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FF:RK – One Year Anniversary

2016-03-22 09.09.03

While I’ve only “seriously” been playing FF: Record Keeper since September of last year, this marks the app’s first anniversary outside of Japan. We’ve been living it up, I tell you what!

We’ve been getting great log in bonuses – including Souls of Hero and Memory Crystals. I finally unlocked FuSoYa’s level cap!

2016-03-21 12.07.17

We also got a free 25 mythril just for logging in today, on top of a half off Lucky Relic Draw. I managed to pull 4 relics today – Zack, Sabin, Shadow and a Super Soul Break for Vivi.

2016-03-22 08.38.10

While I haven’t been posting about FF:RK much, I have slowly been accumulating most of the characters and their first Memory Crystals, allowing me to push my team to level 65.

I’m still having a lot of fun playing this game once or twice a day. I’m pretty casual about it, and have only spent about $1 ever – because the app is worth at least that to me. I should probably give them a bit more than that, to be honest, with how much I play this app.

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2015-12-09 08.54.08

FF:RK just had a huge update last night that changed a lot of the UI and the app’s overall flow. For the most part, I see them as positive changes, especially the changes to inventory.

Last week, I managed to snag a number of FFVI characters during the event.

2015-12-11 10.27.01

2015-12-09 09.01.07

And I did a random bonus quest and unlocked Lightning as well. I do have her relic sword, but I’m just not all that sold on her character, to be honest, so we’ll see if I ever level her.

2015-12-14 09.01.06

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FFRK: Final Fantasy VI Overdrive

I’ve been a bit behind on my FFRK updates, but I have been keeping up with the newest events in-app. This past event on FFRK earned me three new FFVI characters, which makes me happy.

2015-11-05 09.31.42

2015-11-06 09.33.17

2015-11-08 10.43.25

I also got my first memory crystal. Of course, Strago will probably not be a main character of mine, but hey, it’s worth mentioning!

2015-11-11 09.17.11

The newest event actually unlocks Gilgamesh! If he’s good, I may have to add him to my party and try him out. XD

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FFRK: Dark Knight Cecil

2015-11-04 12.07.10

Yesterday, I realized for the first time, that some of the Bonus Quests for completing elite version scenarios unlock playable characters. I’m not sure why I didn’t realize this before, but I wish I had. (Duh!) Both Dark Knight Cecil and Paladin Cecil can be earned this way.

I really, really wanted to unlock Paladin Cecil, but the scenario is an elite level 41, and my team has just turned 41. I hardly have the stamina to complete the scenario in one sitting, and Baigan handed me my butt.

I had to settle for Dark Knight Cecil, who was locked behind a level 30-something scenario and much easier to do. So, I’ve been leveling him when I get the chance. Lots of new characters to unlock this week with the new FFVI event!

2015-11-04 12.32.13

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FF: Record Keeper First Rare Relic

2015-09-14 12.30.19

I just drew my first 5 Star Relic in Record Keeper today! Just so happened to be Dark Knight Cecil’s helmet. Though I’m really shooting for the Rune Axe for Golbez, this works, too.

I don’t have Dark Knight Cecil yet, so I plopped it on Golbez instead. The irony. XD

2015-09-14 12.30.35