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Help! Which EQ2 Alt to Raise to 95? #blaugust2016


Poll is over with! Thanks for your help!


Thanks to Bhagpuss and Telwyn I learned that EQ2 was giving away a free level 95 Heroic upgrade to any character who has not already recieved said upgrade before. I have 3 level 90 heroics, including my “main,” so this is fine with me as the more alts I can level the better. And I have a lot of alts

In fact, I have SO many alts that I don’t know which one to choose! So I need help!

I don’t know anything about how EQ2 classes play at higher levels, but I’d want something that I can have fun soloing with. I generally enjoy melee, but now days, I’ve gotten used to ranged DPS as well.

I went through the list of alts and trimmed it down to these possibilities. So that there is no bias, I’m listing them in alphabetical order.



Lv 40 Wizard


  • The name. Somehow I managed to hold on to the name “Benjamin” even through the server consolidation.
  • Nostalgia. He was the first character I rolled on Freeport when the game went F2P – I literally got in at the moment the servers went up to snag this name.
  • Cosmetics – the staff and mount I don’t think are available in game anymore.
  • I hear Wizard becomes a beast at higher levels (how well does it solo?).


  • The highest level character that I’m looking at boosting. Maybe I should pick someone lower?
  • Unsure of how fun Wizard will be at higher levels for solo content. Are they too squishy?
  • Not a Ratonga.



Lv 21 Monk


  • My only Froglok.
  • The only character I have that doesn’t have access to a flying mount or the ability to fly. Using this boost will give her a flying mount.
  • I heard Monk is fun (?).


  • Unsure of how Monk works at high levels – is it fun for soloing?
  • Not a Ratonga… but is a Froglok. Hm. Does that balance out?



Lv 25 Fury


  • Ratonga! My only male Ratonga, too.
  • I hear Fury is a lot of fun!
  • The name “Rawring.”
  • I don’t have a higher level healer class… but I don’t really do group content, and only care about solo-ability.


  • Is Fury really a lot of fun for solo content at level 95?  Dunno!



Lv 33 Beastlord


  • Ratonga!
  • Pet class!
  • Scythe!
  • Cosmetics – I spent some Station Cash (Daybreakbucks, whatever they are now) for that outfit.
  • I enjoyed what I’ve played of Beastlord and bought that one expansion just to have the class more or less.
  • There are some cool warders I’ve wanted to tame, but couldn’t until I get a higher level.


  • Being a pet class, would this one be easier to level manually than some of the others on the list?
  • How fun is Beastlord at a higher level? I recall it being somewhat more complex.



Lv 32 Warden


  • Pure nostalgia here. Zento is the oldest character still existing in my roster, created in December 2004 (I re-rolled my Ratonga main several times after launch).
  • I don’t have a higher level healer class… but I don’t really do group content, and only care about solo-ability.
  • Cosmetics – he has a cool cloak I got from Legends of Norrath that I don’t think you can get elsewhere anymore.


  • Not sure how well Warden solos at higher level. Is it fun?
  • Is the nostalgia factor enough to warrant this choice?
  • Not a Ratonga.

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MMO Memory Box: EverQuest 2 ~ #Blaugust Day 15

This is part of the Blaugust series!

Even though I didn’t have too much experience with EQ1, I bought into EQ2 at launch. Why?


The game let me play a rat, and that was enough for me. So instead of being at WoW launch, I was at EQ2 launch, a little sad that my little rattie had to be a “bad guy,” but content to play a rat.

The whole good vs. evil thing was really played up back then. The original box had two sides, even, one that showed Overlord Lucan D’Lere…

Click for larger images. 


And the other side that showed Queen Antonia Bayle.


EQ2’s packaging gave off an air of grandiose confidence in their newest game in the EQ series. I mean, look at how…






…this box had. On both sides, even!

The box contained a whopping 9 installation discs. Plus a bonus disc and a multi-disc Starter Kit of some sort. All in this nice little fold out disc thingy with a cute disc holder.


I’d never seen a game that had 9 discs for installation before. Wow!

I made a lot of good memories back in EQ2, and still have and play characters that I rolled from back in the era. While I was still a pretty solo player, the happy thing about EQ2 was that it had content for folks who wanted to group, but was also very much solo-able… something I was looking for in a game, but was much more rare in games of that time. This was one of the games that I came back to on and off over the years, and fully embraced the F2P conversion.

I remember working up my little ratonga through the different class quests of the time, getting her to become an assassin. Years later, before Ratonga became a neutral race, I betrayed Freeport to realign and become a Swashbuckler. At that point, the EQ2 stats said that Swashie Ratonga made up 2% of my server’s population. I was so proud. 🙂

I still love playing my Swashie Rat from time to time – mostly to mess around in events and housing. I’ve kitted her out with wings to fly and gave her the free boost to level 90… though I haven’t really played her much and have no idea what kind of build I should have for her. That’s okay, though. I have my memories and I can still visit her whenever I like.