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FFXIV: Little Ladies’ Day, Glamours and Dead Lalafells (Oh My!)

Warning, this post is going to be a screenshot dump! But, hopefully, good screenshots?

Lots of glamour came at us in FFXIV this week, including the Yuna and Tidas outfits from the Fan Fest, and the new outfit from the Little Ladies’ Day event. I have to admit that I’m a little meh when it comes to how the more frilly gear looks on my very tall Elezen female. There’s just something about it that doesn’t look right to me.

Yuna’s outfit, for example…


It’s not terrible from the front. But the open back on it just seems odd on a larger-built female frame.

On the flip side, Tidus’ outfit didn’t look right on Tai at all!


Oh, no no no no.

Pair that with the new Songbird emote….


And you get dead Lalafells (Xaa)…


The new Little Ladies’ Day outfit looks a bit better on Tai (forgot to take a screen), but again, doesn’t look quite right on my Elezen.


I don’t know. She’s meant for more ruggid wear, I think. Bows, lace and frills just don’t suit her.

With the release of the new /playdead emote, we’ve been seeing piles of dead people in cities lately. We had some cute interactions with random folks, including dead Lalafells, singing/dancing people, and other such fun.


That cute little Lala girl on the left there isn’t in our FC, but I love how the new outfit looks on her. And her adorable /playdead on top of Xaa’s adorable /playdead both influenced me to roll a Lala yet again.

I keep rolling Lalas and deleting them or race changing them, though I really, really want one. I didn’t have a lot of time to mess with hair styles when rolling mine, and will probably go back and change it more later.

But until then, I’m dorking around on a new little Lala named Hedge Mouse.