: FFXIV, BDO, Valheim, and wanting to dip my toe back into ESO. Not to mention the Switch […]

  • ESO: Little Nook in Tamriel

    ESO: Little Nook in Tamriel

    I’m a big fan of housing in MMOs, so when I heard that housing was coming to ESO, and that it was fairly attractive and well-done, I decided to check it out. Or, at least, check out the free house I heard you get. Now, to give you some context, I have exactly two characters […]

  • ESO: Morrowind Expansion Thoughts

    ESO: Morrowind Expansion Thoughts

    The truth is, the Elder Scrolls have always been a missed opportunity for me as a fan of fantasy RPGs. Since I¬†was introduced to RPGs on the SNES, and didn’t migrate to the PC as a main gaming platform for many years, early PC RPGs were tough for me to get into. They just seemed […]

  • Elder Scrolls Online Mega Sale

    While I doubt I’m going to be playing it anytime soon, it was hard to pass up the $14.99 deal ($12.00 if you use the 20% off voucher code, which is: ENCORE-ENCORE-ENCORE) for ESO at Green Man Gaming today. FFXIV Heavensward is taking up way too much of my time for me to play another […]

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